15 Best Things to Do in Morgantown, WV

15 Best Things to Do in Morgantown, WV

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If you are into quaint, pretty, and aesthetic small towns- Morgantown should be at the top of your list.

This West Virginian town also happens to be home to one of the most prestigious colleges, but that is not all!

With tourist spots that draw thousands of people every year- Morgantown is an absolute beauty! These are the top 15 things to do in Morgantown-

Catch some basketball at WVU Coliseum

WVU Coliseum
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A college town is always lively. It is something about that teen spirit that makes things better than they are.

For this very reason, Morgantown is equipped with some of the things that make it quite energetic. And, WVU Coliseum is one of those things. If you are into a bit of college basketball, then follow us for we are going to take you to quite an enjoyable location.

The West Virginia University Coliseum is the home ground of both the women’s as well as the men’s teams of the WVU Mountaineers.

Also, there are seating arrangements for more than 14,000 people, and it does tend to get a bit crowded during college events. Even they host volleyball games here.

Appreciate the art at the Art Museum of WVU

The Art Museum of WVU is one of the best venues in all of Morgantown for art lovers. If you want to have a chill day and go look at some art and appreciate it- the Art Museum of WVU is your destination. Let us introduce you a bit to the art style at the Art Museum of WVU.

The categories here are diverse. And, they have works from both the modern period as well as the historic period.

If you visit the museum, there is no doubt that you will feel inspired. The art that is portrayed in their various permanent collections actually brings out the different cultural aspects.

Lift your spirits at Morgantown Brewing Company

If you are a beer lover, then our beer reference in the top three points will not disappoint you. Even if you aren’t, we beg your pardon, but we had to include one of the top things in Morgantown in the top three!

The Morgantown Brewing Company is one of the most popular spots in all of Morgantown. Also, it attracts a lot of tourists every day.

But, what is so special about a brewery? The main thing happens to be the age of the brewery. It happens to be the oldest one in Morgantown.

Also, it has some specialized craft beers on its menu. And, there are 8 of them, so people mainly come to have a taste of the specials. There are also burgers and sandwiches available which you can pair with your beers. Do check out this piece of history once!

Check out the Earl L. Core Arboretum

Earl L. Core Arboretum
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We will be taking you to see the different shades of green now. These places are truly blissful and will give you all the oxygen that you deserve. So, follow us.

The first place we will be exploring is the infamous Earl L. Core Arboretum. Professor Earl L thought of the good people of Morgantown and made this huge park on an area of almost 91 acres.

It is one of the biggest spaces of greenery in Morgantown and attracts people for its vast area. The forest is vast, and there are even some cool landscapes inside to check out too.

You can go hiking in there if you want. The arboretum is a huge blessing to the people of Morgantown.

Watch some greenery at West Virginia Botanic Garden

Now, we have another spot for you filled with natural beauty. Yes, we were saving it for some time now. We will be heading over to the West Virginia Botanic Garden.

Having some of the native plants of the infamous Appalachian region, the West Virginia Botanic Garden is truly a sight to cherish.

Moreover, the botanical garden is based on a huge space of almost 82 acres of land. And, it also got some of the best views of the Tibbs Run Reservoir.

The garden has been quite a popular spot for locals and tourists since the time it became accessible to the public. There are also a lot of hiking options here that makes it a more attractive place to the public.

Dine at Pies & Pints

Are you a bit tired from all the sight-seeing? Yes, vacations might get a bit tiring sometimes, but it is our duty to inform you about all the good food spots and keep you well-fed and hydrated!

For this reason, this is time again to take you to one of Morgantown’s most recommended food shops- Pies and Pints.

The best part about this particular eatery is that it serves warm pizzas with the best beer. Like we all know the pizza and beer combo is a winner no matter in what kind of situated you are.

Also, the beers are local, and most of the time, have been handcrafted. So, you could say that these beers were made by the shop-owners. Moreover, the collection is amazing and the pizzas are gourmet too!

Shop a bit at Morgantown Farmers’ Market

Morgantown Farmers’ Market
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Are you looking for a place where you can shop for some organic products or just some homemade delicious goodies? It’s time for us to check out the Farmer’s Market of Morgantown.

It takes place every Saturday during the morning hours. And, trust us, better get there early for it is known to get a bit crowded. But, the location is a prime one- the city center, and even if you forget about the event, it is bound to catch your eyes.

The best part about shopping in the farmer’s market is that you get the best of the best. The freshest fruits and vegetables are found in plenty here. Also, we’d recommend buying the baked goods if you have not had breakfast yet!

They even do live cooking, so feel free to buy any of the freshly cooked meals for they are guaranteed to be delicious.

