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20 Best Things to Do in Meredith, NH

  • Published 2022/10/28

If you’re looking for a place to call home, consider the small town of Meredith, situated in the heart of Belknap County, New Hampshire.

Meredith might be a small town, but it has a lot to offer—from its unique museums to its stunning beaches and lakes, historic places, and entertainment hubs.

You can also do so much in this small town, such as walking the bustling streets of Meredith, looking for one-of-a-kind establishments all over the town, or visiting popular places in town, including Lake Waukewan and Meredith Marina.

With so many places to visit and activities to try in Meredith, you might get overwhelmed with the long list to do.

Interested to know more about this place?

Here are the 20 best things to do in Meredith, New Hampshire, that you can enjoy with your friends and family:

Spend a Relaxing Day in Lake Waukewan

Aerial view of Lake Waukewan.

Wangkun Jia /

This 928-acre body of water in Belknap County is one of the favorite spots in town where residents of Meredith can enjoy the cool waters and the serene environment of the lake.

If you want to spend your weekend in a peaceful setting where you can also do tons of outdoor activities, Lake Waukewan is the perfect place for you!

Lake Waukewan features a beautiful lake with calm waters, where you can swim and fish for native fish species such as rainbow trout, horned pout, smallmouth bass, and more.

View of Lake Waukewan during winter.

Jetpack /

You can also try boating, wakeboarding, and jet skiing in the waters of Lake Waukewan and feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins.

The 8-mile-long shores of the lake are also great for camping and picnicking for a complete outdoor experience.

Lake Waukewan offers an endless list of enjoyable recreational activities to do all year round, so what are you waiting for?

Come and visit this alluring lake and have a relaxing getaway.

Look at the Boats in Meredith Marina

The Meredith Marina is a place where you can fulfill your boating desires; you can shop and choose your dream boat, or you can also rent one to explore the lakes of Meredith.

Whether you’re looking for a new boat, planning to get one, or just visiting the marina for its picturesque scenery, the Meredith Marina has definitely something for everyone.

Meredith Marina offers services such as boat rentals, fuel dock, storage for boats, valet services, boat registrations, and a ship store.

You can spot some great deals in Meredith Marina if you want to seal a deal.

Some of the products that the marina offers include new, used, or rental boats, as well as trailers, fish finders, and anchors.

Together with experienced and professional employees, the Meredith Marina will cover all of your boat-related needs.

Enjoy a Train Ride in Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad

Welcome sign of Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad

Wangkun Jia /

If you love road trips and picturesque sceneries, you’ll definitely enjoy traversing the rails of Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad.

The Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad is situated in the town of Meredith, and the tickets can be purchased on the boardwalk in Weirs Beach.

You can board a 1-hour train ride from Weirs Beach or a 2-hour ride from Meredith Station that passes through the lake; all train rides offer point-to-point trips, and all trains are available whether it rains or shines.

Railcar at Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad

Wangkun Jia /

If you’re concerned about getting hungry while onboard, worry not because you can bring your own snacks while gazing at the views on the outside.

Enjoy an old-fashioned train ride with Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad and catch a glimpse of the panoramic vistas that the lake provides.

Locomotive at Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad

Wangkun Jia /

Taste the Wines of Hermit Woods Winery & Deli

Exterior of Hermit Woods Winery & Deli

Wangkun Jia /

The Hermit Woods Winery & Deli is ranked as the fourth-best tasting room in the country because of its uniquely handcrafted wines.

You can have a taste of their carefully crafted wines made from locally sourced fruits and foraged flowers from the wild.

Hermit Woods Winery & Deli offers services that include tours and tasting rooms where you can sip a glass of their best tasting wines.

In the tours, you can learn about the history of the business and the process of how they make their award-winning wines.

Whether you’re new to the world of wines or you’re a wine enthusiast, everyone is welcome to visit the Hermit Woods Winery & Deli.

Cruise the Lake with MS Mount Washington

MS Mount Washington boat on water.

Fletcher, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Make your visit to New Hampshire a memorable one when you board this first-class ship that will take you out on an adventure.

MS Mount Washington is a ship that offers tours, like scenic tours and group tours, along the waters of Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire’s biggest lake.

You can traverse the clear blue waters of the lake while glancing at the scenic views that MS Mount Washington offers.

MS Mount Washington stops at the ports in Weirs Beach, Wolfeboro, Meredith, Alton, and Center Harbor.

If you’re around Meredith, make sure to experience a scenic cruise with MS Mount Washington and have a memorable time that you won’t forget.

Enjoy a Self-Guided Tour in Meredith Sculpture Walk

The Meredith Sculpture Walk is a must-see attraction in the bustling streets of the town.

You can have a self-guided tour and use the map to easily locate the thirty-three sculptures scattered throughout the places where the sculptures have been positioned.

The Meredith Sculpture Walk is an outdoor sculpture exhibit that promotes enjoyment and awareness through the arts.

It features durable and unique installations from different artists every year that you can touch and feel.

