20 Best Things to Do in Midway, UT

Midway, UT
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The charming city of Midway is a hub for scenic natural wonders, rich historical places, and exciting exploration opportunities.

Nestled in the northwest of Wasatch County, Midway is full of unique offerings to keep your trip brimming with new memories.

Midway is the only place where you can ski the slopes and go hot spring scuba diving in one day.

Go on a nature trip to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, have a relaxing spa, learn about history, and join vibrant festivities.

There are many things to do in this small city, and if you want to know more about them, here are the 20 best things to do in Midway:

Go on a Nature Trip at the Wasatch Mountain State Park

Rocks and rushing water at Wasatch Mountain State Park
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Nothing compares to the relaxation and tranquility offered by the beautiful scenery of nature.

Escape the hustle and bustle of your daily cares, and get lost in nature on a nature trip to Wasatch Mountain State Park.

This scenic nature preserve is an abode for adventurers exploring miles of scenic trails.

Scenic landscape at Wasatch Mountain State Park.
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Hiking, biking, driving an ATV, piloting a snowmobile, or going on a horseback ride—there are plenty of options, whatever you prefer!

Aside from exploring the area, you can stay the night in one of the camping areas to get the most out of your nature adventure.

Pitch your tent and huddle around a bonfire for the classic nature adventure on your visit to Wasatch Mountain State Park.

Make sure to pack your outdoor essentials, and don’t forget to keep an eye for the majestic wildlife you’ll encounter on your trip to this scenic nature preserve in Midway.

Welcome sign of Wasatch Mountain State Park
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Tee Off at Wasatch Mountain Golf Course

If you can't go on a weekend getaway without teeing off in the pristine greens of a beautifully laid out golf course, then book a tee time at the Wasatch Mountain Golf Course!

This scenic public golf course combines magnificent views and unbeatable conditions for a remarkable golfing experience on your trip to Midway.

Wasatch Mountain Golf Course features 18-hole pristine fairways that are a bit of a challenge but still enjoyable for all skill levels.

Enjoy scenic vistas along your tee time through every hole with picturesque mountain ranges, wildlife, and lush greeneries in perfect weather.

Don't forget to book your tee time in one of Utah's most beautiful golf courses and enjoy your time at the Wasatch Mountain Golf Course.

Go Boating and Cast Your Lines at Deer Creek State Park

Body of water at Deer Creek State Park.
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Do you define a well-spent day being surrounded by the glistening waters with a fishing rod at hand?

If so, then you should visit Deer Creek State Park!

This medium-sized reservoir is the perfect destination for year-round fishing, boating, and camping.

Cast your lines and get the chance to reel in some rainbow trout, brown trout, perch, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and walleye.

Boats on sand at Deer Creek State Park.
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The scenic surroundings of the reservoir make it a perfect spot for boating and other water sports!

There are campsites in the area to spend the night under the starry skies surrounded by the peaceful sounds of nature.

Make sure to include Deer Creek State Park on your itinerary list for a memorable nature trip to Midway.

Mountain and body of water at Deer Creek State Park.
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Have a Dip at a Geothermal Spring at the Homestead Resort

Exterior of the Homestead Resort
Wayne Newland, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A trip to Midway won't be complete without the one-of-a-kind experience at the Homestead Crater.

Hidden inside a 55-foot tall beehive-shaped limestone rock is a geothermal spring where you can enjoy a therapeutic soak.

You can also enjoy swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling at the Homestead Crater or take a relaxing paddleboard yoga class.

Experience this unique natural phenomenon while learning about the history and science behind the Homestead Crater.

Homestead Resort offers this unique experience combined with charming accommodations to ensure a comfortable stay on your trip to Midway.

Don't forget to book your stay at Homestead Resort and experience the natural wonder of the area.

Commemorate Military History at the Memorial Hill

Scenic view of Memorial Hill.
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Whether you're a history buff or just someone who loves to visit beautiful places with a scenic view, Memorial Hill is the place for you.

Built during the 1920s, Memorial Hill is dedicated to all brave men and women who have served in the military.

A visit to this historical place will bring peace to your heart as you remember the sacrifices made by so many brave souls.

The Memorial Hill is a tall, narrow hill in the center of Midway surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes you can imagine.

This beautiful monument is perfect for any military historian or anyone looking to learn more about how important military service has been throughout history.

Learn about Local History at Huber Grove

Did you know that the Huber Grove is among the oldest orchards in the Heber Valley?

The historic Huber Grove was built in the 1870s by one of Midway's founders, Johannes Huber.

The 160-acre family orchards feature the historic Huber house and creamery that remains standing up to this day, surrounded by a wonderful, peaceful setting perfect for family get-togethers.

As you walk through the grounds, you'll see the original apple trees planted over a hundred years ago lined with the notes and poems written by Johannes Huber.

