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20 Best Things to Do in Montgomery County, PA

  • Published 2023/10/29

From beautiful parks, historic sites, and unique places to eat to vibrant shopping streets, outdoor activities for all ages, and cultural events beyond the ordinary, Montgomery County truly has something for everyone.

Let me take you through the best things to do in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

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Discover History at Valley Forge National Historical Park

Monument at Valley Forge National Historical Park

Brian P Hartnett Jr /

It’s not every day you get to travel back in time. But that’s what visiting the Valley Forge National Historical Park feels like.

Picture it: a rainy Saturday afternoon in mid-October, the perfect time to dive deep into the history of the Revolutionary War.

Right from the get-go, the visitor center welcomes you with its fascinating exhibits, a gift shop brimming with unique souvenirs, and a compelling movie that paints a vivid picture of the past.

You can almost hear the trudging of war-worn soldiers as you embark on the 10-mile circle driving tour around the encampment.

Each stop, from the age-old train station to Washington’s headquarters and the historic church, is meticulously maintained and wonderfully annotated.

The rangers across the park are friendly and informative, ready to share a nugget of history.

Their knowledge enhances the experience, making you appreciate the park’s significance all the more.

George Washington headquarters at Valley Forge National Historical Park

Olivier Le Queinec /

And the best part? Everything, including parking, is free!

On sunnier days, the park transforms into a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

Miles of trails beckon for hiking and biking, offering a perfect blend of history and natural beauty.

And if you’re up for it, ditch the car and walk like our founding fathers did.

Walking around the park, you can’t help but feel a sense of awe for the national beauty that’s been preserved so close to home.

It’s a place that’s always been there, waiting for locals and visitors alike to explore and appreciate.

So whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or just looking for a change of pace, the Valley Forge National Historical Park is well worth the visit.

Cabins at Valley Forge National Historical Park

Delmas Lehman /

Go on an Exciting Adventure at the Amazing Escape Room Montgomeryville

I was looking for a new and exciting way to celebrate our anniversary when I stumbled upon the Amazing Escape Room in Montgomeryville.

Deciding to try it, my partner and I booked the ‘Candy Shop’ room.

Let me tell you. It was an experience we would always cherish!

Walking into the Candy Shop it was like stepping into another world.

The setting was enchanting, and the clues were well thought out, giving us the perfect challenge.

Despite our best efforts, we ran out of time and couldn’t escape the Candy Shop.

But who would want to escape when surrounded by so much candy? If only the sweets were real!

In addition to the Candy Shop, we also tried the ‘Quarantine’ room with friends.

The setup was immersive, and the challenge was thrilling.

We couldn’t help but become completely engrossed in the game.

The rooms were fun and engaging, and the seating area was clean and organized.

After our games, we had fun taking selfies and photos with their prop signs.

Plus, the pricing was reasonable, making it an excellent choice for an exciting night out or a celebration.

The Amazing Escape Room Montgomeryville has brought a unique twist to the escape room experience.

I can’t wait to return and conquer the Candy Shop and discover the other rooms they offer.

Take a Stroll Through History at the National Memorial Arch

Daytime view of National Memorial Arch

Olivier Le Queinec /

Walking through my favorite spot in the park, the National Memorial Arch feels like stepping back in time.

The massive triumphal arch commemorating General George Washington and the Continental Army stands proudly against the azure sky.

I often find myself standing in awe at the arch, marveling at the intricate masonry details that have stood the test of time since it was built by the Masons in 1917.

The arch is nestled in a spot surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Vast expanses of greenery envelop the monument, and in the fall, the trees showcase a myriad of colors that make the arch even more stunning.

I often take a picnic with me, settling down on the lush grass under the shade of the trees – it’s the perfect outdoor sanctuary.

The park is expansive, and a hike to the memorial is an experience.

For example, the journey weaves through the park, revealing new angles and views of the arch, making it seem like a different monument each time.