Enjoy a nice walk outside and feed your eyes with the unique exhibits created by the talented artists of Meredith.

Chug a Glass of Beer in Twin Barns Brewing Company

Established in 2008, the Twin Barns Brewing Company has been brewing and serving the town of Meredith handcrafted beers that they love.

The Twin Barns Brewing Company is housed in two old barns originally built in the year 1850, hence the name of the establishment.

You can find a great selection of crafted beers like their “signature taps” that include Porters, Blonde Ales, IPAs, and Stouts.

The Twin Barns Brewing Company also serves mouth-watering foods that you can perfectly pair with their beers.

If you want to enjoy an outdoor scene, you can also sit in the outdoor beer garden, where you can find plenty of spaces to sit.

With good food, tasty beers, and a friendly atmosphere, you can have a fantastic time with your pals at Twin Barns Brewing Company.

Browse the Racks of Mill Falls Marketplace

Welcome sign of Mill Falls Marketplace

Wangkun Jia /

Mini Falls Marketplace is your go-to destination for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience in Meredith.

This shopping place features distinctive shops, a hair salon, and lots of restaurants to choose from.

Aside from the shops and restaurants that you can visit in the Mills Falls Marketplace, you can also stroll down the brick walkways of the marketplace and see the gardens, waterfall, and the iconic sculpture walk that the town of Meredith boasts.

Ben & Jerry's store at Mill Falls Marketplace

Wangkun Jia /

The Mills Falls Marketplace is open all year round, so you can always visit and purchase something from the many shops that you can find in the marketplace.

Whether you want to do some retail therapy or just want to browse what the place could offer, the Mills Falls Marketplace is always available for you to check out.

Furniture gallery at Mill Falls Marketplace

Wangkun Jia /

Be Entertained in Winnipesaukee Playhouse

Exterior of Winnipesaukee Playhouse before renovation.

Found5dollar, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located in the heart of the Lake Region, the Winnipesaukee Playhouse serves as a venue for the development and promotion of arts and entertainment in Meredith.

The Winnipesaukee Playhouse is the place for live performances in Meredith.

Whether you want to be in the audience, in the productions, or be one of the casts, anything is possible in this theater.

You can watch and enjoy shows performed by the talented artists of the Winnipesaukee Playhouse and be entertained.

The Winnipesaukee Playhouse is an important piece in the development of the town’s creative environment, and by watching the shows, you can support the artistic community of Meredith.

So bring a date or go together with your friends and family and watch outstanding local plays performed in Winnipesaukee Playhouse.

Learn about History in Meredith Historical Society

If you want to learn more about the history of Meredith, you can visit the Meredith Historical Society and see the preserved heritage of the historic town.

Since 1950, the Meredith Historical Society has been a place where tourists and locals of Meredith come to revisit the past of Meredith.

You can find thousands of photographs, artifacts, and vintage documents available for research purposes.

The museum also features historical exhibits and educational programs that aim to educate visitors and boost their appreciation of the local history of Meredith.

Have a blast from the past in Meredith Historical Society and take pleasure in learning about the town’s past.

Play Golf in Pirate’s Cove

Ahoy, Matey! The Pirate’s Cove in Meredith welcomes you with endless fun and enjoyable activities that you and your family will love.

This pirate-themed mini-golf course is one of the favorite destinations of tourists and locals that want to have a fun family day.

The Pirate’s Cove features an 18-hole mini-golf course in well-landscaped greenery where you play or practice swinging your golf clubs.

Aside from fun activities, you can also enjoy strolling around the man-made structures, such as the caves, waterfalls, and footbridges that you can find around the golf course.

So come aboard, immerse yourself in the world of pirates, and have a memorable day with your family in Pirate’s Cove.

Watch Movies in Barnz Meredith Cinema

This small, intimate movie theater is a famous hang-out place for people of all ages in Meredith.

The Barnz Meredith Cinema features a three-screen movie theater where you can watch the latest films in one place.

With Barnz Meredith Cinema, you can still experience an old-fashioned way of watching films.

You can dress up for a cute date, or you can bring your friends and family to watch a nice, heartwarming movie.

While you’re watching, you can munch on some tasty snacks offered in the concession of the cinema, where you can choose among a great selection of treats such as sodas, popcorn, and more.

Nothing can beat the classic way to enjoy watching some good films with someone else, so drop by and enjoy movie time like no other in Barnz Meredith Cinema.

Bring Your Kids to Enjoy Seasonal Activities at Moulton Farm

Check out the fantastic selection from Moulton Farm, a local farm in Meredith.

Meet the Farmers Night, and the Summer Harvest Open House are just two of the many activities you can enjoy at this little farm.

Also, it’s home to one of the state’s most spectacular pumpkin patches and corn mazes.

When in Meredith, stop by the bakery even if there aren’t any special events planned.

Moulton Farm has traditional New Hampshire desserts such as butter pound cake and strawberry rhubarb pie, sure to please any sweet craving.