Take a trip back in time to learn more about this area’s history, and enjoy some tasty apple treats from their gift shop along the way.

Visit the Scenic Legacy Bridge

Scenic Legacy Bridge at Midway, Utah
An Errant Knight, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Another spot in Midway where you can get a glimpse of one of the beautiful sceneries of the city is the Legacy Bridge.

This 110 feet long bridge is one of the few covered bridges in Utah made using heavy timber.

Legacy Bridge was constructed for the 2002 Winter Olympics, which connects the city of Midway to Heber.

The bridge runs across Provo Bridge, offering scenic scenery as you stroll through the area.

Feel relaxed from the melodic sound of water in the river combined with the rustling of leaves in this rustic setting in the city.

Don't miss out on a laid-back trip in this hidden gem where you can relax, go fishing, and snap some great pictures.

Skate Away at the Scenic Midway Ice Skating Rink

A trip to Midway won't be complete during winter without the classic ice skating tradition.

So make sure to go ice skating at the Midway Ice Skating Rink, where you can glide around to your heart's content!

This outdoor ice skating rink is a must-visit if you want to enjoy a day of ice skating while appreciating the scenic vistas surrounding the rink.

Make sure to wear your winter essentials to keep warm, get some hot drinks, and skate away!

Midway Ice Skating Rink is the perfect place to cool off and get your ice skating fix that will truly delight the young and the young at heart!

Tour the Dairy Farm and Get Some Cheese at the Heber Valley Milk and Artisan Cheese

Delight yourself with delectable dairy products and local goodies from the Heber Valley Milk and Artisan Cheese.

This local creamery and dairy farm offer a true farm-to-table experience where you can enjoy delightful artisan cheese and premium milk.

Heber Valley Milk and Artisan Cheese also offers a farm tour where you can observe their unique robotic milking system and meet other farm animals.

You can also sign up for cheese-making classes where you can learn how to craft your own delectable cheese!

Witness the fascinating process of cheese making, see farm animals, and bring home some tasty goodies on your visit to the Heber Valley Milk and Artisan Cheese.

Take Great Photos at the Historic Tate Barn

Exterior of the historic Tate Barn.
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Are you looking for another spot in Midway where you can take some beautiful pictures in a rustic setting?

Then, look no further than the Historic Tate Barn!

Tate Barn is a piece of history in Midway built in the 1900s by an English emigrant, Francis Tate.

Near exterior view of the historic Tate Barn
JCA Images / Shutterstock.com

This restored barn in Midway boasts the charm of history combined with beautiful natural scenery.

Get a glimpse of the lives of the early settlers in Heber Valley, and don't forget to pose for some photos to incorporate a rustic feel on your pictures.

Side exterior view of the historic Tate Barn
Nora Connors Photography / Shutterstock.com

Head Out for Exciting Adventures at the Soldier Hollow Nordic Center

If you’re looking for some thrilling adventure where you can enjoy exciting year-round activities brimming with fun, then visit the Soldier Hollow Nordic Center!

This world-class biathlon and cross-country skiing venue offers the best experience for thrill-seekers visiting Midway!

Soldier Hollow offers a wide range of exciting activities like going down on a tubing hill, cross-country skiing, biathlon experience, horseback rides, golfing, and mountain biking.

During the winter season, you can marvel at the display of technicolor icicle towers that brings fairy tales to life in Soldier Hollow Nordic Center.

A trip to Soldier Hollow Nordic Center will bring endless adventures on your visit to the charming city of Midway, so make sure to include this destination on your itinerary list!

Catch a Show at High Valley Arts Outdoor Theater

Do you enjoy watching live performances, and you're looking for something interesting to do to kill some time?

Then catch the live performances of High Valley Arts for a fun way to spend your time in Midway.

This theater company showcases a range of shows from musicals, drama, and up to the classics.

The whole family will surely enjoy watching the wonderful High Valley Arts production representing the locals' artistic talents.

High Valley Arts presents shows in their outdoor theater surrounded by wonderful mountain vistas.

Book Your Stay at Zermatt Utah Resort and Spa

Bear statue near the entrance of Zermatt Utah Resort and Spa
lynn friedman / Shutterstock.com

When it's time to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, you'll find all the peace and solitude your body craves at the Zermatt Utah Resort and Spa.

Nestled in the foothills of Wasatch Mountains is where comfort and sophistication meet, where you can enjoy a relaxing time after a day filled with adventures.

This upscale, European lodge-themed hotel features a spa, an indoor and outdoor pool, and a fitness center where you can get your rejuvenating fix.

Giant outdoor chess at Zermatt Utah Resort and Spa
An Errant Knight, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you're craving something delectable or you want to get a drink, the resort also features a steakhouse, a casual bar, and a bakery.

