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15 Best Things to Do in Mishicot, WI

  • Published 2022/08/31

Mishicot, Wisconsin, is a small but friendly village that stands out for its peaceful atmosphere and rich history.

The small and welcoming community of just over a thousand residents perfectly exemplifies Midwestern friendliness.

It is in Manitowoc County in East Central Wisconsin, sitting amid a simple but pleasant landscape.

Its founder Daniel Smith named the village after Chief Mishicott, the leader of the Potawatomi community who resided in the area.

Likewise, the village has changed names several times throughout its history, starting from Mishicott, to Saxonburg, until Mishicot.

If you want to travel to this part of Wisconsin, check out this list of the best things to do in Mishicot!

Take a Stroll at Mishicot Village Park

A dam at Mishicot Village Park

Michael Steeber from USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Take in the beauty and small-town atmosphere of the area at the Mishicot Village Park, in the heart of the village.

The park is the perfect place to clear your mind after a long day filled with activities.

Because the park has access to the river, strolling in the presence of the river will calm you down quicker.

If you want to move your body and play, you can play baseball, softball, or skateboarding.

Depending on the season, you may enjoy biking, skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, and hunting!

Spend the day at the Mishicot Village Park!

Discover Village History at Mishicot Historical Museum

Explore the village’s culture by visiting the Mishicot Historical Museum, on the corner of North Rockway and Randolph Streets.

Established in 1989, the rural museum sits inside a two-room schoolhouse initially built in the 1870s.

It displays artifacts from the early days of Mishicot, items from rural schools, and collections from the Potawatomi tribe.

Learn about the story of Chief Mishicott by joining the annual bus trip to the “Land of Chief Mishicot.”

You should also visit the museum’s research center to discover more about the residents’ ancestry.

Who knows? You might discover a great-great-grandparent in the village!

When you visit the village, set aside some time to the Mishicot Historical Museum!

Go Fishing with the Mishicot Sportsmen’s Club

Bring your gear and try different fishing spots in the Mishicot area.

For instance, near the village, you can fish in the East Twin River.

According to the Mishicot Sportsmen’s Club, it’s also the best fishing spot around Mishicot.

While most properties along the river are private, some spots are open to the public.

You may reach one of the spots through Mishicot’s village park, which has walkway access to the river.

Catch trout, steelhead, salmon, and several other species.

You may also access the river via the Vets Club Park.

Depending on the time of year, you may chance upon bass, catfish, bullheads, and trout at the park.

If you plan to stay for long, join the Mishicot Sportsmen’s Club for more fishing opportunities and other activities.

Stay and Relax at Par 5 Resort

The 360-acre Par 5 Resort offers hotel accommodations, banquet halls, a bistro, a bar, and good golf facilities.

Likewise, the resort is Mishicot’s most exquisite tourist destinations, perfect for resting or celebrating important life milestones.

The resort offers various dining options, from an outdoor restaurant to a bar and grill.

Take your pick!

It also has an indoor pool, a fitness center, an outdoor fire pit, a miniature golf course, and a playground.

Indeed, you won’t run out of things to do at the Par 5 Resort.

Enjoy a Game of Golf at the Fox Creek Golf Course

While staying at the Par 5 Resort, don’t miss the chance to explore what the place calls “a golfer’s paradise.”

Whether an experienced or a novice golfer, you will enjoy the Fox Creek golf course at Par 5 Resort, with its three nine-hole courses.

Villas and weeping willows surround the fairways of the parkland courses.

Meanwhile, aquatic hazards will make your games even more challenging!

If you’re a novice, learn from experts like the golf club’s head Josh Redo, who offers classes by appointment.

You may also book one of their “Stay & Play” packages, where they offer accommodations and golf course access.

Check Out Local Art and Antiques at RiverEdge Galleries

Interior of RiverEdge Galleries

Michael Steeber from USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

RiverEdge Galleries on East Main Street exhibits the tiny village’s appreciation for the arts and culture.

The Magazine of Wisconsin once called the museum “one of Wisconsin’s most interesting galleries” for its exciting and unusual exhibits.

Established in 1984, the arts and antique museum has evolved from its roots as a local meat shop.

Today, it displays the works of notable artists and continues to showcase Mishicot’s unique talent and taste.

Cultivate your knowledge and learn from the villages’ culture and arts at RiverEdge Galleries!

Take on the Challenge of the National Golf Course

If you’re up for a new level of challenge, try another Par 5 Resort golf course, The National.

The National is an 18-hole championship course with Scottish links inspired by British Isles courses.

Stretching as far as 7,000 yards, it has waste areas filled with sand, sculpted mounds, and over 16 acres of water hazards.

Strategically placed bunkers increase the challenge of the course, perfect for advanced players.

Book your tee time on the resort’s website if you want to conquer the National Golf Course!

Explore the Ice Age National Scenic Trail

The Ice Age National Scenic Trail courses through 28 Wisconsin counties and follows the path of the last great glaciation.

It passes through the village of Mishicot and surrounding areas, with a 2.9-mile segment.

The trail allows you to immerse in the history of the Ice Age and experience its remaining features in the present day.

