20 Best Things to Do in Moore, OK

Moore, OK
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Seated next to the northern border of Cleveland's Country is the second biggest city in the County and the seventh-largest in the State of Oklahoma, with a population of more than sixty thousand residents.

The amiable city of Moore was formerly a “sleeping community,” but now, it is known for its premier entertainment centers, countless attractions, and stunning natural wonders.

If you’re looking for some fun things to do in Oklahoma, you should definitely check out what the city of Moore has to offer to its community.

Whether you’re in for some exciting adventures or a relaxing vacation, Moore has a little something for everyone you won’t regret trying.

You can choose from a wide variety of activities, events, and destinations to explore and try; from its renowned theater center, historical spots brimming with stories, kid-friendly parks, recreational areas, you can have it all in Moore.

Have a memorable trip in the charming suburbs of the city and check out the 20 best things to do in Moore, Oklahoma.

Relax in Moore Central Park

This 51-acre public park is not like your usual park; Moore Central Park is a reflection of the city’s vibrant history.

Moore Central Park features a train-themed playground where you can also find some railroad elements that add life to the park.

Aside from this, the park also boasts a huge recreation center and gym area where you can do a lot of indoor and outdoor activities.

The central park houses the Aquatic Center, a public pool available for the residents of the city and visitors.

You can bring your kids to Moore Central Park and let them have fun in the playground while you relax on the pavilion with some nice music in their little amphitheater and gaze at the scenic views that the park offers.

Watch and Dine in Yellow Rose Dinner Theater

If you’re looking for a wonderful place to spend the evening, why not check out what’s in store for you at the Yellow Rose Dinner Theater?

The Yellow Rose Theater is a unique theater that serves not just entertainment but also great-tasting foods.

This dinner theater features an extensive menu filled with delicious dishes that will satisfy your hunger and outstanding performances, which change from time to time.

You can enjoy amazing meals while watching some top-notch shows provided by the talented performers of the Yellow Rose Dinner Theater.

As you enter the premises of the theater, you will be greeted by nice and attentive staff that will guide and serve you all throughout your stay.

If this is your first time going out to see a show in Yellow Rose Dinner Theater, you won’t regret visiting because you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Shop at the Farmers Market

Healthy, sustainable, and fresh – these are the words to describe the products that you can find in Moore’s Farmers Market.

If you happen to visit Central Park in Moore, you should visit the Farmers  Market and browse for fresh produce that is locally sourced from the nearby farms in the locality.

The Farmers Market serves as a place where farmers can display their products and provide healthy goods to the community.

You can find seasonal fruits and vegetables, organic products, freshly picked flowers, handmade ornaments, and many more as you wander around the Farmers Market.

If you want to support local businesses in Moore, you can do so by purchasing something from the Farmers Market.

Watch the Dogs Play in Happy Tails Dog Park

The Happy Tails Dog Park is a haven for all dog owners and their canine companions.

In this public park, dogs can roam around without a leash, and they can freely play with other dogs.

The park offers a two-acre space for all the dogs to have fun and enjoy the outdoors.

Happy Tails Dog Park features a small and large dog area separated from each other, lots of picnic tables, public restrooms, water fountains, and plenty of shaded areas where dog owners can take a break and relax.

Your dogs deserve to have fun in the outside world, too! So bring your four-legged friends and let them run in the spacious fields of Happy Tails Dog Park.

Have a Fun Day in Moore Golf and Athletic Club

The Moore Golf and Athletic Club have a sprawling 6,789 yards of greenery for you to try and experience.

Moore Golf and Atletic Club has a driving range, an area where you can practice or if you want to warm up, a tennis court, and a swimming pool.

The Moore Golf and Athletic Club offer tournaments like the 18-Hole Championship game.

You can do a lot of activities in Moore Golf and Athletic Club aside from golf; you can take a dip in the swimming pool, relax in the clubhouse, or practice your swing.

The club also offers memberships and golf programs for the little ones to learn and enjoy golf at a young age.

There’s a lot of opportunities for you here in Moore Golf and Athletic Club; you can join the Men’s and Ladies Golf Association, or you can subscribe to the membership packages that fit your budget and lifestyle.

Enjoy the Waters of Central Park Aquatic Center

In this indoor aquatic center, people of all ages can splash around and have some fun under the sun.

The Central Park Aquatic Center is open to all, and it can accommodate at least 800 people inside the center.

It boasts numerous amenities like the splash area, three pools, a lap pool, and a lazy river which will keep you entertained for hours.

You can take a dip in the pools, lounge in some of the leisure spots around the pool, or have a bite of some snacks that are available in the concession stands of the aquatic center.

