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21 Best Things to Do in Minot, ND

  • Published 2022/09/26

When you hear about Minot, North Dakota, do you ever wonder about the best things to do in this city?

Founded in 1887, Minot, nicknamed “Magic City,” used to be a winter camp for the Great Northern Railway.

In just five months, the population of the tent town had grown to 5,000.

Since 1913, Minot State University (previously known as the State Normal School) and Minot Air Force Base have been built, allowing the city to continue its rapid growth.

Visitors from all around the region go to the North Dakota State Fair each July.

These attractions include Roosevelt Park Zoo, Dakota Territory Air Museum, and a Scandinavian Heritage Park commemorating the five Scandinavian countries in honor.

A full-scale copy of the Gol Stave Church is included in the museum.

To put it another way, Minot is one of the country’s smallest cities with an orchestra, with a 65-piece orchestra.

Norsk Hstfest, or “Norwegian fall festival,” is the largest Scandinavian celebration in North America and takes place every year.

Visitors worldwide flock to the area for its top-notch dining and entertainment options.

It’s half the joy of a trip to eat your way around the local food.

Bakeries, breweries, gourmet dining establishments, and family-style eating establishments all provide a unique combination of regional and international cuisines.

Head to this city if you’re looking for a small-town vibe with a big-city style.

Now let’s look at the 21 best things to do in Minot, ND!

Tour Scandinavian Heritage Park

View of Scandinavian Heritage Park

Yosoyana /

Located in Minot, the Scandinavian Heritage Park is a park honoring the cultural heritage of Scandinavia.

The Scandinavian Heritage Center is a great site to start your visit to the park.

The facility also has a tourist information center with a broad selection of books and Scandinavian-themed items and souvenirs.

View of Scandinavian Heritage Park

Bobak Ha’Eri, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Among the exhibits are a 25-foot Dala Horse from Sweden, a copy of the Scandinavian Stave Church, a grass-roofed Stabbur, and many other objects worldwide.

Additionally, flag displays honoring Canada and the United States are exhibited at the memorials to Scandinavians’ forefathers.

Explore the Roosevelt Park Zoo

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a great day trip from Minot, North Dakota.

Roosevelt National Park is named after President Theodore Roosevelt, who visited the badlands and inspired a new conservation and park strategy in the United States.

The park even has his log cabin!

The park is divided into three sections: the North, South, and Elkhorn Ranch Units.

The South Unit in Medora, where Theodore Roosevelt’s cottage is located, is the most popular and often visited.

This article will concentrate on the North Unit because it’s the nearest entry to the park from Minot’s Watford City (North Dakota).

Buttes, panoramic vistas, granite structures, and herds of wild animals, including bison, bighorn sheep, and feral horses, make up the park’s spectacular landscape.

See Vintage Aircraft at Dakota Territory Air Museum

This air museum was founded in 1986 and has grown into an important historical repository celebrating the people and machines that have made aviation history.

Thanks to exhibitions and programs that inspire, educate, and amuse visitors, the museum has become a vital and significant historical resource for the region and North Dakota.

The museum’s founders had envisioned that it would house military and antique aircraft and serve as a repository for the region’s aviation heritage.

After only a few years, the museum’s members have developed a firm foundation and established a functional museum with planes, restoration projects, and have taken the lead in promoting all aviation-related activities in the region.

The Farstad Foundation and the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission are responsible for funding the museum’s educational programs for students interested in a career in aviation and space.

Take Photos with Minot Street Art

Taking photos with all the street art murals scattered around the old downtown area of Minot is one of the best things to do in the city.

The street art movement was one of the few efforts implemented to help restore downtown Minot, North Dakota, and the surrounding region after a terrible storm that swept through.

The 16 murals are within walking distance from each other in Minot’s downtown area.

Each painting is marked on a detailed map provided by the local tourism bureau.

You may search for it online, or you can meander about and stumble upon it on your own.

Colorful murals decorate the streets of Minot, North Dakota.

Minot has supported its local art scene and developed this project featuring joyful color splashes that murals and street art provide to a city.

Aside from ancient structures, the downtown area is a great place to shoot with its striking contrast between the old and the new.

Grab a Good Read at Main Street Books

Founded in 2006, Minot’s independent, locally-owned bookshop focuses on new books, educational toys, and fun and quirky extras.

In addition, it has a new event area with a resident artist that features unique framed paintings, notebooks, prints, and bookmaking classes for children.

Whether you’re looking for a book for yourself or a gift for a loved one, we’d love to help you discover it.

Gaze at Stunning Local Works at Taube Museum of Art

Front View of Taube Museum of Art

Publichall at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Founded in 1970, the museum features two galleries and a gift store where visitors may purchase paintings and other works of art made by local artists in the region.

The museum also offers home-schooled students art sessions to demonstrate their talents.

