15 Best Things to Do in Munising, MI

15 Best Things to Do in Munising, MI

Munising in Michigan is a beautiful city surrounded by Munising township. With a very moderate weather, the city is quite a good place for adventurous people as it offers a lot of things to the visitors.

With its beautiful falls, shores and incredible eateries, the place is definitely worth exploring. The city also has some famous beaches and rock formations, which are known around the entire world. In this article we are sharing some of the best places you should visit and the best things that you should do in Munising, Michigan.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
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Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore is a very famous tourist attraction in Munising. The name of the place comes from its apparent colourful beauty, which is a result of mineral stains on naturally sculpted rocks.

Different colours such as red, orange, blue, green, brown, black, white, and others appear on the surface of the rocks when groundwater enters the cracks and reaches to the rock face. This place is managed by the National Park Service.

The pictured rocks is located on Lake Superior and its almost 15 miles long. In addition, the place also has almost 12 miles of stretches covering beautiful beaches, 5 miles of sand dunes, waterfalls and several light houses. The park is spread over more than hundred miles’ area and has a lot of trails which leads to undiscovered lakes and forests.

This place is open around the year and offers various seasonal activities during each season. Some of the most famous adventurous activities that you can enjoy in pictured rocks national Lake Shore are hiking, boarding, camping, skiing, ice climbing, kayaking, canoeing, etc.

Miners Castle Rock

Miners Castle Rock
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Miners Castle rock is another attraction which falls within the property of pictured rocks national Lakeshore. Miners Castle rock is one of the most famous and recognisable formation of rocks in the pictured rocks national Park and Lakeshore.

These rocks were formed as a result of gradual erosion from waves of water and other environmental condition. The place has been built naturally over years, but sometimes changes are very rapid and take place overnight.

A lot of exhibitions and shows are also arranged at the Miners castle area which basically revolve around interpreting the various shapes and formation of the rocks. This is definitely a wonder that you should visit.

Miners Falls

Miners Falls
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Miners fall is a waterfall which is located in pictured rocks national Lake Shore area. The waterfall is the second most accessible waterfall in the city. The fall is 40 feet high and looks divine. It can be reached easily after driving 3.5 miles towards the Miners castle.

It has stairs at the end for reaching the viewpoint. The viewpoint has a spacious platform where you can feel the droplets of water falling on your body as you enjoy the beautiful view of the waterfall. If you carry some music with you, it would be nothing less than a bliss.

Munising Falls

Munising Falls
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Munising Falls is one of the most pretty and famous waterfall in the city. The fall is 50 feet high and is very easy to access. The fall gets its water from Munising Creek. Located only a short walk away from the main road, the fall has amenities like parking area and restrooms. The best part about this fall is it is very lively and cheers you up instantly.

The best time to visit the fall is in the summer months, as the fall freezes during winter. It is off climbing limit, due to which you cannot climb this fall.

However, the water takes very unique formations and the ice formations look extremely beautiful and are very safe if you do not try to climb them. You can easily spot some ice climbing enthusiasts around the falls during winter.

Sand Point Beach

Sand point Beach
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Sand point Beach is a very famous tourist spot which is located just a few miles away from Munising. The place is also a great attraction among the locals. It is just a suitable place where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets. The beach is located at the end of the sand point road and is very beautiful.

The beach is very well maintained and is one of the “Top five summer beaches in America” as per the weather channel. What makes this beach more beautiful is its natural set up and uniquely grown tree roots also known as mangroves. The sand at the beach is a bit pinkish in colour and is just perfect for clicking pictures.

Grand Sable Banks

Grand sable banks
Looy9712, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The grand sable bank is another wonder which is located almost 300 feet above Lake Superior. It is believed that this particular place came into existence during the last ice age. From its highest point, the place drifted a bit lower almost 500 years ago.

Although you cannot do any activity in this area, but it is definitely a candy for your eyes. The entire area looks like a painting where huge Sands cover the boundary of a beautiful blue lake. It is also a great place to enjoy views in the area of Lakeshore.

The breeze from the Lake Superior and the grand sable dunes are just the perfect combination for spending a calm and meaningful evening in the city.

Chapel Rock

Chapel rock
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Chapel rock is believed to be a rock which dates back to the Cambrian age of sandstone. It is also believed that this particular rock got its formation and unique shape from the erosion caused by Lake Nipissing almost 3800 years ago.

The arc of the rock was once connected to a mainland which collapsed in 1940s. While you visit the chapel rock, you would also be able to spot a single white pine, this is believed to be about more than 200 years old. The best way to get the most closer view of the chapel rock is to get a boat tour in the lake Nipissing.

