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20 Best Things to Do in Menomonee Falls, WI

  • Published 2023/02/24

Menomonee Falls is a village in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, located northwest of Milwaukee, in the county’s northeast corner.

“The Falls,” as it is colloquially called, has 35626 residents, making it the most populous village in Wisconsin.

The residents take pride in Menomonee Falls’ status as the largest village in the state.

They also think well of its independence and dignity in maintaining a serene character and high quality of life during a period of evolution.

Menomonee Falls takes its name from the Menomonee River, coursing through the northeast section of the village, where ancient settlements thrived.

There is always something to do in the village’s thriving and vibrant downtown, with unique salons, boutiques, shops, specialty places, art galleries, and dining options.

You can find many adventures in its wildlife areas, lush parks, stunning homes, excellent schools, fine churches, and quality recreational resources.

Tourists will surely admire this village’s independent and steadfast spirit and pursuit of a great quality of life.

Check out the list below for the best things to do in Menomonee Falls, WI.

Revisit the Past at Old Falls Village

This 18-acre park hosts nine historic buildings, some of the oldest in the community.

These buildings reflect early life from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s.

There are many events at the Village Park, such as the Beer Garden every Saturday night, Sci-Fi Family Day, and the Old Falls Village Car Show.

The village also hosts war re-enactments, like Revolutionary War events where people dress up as continentals, loyalists, redcoats, and militia.

Other Living History events are the WWII History Reenactment Event and Civil War Encampment.

Visit the School House built in 1851, where one teacher taught eight grades, and you can still see a wood-burning stove that warmed the students whose names were carved on the walls.

See the Miller-Davidson House built in the Greek Revival style with a unique arched foundation, listed in the National Register of Historic Places for future generations.

Create Pretty Things at Just Kiln’ Time

Just Kiln’ Time aspires to give families a great place for escaping, relaxing, and exploring creativity.

Paint your pottery with beautiful designs and decorate mugs, plates, figurines, decorative pieces, functional items, figurines, holiday pottery, etc.

Paint a blank canvas with your favorite ideas and create a masterpiece.

Make beautiful and colorful works of art in a simple mosaic, using a variety of shapes and items such as glass chips and pebbles.

Learn to use a potter’s wheel, make hand-thrown bowls, paint them, and fire them in the kiln.

Transform a ball of clay into your ideal shape: planters, garden stakes, small animals, pinch pots, holiday ornaments, wall hangings, etc.

Repurpose bottles into beautiful and functional home décor using glass bottles, wine bottles, beer bottles, soda bottles, and liquor bottles.

Make custom-painted pottery and preserve heirlooms like a baby’s first footprints, a toddler’s artwork, wedding presents, going-away gifts, and memorial pieces.

Have a Paint Party at Art Lounge Menomonee Falls

Art Lounge is a little hidden treasure in the heart of Menomonee Falls and a great place to sip wine with friends, paint together, and shop for gifts.

It combines professionally-led painting classes with a friendly environment and abundant drinks.

The friendly owners take pride in their business, striving to create an artistic environment.

Enjoy their art classes and demonstrations, art shows, local art galleries and gift shops, custom art, and art clubs.

Sip wine by the glass or bottle, indulge in wine flights, take part in wine Wednesday, join wine and food tasting, and join their wine clubs.

Taste their homemade cheesecake and rustic flatbread pizzas with charcuterie boards, party trays, and special dinner events.

Join their events such as the community mural project, wine glass painting workshop, POP art night, and Menomonee Falls Art Walk.

Meet Fantastic Felines at Redner’s Rescued Cat Figurine Mewseum

Cat lovers should visit Menomonee Falls for Redner’s Rescued Cat Figurine Mewseum, a beautiful collection of thousands of cat merchandise!

There are cat figurines, artwork, wood carvings, collector plates, music boxes, and any cat décor imaginable.

Owners Shawn and Hilary Redner adore cats, starting their collection when they had six cats and were looking for something fun to do.

Today, their ‘mewseum’ has cabinetfuls of cat figurines, hundreds of collector plates, artwork covering entire walls, paintings, plates, photos, toys, jewelry, cookie jars, and more, all with feline imagery.

The couple has rescued 21 cats from the streets or shelters and currently owns eight cats you might see lounging around or playing in their ‘catzebo’ and ‘catio.’

All donations to the museum will benefit a spay/neuter clinic, adoption center, or cat rescue group in the hopes of making a tremendous difference.

Defend Yourself with MK Protection Strategies

MK Protection Strategies have the community’s safety in mind, aiming to give personal self-defense strategies for those in compromising situations.