Top half of National Memorial Arch

Big Blink Creative /

It’s a haven for photographers, and I often see them capturing the memorial against the sun, creating images that make the arch look like a gateway to heaven.

The Arch isn’t just a pretty sight, though.

It’s an educational journey that provides deep insights into our history.

Several info kiosks are scattered around the site, providing detailed information about the arch and surrounding area.

A visit to the arch isn’t just a quick stop – it’s a deep dive into history that would take you at least an hour if you’d like to absorb everything the site has to offer.

Plenty of parking near the monument makes it an easily accessible spot.

A visit to the National Memorial Arch, with its historical significance and natural beauty, is always a rewarding experience.

It’s a blend of history and nature that never ceases to amaze.

Get a Glimpse into History at Pennypacker Mills

One sunny afternoon, I stepped back in time at Pennypacker Mills.

The re-enactment of the military setup was nothing less than extraordinary, painting a vivid picture of the historic times.

As I walked through the site, I felt part of a walking story, getting a firsthand experience of the history that unfolded at Pennypacker Mills.

A suggested donation of $2 is a small price considering the rich history and experience that awaits you.

They host various events and activities throughout the year, making each visit unique and exciting.

I remember the day I received a guided tour from a docent who was highly knowledgeable and passionate about the history of the place.

The entire tour spanned almost 45 minutes, during which I explored the well-preserved house and its captivating history.

There’s more to Pennypacker Mills than just the historical tours.

Last year, we celebrated my parents’ 65th wedding anniversary in one of the buildings called ‘the classroom.’

I was surprised to learn that this beautiful historic site could be rented for private events.

The classroom was perfect for our family gathering, accommodating around 35 people.

It had a refrigerator, stove, microwave, and three massive sinks.

We had more than enough tables and chairs, and the bathroom and air conditioning made the event even more comfortable.

The picnic tables outside provided additional seating and a chance to enjoy the picturesque setting.

Celebrating this milestone in such a historic and beautiful setting made the occasion even more memorable.

Explore the Wonders of Morris Arboretum & Gardens

Pond at Morris Arboretum & Gardens

Silvia Healsworths /

Not every day do you stumble upon a slice of paradise in the heart of Pennsylvania.

Nestled in my hometown, the Morris Arboretum & Gardens of the University of Pennsylvania is my go-to sanctuary whenever I need an escape from the hustle and bustle.

Each time I lace up my walking boots and head there, I am captivated anew by the enchanting mix of tranquil greenery, vibrant blooms, and towering trees.

The 1½ mile loop never disappoints, uncloaking a new facet of Mother Nature with every visit.

One of the things that makes this place distinctive is the massive model train course.

It’s about appreciating the craftsmanship of creating such a detailed and dynamic display.

Amidst all this, the rose garden holds a special place in my heart.

The riot of colors and intoxicating fragrance create a sensory symphony that is nothing short of magical.

Entrance gate of Morris Arboretum & Gardens

Wirestock Creators /

And with the pumpkin patch being built, I can’t wait for my next visit!

The Arboretum is a learning hub, with informative displays scattered around the property enlightening visitors about nature and conservation, a subject close to my heart.

It’s an ideal blend of fun, beauty, and education for all ages.

The paved paths make it accessible for everyone, and there are plenty of fun areas for the little ones to burn off some energy.

And if you’re a photography enthusiast like me, this place is a gold mine of breathtaking snapshots waiting to be captured.

When you’re done for the day, the charming town around the Arboretum is worth exploring, with its quaint shops and cafes adding to the overall experience.

A $20 admission fee might seem steep initially, but trust me, it’s worth every penny.

So, if you’re ever in the area, don’t miss out on this local gem.

Vibrant flowers at Morris Arboretum & Gardens

Ilchenko Maksym /

Enjoy an Unforgettable Adventure at Expedition Escape!

One fine day, I decided to do something different to celebrate my birthday.

I headed over to Expedition Escape, a local escape room.

The experience turned out to be a fantastic decision!