You’ll learn a great deal about each artist’s work as you peruse the exhibitions, which are arranged in a magnificent presentation. The gift shop’s handcrafted goods are a must-buy.

Entrance to Taube Museum of Art

A1%, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Cool Off at Splash Down Dakota Water Park

On a rainy weekend in Minot, are you looking for something to do with your kids?

Look no farther than Splash Down Dakota Water Park!

There are various things to do here, suitable for individuals of all ages.

At over 24,000 square feet, it’s the ideal place to spend a hot summer day with family and friends.

A few of the slides are geared toward youngsters, while others are more intense and challenging.

Spend a day having fun and relaxing at this exciting park!

Go Hiking at Bison Plant Trail

Hiking sounds like a great way to spend your vacation.

The Bison Plant Trail is a wonderful place to take a stroll and see nature at its most beautiful.

From the beginning to the conclusion of the route, several signs indicate the direction you’re headed and the distance you’ve traveled.

Hiking on a warm day is doable because of the trail’s dense foliage and shade.

There are portions of the route that follow the Souris River.

Dogs are allowed off-leash on the Bison Plant Trail, making it a great area for a walk.

You may take your dog for a walk, ride your bike, or go trekking.

Have a Blast at HighAir Ground Trampoline Park

This park is a one-of-a-kind indoor amusement park where families can have fun while staying active and healthy.

It has a wide variety of activities for children, adults, families, and

HighAir Ground features over 10,000 square feet of wall-to-wall trampolines and four private party rooms for your birthday parties, team outings, and other large gatherings.

Open-jump tickets are $12 for the first hour and $8 for the next.

Jump socks are mandatory and may be purchased for $2.50 per pair at the time of registration.

Birthday parties and other celebrations are also catered for.

Solve Mysteries at Escape Point

In 2016, Escape Point was founded.

Escape room enthusiasts may enjoy a unique, unplugged entertainment experience thanks to the owner’s brand of escape rooms.

The company offers a variety of escape rooms, each with a unique theme and plot. Puzzles and hints in the games are designed to challenge players’ creative thinking abilities.

For a unique gaming experience, the sets and props are designed unsurpassed by any other brand.

Become enthralled by a fantasy experience at Escape Point today.

Check Out Different Events at North Dakota State Fair

Exterior view of North Dakota State Fair center

I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license:, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Even though the Minot Fair was originally held in 1922, North Dakota only formally sanctioned it in 1965.

The first and only North Dakota State Fair was held in Minot in 1966.

From Kiss to Alabama to Kenny Chesney to Brooks and Dunn to Tim McGraw to Nickleback, the new Grandstand has hosted some of the biggest names in country music since it was completed in 2010.

Since the Souris River flood had submerged most of the fairgrounds and Minot on July 10, 2011, the 2011 fair was canceled.

Sinbad High divers of Milord Entertainment Canada at North Dakota State Fair

Impassioned Images /

During the flood, the Fairgrounds’ employees and many other community members worked tirelessly to preserve what they could.

In terms of attendance and consumer satisfaction, the North Dakota State Fair attracts an average of 300,000 visitors each year.

An ever-expanding event, it prides itself on the variety of exhibitors and performers it attracts.

The North Dakota State Fair Center’s over 250,000 square feet of display and support space hosts the fair.

Speedway at North Dakota State Fair

I, the copyright holder of this work, hereby publish it under the following license:, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Try Footgolf at Apple Grove Golf Course

This summer, there’s a new activity making its way throughout the country: footgolf.

As the name implies, it’s a kind of golf played on the ground.

You also use a soccer ball instead of a golf ball.

A trashcan-sized hole lies at the end of the fairway, where you begin your journey.

There are 18 holes in all, much like the standard course.

I love that people of all ages may enjoy it!

You may play FootGolf on a nationally recognized Apple Grove Golf Course course.

Have a fun Family Day at Lucy’s Amusement Park

The entire family will have a blast at Lucy’s Amusement Park.

Cosmic orbiter, tower slide, several kids rides, disco scooter, and moonwalk are just a few of the park’s rides.

Families and companies can reserve picnic spots with bonfires.

Special pricing for birthday parties is also available here.

Take a Stroll Along the Riverwalk of Minot

There aren’t many places to walk in the woods in the Minot area.

To get to Roosevelt Park, you cross a bridge and walk through the downtown streets, surrounded by old-fashioned houses, on the River Walk of Minot.

Algae can clog the river, making it unpleasant to swim in.

However, the hike is beneficial due to additional viewpoints.

Celebrate Norsk Høstfest with the Locals

Norsk Hstfest honors the Scandinavian nations of Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, and Norway and their rich cultural legacy.

This year, each country has its hall during the event, which is named after the country’s capital city in which it is located.

Visitors to the Scandinavian Heritage Park for the first time in the world will see all five Nordic nations represented in a single park: the Norsk Hstfest.