Grab a Book at Innisfree Bookshop

Innisfree Bookshop, located in downtown Meredith, is just one of several excellent bookstores in the New England area.

Great independent bookstores like Innisfree Bookshop are a rarity these days.

It features a friendly, inviting environment in addition to the standard fare of books, Legos, and greeting cards.

The shop also holds author readings and talks, art classes, or the annual visit from Santa.

The Innisfree Bookshop is open seven days a week.

Satisfy You Sweet Tooth at Lee’s Candy Kitchen

Mill Falls Marketplace is home to Lee’s Candy Kitchen.

It aims to satisfy all your cravings with its wide variety of one-of-a-kind sweets, premium chocolate, gourmet cuisine, and more!

It’s chock full of high-end chocolates.

The shop has collaborated with specialized chocolatiers to offer only the finest handcrafted chocolates.

Also, the nostalgic candies it sells will awaken your childhood memories.

If you want a break from sweet treats, you may also get savory gourmet food at Lee’s Candy Kitchen.

Celebrate Artistry at Fine Arts & Crafts Festival

Meredith hosts the Lakes Region Fine Arts & Crafts Festival in late August.

It is one of the most prestigious festivals in the region.

There are around 70 talented artists and artisans selling their wares here.

Explore the exhibited ceramics, leather goods, wooden creations, woven and quilted items, metal sculptures, baskets, jewelry, dolls, and other toys.

Watercolors, theorem paintings, oils, pen & ink, and photographs are a few of the many mediums represented here.

You may enjoy the gorgeous Meredith landscape and local craftspeople while listening to live music and sampling delicious food and drink.

Bring Home Souvenirs from Meredith Fine Craft Gallery

The Meredith Fine Craft Gallery, near the shores of picturesque Lake Winnipesaukee, is a one-of-a-kind retail destination specializing in handmade furniture and decorative accessories.

League of New Hampshire Craftsmen operates the gallery, providing exquisite, handmade heirloom-quality products.

Here you may see the works of more than two hundred and fifty of New Hampshire’s most accomplished artists and artisans.

It has many different types of artwork, including ceramics, jewelry, stained glass, glass, wrought iron, textiles, mixed media, and garden decor.

Workshops and talks devoted to teaching the craft are also available.

Discover the secrets to the success of a historic craft group that has been going strong for nearly 80 years.

Stop by the store on the way home and pick up a gift for your family.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Swim in Weirs Beach

Direction sign to weirs beach.

Rob Boudon, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Weirs Beach is a natural beauty found 9 minutes away from Meredith and is located in the southern part of Lake Winnipesaukee.

Weirs Beach is a popular location for outdoor activities such as swimming, sunbathing, and having a picnic on the beach’s sandy shores.

You can spend a tranquil day on the beach and wait until the sun goes down to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking sunset on Weirs Beach.

In June, you can meet a group of bikers that celebrates Motorcycle Week in Weirs Beach.

Beach day is always a fun day, so grab your sunscreen and pack your bags, and head on to Weirs Beach.

The waters of Weirs Beach

Jon Bilous /

Visit the Blackcat Island

Located 19 minutes away from Meredith, you can find this quaint island with a peaceful aura that continues to attract visitors.

The fascinating Blackcat Island is situated in the heart of Lake Winnipesaukee, and you can access the island through the bridge that connects it to the mainland of Moultonborough.

What you can expect when you visit Blackcat Island are the spectacular views that the surrounding lake and mountains offer, a serene environment, and lots of fun recreational activities.

There are plenty of things to do on Blackcat Island.

You can rent a home near the shores of the lake, opt to set up a tent and spend the night outdoors, take a dip in the cool waters of the lake, go fishing.

Blackcat Island is the ideal place for a nice weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Make sure to spend a day or two in Blackcat Island and experience the perfect getaway near the township of Meredith.

Stop by at Funspot Family Fun Center

Welcome sign of Funspot Family Fun Center

Ken Gallager at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Funspot Family Fun Center is an entertainment hub situated in Laconia, New Hampshire, and you can drive approximately 7 minutes to get there when you’re from Meredith.

Funspot Family Fun Center features a huge array of arcade games that you can play, and you can also find a collection of games dated from the late ‘70s and mid-’90s.

Aside from arcade games, Funspot also offers different kinds of fun activities such as bowling, mini-golf, rides, and bingo.

If you get hungry from all the exciting things from Funspot Family Center, you can dine at the Braggin’ Dragon Restaurant and relax in the D.A. Long Tavern.

Bring your whole family and friends to try all the games and activities available in Funspot Family Center, and who knows, this might be your new favorite destination in town.

Final Thoughts

Because of its abundance of attractions, the small town of Meredith continues to lure visitors into visiting this lovely little community in Belknap County.

Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind or settle down, you will never regret checking out what Meredith has in store for you.

From its idyllic beaches to its historical landmarks and unique establishments, what more could you ask for?

It’s all in Meredith, New Hampshire.

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