I invited my entire family, three generations from 5 to 67 years old.

We all gathered in the ‘Lucky Dice Diner’ room, excited and ready to take on the challenge.

An unexpected birthday surprise in the game made my day even more special.

While solving the room’s mysteries, we found a happy birthday message tucked away in a cash register.

Such a sweet and personalized gesture made the whole experience even more memorable.

Later in the week, I decided to return with a few friends for another round of escape room fun.

It wasn’t long before another visit was in order.

My visits to Expedition Escape were fantastic, filled with joy, laughter, and the thrill of problem-solving.

The ambiance and unique themes make it an experience not to be missed.

Each visit leaves me wanting to return for more.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane at Mercer Museum

Exterior of Mercer Museum


Walking into the Mercer Museum is like stepping back in time.

It was a time before the hustle and bustle of modern life when handcrafted tools and unique artifacts were a part of everyday life in America.

It’s where I often find myself losing track of time, getting lost in the maze of seven floors filled with a fascinating collection of pre-industrial-era objects.

Visiting the museum is always an exciting and different experience.

I’m particularly drawn to the interactive stations set up for kids – I’ve seen countless youngsters, including my own, wide-eyed with curiosity as they explore the exhibits.

One unforgettable feature of the museum is the items hanging from the ceiling.

From vintage bikes and buggies to a stunning variety of tools, the displays never fail to impress.

I particularly enjoy their dedicated exhibits, like their current music exhibit, which adds fantastic variety to the museum’s permanent collection.

Facade of Mercer Museum

Fernando Garcia Esteban /

The building that houses this incredible collection is itself a marvel.

Its unique architecture, filled with countless nooks and crannies, often reminds me of a scene from a Harry Potter movie, especially the old library.

If you’re planning a visit, remember to book your tickets in advance online for a timed slot.

And don’t worry about parking – a dedicated parking area is free.

The admission fee for adults is $15, while youths aged 6 to 17 can enter for $8.

Exploring the Mercer Museum is a unique experience I cherish as a resident.

It’s a place that allows you to appreciate how our ancestors lived and the tools they used, making it an essential stop for history enthusiasts.

Enjoy your visit and take a walk down memory lane.

Discover History at the Morgan Log House

There’s something magical about stepping back in time and experiencing the echoes of history.

You’ll get that when you visit the Morgan Log House.

Nestled in the heart of our town, this historic site showcases early farm life and Pennsylvania Dutch living.

The Morgan Log House is a living, breathing piece of history.

They offer workshops for all ages, bringing history to life in the most interactive way.

Their dedication to preserving and sharing our town’s history is admirable.

Looking back, I’m glad my first visit didn’t work out.

It allowed me to appreciate what the Morgan Log House truly represents.

It’s a testament to the strength and resilience of those who came before us. It’s a reminder of our roots and a beacon for future generations.

If you’re around, don’t miss the chance to visit the Morgan Log House.

Just be sure to check their opening times before you go.

Discover Wildlife at Black Rock Sanctuary

Waters of Black Rock Sanctuary

A.F.Smith /

Every morning, I lace up my walking shoes and prepare for a day of discovery at Black Rock Sanctuary.

I’ve been living just a short distance from this 119-acre paradise for years, and visiting it has become a part of my daily routine.

This natural gem is just a short drive from my house and never disappoints with its variety of habitats for birds and animals.

A leisurely walk on the interpretive trail around the Black Rock Lake, tucked alongside the Schuylkill River, is an experience.

The path is mainly under the tree cover, making it a cool and serene place to be in the morning.

Most of the time, I am accompanied by chirping birds and the rustling of leaves under my feet.

This place has a knack for making you feel at peace with nature.

The sanctuary also has much to offer for those who love interactive learning.

The trail is not only a good exercise, but every bend and turn is also an opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna of the area.

On numerous occasions, I’ve spotted deer, rabbits, and many birds.

This place is like an open-air classroom for young children, helping them learn about the environment and wildlife most engagingly.