The Zermatt Resort and Spa has got everything you need for a cozy and homey stay on your trip to Midway.

Exterior of the Zermatt Utah Resort and Spa
An Errant Knight, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Shop, Dine, and Explore the Main Street Midway

A trip to Midway won't be complete without traversing through the city's Main Street, where you can find plenty of shopping and dining spots.

Main Street Midway is where you can gather, dine, and experience warm Midway hospitality.

Scour through locally-owned shops for a range of unique items.

Enjoy the small-town charm of Midway at a quaint, cozy cafe, or delight yourself with fine dining from the many restaurants along Main Street.

You can also find Midway's historic town hall along Main Street, featuring a 1940s structure built out of the local limestone.

There are plenty of things to see in Main Street Midway alone, so make sure to explore this part of the city to get yourself acquainted with the community!

Join the Annual Midway Swiss Days Festival

This annual tradition in Midway is one of the largest festivals in Utah that started in the 1940s.

The Midway Swiss Days Festival is held annually every weekend before Labor Day to celebrate the Swiss heritage of the city.

Experience the city's lively atmosphere with the sound of yodeling and alphorns, along with the smell of scones filling the air.

There is a wide range of shopping opportunities where you can score on unique items like artworks, crafts, toys, home decor, and more!

Don't miss the most anticipated part: the parade where you can see many colorful floats, horse carriages, and, of course, the Swiss Miss and her royalty.

Play, Shop, and Snack at Homestead Golf Club

Homestead Golf Club is a par 71-course design that measures 6,669 yards from the back and runs 4778 yards from the front tees.

They provide a full practice area with a putting hole, chipping grass with a dune trap, and a shooting range for you to develop your game.

Each hole on the facility has four sets of tee boxes so players of all skill levels can practice various aspects of their game.

The golf shop provides men, women, and kids golfing apparel, footwear, clubs, and accessories.

Play golf from May 1 through October 31 at Homestead Golf Club.

Taste the delicious food at Fanny's Grill before or after your game of golf.

There are also numerous different draft beers available for you to select from.

Explore the Outdoors at Adventure Haus

Pure enthusiasm and an appreciation for the great outdoors led to the founding of The Adventure Haus.

When Jan Pederson, the creator of Jans Mountain Outfitters, suggested Jonathan Wagstaff for the position, Adventure Haus was born.

They aim to provide customers with high-quality gear and hire knowledgeable staff to advise and assist you so you may have a better experience.

To help you get where you're going, their personnel will provide you with maps, hiking paths, and instructions.

Adventure Haus wishes everyone to experience the fantastic outdoor playgrounds they offer!

Take Amazing Photos with Wasatch Excursions

Utah's top ATV, UTV, and snowmobile rental company is Wasatch Excursions.

They provide both guided and unguided tours and have the most advanced and top-notch equipment.

Wasatch Excursions have convenient access to and from Park City and the neighboring areas thanks to their Midway position.

As they guide you through several of the most breathtaking photographic locations from the mountain peak, get ready to be amazed.

You'll see spectacular wildlife sightings of the local moose, deer, bears, and eagles that live in the highlands as you traverse a variety of terrains, including stream crossings, rocky paths, and twisting aspen woods.

Wasatch Excursions' ATV and UTV guided trip is ideal if you're searching for a full weekend of adrenaline-pumping fun!

Create Your Pizza at Café Galleria

Seven days a week, Café Galleria is available for breakfast, luncheon, and dinner with indoor and outdoor seating.

It was first constructed in 1898, and in 2020 it underwent a comprehensive restoration.

Try one of their unique wood-fired pizzas, or create your own.

A children's menu, appetizers, and meals such as ribeye steak, spaghetti, seared salmon, and more are readily available.

You can rent their private Veranda Room for special occasions and holiday celebrations.

It's the ideal setting for special dinners with friends and family since it has a wood-burning stove, air conditioning in the summertime, and a huge communal farming table accommodating up to 22 people.

Feel Refreshed at Invited Inn Bed & Breakfast

Where else can you enjoy a lovely health and leisure experience in your room with a fireplace, a steam shower, a large jetted tub, and a sauna?

Invited Inn Bed & Breakfast is a great place to unwind, rest, or connect.

Steam showers, towel warmers, featherbeds, fireplaces, down comforters, hair dryers, clock radios, and bathrobes and slippers are amenities that come standard in every room.

They have double-occupancy whirlpool baths, dry saunas, and own balconies in four of their five rooms.

Wake up to their famous German pancakes and a variety of delicious homemade continental and American breakfasts in their spacious Scandinavian dining area.

Final Thoughts

The quaint city of Midway makes for an idyllic getaway, where you can enjoy the charm of a tight-knit community, get a glimpse of history, and explore scenic natural areas.

Reference this list to fill your itinerary brimming with exciting activities and adventures!

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