There are swimming lessons offered to kids and beginners in the early hours of the morning, so if you like to learn how to swim, you can enroll yourself in some of the classes in Central Park Aquatic Center.

Jump and Bounce in Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

The Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure is not just a trampoline park; there’s so much more to do here aside from jumping.

There are plenty of activities to try in Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park that you’ll need to come here again to experience everything.

You can compete with your friends in the obstacle course, ride the indoor go-karts, defy the gravity in the rope course, climb the walls, try to be the last man standing in Wipeout, and many more.

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure is truly a hub for kids and adults that want to enjoy action-packed activities without the hassle of going out.

After all the fun and excitement, you’ll definitely get hungry, so head on to the Urban Air Cafe for some refreshments.

Search for Clues in Moore Escape Rooms

If you’re a fan of mysteries, you can try the Moore Escape Rooms and unleash your inner detective.

Moore Escape Rooms features four types of escape rooms: The Serum 42, Pirates, Mystery Mountain, and The Tomb.

The levels of escape rooms range from easy to hard; you can choose what kind of room you want to book based on your preferred level of difficulty.

Moore Escape Rooms values privacy, so it is guaranteed that you will not be grouped with strangers.

You can even play as a character from the storyline of each escape room, whether you want to be a veteran explorer who just discovered the very last unexplored tomb of mighty Pharaohs in The Tomb, or you can be someone that could decipher the recipe for the antidote of Serum 42.

Moore Escape Rooms is a must-visit destination in the city of Moore because of the fantastic experience that it provides.

Visit the Museum of Osteology

The Museum of Osteology is one of the many destinations in Moore, Oklahoma, where you can get a unique learning experience.

This 7,000 square foot museum features a huge collection of skeletons gathered from all over the world.

You can see the different types of skeletons here in the museum and the classifications and diversity of the vertebrate skeletons.

The Museum of Osteology is the only museum in America that showcases skeletons of different species.

You can learn about various animals in this world without even leaving the city of Moore when you visit the Museum of Osteology.

Watch Cool Movies in Winchester Drive-In

The Winchester Drive-In will flood you with nostalgic memories from the past.

Since 1968, the Winchester Drive-In has been providing entertainment to the residents of Moore, and it became a tradition for many families in the city to stop by and watch some movies.

A neon cowboy sign is your guide to the screens of the historic theater.

You can spend your night viewing films in Winchester Drive-In with your friends and family.

If you forgot about bringing your snacks to munch while watching movies, worry not because there is a concession stand available in the area.

You can order anything you want from pizzas, ice creams, sandwiches, and the typical snacks in movie theaters which are the usual popcorn and sodas.

Winchester Drive-In is the only drive-in theater in Oklahoma which makes it a destination that you should visit on your stay in Moore.

Browse the Racks of DZ Comics and Gaming

With its huge collection of comics, graphic novels, merchandise, DZ Comics, and Gaming is a sanctuary for all the nerds out there.

DZ Comics and Gaming is a great place where you can hang out and browse through the wide array of products that you can purchase.

You can find the latest comic books, video games, and merchandise collectibles in DZ Comics and Gaming; you can also join tournaments and trading events for card games such as Pokemon, Yugioh, Dungeons, and Dragons, and more.

Aside from comics and gaming stuff, you can also find something tasty in the store’s cafe.

Whether you’re looking for your next favorite comic book or just want a place to relax, DZ Comics and Gaming can provide it all for you!

Glide on the Floors of Skate Moore

Skate Moore is a family-owned skating facility in the town of Moore where you can stride and skate for fun.

Skating is a fun, and enjoyable way of getting fit with your friends and family, and Skate Moore is the perfect place to practice skating.

The skating facility also offers a place where you can celebrate special occasions such as birthday parties, corporate parties, and more.

You can enroll yourself in some lessons offered in the skating rink if you want to learn about the basics of skating.

Bring your special ones to Skate Moore and create some memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.

Play Games at Twisted Axes Throw House

Twisted Axes Throw House is the most thrilling venue in the OKC metro region!

You or your team will have a target for the game; they have twelve targets.

You can play gigantic Jenga, darts, corn hole, and have some delectable drinks in addition to their fantastic axe throwing lanes!

T-shirts and koozies are available for purchase at Twisted Axes Throwing House!

They provide unique event alternatives for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette celebrations, or business occasions.

Your experience at Twisted Axes Throwing House will undoubtedly be memorable.

Try Your Luck at I-35 Bingo

Modern technology and a huge flashboard are included at I-35 Bingo to ensure every player has a clear view.