The Black Rock Sanctuary also boasts a network of both paved and unpaved trails, perfect for all abilities.

Whether you are a toddler learning to walk, a seasoned runner, or a wheelchair user, the wonderful paved loop caters to everyone.

Lastly, the sanctuary is not just about the trails and wildlife.

It also houses hidden gems like picnic benches and a unique take-a-book-leave-a-book station.

It’s a place that indeed encourages you to stop, breathe, and appreciate the beauty around you.

Remember, this sanctuary is a testament to our dedication to nature, and it’s our responsibility to keep it clean for future generations.

Cross Eshleman’s Mill Covered Bridge

Let me share why I love where I live and never tire of the timeless Eshleman’s Mill Covered Bridge.

This quaint piece of history is my favorite spot for a leisurely Sunday drive.

What better way to spend a day than meandering along the quiet country roads, watching the Amish carriages go by?

I even find myself counting them sometimes! It’s a quiet, peaceful experience that makes me smile.

The bridge itself is a sight to behold, a beautiful testament to our rich history, nestled within the scenic Amish country.

Each time I cross it, I’m captivated by the craftsmanship that has withstood the test of time.

It’s always a delight seeing the horse-drawn carts crossing the bridge against the backdrop of the Amish farms.

In my travels, I chanced upon a gumball machine filled with grain on one side of the bridge.

I’ve now made it a habit to stop by, grab grain, and feed the local animals and ducks.

It’s a simple joy that adds to the charm of this place.

If you’re ever looking to embark on a self-guided tour of covered bridges, Eshleman’s Mill Covered Bridge should be on your list.

You can find more details about this historic beauty at Discover Lancaster.

Trust me, a drive through this bridge isn’t just a journey across a stream. It’s a journey back in time.

Unearth Hidden Treasures at the American Treasure Tour Museum

Interior of the American Treasure Tour Museum

Helen89 /

You wouldn’t believe the hidden gem in my quaint hometown of Oaks, Pennsylvania.

Immersed in the quiet corners of this peaceful town is a vibrant, dynamic, and utterly fascinating treasure chest known as the American Treasure Tour Museum.

Walking through the doors of this museum is like stepping into a different time.

It’s like a living, breathing testament to the charm and charisma of bygone eras.

As I wandered through the captivating collections of antiques, kitsch, and pop culture items, I felt a sense of nostalgia washing over me.

Vintage cars, music machines, and arcade games were all around me, each one whispering tales of the past.

This place is a time machine that transports you to a different era.

The moment that captivates me every time is the guided tram ride through the immense warehouse.

Pianos in the American Treasure Tour Museum

Helen89 /

Surrounded by a maze of items, each with its unique story, the feeling of wonderment is indescribable.

The elaborate mechanical instruments, old-fashioned advertisements, and other unique memorabilia made me realize this place’s sheer volume of history.

And then there’s the atmosphere.

It’s about the joy and wonder they create.

The air is filled with excitement, fun, and a sense of lightheartedness that’s rare in today’s hustle and bustle.

It’s the perfect escape and an entertainment spot for families, history enthusiasts, and anyone looking to have a good time.

The American Treasure Tour Museum is more than just a museum.

It’s a living, breathing testament to the charm and charisma of bygone eras.

Dolls in the American Treasure Tour Museum

Helen89 /

Explore the Tranquil Norristown Farm Park

The first time I set foot in Norristown Farm Park, I felt the rush of tranquility wash over me.

This green gem in Pennsylvania is home to over seven miles of paved trails, perfect for biking and hiking.

I often find myself strapping on my hiking boots and spending hours exploring the trails, losing myself in the peaceful rhythm of nature.

The park isn’t just a favorite haunt for hikers and bikers.

With a stocked trout fishing stream, it’s also a fishing enthusiast’s paradise.

I’ve spent countless afternoons with my fishing rod in hand, patiently waiting for a trout to take the bait.

