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15 Best Things to Do in Moses Lake, WA

  • Published 2022/07/26

Moses Lake is the largest lake in Grant County, Washington State.

This eponymous city resting in the spectacular lake and reservoir, Moses Lake, has all of the amenities to make it a must-see.

Likewise, Moses Lake is part of a larger region that has a surrounding micropolitan area.

Moses Lake’s local economy has always focused on its farmland.

However, the economy now sees more growth in the manufacturing and technology sectors.

Moses Lake is an excellent place for people of all ages to experience impressive outdoor activities.

Whether you’re looking for accessible attractions, delicious restaurants, or beautiful lakeside views, Moses Lake has something unique to offer everyone.

This incredibly magnificent lakeside city also provides ample opportunities for fishing and boating.

It also has enough shoreline to please even the most sophisticated guest.

If you want to visit this place, check out the best things to do in Moses Lake, WA.

Enjoy the Amenities of Blue Heron Park

Blue Heron Park is the region’s most popular, most beautiful, and highly maintained park.

The local community heavily uses its boat launch.

Through donations from several local companies and volunteer support, the Columbia Basin Walleye Club funded the installation of a fishing pier.

In 2015, the Heron Bluff Trail within Blue Heron Community Park added the Joseph K. Gavinski Trail after a successful fundraising campaign.

Blue Heron Park is a gorgeous outdoor region with a wide variety of attractions.

There are picnic shelters, wildlife viewing centers, and parking lots (including those designated for boat trailer parking).

You can also go to fishing spots to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Moreover, you can even play basketball there.

Check out nearbyestrooms, waterfronts, trails, and amenities that add up to the beautiful experience.

Explore Moses Lake Museum & Art Center

A fun local place to visit is the Moses Lake Museum & Art Centre.

In 1958, the museum first started as the “Adam East Museum.”

The Moses Lake Parks and Recreation Department also offers the museum as a program.

The museum boasts a massive collection of Native American artifacts and art, local history exhibits, an enormous Columbian Mammoth, and a gift shop.

It’s a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the exploration of the human, natural, and cultural history of the region.

While the museum might be small, it contains excellent exhibitions to admire.

You can also buy merchandise at the museum’s gift shop that’s both engaging and kid-friendly.

The staff here know their stuff, too.

You should have no problem if you want to know more about the great pieces of artwork on display.

If you’re looking for something to do in Moses Lake, check out the Moses Lake Museum & Art Center.

Create Your Best Art at Artgarden Pottery

If you’re touring Moses Lake with your kids, you shouldn’t miss visiting Artgarden Pottery a visit.

Your kids will find exciting activities, explore their incredible creativity, and satisfy their curiosity.

There are several fantastic classes here for everyone, carefully designed to bring people closer together through the creative process.

You’ll pick out a piece of pottery to paint and work with different colors.

Each studio supplies painting implements for every visitor, too.

When you finish your masterpiece, you don’t have to worry about transportation.

Just wait for the studio to process your item before going there to pick it up.

If you want to bond with family and friends or enjoy your alone time, Artgarden Pottery provides exactly what you need.

Play Bowling at Lake Bowl

Lake Bowl is home to plenty of fun bowling activities for you and your family.

They offer some great specials that businesses and families can enjoy, like party packages featuring daily specials.

Notably, they even hand out academic awards to every student who gets good grades.

They’ve also got arcade machines for you to play whenever you want.

You’ll also enjoy all the games in the arcade section.

Besides its affordable rates, the bowling center also has friendly staff who will show you a pleasant experience.

You can also enjoy excellent food, to boot.

Whether you’re looking to knock back a few or bond with family and friends, Lake Bowl offers a perfect blend of delicious meals and great times.

Play Golf at Links at Moses Pointe

The Links at Moses Pointe is one of the best places for golfing in Washington State.

It features superior conditioning, excellent design, and exceptional guest hospitality.