N.D. State Fair Center in Minot, North Dakota, hosts the annual Norsk Hstfest in the fall of each year.

Reiten and a group of friends who shared a desire to celebrate their Nordic roots launched the event in 1978.

Tens of thousands of people worldwide go to the event each year, making it the largest Scandinavian celebration in North America.

Enjoy with Your Fur Babies at Dakota Bark Park

The three-acre property is located immediately east of the Highway 83 Bypass and north of Highway 2 & 52 Bypass West. Just north of the river bridge, take the exit.

Dakota Bark Park provides a fenced-in space for your pet to run about and socialize with other dogs and cats.

There are three separate sections for pets of various sizes to roam about in the park.

There are chairs, tables, a drinking fountain for humans and dogs, and two walking paths – a 2-mile path close to the golf course and another near the baseball diamonds.

Friends and dogs alike will enjoy the opportunity to socialize and exercise in this area.

Spend the Day Shopping at Dakota Square Mall

Dakota Square Mall, situated in Minot, North Dakota, is an enclosed retail mall popularly liked by tourists and locals.

It is the third-largest shopping center in North Dakota, with over 70 retailers, two major anchor stores, a food hall, and a nine-screen theater with stadium seats.

One distinctive mall aspect is a Sleep Inn & Suites that is physically connected to the shopping center.

Housed in the hotel is a 24,000-square-foot water entertainment facility called Splashdown Dakota Super Slides.

Dakota Square is one of the rare commercial centers in the United States, with an adjoining hotel.

The mall has cell phone charging points, and WiFi is accessible throughout the building.

Look for Genuine Fur Apparels at Dakota Chappy

The creator and CEO of Dakota Chappy, Chappy Windsor, is a businessman, fashion designer, and longtime supporter of small businesses.

It stands for numerous hours of study, numerous miles traveled, and a long quest to provide North Dakotan women and even women everywhere with the greatest fashion and good welfare alternatives available.

Dakota Chappy is a solutions-based shop that provides hand-picked wardrobe selections for women of all lifestyles and stages of life.

Personal and individual stylists are available at your service.

The stylists are experts in identifying, creating, and providing anti-fatigue wardrobe options for women of diverse ages and shapes.

Genuine fur apparel and accessory, fur boots, jewelry, handcrafted headwraps, designer labels, swimwear, wardrobe staples, and much more are all available at Dakota Chappy.

Feel Comfortable at Hyatt House Minot

The Minot State University, Minot International Airport, and other tourist attractions are all within two miles of the Hyatt House Minot.

The hotel has 130 rooms with couch beds, an indoor swimming pool, a 24-hour fitness facility, a conference center with desktops and printers, and more than 400 square feet of adaptable meeting space.

Select from an apartment-style studio or suite for your upcoming stay at the hotel once you’re ready to unwind, and enjoy the benefits of amenities like complimentary WiFi, evening meals, and beverages at their H BAR.

At the Hyatt House Minot, make use of the room sizes and comforts intended to make your longer stay simple.

They have you covered for your culinary needs, whether it’s the complimentary breakfast, sharing appetizers and bistro-style meals at the bar, or a late-night raid on the refrigerator for treats.

Create a Fantastic Dining Experience at Ebeneezer’s Eatery & Irish Pub

Since it opened 20 years ago, Ebeneezer’s Eatery & Irish Pub has been delivering delicious meals to the Minot community with only the freshest ingredients.

In addition to a fantastic cuisine for breakfast, lunchtime, and dinner, Ebeneezer’s Eatery & Irish Pub also serves a selection of wines and beers.

Discover their everyday specials, sides, and trademark meals; learn about their event promotions, and take in some live music.

The location of Ebeneezer’s Eatery & Irish Pub was once occupied by the “Cozy Bar,” a washing mat, and a grocery shop.

The grocery shop was on Ebeneezer’s Eatery side, while the Cozy Bar was a modest establishment on the west half of the Pub side.

Come in today for a fantastic eating and pub experience.

Drop by and Take Photos in the Railroad Museum of Minot

The Railroad Museum of Minot is a railway museum with antique equipment, displays, and artifacts.

There are Thomas the Tank Engine train tables on the Museum’s upper level, and Thomas is frequently featured on the TV there.

The Museum is accessible every Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM; on the other days of the week, it is only available by appointment.

Four transportation cabooses plus a wedge plow are currently located on museum grounds.

Go see a Great Northern Steel Center Cupola from the 1960s that has been repaired and a Northern Pacific Wood End Cupola from 1912 that is preserved in its original state.

Visitors are welcome to capture personal pictures, and visitors with impairments have complete access to the Museum.

Final Thoughts

You’ll have a blast in Minot, North Dakota, whether you stay in the charming historic district with its many murals, boutiques, and restaurants or go out on one of the many day tours the city offers.

When planning for your itinerary, use our list of the best things to do in Minot, North Dakota, as your guide.

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