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20 Best Things to Do in Mequon, WI

  • Published 2022/05/27

Mequon is the third-largest city in Wisconsin, but that doesn’t stop it from having a tight-knit and homey feel.

It’s on the western shores of Lake Michigan; most of its community is in a suburb of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area.

At first glance, you’d think Mequon is a bustling city filled with activity, but it’s not.

Most of its land is still agricultural, and the area has a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

After a few days in this area, you’ll feel your life settling down, giving you the calm you’re looking for.

Here are the best things to do in Mequon, WI:

Taste the Seafood at the St. Paul Fish Company

Aerial view of St. Paul Fish Company

James Meyer /

If you love seafood, you must visit the St. Paul Fish Company in Mequon.

You can try their oyster shooters, fried calamari, or shark bites for their starters.

You also have several options for the main dish to fit different preferences and tastes.

The restaurant offers half a pound of hand-breaded fried fish served with fries and coleslaw, and you can choose from shrimp, catfish, grouper, and so many different things.

If you’re not that into fried dishes, you can also sample their tacos or east coast rolls.

They even offer different types of salad to complement your main dishes.

Try Italian Delicacies at the Zarletti Mequon

Zarletti Mequon is a great first stop if you want to try the city’s take on classic Italian dishes.

This restaurant honors its founder’s heritage and makes sure that every dish in its establishment is made and served just right.

Start with some of their appetizers, such as veal and beef meatballs, fried olives, or truffle fries.

You can also order salads.

Then, you can sample their Neapolitan pizza and taste dishes made from authentic and traditional recipes.

If that’s not your thing, you can also try out some of their pasta and burgers.

Zarletti’s even has vegetarian options to accommodate everyone’s dietary needs.

Finish your meal with something from their homemade dessert menu like their flourless chocolate cake, the tiramisu, or the cannoli.

Relax at Virmond Park

Exploring and relaxing is a big part of any vacation, and Virmond Park gives you plenty of opportunities to do both.

It has an abundance of open space where you can do various activities, such as flying kites, throwing frisbees, or simply goofing around with your traveling companions.

You can also use your time there to sit back and relax.

Lay a picnic blanket on the green grass and bask in the sun’s warm rays.

Share a few pastries with your traveling companions or chat about your day.

The park also has a few walking trails if you’re looking to explore more of the area and spend time with nature.

Drink Biers at Café Hollander

Check out Cafe Hollander, a place that offers a wide variety of biers.

Bier is a big part of lowland European culture, and this grand cafe wishes to bring that love back to Mequon one glass at a time.

They’ve collaborated with several brewers to produce unique biers you won’t find anywhere else, so give those a sip while you’re there.

Once you’ve tried their famous drinks, stay for lunch and dinner to taste their savory dishes.

Let Your Worries Disappear at the Neroli Salon and Spa

Nothing says relaxation better than treating yourself to a spa day.

If you’re feeling stressed, try the Neroli Salon and Spa.

Book a reservation at least one to two weeks beforehand to ensure that the spa can accommodate you.

Other than that, though, there’s not much you have to do to prepare.

Let their skilled staff give you a massage and feel all your worries melt away alongside the tension in your body.

You can try out different types of massages.

If you’re unsure what fits your needs best, you can always ask the staff for advice.

Host an Event at the Rotary Park

Mequon has a lot of parks.

The Rotary Park is one you should be on your itinerary if you’re in Mequon for a big event, such as a wedding or a big party.

Its North Reuter Pavilion can accommodate more than two hundred people, making it the perfect venue for a large celebration.

With the green grass and lake, you’ll get a picturesque view that you won’t get anywhere else.

Imagine hosting a wedding there, holding hands with your soon-to-be-spouse, surrounded by friends and family, in a fairytale-like environment.

Many people can only dream of something so beautiful, so if you have the chance to book this venue for your event, grab it quickly.

It’ll certainly give you memories you won’t forget for the rest of your life.

Buy Teas and Spices at the Spice and Tea Exchange

Tea is a beautiful drink if you want to relax more or achieve a calmer disposition.

If you’re just a beginning tea enthusiast, the many different types can get overwhelming.

Stop by the Spice and Tea Exchange in Mequon to get some specialty teas you’ll surely fall in love with.

Whether it’s green teas, matcha, herbal teas, or something else, this store has it.

If you’re not sure what you want, then ask for advice from their expert staff.

They also offer unique spice blends that brighten up anything you cook with just a single dash.

You can also purchase recipes if you’re looking to expand your cooking horizon and try out things you haven’t before.

Go to Lemke Park

Lemke Park is another park that has a gorgeous pavilion you can rent.

It can host up to ninety people, making it the perfect venue for any significant event, such as birthday parties or anniversaries.

If you’re not hosting a big celebration, that’s okay too.

This park still has many activities you can try.

It has wide open fields that are perfect for people looking for peace.

Just lay down on the grass next to your traveling companions and let the breeze blow your problems away.

You can try going cloud watching, looking for shapes in the sky and trying to come up with stories for them.

It’s a fun and uncomplicated activity that doesn’t ask much from you.

Use your imagination and be willing to broaden your horizons.

Sample the Dishes of Highland House

If you’re looking for a food adventure, head to Highland House.

Their menu combines Mexican, Californian, and Caribbean influences.

It’s not something you expect in the middle of Wisconsin, but it’s what you need to mix things up.

Try their crispy taquitos or their fish and shrimp tacos.

They’ll make you feel like you’ve suddenly dropped into another country.

You can sample their tenderloin medallions, ahi-ahi tuna, smoked baby back ribs, or the Los Cabos chicken.

Whatever you choose, you’ll eat an unforgettably delicious treat.