They have a large bingo room that accommodates both smokers and non-smokers.

The I-35 Bingo hall offers several flat-screen screens that allow patrons to root for their preferred sports teams while some sporting events occur.

They also offer a complete service kitchen with a selection of options for food and beverages to satisfy your appetites.

You may play bingo for many enjoyable and exciting hours due to the numerous daily games.

For your protection, on-site security is provided, and plenty of well-lit parking spaces are in the vicinity of the building.

Taste Seasonal Beers at Royal Bavaria

On November 20th, 1992, Jörg Kühne, an entrepreneur from Munich, Germany, launched Royal Bavaria.

He planned to open a Bavarian brew pub in Oklahoma with a genuine ambiance, genuine Bavarian friendliness, and the traditional German food that has won so many fans throughout the globe.

Their broad menu offers authentic Bavarian cuisine daily made from scratch fresh.

They produce a wide range of seasonal beers in addition to using only Hallertauer hops, German yeast, whole grain malt, and unfiltered water in the brewing process.

Monday through Saturday from 5:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Sunday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., Royal Bavaria is available for dinner seven days a week.

Royal Bavaria can host eight to more than a hundred guests, making it the ideal location for your upcoming event or party.

Shop for Great Presents at Boy Mom Vibes

Boy Mom Vibes was developed to help you do all the natural and easy DIY projects you want to accomplish but lack time.

They began by selling inexpensively created products like scrubs, body butter, and bath bombs.

They now operate as a small "brick & mortar" company that collaborates with other independent companies to provide you with a unique shopping encounter in Moore, Oklahoma.

They also sell their wares at neighborhood stores, and you may locate them at several craft festivals.

They produce and choose high-quality goods, then try to sell them at fair pricing.

Kids-friendly scrubs, body butter, bath bombs, personalized rollerballs, and holiday presents are some of their most popular creations.

Order Specialties at Hidalgo's

The cornerstone of Hidalgo is founded on a family legacy with fundamental beliefs to deliver quality in whatever they do by surpassing their customers' expectations in terms of atmosphere, service, delectable flavor, and distinctive elements that will make your visit special.

Hidalgo's embodies a modern interpretation of Mexican culture while upholding pride and passion via the fusion of authentic Mexican ingredients with an innovative touch.

They provide a variety of dishes on their menu, including starters, lunch specials, classic entrees, Hidalgo's specialties, a kids' menu, desserts, beverages, and more.

Enchiladas, Hidalgo's Tilapia and Shrimp, House Fajitas, Chimichile, Burrito Hidalgo, and other dishes are just a few of the Hidalgo's Specialties.

Visit Hidalgo's if you want delicious, authentic Mexican food!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Try Your Luck in New Castle Casino

Front View of New Castle Casino's exterior
Kym Koch Thompson, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you want to have a real casino experience, the New Castle Casino could provide you with it.

This 112-square-foot casino is home to more than 2,000 classic and electronic games that you can play with.

You can try your luck in some of the favorites in the casino, like the Wheel of Fortune and the classic poker games.

When you’re done having fun in the casino, you can dine in the restaurants of New Castle Casino and taste the delicious meals that they offer.

If you like to relax, a bar is also available for you to get some drinks.

Tour around the Orr Family Farm

The Orr Family Farm is a fun place to visit for people of all ages that is located in the southeast part of Oklahoma.

You’ll be entertained by the numerous activities that you can try at Orr Family Farm.

You can try fun rides such as the vintage carousel, four-lane zip line, go fishing in the Hidden Lake, or visit the barn and feed some of the animals sheltered there.

During the fall, you can experience the giant corn maze packed with hidden clues that could help you navigate your way out of the maze.

One day is not enough to try all the activities in the Orr Family Farm, that’s why you should come and visit the farm again.

Slide through the Ice of Blazer’s Ice Center

North of Moore, you can find the premier ice rink in Oklahoma, where you can beat the summer heat with the coldness of ice from the Blazer’s Ice Center.

The Blazer’s Ice Center provides opportunities for the residents and visitors of Oklahoma to skate through the coldness of the ice rinks.

You can choose to watch a hockey game or practice skating in the ice arena.

The ice center also features a video game spot, a snack area where you can get refreshing foods and drinks, and an equipment store for all your needs.

The Blazer’s Ice Center is the place to go when you need a fun physical activity to keep you fit.

Final Thoughts

Moore, Oklahoma, is a hub for entertainment, and it's undeniable from the countless attractions that you can experience in this captivating city.

If you’re looking for a place that could keep you busy all year round, this is the perfect destination for you.

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