The Ice Age National Scenic Trail offers both a great hiking experience and a lesson in glacial history and topography.

Likewise, the nearly 700-mile trail is a designated National Scenic Trail.

If you’re an avid hiker, cross out this trail on your bucket list!

Before you head out, download the virtual map of the trail and more hiking resources on its website.

Shop and Learn Woodcraft at Andercraft Woods

Check out Andercraft Woods on East Church Street if you’re already in the area.

The establishment manufactures rustic ornaments and furniture, gift boxes, birdhouses, and bird feeders made from northern white cedar.

Feel free to visit their showroom and factory outlet and witness local craftsmanship.

You may even find the perfect gift or souvenir to take home.

Crafty travelers should ask about the workshops they host to learn a thing or two from the wood experts at Andercraft Woods.

Shop for Fresh Produce at Adam’s Heirlooms

Pick up some heirloom vegetables at Adam’s Heirlooms on Saxonburg Road.

As a village whose local economy relies on agriculture, Mishicot boasts its share of farms and natural products.

Adam’s Heirlooms sells fresh heirloom vegetables, containing more nutritional value than the ones in groceries.

Besides popular heirloom tomatoes, they also sell heirloom greens, beets, squash, beans, and radishes, among many others.

Besides the vegetables, Adam’s Heirlooms have soy-free eggs, hand-crafted shrub syrups, and artisan sourdough bread.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Familiar places like Milwaukee, Green Bay, Door County, and the Fox River Valley are an easy driving distance away from Mishicot.

Take advantage of this proximity and visit other cities near Mishicot!

Visit the Beach or Camp at Point Beach State Forest

Rawley Point Lighthouse at Point Beach State Forest

Barbara Smits /

Drive to Point Beach State Forest in Two Rivers if you want a quick beach getaway.

Take a relaxing walk along the six-mile stretch of the Lake Michigan shoreline.

Otherwise, bathe in the sun when you visit this beach.

With available campsites and group cabins, it’s the perfect venue for a family camping activity!

Sandy beach at Point Beach State Forest

Barbara Smits /

You can also enjoy picnic areas, playgrounds, and volleyball and baseball courts.

Take photos by the Rawley Point Lighthouse, a famous structure among Point Beach State Forest visitors.

Likewise, drop by the Nature Center to learn about the area’s recreational offerings, history, ecosystem, and glacial landforms.

Trail with foliage at Point Beach State Forest

Nejdet Duzen /

Sample Wines at Parallel 44 Vineyard and Winery

Visit Parallel 44 Vineyard and Winery and award-winning taste wine while strolling their ten-acre vineyard.

Located in the neighboring city of Kewaunee, Wisconsin, the winery is 15 minutes from Mishicot.

You may tour the winery or enjoy the beautiful view of the vineyard while drinking a glass or bottle of their wine.

Parallel 44 also offers a selection of artisan cheeses and snacks that you may order.

Customize your charcuterie board, the perfect pair for your wine!

Schedule your visit in advance especially if you’re coming with a large group.

Try Underwater Activities at Shipwreck Adventures

Shipwreck Adventures is a scuba and snorkeling center in the nearby city of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, 11 minutes from Mishicot.

Learn the basics of diving or become an expert at this center that offers high-quality diving gear and lessons.

Here you may also explore the Great Lake shipwrecks and learn their history!

They offer customized charters to remote Great Lakes destinations and full-time diving excursions with their private vessels.

If you choose to stay above water, Shipwreck Adventures also offers kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards for rent.

Meet Alpacas at LondonDairy Alpaca Ranch

The LondonDairy Alpaca Ranch is in Two Rivers, six minutes from Mishicot.

It offers several interactive tours to tourists who wish to learn the ways of an alpaca ranch.

You can even meet one of these friendly animals for the first time!

The family ranch’s tours last for about an hour.

You can feed the alpacas, take selfies with them, and learn more about the friendly animals and the many uses of their fiber!

The ranch also provides stud services for people interested in raising alpacas.

After the tour, drop by their gift store and find different products made out of alpaca fiber.

Grab yarns, socks, sweaters, scarves, and stuffed toys!

The LondonDairy Alpaca Ranch hosts unique events throughout the year.

In the past, they’ve held events for sampling wines, meet and walk an alpaca, and learn to paint an alpaca face.

Book a tour in advance if you plan to visit the LondonDairy Alpaca Ranch.

Taste Local Wine at Silarian Vineyards

The Silarian Vineyards is a picturesque estate that boasts sustainable processes in farming and wine-making.

You can find it in Reedsville, Wisconsin, 22 minutes from Mishicot.

Taste what Wisconsin has to offer when you pick from their selection of white, rose, and red wines.

If you want something different, order craft beer sourced from a local brewery and diverse wines from around the world.

You’ll find the winery on the property and see where they process their products.

Their vineyards grow different types of grapes that make a variety of wines.

Silarian Vineyards hosts many events with live music, so plan ahead and check their events calendar!

Final Thoughts

If you want to feel at home away from home, immerse yourself in the small-town atmosphere of Mishicot and take a break from your busy life.

Mishicot proves that even tiny villages contain much potential, culture, and history.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Mishicot, Wisconsin!

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