They also offer a wide variety of sandwiches and burgers if you’re looking for something different but familiar.

If you’re not into meat, don’t worry since there are many salads you can try, such as their Caesar’s salads.

Visit the Barthel Fruit Farm

Now, it’s time for something a little bit different.

Bask in the small-town and rural country vibe of Mequon by visiting the Barthel Fruit Farm.

August Barthel arrived in Mequon from Germany, and he built the farm for his family in 1839.

The farm has operated successfully ever since.

Check out their greenhouse to purchase fresh produce.

They also have a bakery if you get hungry.

The farm also hosts several events throughout the year, so try to join if you ever encounter one.

Catch a Game at Kapco Park

Are you up for watching a game of baseball?

Baseball is one of America’s favorite pastimes, so go to Kapco Park and watch one live.

It’s a short walk from the Concordia University, so it won’t be hard to find.

The park can seat up to 3,000 fans, so there will be a lot of room for you.

Check the schedule and plan your trip accordingly.

Unleash Your Artistic Talents at Mequon Board and Brush

Here’s a unique activity you can try if you’re interested in art.

The Mequon Board and Brush studio hosts several artistic workshops to encourage passion and love for woodworking.

Don’t worry if you’re not a woodworking expert.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and every piece of art you produce is one step toward becoming a better artist.

You can sign up for one of their studio workshops, have fun with your friends, and make some new ones while you’re there.

Explore the Mequon Nature Preserve

The Mequn Nature Preserve is another treat for those outdoor enthusiasts.

It spans a hundred acres, which the city leases to the foundation for a dollar each year for land preservation.

You can explore several trails, perfect for people who want to spend a lot of time walking through nature.

The preserve also has an education center where you and your traveling companions can learn from different animal exhibits and read from their extensive library.

Visit the Jonathan Clark House Museum

The Jonathan Clark House Museum House is a unique historical site that no visitor would want to miss.

Jonathan and Mary Clark built the house in 1848 for their family.

The house itself is an excellent example of period architecture and presents a great snapshot of what life was like.

The museum hosts several events throughout the year, so schedule your trip accordingly if you want to join.

Otherwise, you can celebrate history with locals and other tourists.

Dine at the Range Line Inn

The Range Line Inn offers enough unique dishes that a visit there is a treat on its own.

Try their famous onion rings and learn what heaven on earth tastes like.

You can also order their potato chips, potato skins, or buffalo wings.

They also offer different kinds of soup to complement whatever meal you choose, so give this place a shot if you have the chance.

Play a Round of Golf at Mee-Kwon Park Golf Course

Mequon is a popular tourist attraction for avid golfers because of its sprawling golf courses—one of the best being Mee-Kwon Park Golf Course.

Mee-Kwon Park Golf Course is highly rated by both visiting tourists and guests because of its fun holes that likewise add a good challenge even to seasoned vets.

Beyond that, Mee-Kwon Park Golf Course is also a scenic place, so you can enjoy the serene beauty of Mequon as you finish your game.

There’s even a wooded trail that’s seamlessly connected to the golf course; a great place to walk your dogs.

MeeKwon Park Golf Course can be found along West Bonniwell Road.

Do Wildlife Observation at Shoreland Nature Preserve

One of the best ways to enjoy the wilderness found along the Milwaukee River that runs through Mequon is via Shoreland Nature Preserve.

This can be accessed if you’re bringing a kayak or canoe with you, so it’s really meant for the adventurous types.

Still, they pay off is amazing, as you’ll see some of the densest forests in the heart of Mequon, teeming with all sorts of flora and fauna.

Bird watchers will particularly love this spot, as you can find all sorts of species here since it’s relatively quiet and away from urban areas.

Scenic and exciting, Shoreland Nature Preserve is a great bonus for the nature aficionados who are looking for an adventure.

Find it along North Wilderness Court.

Have an Italian Feast at Mequon Pizza Company

Mequon Pizza Company is one of the most popular restaurant chains in the city, offering classic Italian dishes beyond its scrumptious pizzas.

The ambiance and general atmosphere at Mequon Pizza Company makes it a comfortable and neat spot for family gatherings.

They even have a bar here with a nice assortment of alcoholic drinks to complete your dinner experience.

All of their pizzas are a must try—it just depends on what flavor you fancy among all their offerings.

They also serve pasta, sandwiches, and some amazing Italian sausages that a lot of locals rave about.

Find Mequon Pizza Company along North River Road.

Go on a Food Trip at Mequon Public Market

Mequon Public Market is a must-visit for all the food lovers out there, especially if you’re the type who loves intercontinental cuisine.

There’s a lot of delicious food stalls, cafes, and restaurants found at Mequon Public Market, each offering unique food items that’ll sure to cover all your cravings.

From Japanese, American, to even European dishes, you can find a ton of affordable lunch and dinner menus at Mequon Public Market.

It’s also an excellent place to get dessert, as they have a ton of sweets here such as ice cream, doughnuts, and waffles.

With an excellent atmosphere that’s perfect for friends and family, visit Mequon Public Market along West Mequon Road.

Play Mini Golf at Missing Links Mequon

Missing Links Mequon is an excellent addition to your itinerary if you’re fond of playing mini golf.

Boasting excellent facilities, this facility is a fun family destination as their mini golf course can easily take up an entire morning or afternoon.

They have an excellent layout here with beautiful scenery, making this a picturesque experience as well.

Missing Links Mequon also has a driving range which is perfect if you want to do some more serious practice swings.

You can find this awesome place along North Port Washington Road.

Final Thoughts

There might not be a lot of exciting spots in Mequon, but you will find the peace you’re looking for there.

It will welcome you with open arms and let you relax and get away from the stress and hassle of big city life.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book a trip today!

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