20 Best Things to Do in Mt. Airy, MD

Mt. Airy, MD
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Mount Airy is located amid the majestic Mountain Range.

Antique boutiques, a lively Main Street, friendly people, and stunning surroundings are just a few of this holiday destination's fantastic experiences.

The traditional town's attractions and activities attract many people, but this little city has more to offer than nostalgia for the popular series.

Visit this city to learn more about the best things to do in Mount Airy, Maryland.

Sample Wines and Meads at the Loew Vineyards

Loew Vineyards is one of Maryland's oldest vineyards and wineries, with one of the world's longest family mead-producing histories.

They are proud of their ancestors; their surname, "Loew" (formerly Löw), means "lion."

As a tribute to their forefathers' power and dignity, they summon the symbol of the lord of the jungle, the lion.

The Lion's Legacy wine club caters to individuals seeking well-balanced, dry wines to enjoy with dinner.

A quarterly selection of wines chosen from their strong reds, refreshing rosés, and enthralling whites, as well as their award-winning honey wines on occasion, are available at Lowe Vineyards.

Come visit and sample their wines and meads, as well as learn about their rich history.

Purchase Unique Items and Collectables at SK Gifts

Hand-selected ceramics, jewelry, fashion accessories, children's gifts, handbags, bags, greeting cards, glassware, home goods, and gourmet delicacies may be found at SK Gifts in Mt. Airy, MD.

This shop, situated at 214 S Main St in Mt Airy, MD, is a must-see.

Its mission is to provide its clients with the greatest things that are not available in other stores.

They provide unique gifts and collectibles for all ages and events, in addition to their tight links to the local community and skilled printing services.

There are additional gifts for infants, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, friendships, and other occasions.

Come on down to SK Gifts in Mt. Airy, MD, for friendly service and complimentary tea or coffee while you shop!

Attend a Winemaker Dinner at Linganore Winecellars

On Glissans Mill Road, Linganore Winecellars is a family-owned vineyard and winery.

A modest vineyard was established in the fertile soils of an old dairy farm in 1972 amidst undulating hills, dairy cows, and cornfields.

They kindly invite guests to spend a pleasant and relaxing afternoon sampling their award-winning wines, made possible by their fertile soils, ample sunshine, and competent winemakers.

This place is Maryland's largest winery.

The vineyard provides a romantic venue, expansive grounds, and spacious buildings that invite couples to add their personal touches.

This 230-acre estate features stunning views and a serene pond, providing a romantic setting for your gatherings.

The swinging trees, spectacular views, and abundant space make it a great spot, especially on beautiful summer days.

As a winery, this property adds a touch of class to the rustic barn setting, making it both elegant and welcoming.

Have Farm Fall Fun at Gaver Farm

Gaver Family Farm is a diverse family farming company founded by Michael Gaver when he was 17 years old in 1978.

Their farm animals include the famous goats, pigs, donkeys, sheep, chickens, turkeys, alpacas, and more!

They also have a Farm Fall Fun festival featuring a corn maze, farm animal arena, slides, mini mazes, and pedal karts.

You can also take a bite out of a hot Apple Cider Donut—a must-have for the fall season.

Take some action photos of your homies or get their help in taking family portraits.

At Gaver Farm, hayrides are always free, so take a scenic, historic farm tour.

Stop by the fields to choose your pumpkins and Cameo or Fuji apples.

Order a Pizza at Mamma Angela

Do you need a place to dine after a long day of sightseeing in Mt. Airy?

The address for this eatery is 5 Ridgeside Ct in Mt Airy, MD.

Mamma Angela was founded by an Italian immigrant with a passion for delicious cuisine, and all of its meals are prepared using traditional Sicilian and Italian recipes passed down through the family for centuries.

Since 2008, Mamma Angela has been cooking fantastic pizza and Sicilian-inspired meals.

The pizza dough, as well as the sauce, are always created from scratch in-house, and while pizza is the restaurant's signature dish, you can also order toasted sandwiches, baked pasta dishes, and a variety of poultry, pork, and seafood dinners.

Drop by Mamma Angela and sample only the highest-quality cheeses and ingredients, which is always a winning combination for their consumers.

Enjoy Tasting Brews at Milkhouse Brewery

The tasting room debuted in June of 2013.

Tom and Carolann are thrilled to be the first Class 8 agricultural brewery in Maryland.

If you love a good brewery, then Milkhouse Brewery is a must-visit.

