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15 Best Things to Do in Mount Joy, PA

  • Published 2022/12/02

Mount Joy came from an aristocratic English name, ‘Mountjoy.’

The city in Lancaster County offers a variety of activities for locals and visitors alike, making it the perfect vacation destination to unwind and enjoy farm life.

Everyone who visits Mount Joy won’t be disappointed because it prides itself on its natural beauty and heritage.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania:

See the Alpacas of Mount Joy at Eastland Alpacas

Have you ever had the chance to see or interact with an alpaca up close?

If not, Eastland Alpacas will give you that once-and-a-lifetime experience with alpacas for your vacation.

Eastland Alpacas has 30 acres of farmland where Mount Joy’s alpacas call home.

This farm is dedicated to breeding and raising high-quality alpacas you can interact with when you visit the farm.

Come to this gorgeous farm and watch the alpacas as they frolic about.

You’ll even have a chance to feed and pet them, an experience that is sure to fill you with happiness.

There’s even an on-site store on the farm where you can buy alpaca-fiber items.

These cute alpacas are waiting for you, so visit Eastland Alpacas whenever you are in town.

Visit the Natural Area of Cove Outlook Park

Cove Outlook Park is the perfect place if you want a park with a recreation area and a natural landscape.

This park contains 25 acres of land, including a natural area perfect for exploring wildlife.

You can walk down to the three trails in this park and take pictures of the wildlife.

The park features rain gardens, gardens for butterflies, a sanctuary for birds, and horseshoe pits that visitors can explore on foot.

In addition to the gravel and paved paths, there are also several small dirt paths.

The natural beauty of the location is definitely worth your visit.

So check out this park when you have your vacation in Mount Joy.

Read Books at Milanof-Schock Library

The Milanof-Schock Library has existed for many years and provides a wealth of information to the public.

It started as a project of the girl scout community troop in 1962, and since then, Mount Joy’s library service has been open to the public.

It later moved into a 1600-square-foot two-story establishment in 1964.

It eventually became Milanof-Schock Library in 1999, named after Anne Milanof, who volunteered in the library since 1964, serving 25 years, and donated a considerable sum to the library as her will.

The new Milanof-Schock Library building is open to the public.

This 8,000-square-foot library offers various services to the public.

For example, reading areas with different kinds of books are available, including those that tell stories about Mount Joy.

Additionally, there is a children’s section loved by many youngsters.

Don’t forget to drop by this library when you have time!

Watch a Game at Borough Park

If you’re a fan of baseball or softball, you’ll love Borough Park in Mount Joy.

It has a 5.28-acre land that serves as home to baseball and softball games in Mount Joy.

With constant renovations, the baseball field has improved and has become a great place for different games throughout the year.

The park also has benches and a food store where you can buy food when you get hungry while watching a game.

Visit the park to watch baseball games with friends and family!

Have an Unusual Tour at Bube’s Brewery Dining & Entertainment

This restaurant in Mout Joy is not just the typical restaurant you usually visit.

Bube’s Brewery Dining & Entertainment’s setting is reminiscent of a magnificent late-19th-century Victorian mansion.

The restaurant in Bube’s Brewery looks like the perfect place to have a mystery feast.

It features richly hand-stenciled walls, an old oak bar, vivid colors, and sophisticated decor that creates an inviting and suspenseful atmosphere.

The old brewery has a chill vibe that makes customers think there must be some mysteries hidden.

The owners decided to play into this by hosting paranormal investigation events, where guests can join the resident investigative team in trying to uncover any supernatural activity.

They remind their customers to prepare cameras as they tour after eating here.

You can tour their museum and see their distillery in action.

If you’re feeling brave, visit Bube’s for some mysterious adventure!

Have a Gathering in Rapho Township Community Park for Your Next Event

If you plan to gather with family or friends in Mount Joy, Rapho Township Community Park is the best place.

The park has 30 acres of land with silo-shaded fields, perfect for cozy times with your loved ones.

You can hold a birthday party there or on the pavillions of this park.

You can also let your kids have fun in the park playgrounds or even have a minor baseball or softball game in the open fields.

Enjoy planning your next event at Rapho Township Community Park in Mount Joy.

Pay a Visit to Grandview Vineyards

If you’re not convinced of Mount Joy’s beauty, take a trip to Grandview Vineyards.

It’s a family-owned and operated winery along Grandview Road in Mount Joy.

In recent years, the vineyard has expanded its acreage and now boasts a variety of white, red, and rosé wines.

The vineyard is open for wine tastings and tours year-round, and visitors can enjoy the views of the whole vineyard from the decks.

Grandview Vineyards is a beautiful place to visit and relax with friends or family.

The friendly staff is always happy to answer any questions about the wines or the stunning vineyard.

Whether you’re a wine lover or just looking for a unique place to visit, Grandview Vineyards is sure to please you.

Have a Picnic With Your Family at Little Chiques Park

If your family wishes to grow closer, then there’s no better place than Little Chiques Park.

Little Chiques Park offers 32 acres of land, complete with nine picnic pavilions to choose from.