Golfers of every level love playing there for these exact reasons.

You will have some of the most unique and beautiful views as you stroll through its wide-open fields.

Its gorgeous greens cover almost half a mile and give you a sweeping vista of the course.

This championship-caliber course has hosted local and national tournaments, including the Washington State Amateur Championship in 2005, 2008, and 2011.

Here, all golfers can enjoy a championship experience no matter their skill level.

The Links at Moses Pointe also has Mulligan’s restaurant.

In this cozy neighborhood tavern, you can relax with friends, savoring burgers and mouthwatering homemade pizzas after a great game.

Besides all their delicious food, the restaurant also has beer and wine options.

You can even hold a party at the restaurant’s private party space.

See Movies at Fairchild Cinemas

Fairchild Cinemas is a lovely movie theater with comfortable seats, one of the things that make customers keep coming back.

If you’re looking to catch up on the latest movies, Fairchild Cinemas is one of the most excellent theaters in Moses Lake.

Besides the great movies, the theater is also spotless.

The people working here are amicable; not to mention they have fantastic prices.

Try Watersports at a Ride in the Park

A Ride in the Park will take you on an epic journey through Moses Lake and the surrounding areas.

You’ll pick from a uniquely exciting range of water-based activities you won’t be able to get enough of.

On their four-hour guided tour around Moses Lake, you’ll have plenty of time to seek out idyllic riverside locations for swimming or canoeing.

They provide top-quality equipment.

Each tour includes life jackets, paddles, and safety gear, including wetsuits during colder seasons.

If watersports aren’t your thing, then you might want to join instructional classes in kayaking or canoeing at one of their camps closer to shore

Otherwise, you can admire the expert paddlers in your midst by booking a trip further afield with one of their professional guides.

Do you need more adventure in your life?

Check out a Ride in the Park for a nice trip to forested trails leading down to tranquil lakeside nature reserves and caves galore.

There’s no limit to the number of opportunities for exploration.

Play Indoor Virtual Golf at Divots Golf

Divots Golf offers indoor virtual golf, a new fantastic way of experiencing a game of golf.

Using proprietary TruGolf TruFlight swing analysis technology, golfers can know the precise speed and direction of each swing.

This tech also pairs well with top-of-the-line E6 CONNECT club fitting software that immerses you in an entirely realistic golf experience.

When you play outdoor golf with your friends and family, the weather might limit the experience.

Obviously, that is not the case when you play indoors.

With more than 100 worldwide courses, you are free to play no matter the weather.

With Divots Golf, you can play all year long.

Whether you want a business, friendly, or league match, Divots Golf makes the game more convenient and accessible for all golfers.

Play a breathtaking round of golf virtually before you go to the actual links.

Improve your skills and then take part in leagues and events.

Otherwise, join the Divots Golf junior academy to be the best golfer you can be.

Play a Game at Larson Playfield

Larson Playfield is a superb 18-acre playground that offers a fantastic array of features to enhance your softball or baseball experience.

Besides fields and bleachers, there’s also a playground fit for young children and older family members.

Just behind the bleachers is an entire restroom facility for changing clothes and showering after the game.

Likewise, you can buy concessions if you want to grab some refreshments during the game.

Rent the batting cage if you’re looking to hone your hitting skills.

Let your kid build character in the local Little League.

Larson Playfield welcomes the entire family.

It offers an active, welcoming community for people to play or watch sports, hang out with friends and loved ones, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Spend Quality Time at Montlake Park

The boat launch area, picnic shelters, playground areas, and fishing spots at Montlake Park offer visitors ample opportunities to relax.

Some of the locations have multiple features that provide a good setting for almost every activity imaginable.

Your family can go boating from the motored boat moorage, or enjoy a meal at one of the picnic spots.

Otherwise, get some exercise at one of the playgrounds.

Afterward, your family can catch some rays and have fun barbecuing in one of the shelter areas.