It's nestled in a hilltop location at Stillpoint Farm.

Milkhouse Brewery specializes in traditional beer types enhanced by Maryland hops.

Take a seat outside, relax, and taste a variety of handcrafted beers.

There are numerous spots to sit outside that offer various views of the surrounding environment.

During the summer, visit Milkhouse Brewery to take in the sights of the farm while sipping a beer.

Keep this location in mind, and don't miss out on the brewing events, including Food Truck Fridays and a Brewfest.

Capture Every Moment at Audrey Carroll Sanctuary

The Audubon Society of Central Maryland (ASCM) bought the Audrey Carroll Sanctuary from Audrey Carroll's estate in 1991.

The sanctuary spans 129 acres and features a variety of habitats, including meadows, streams, forests, and wetlands.

Even children will love this peaceful haven, filled with expansive fields and plenty of wildlife to see.

Choose from a variety of trails, each offering a unique experience.

This location is also a good place for bird watching as you might find different migrating and breeding birds at other times of the year.

In some portions of the sanctuary, species management systems take over, while others rely on natural processes.

ASCM maintains these sites to benefit wildlife and people with habitat management, education, and research.

Audrey Carroll Audubon Sanctuary is a beautiful site to visit at any time of year.

Bring your camera to catch every detail!

Grab Your Favorite Ice Cream in Woodbourne Creamery at Rock Hill Orchard

John and Mary Fendrick own this business.

They receive a lot of satisfaction from growing fruits, vegetables, and dairy products that people want to buy.

This piece of heaven has a hay-ride farm tour with Pick-Your-Own Fruits & Veggies.

They started building their dairy and creamery in 2012, located on Ridge Road.

It's the only Cow to Cone Creamery where ice cream is created in a Grade A processing facility on the farm with all-natural products in a batch freezer.

A farm market in Rock Hill sells milk, fruits, veggies, pies, and Germantown milk pickup.

They also participate in the Bethesda Central Farm Market and Butchers Alley in Bethesda.

Guernsey Cows and their lower-allergen A2 Protein produce good milk.

Nothing beats a good cup of fruit ice cream, cream donuts, or chocolate custard.

Are you planning a golf outing or event for your company, wedding, birthday, bachelor party, or other special occasions?

The Links at Challedon, which opened in 1996, is on the Carroll-Frederick county line.

It’s one of the top golf courses in the area, named after the Maryland-bred horse that won the 1939 Preakness.

The event experts will assist you in creating the ideal experience, and they can provide an exceptional experience for individuals who want to perform a team-building exercise.

Golf lovers will enjoy the rigorous yet approachable course, while out-of-town guests will appreciate the proximity to Washington, DC airports.

A beautiful pro shop and restaurant are within the clubhouse.

A driving range, two putting greens, and a chipping green with a bunker are all part of the practice facility.

Numerous chandeliers illuminate hardwood flooring, beautiful embellishments, and floor-to-ceiling windows, illuminating the interior of this structure.

Dine at CarterQue Barbeque & Grilling Co.

CarterQue BBQ & Grilling Co. is a locally owned, award-winning restaurant and caterer.

It started as a bet between friends in 2002.

They specialize in all-natural, 100% authentic wood-smoked barbecue meats, trademark homemade barbeque sauces, and made-from-scratch sides.

You can find a warm, family-friendly dining area, a large outside patio with picnic tables, and a bar providing a fantastic variety of beer, wine, and liquor (including their signature CarterQue Brew).

Enjoy a game of Keno or catch the big game on one of their numerous televisions throughout the restaurant.

The caterers can come to your chosen location and set up their freshly prepared cuisine for you.

They can serve food in a traditional buffet format.

Capture the Beauty of Twin Arch Bridge

The Twin Arch Bridge was built in 1901 to bypass the old, steep, and curving Mt. Airy Loop road that ran around the north side of town.

The train tracks are on the bridge's top deck, and the Patapsco River flows beneath one of the arches, while Twin Arch Road passes beneath the other.

This bridge is Carroll County's largest and most elaborate stone bridge and one of the most visible.

Twin Arch Bridge is one of the few sites where you can drive under the Old Main Line.

Tourists go there often to find a safe spot to take pictures of the most visited bridge in town.

They appreciate the stone work's combination of arches and straight lines and find its design oddly beautiful, with the solid bricks that make up the whole structure.

Try Out the Wine Selection of BOLDER food/drink

BOLDER food/drink is a restaurant and bar located at 17004 Frederick Rd, Mt Airy, MD.