It’s a quiet, peaceful activity that allows me to escape the usual bustle of life.

What makes Norristown Farm Park particularly enchanting is the farm property that occupies a significant part of the park.

The old farm buildings standing tall against the sky, painted in the sun’s hues, make for a picturesque view that could be straight out of a beautiful countryside painting.

Unsurprisingly, many local photographers choose this location for their engagement and family portrait photoshoots.

The park also houses several pavilions, ideal for picnics or family get-togethers.

I’ve often gathered friends and family for a day out, the pavilions providing the perfect setting for enjoying a meal together amidst the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves.

If you’re ever in the area or need a short drive, I recommend visiting Norristown Farm Park.

Whether it’s the tranquil trails, the serene fishing spots, or the historic farm buildings, there’s something to capture every nature lover’s heart.

Explore the Natural Beauty of Evansburg State Park

Nature trail at Evansburg State Park

Brian Yarvin /

I take a deep breath, filling my lungs with fresh, clean air as I step onto the trail leading me through the verdant expanses of Evansburg State Park.

As a hiking fan, I can tell you there is no place quite like it.

With a blend of nature’s marvels and artificial wonders, Evansburg is a place that charms at every turn.

For example, the park is a living testament to its 18th and 19th-century Mennonite heritage, with old buildings dotting the landscape and adding a historical charm to the natural splendor.

The Skippack Creek, which weaves its way through the park, is a thriving aquatic ecosystem.

A haven for both casual fishermen and seasoned anglers, the creek teems with bass, bluegill, rock bass, and stocked trout.

Walking along the trails, you’ll find them shady and ideal for a summer day hike.

There are various paths to choose from, each offering its unique view of the park.

Evansburg is a hiker’s paradise with well-maintained trails that take you through the woods and the creek.

Stone bridge at Evansburg State Park

A.F.Smith /

Prepare to spend more time than you initially planned, as the park’s numerous off-map attractions entice you to pause and enjoy the view.

One of my favorite activities in the park is camping under the starlit sky.

The campsites are wonderfully maintained and promise a unique experience.

And for the sports enthusiasts, the park also offers ball fields.

But a word of caution; remember to watch out for the horse poop while strolling around!

Evansburg State Park is a wilderness nestled in civilization’s heart.

It’s the perfect place for a day out in the wild, whether you’re a beginner hiker or an experienced outdoorsman.

Come and immerse yourself in the rich history, diverse wildlife, and scenic landscapes of Evansburg State Park. Please get out and enjoy nature in its pristine form.

Enjoy Four Mills Nature Reserve

I still remember my first time stepping onto the raw, unpaved trails of Four Mills Nature Reserve.

The quiet magic makes the place feel like a hidden gem hidden away from the world. Now, I’ve lost count of the times I’ve visited.

Finding the parking lot can be a bit of a challenge, as the unpaved lot is discreet and a bit tricky to spot.

But don’t let that discourage you; free, albeit limited, parking is available, and it’s well worth the effort.

Once you hit the trails, you’ll find yourself in a new world, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

You’ll come across wooden bridges and stepping stones as you wander the trails.

It’s an unpaved trail, so if you’re planning a visit, watch the weather; it can get pretty muddy on rainy days.

But the hiking experience is nothing short of pleasant if the soil is dry.

One thing that makes this reserve so unique is the attention given to the flora.

I remember spotting young trees meticulously wrapped in nets for protection from grazing deer – a testament to the authorities’ care in preserving the natural habitat.

But it’s not just about hiking.

The creek is highly accessible and a great spot for good old fishing.

Just remember to be mindful of the surrounding nature.

A fair bit of poison ivy is around, so wash up when you return home.

Four Mills Nature Reserve is worth visiting whether you’re an avid hiker or want to spend time in nature.

Remember, it’s a bit more rugged and might not be the best fit for toddlers or strollers due to the tree roots and unpaved paths.

But as for me, nothing beats that feeling of stepping onto actual dirt trails amidst the wilderness.