Catch a game at Mountaineer Field

Football game at Mountaineer Field
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Interested in football? Does your blood get boiling when a chaotic game takes place? Worry not, we might have a good spot for you to hang out at. Let’s head for the Mountaineer Field.

Being the home-turf of the football team of West Virginia Mountaineer NCAA Division 1 FBS, the Mountaineer Field is the destination for any sports lover. Located inside the Milan Puskar Stadium, the field is a hit among fans! And, game nights tend to get lively and chaotic here.

Having a seating arrangement for more than 60,000 people, the stadium is quite on the modern side. Did you know you can even book a luxurious stadium suite from where you can watch any game comfortably?

Have some fun at Sunset Beach Marina

Beach Marina
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Now, we will be taking you to one of the most attractive spots in Morgantown. You must have heard about Cheat Lake. Sunset Beach Marina is one of the best places to sit and chill for a while.

There are a lot of activities here where you can take part and enjoy to the fullest. You can go boating here. Too basic? Opt for jet-skiing! Are you hungry?

There are lots of shops along the drive that sells ice creams and different types of snacks. You can rent either a kayak or a paddleboat to go and enjoy a bit in the waters.

Visit the Mountain State Brewing

Wanna go on another beer break? We know we are urging you to take one too many beer breaks.

But, a trip to Morgantown is incomplete without trying out all its local beers. But, by now you have checked out pizza with beers along with the oldest brewery in town. But, have you thought about paying a visit to the largest one in town?

Yes, Mountain State Brewery is the largest in all of West Virginia when it comes to microbreweries. So, without any further ado- let’s go!

Mountain State Brewing even has other locations, but we will be heading over to the Morgantown one today. Brian Arnett and Willie Lehmann are the two masterminds who came up with these brilliant beers that are still available on the menu even today.

Also, the menu is diverse, and you can find a lot of bread to accompany the beers.

Earn something new at the Royce J. & Caroline B. Watts Museum

Did you know Morgantown has a perfect industrial history?

Yes, it is incredibly industrially rich and was one of the biggest producers of coal along with petroleum. And, the Royce J. & Caroline B. Watts Museum does the perfect job of showcasing that to the tourists who have no idea.

The Royce J. & Caroline B. Watts Museum has the main motto of preserving the rich industrial history of Morgantown.

There are many displays that contain some of the best documents portraying the significances. You can even find a lot of the mining equipment still here in the museum.

Check out some local food and spirits

Morgantown is that kind of a town that has some chilled laid back vibes. You can easily spend a weekend here and enjoy to the fullest with some of the best food and drinks.

As you have seen earlier- Morgantown has a lot of microbreweries or just pubs that sell locally-brewed good beer or craft beer. But, the food here is quite good too.

You can even find a lot of bed-and-breakfast hotels that come along with a nice restaurant to eat at. Also, there is an annual food and wine festival that is held in town.

If you are in town during that period- you absolutely do not have to worry about food for you are going to get the best of both worlds.

Explore around Greater Morgantown

One very good way to enjoy Morgantown if you have a little more time in hand is to explore the outskirts.

Now, there might not be any historic or cultural spot around. But, driving along those Morgantown roads and the outskirt areas of the Greater Morgantown is one of the best feelings you can get on your trip.

Pittsburgh is quite a nice city to check out when you are on your trip to Morgantown. We recommend you to take a look around if you want to know the places better.

Take your kids to Spark! Imagination and Science Center

If you are looking for something fun to do in Morgantown with your little ones, then we might have a great destination for you.

The space is interactive and quite cool for kids to enjoy. So, if you are done with exploring the outskirts a bit- head over to Spark! Imagination and Science Center.

But, it was not always known by this name. Earlier it went by the name of Recreational Opportunities for All Young Kids Initiative. But, now after several remodeling and renovations- Spark is one of the best places in Morgantown.

There are a lot of fun exhibits in this center for children to enjoy. Also, they offer a lot of courses and classes for little kids to learn new things. It is the number one place in Morgantown for little kids.

Go hiking at Coopers Rock State Forest

Coopers Rock State Forest
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If you want to be surrounded by nature for a while, go trekking along with one of the innumerable trails at Coopers Rock State Forest. During the winter when the snow falls, there are even skiing options here!

The most beautiful part about this Coopers Rock State Forest is that you can do anything you want to do here.
Also, the scenic views that it offers are quite amazing.

Offering views of the Monongahela River, the trails are easy to hike. Try to get to the top to snap a few images of the beautiful Cheat River.

This is the end of our delightful Morgantown trip. We hope you enjoy your stay here.