They emphasize regional tastes in a comfortable setting, with unique seasonal menus resulting from the clash of ingredients as well as cultures to produce BOLD flavors and new-American meals.

Every dish created by BOLDER food/drink prides itself on using seasonal yet fresh ingredients.

Hand-cut steaks, seafood served up, fresh vegetables, juicy burgers, and delectable meal options are just a few of the items on their scratch-kitchen menu.

Their excellent bartenders make each beverage to perfection using premium liquors.

BOLDER food/drink boasts a comprehensive wine selection with over 100 different wines plus eight rotating drafts on tap, including several local craft beers.

Challenge a Few Friends to Bowl at Mt Airy Bowling Lanes

If your idea for a fun time involves bowling with friends, then you should try Mt. Airy Bowling Lanes.

This bowling alley opened in 1976 and reopened two years later after a fire caught the building.

With open play and league bowls, those who are looking for a fun time and those playing to win all have their place within this bowling alley.

And while you enjoy beating your friends' scores, don't forget to have a taste of the authentic craft beer the place offers.

Mt. Airy Bowling Lanes is on Center Street.

Join a Complimentary Tasting Session at Elk Run Vineyards

Don't end a trip to Mt. Airy without at least dropping by Elk Run Vineyards.

Established in 1979, this vineyard got its title of a bonded one in 1983.

After high-quality service over the years, the place received high praise from critics and award bodies.

Eventually, a stream near Libertytown adopted the vineyard's name, "Elk Run".

Throughout the place's good reputation and high-class reviews, the facility remains a community-centered space that practices sustainable methods for wining and agriculture.

If you've got the time, explore Elk Run Vineyards' wine selections through complimentary wine-tasting events.

You can find this seasonal vineyard on Liberty Road.

Have Fun with the Whole Family at Old National Pike Park

Old National Pike Park is your ideal choice for an undisturbed outdoor recreation getaway with the whole family.

With its multipurpose green fields and horseshoe pits, the spot has been a family day staple within Mt. Airy.

It also features a ball field for those practicing their shots, aims, and defenses.

The playground onsite comes without barriers, so your little ones are free to explore to their hearts' content.

Old National Pike Park also has picnic facilities, walking trails, and grills for your cook-out adventures.

You can get to this park on Old National Pike.

Go on a Hiking Spree at Gillis Falls Recreation Area

Mt. Airy's vast nature area makes it a city of wondrous trails and impressive hiking spots.

Gillis Falls Recreation Area makes this statement a true one.

With over 4 miles of walking trails, this recreation area spans at least 1,200 acres of land planned to become a reservoir.

Though its trails are mainly used for cross-country activities, many hikers and equestrians frequent the routes.

Just be sure not to come by Gillis Falls Recreation Area during hunting season because trails are not open then.

You can get to this tourist attraction via Gillis Falls Road.

Practice Your Swing at the Baseball Courts in Watkins Park

Between Main Street and Route 27, Watkins Park offers a day of fun and entertainment for everyone.

This 20-acre park boasts an ADA-accessible facility.

The park's array of baseball diamonds and soccer fields are a common hangout spot for sports enthusiasts and families.

Its one-mile walking trail also gets you a peaceful escapade from the buzz and busyness of historic downtown Mt. Airy.

What are you waiting for?

Make sure Watkins Park is on your Mt. Airy itinerary!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Paint Your Pottery at Firehouse Pottery & Arts

Harmony Autry & Melody Schell bought the business in January 2018.

Firehouse Pottery & Arts is a studio where you can paint your pottery, and customers select a blank clay piece and paint it however they want.

The sculpture is then glazed and fired, and guests can pick it up in about a week.

It is lovely to spend a day there, especially with birthday parties, movie evenings, ladies' nights, and kid's theme parties.

They spotted an opportunity to provide a secure environment for high school students and other children of all ages to come and hang out.

With all of this going on, Autry believes its true goal is to create a space where people wouldn't feel judged.

Final Thoughts

Mount Airy, Maryland, is a beautiful town with an award-winning downtown district full of shops and restaurants.

It provides lots of park space to meet everyone's interests, whether you're looking for a relaxing stroll, a place to try out your old fishing gear, or a spot to ride your skateboard.

The rolling hill scenery is the best part. It is well worth the trip.

Now that you have more knowledge about the place, don't miss any opportunity to experience it first-hand!

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