It’s an experience that keeps me coming back.

Spend the Day at Fort Washington State Park

Observation deck at Fort Washington State Park

RonaldL /

Whenever I need to escape city life’s hustle and bustle, I head to Fort Washington State Park for a respite.

It’s a treasure in our backyard, incredibly rich in natural beauty and recreational opportunities.

One of my favorite things about this 493-acre park is its versatility.

Whether you’re into hiking, bird watching, picnicking, or even disc golf, there’s something for everyone.

I often find myself starting the day hiking along the grassy trails.

These trails are relatively easy, making them perfect for beginners and casual walkers.

After climbing the many steps, the views from the lookout are breathtaking.

You can see far out over the park, giving you a tranquil solitude that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Another highlight of the park is the bird observation platform.

I’ve lost count of the species I’ve spotted over the years.

Trail at Fort Washington State Park

RonaldL /

There’s also a scenic trail by the creek that’s not too crowded and pet-friendly.

Plenty of benches are scattered along the path, offering a place to take a break and soak in the beauty around you.

Bulletin boards with maps and information are placed throughout the park, which are especially helpful for first-time visitors.

The park also boasts excellent restroom facilities near parking lots 3 and 4.

Parking lot 5, my favorite, is next to the observation deck.

It offers a fantastic view of the hawks and other incredible animals that call this park home.

Visiting Fort Washington State Park is like stepping into a Jane Austen novel.

Austen once said, “To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Despite the summer heat or the cold of winter, the park remains a place of solace for me, where I can truly enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Aerial view of Fort Washington State Park

RonaldL /

Unforgettable Encounters at Big Cat Falls

Since my first visit to Big Cat Falls at the Philadelphia Zoo, I’ve been captivated by the magnificent big cats that call this place home.

There’s something truly awe-inspiring about standing beneath a glass tunnel while a lion or tiger nonchalantly strolls above!

These sightings have become a regular part of my weekend visits to the zoo.

During my latest visit, I found the big cats unusually active.

I could see them walking around their enormous enclosures, their muscles rippling beneath their fur.

The facility has this ingenious ‘catwalk’ set up in an enclosed walkway above the enclosures.

This allows the animals to roam around the zoo freely, keeping them active and engaged.

Seeing them move from one space to another, exploring their environment, almost like they were in the wild, is a sight.

I always strive to capture these majestic creatures on my camera, but my photos don’t do them justice.

You need to see these magnificent creatures in action to appreciate their grandeur truly.

Their size, their strength, their grace – it’s something that needs to be experienced firsthand.

So, if you ever find yourself in the Philadelphia area, don’t miss the chance to witness nature’s majesty at Big Cat Falls.

Visit Elmwood Park Zoo

A giraffe at Elmwood Park Zoo

Hshuvaeva, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

My son and I look forward to our monthly visit to the Elmwood Park Zoo.

It has been our little tradition.

It’s a quaint yet fascinating zoo that provides the perfect outing for kids his age.

We usually spend one to two hours there, just enough time for a short and sweet adventure.

One of our favorite activities at the zoo is the giraffe feeding.

My son loves it!

It helps that the zoo is small enough to explore within a couple of hours but still packed with various exciting animals.

The size also makes it easy for us to navigate, especially when my son gets a bit too excited and starts running around.

What I also appreciate about Elmwood Park Zoo is the picnic area. It has covered tables perfect for a little snack break.

I always pack some of our favorite treats to munch on while we breathe and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Now, if you have kids full of energy, you’ll be glad to know there’s a big playground wholly fenced in, so you can let them play freely without worry.

My son enjoys the music garden – he could spend hours creating tunes.

The zoo also offers substantial food options on-site, including adult beverages.

I was pleasantly surprised by this the first time we visited. I would’ve loved to check out the ropes course if we had more time.

But that’s for another day.

For now, we’re more than happy with our monthly trips, and I can undoubtedly say the annual pass is worth every penny.