You can also hike to the place but the hike is almost 6 to 10 miles long. It is important to note that trying to climb the Chapel rock as well as the pine tree is strictly prohibited by the authorities.

Grand Island

Grand Island is a ferry service which provides transportation to some of the best to enjoy hiking and biking places in the city. The Place provide services to explore portions of tourist attractions like Hiawatha national Forest and pictured rocks national lakeshore. Grand Island is also a great way to observe the wild natural area and forests in the city of Munising.

It is a perfect way to enjoy the wildness and the beauty of the nature. It is also believed that if you are lucky enough you can also spot a few black bears in the place.

You can also spot some other wild animals but there are also very strict rules about not feeding or irritating these animals. The place has also made some very strict rules about littering and hygiene which makes it quite comfortable and safe space for all the visitors.

Hiawatha National Forest

Hiawatha National Forest
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Hiawatha is a very uniquely established national Forest located on the shoreline of three great Lakes. The forest is famous for offering a lot of a recreational activities to the visitors. The Hiawatha national forest is also known as great Lakes national forest and is famous for its diversity and uniqueness.

The place is famous to be the home of a large number of wildlife, plants, and vegetation. The place is also ideal for enjoying visuals and viewing wildlife in their natural habitat.

The place is managed properly by Rangers and it has made some very serious rules about animals because the authorities are of the view that the animals might become dangerous if they are embarrassed or poked.

Along with the natural trails, the park also has well-managed artificial trails among the forest, which are definitely the best way of enjoying sometime in the lap of the nature.

Au Train Falls

Au Train Falls
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AU trains falls in Munising is one of the best small waterfalls in the city. The waterfall gets its water from the AU train river. The falls are a bit different from normal falls as the water flows from different levels of rocks which are in form of stairs.

They actually look very pretty. The surrounding vegetation and wood make it prettier. However, the place is used for generation of hydroelectricity, but you can still enjoy trails and take some really good pictures.

Brown Fisheries Fish House

Brown fisheries fish house is a very famous seafood restaurant which is located only a few miles drive from Munising. The restaurant is famous for serving delicious and affordable fish lunch and dinner options.

They cook their meals from freshly stocked up fishes. Their methods of cooking are also very different which gives their dishes a very different taste and makes this restaurant different from other restaurants. If you are in Munising, you should definitely take some time out of your schedule and enjoy the drive to this place.

Tracy’s Roam Inn

If you are in Munising, Tracy’s Roam inn is restaurant which you should definitely consider for dining in. The restaurant is a dedication to a close relationship between the owners of the place.

The entire staff of the restaurant is dedicated towards providing the visitors with a unique and rich dining experience. The place has very great menu and offers some of the best vegetarian as well as the non-vegetarian dishes in the area. The place is also offer for catering and takes contract for special events.


Dogpatch restaurant is a very famous restaurant in Munising, which is located in the downtown area. The restaurant is known for its soups, salads, sandwiches, seafood, and steaks. The country breakfast which is served between 7 AM to 11 AM daily is also very popular among the locals as well as the visitors.

The restaurant is also a very good place for spending some quality family time. Its decoration is very fun and colourful and themed around cartoons. The entire place is very lively and is sure to make you feel alive.

The menu of the restaurant is also very extensive. However, the most famous attraction of this restaurant is that it serves a large number of Fish dishes, which you should definitely give a try.

Gallery coffee company is a famous roastery which is located in a huge building existing since the 18th century. The place has a very vintage and historic vibe to it. Gallery coffee company is known for its unique blends and different combinations. The place serves both hot and cold brews.

You can also decide the particular beans that you want in your coffee. Some of the famous drinks are drip coffee, cold brew coffee, and ice coffee which is made in Japanese style. You can also buy coffee beans from this place.

The Place also organises various events and live music performances on a regular basis. So make sure that you don’t forget to grab your favourite cup of coffee and enjoy some great music at this place.

East Channel Brewery

Munising is a city which has two breweries in total. The east channel brewery is the most famous and the older brewery of the two in the city. Established in 2016, the brewery is known for its famous crafted beers.

Since the brewery was recently established, it only offers 6 to 10 homemade brews which are made by them. Along with that brewery also sells some cool merchandise and conducts various events.

The menu of the bar keeps on changing in the company and they are still exploring new options. The brewing company has installed taps from where you can collect your beer and enjoy the same with some good company.

Munising is a very beautiful and naturally abundant city in Michigan. Most of its attractions are housed within the premises of the pictured rocks national lakeshore and thus are very feasible and affordable to visit. The place is very rich in vegetation and wildlife and is definitely your ticket away from busy city life.