Go fishing in the park’s central fishing hole.

Those who want to calm down by staying in nature and avoiding crowds will enjoy the calming views at Montlake Park.

When you’re done doing all these fun activities, you can spend some time swimming in the park’s clean and refreshing waterfronts.

Have a Picnic at Civic Center Park

The Civic Center Park contains an impressive 9/11 memorial made out of polished columns.

The memorial honors those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks.

The nine-acre park will fascinate you with its many perfect picnic spots and scenic views.

The Civic Center building includes office space for city staff, public restrooms, and access to beautiful views of the park itself.

It’s also near other neighboring attractions such as Moses Lake City Hall and Moses Lake Public Library.

Don’t forget to check out the Moses Lake Public Library, whose distinctive architecture draws people.

You can also pack a lunch or dinner and spend time under the shade of the trees that line its beautiful walking trails.

There are also several other sculptures spread within the Civic Center Park.

Enjoy a Round of Challenging Golf at Moses Lake Golf Club

The Moses Lake Golf Club provides a relaxing and comfortable environment for a challenging round of golf.

This championship course is one of the best places in the area for those who enjoy playing challenging rounds daily.

There are lovely restaurants, bars, and lunch spots here that offer great meals where you can socialize during breaks in the game.

You’ll also find lots of activities you can join while you’re not playing.

The welcoming environment of Moses Lake Golf Club makes it an enjoyable place for golfers.

Spend time away from work or home at the Moses Lake Golf Club.

Dine at Porterhouse Steakhouse

For more than 50 years, the Porterhouse Steakhouse has become a fixture of Moses Lake.

Residents love to eat the restaurant’s incredible chicken fried steak, delicious, flavorful burgers, and mouthwatering seafood.

The restaurant has strived to create an environment for crowds of all sizes, from large to small groups.

Get together with guests or coworkers to catch up and enjoy the fine meals on the menu.

For special occasions, they also have private room spaces.

You’ll surely make lasting memories there when it comes time to celebrate.

Stop by for a meal at the Porterhouse Steakhouse.

Drink Cold Beer at Squirrel Fight Artisan Brewing

Squirrel Fight Artisan Brewing is a fantastic brewery with exceptional beers and a great tasting room.

It’s a great place you can go to enjoy some beer and relax with friends at the same time.

Two friendly and competitive brewers run Squirrel Fight; they brew all types of beers.

If you walk in on a Friday night, they might surprise you with a stand-up comedy show.

This unique brewery caters to beer lovers and those who enjoy a side of live music, trivia, and food with their bubbly beverages.

As a welcome alternative to the usual overcrowded bar scene, this brewery even lets you bring your food.

Choose from an assortment of tables, including armchairs for those who want all-day seating.

Otherwise, if you want elbow room, pick the picnic benches.

You’ll find growlers on hand filled with Squirrel’s delicious concoctions.

Enjoy unique drinks at Squirrel Fight Artisan Brewing.

Camp at Cascade Park

Cascade Park is the perfect place for various outdoor activities like camping and biking.

Relax by the 30-acre waterfront park with shoreline access and attend boating events at the boat launch.

You can also fish in one of many locations ideal for diving.

However, you can only swim in designated areas.

Likewise, you can use day-use sites and campgrounds.

There are soccer fields nearby for both practice sessions and classes.

There are T-ball fields with seasonal hours and a picnic shelter for rent for groups; it has a nonsmoking BBQ grill area.

If you like campgrounds, you will enjoy Cascade Park, too.

Final Thoughts

Moses Lake doesn’t just have a beautiful landscape but also some lovely popular destinations.

It would be a shame if you didn’t experience Moses Lake if you ever find yourself in Washington.

While planning your itinerary, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of unique places in Moses Lake.

Use this list as a reference to help you keep track and not miss any top spots.

Who knows?

You might even find more things to do in Moses Lake, Washington after you arrive.

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