Picnic goers should be aware that Pavilion 1 and 2 have electricity access at a low cost, while the other Pavilions feature charcoal grills but no electricity.

Not only will you experience the picturesque Little Chiques Creek while in this park, but if you’re a fan of cooking or grilling, you’ll also enjoy the pavilions here.

Little Chiques Park is the perfect place to plan your next family outing.

Giddy Up at Our Happy Place Equestrian Center

If you haven’t tried riding a horse, this is the time to do it here in Mount Joy.

It’s okay to be a newbie when it comes to horseback riding because Our Happy Place Equestrian Center is there to guide you.

Not only will you develop a love for horses, but you will also increase your knowledge about them.

The horses here are well-behaved on the ground and while being ridden.

Maintaining safety, organization, and discipline while coaching and training helps create a joyful learning environment for you and your horse.

Respecting your horse establishes a foundation to help you achieve riding and horsemanship objectives.

So what are you waiting for?

Try horseback riding at Our Happy Place Equestrian Center!

Experience Farm Life While Relaxing at Country Log House Farm

A relaxing place to stay will help you destress while enjoying farm life, and the Country Log House Farm is the best location to do that.

You can enjoy all the rural charms of a working farm in the cottages of this farm along Flory Road in Mount Joy.

This family-owned and operated farm offers everything from pick-your-own produce to farm-fresh eggs to hayrides and feeding the animals inside the farm.

Plus, the vast field is full of greeneries, so you can take clean, fresh air while walking, hiking, biking, or even having some picnics.

You will enjoy an authentic farm experience as you stay here at Country Log House Farm.

Find a Gift at the Country Store

The Country Store in Mount Joy is great for finding unique gifts and home decor.

The owners, James and Lillian Zimmerman, and their son, Jamie, are passionate about their business and offer a wide variety of items to meet their customers’ needs.

They take pride in offering quality products and excellent customer service.

Their gift shop has different variety of unique items like scarves, candles, jewelry, and many more that are perfect for your loved ones.

They are always happy to help their customers find the perfect item, whether it’s a gift for someone special or a festive decoration for their home.

Visit the Country Store today to see what they have to offer!

Other Things to Do Nearby

While Mount Joy offers plenty of attractions, there are also other notable nearby places to visit.

Here is a list of some other nearby attractions:

Have a Hands-on Experience Making Dairy Products at the Turkey Hill Experience

Entrance doors of Turkey Hill Experience

Helen89 /

Get a hands-on experience of creating your dairy favorites at Turkey Hill Experience, just 12 minutes away from Mount Joy.

The Turkey Hill Experience includes interactive exhibits that educate visitors about dairy culture, the origins of Turkey Hill Dairy, and the selection and production of the company’s ice cream and iced tea flavors.

For one fun-filled day, you get to explore what it’s like to work as an ice cream maker for Turkey Hill Dairy.

Interior of Turkey Hill Experience

Helen89 /

You even get to invent your own original flavor of ice cream!

You can also ride in their historic milk truck, milk their mechanical cows, appear in your own Turkey Hill advertisement, and of course, enjoy copious amounts of free iced tea and ice cream.

Make your own dairy products at the Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia!

Stairs in Turkey Hill Experience

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Make Your Way to the Lake Grubb Nature Park

Lake Grubb Nature Park in Columbia is a beautiful spot for hiking, picnicking, and wildlife watching.

It’s just a 16-minute drive from Mount Joy.

Lake Grubb was formed when the iron ore mine pit flooded, and several miles of trails wind through its woods.

The park has approximately 54 acres of land and is home to various birds and small animals.

The park is covered in wildflowers in the springtime, and the trees turn a stunning array of colors in the fall.

Visit the park and enjoy hiking on your way to the lake!

Enjoy an Exciting Laser Adventure at Laserdome

If you’re looking for a fun and family-friendly activity within the area, look no further than Laserdome!

This is just a 4-minute drive away from Mount Joy.

This famous laser tag arena offers a unique and exciting experience for all ages.

With intense laser tag battles, a state-of-the-art laser maze, and a challenging laser tag, Laserdome is sure to give you an adrenaline rush.

And if you’re looking to take a break from the action, the arcade is full of classic games that everyone can enjoy.

So whether you’re looking for competitive fun or want to relax and have a good time, Laserdome is the perfect place.

Camp with Your Family at Hershey Road Campground

Bring the kids to Hershey Road Campground, around 19 minutes’ drive away from Mount Joy.

While the surrounding area has many interesting sights, what is behind its gates truly distinguishes Hershey campsite.

Swim in their heated outdoor pool, which has a splash pad and seating areas.

Or bring the whole family out for 18 rounds of mini golf!

Their big trees, on-site pond, and beautiful outdoor pavilion will give you a breather and the opportunity to bond with family and friends.

They also have 191 RV sites for full hookups, picnic tables, and fire rings.

Enjoy bonfire moments with your family at Hershey Road Campground!

Final Thoughts

Mount Joy has a lot to offer for every local and tourist who visits the place.

And if this place is included in your vacation bucket list, you should try these 15 best things to do in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.

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