Visit Memorial Park

Have you ever had one of those days where you need to tune out the world’s noise and sink into the tranquility of nature?

That took me to Memorial Park, a sprawling 70-acre oasis in our bustling town.

I drove by it countless times but stumbled on one lovely early autumn day at around 2:30 p.m.

The park was surprisingly not crowded, making it an excellent opportunity for a restful exploration.

For one, the place is enormous, much more than one might expect.

Walking through it, I could sense the echoes of a sweeter, simpler time.

With the old train station and the grand trees that must have been planted decades ago, it feels like a place where people once strolled, exchanging pleasantries or perhaps enjoying a picnic under the shade.

It may seem a bit worn now, but it still has charm.

The lighted ball fields are perfect for a game or two; the fireworks display is an absolute treat if you find yourself there on the Fourth of July.

Don’t miss out on the playground and walking trails.

They’re worth the visit.

Just remember, it’s our shared responsibility to keep the place clean.

So, do your part next time you’re there and use the trash cans. Let’s keep the beauty alive!

A Stroll Down Memory Lane at Peter Wentz Farmstead

A house at Peter Wentz Farmstead

Hshuvaeva, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Growing up, I spent countless weekends exploring the lush green expanse of the Peter Wentz Farmstead.

The beautifully preserved 18th-century farmstead, tucked away in the heart of Montgomery County, has always been a source of fascination.

Populated by the large house, the barn, and numerous smaller structures, it’s a window into the past that brings history alive.

The property once belonged to Peter and Rosanna Wentz, who settled here in 1744 and established the new house in 1758.

Moreover, the house’s grandeur reflects the farmstead’s wealth, featuring period decoration and character that transport you back in time.

The farmstead also stands as a testament to its historical significance, with its most notable guest being George Washington.

The grounds of Peter Wentz Farmstead

Kim Newell, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

One highlight of the farmstead is the various events throughout the year.

I remember the annual sheep shearing event.

As a child, I found it delightful to see the newborn lambs and learn about the rich history of our area through the guided house tours.

The farmstead also hosts an apple cider pressing demonstration in November and a heartwarming candle-lighting event in December.

The vast fields, the well-preserved house, and the barn make for a beautiful experience.

Spending time here, you can almost hear the echoes of the past, making Peter Wentz Farmstead an invaluable part of our community.

Barn at Peter Wentz Farmstead

Hshuvaeva, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Spend the Day at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia

Exterior of LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia

Rosemarie Mosteller /

Magic hits you when you step foot into LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia.

It’s like stepping into a toy box.

The place is an absolute delight for Lego enthusiasts, and I’ve been one since childhood.

I had been itching to visit for the longest time, but you need a kid to get in.

Luckily, I found out they have adult nights, too, and I swiftly grabbed the opportunity.

I was awe-struck by the variety of models on display.

It’s a Lego paradise that brings out the child in you, from buildings to characters.

I remember the ninja area being entertaining, with everyone taking turns in the laser maze, laughing and competing like kids again.

The magic doesn’t stop with the adults.

It’s an absolute wonderland for kids.

Interactive activity areas are everywhere, with children gleefully touching, building, and exploring.

The train ride into the play area is just adorable, sure to light up any child’s eyes.

But the highlight of my visit was the Lego version of the city.

The attention to detail was terrific, giving a whole new perspective on my city.

They even have a small movie theatre that screens 12-minute films with 4D effects. It’s a fantastic experience for kids and adults alike.

The place also boasts a comfortable adult seating area, a coffee lounge, and a snack bar.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Philadelphia is a must-visit for both kids and adults.

Its interactive exhibits, impressive Lego displays, and 4D film screenings make it a place where Lego dreams come true.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, history buff, nature enthusiast, or family traveler, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, never fails to surprise you with its diverse attractions.

So when you visit, keep an open mind and a curious heart.

And remember, the best way to truly experience Montgomery County is to lose yourself in its captivating charm and discover the unexpected.

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