It offers concealed carry training, personal protection and self-defense strategies, and education on crime prevention awareness.

Malissa K. Misch started MK Protection Strategies to empower people to take responsibility for their safety and protection.

At the Concealed Carry Classes, learn handgun shooting fundamentals, legal use of force in violent encounters, and a personal home safety plan.

In the Beginner Handgun Training Class, know how to effectively operate a pistol, universal gun safety rules, basic handgun terminology, and safe handling.

In the Self Defense Class, learn pre-contact cues and physical strategies, verbal de-escalation, attack strategies, and scenario training.

With the SAFE Bullying Prevention Program, educate yourself on bullying, know social and anti-social behavior, understand the whys of bullying, and gain parental support and peer behavior.

Pamper Yourself at Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa

Treat yourself to a memorable spa experience at the Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa, offering many relaxing services in a calm and welcoming atmosphere.

Expect a tranquil and comfortable environment: a room with individual lighting and sound controls with high-quality heated tables covered in crisp linens and a plush blanket.

Try introductory massages such as Swedish, hot stone, classic facial, and Himalayan salt stone, or special massages like sport, prenatal, decompression, and deep tissue.

Experience enhancements such as aromatherapy, percussion therapy, targeted hot stone, hot towel foot or hand treatment, paraffin wax, muscle soothing Biofreeze therapy, or nourishing scalp.

Undergo hair removal treatment, a wax-free and botanical service that will leave you with smooth and soft skin, lighter hair growth, and a beautiful complexion.

Try the LED Skin Phototherapy Treatment that improves skin elasticity; stimulates new collagen; reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots; treats acne scars; and reduces redness, inflammation, and bacteria.

Play with Friends at The Garcade

The Garcade is a retro video arcade and pinball spot with over 150 video games, Air Hockey, 30 pinball machines, Dance and Rhythm Machines, a jukebox, Foosball, and more!

Unlike other arcades, you won’t need tokens or quarters at the Garcade since it offers a day pass.

For just $15, you can stay and play the day away.

The Garcade started in 2012 as a hobby of owner Gar Nelson who loved to collect vintage games and create a playful environment for his family and friends.

His home arcade soon grew, and Gar got the idea of sharing his gaming love with the entire community.

Gar’s friend, Tim Byron, had likewise gotten very interested in arcade games and liked the idea of taking their arcade and pinball passion to the next level.

They soon found the perfect location and have built their hobby into a loving homage to classic gaming that brings out everyone’s inner child.

Bring Your Crew to Team Escape 262

Team Escape 262 is an escape room and ax-throwing party center in the middle of Menomonee Falls.

It offers roomy comfortable escape room experiences and three lanes of ax throwing.

They are active in the Menomonee Falls community and always try to make a change with their leadership and team-building workshops.

Their escape rooms have unique themes and storylines, with a detailed setup, including elaborate lighting and interactive props to create a realistic gaming environment.

In Gold Mines of Rattler County, you have volunteered as the first miner entering a mine in 50 years and must explore the abandoned gold mines of Rattler County.

In The Haunting at Crowe Manor, Tobias Crowe has taken residence in the basement of Crowe Manor for over 200 years, and you have 60 minutes to break out.

Try three different lanes of ax throwing in the ax-throwing center.

Burn off some energy with your friends, and enjoy great music while downing cold beer.

Indulge Yourself at A Better Me Spa

A Better Me Spa is a wellness spa focusing on building an atmosphere that helps customers recapture energy, rebuild strength, and focus on the essential things in life.

They are proud to offer the needs of the body and spirit: revitalization, relaxation, and a break from the high energy of our daily routines.

With their Floatation Therapy, you will lie back in ten inches of warmed water.

You’ll float with over 1,000 pounds of salt, and relish in silence, comfort, and stillness.

Their Infrared Sauna purifies the body of toxins and calms the nervous system by combining infrared rays with visible therapeutic light and providing a restorative sweat session.

Massage Therapy releases tension and stress in your body with a massage from expert therapists, lowering heart rate, improving the immune system, and reducing daily stress.

Choose from various massages such as Swedish, prenatal, deep tissue, cupping therapy, and reiki.

Try the Avacen, an FDA-cleared device, for muscle and joint pain relief, delivering heat through the palm of your hand.

Spend a Day at Menomonee Park

Menomonee Park was previously a stone quarry spanning 464 acres, including marshlands, rolling fields, a 16-acre quarry lake, and a 12-mile crushed limestone trail.

Its history starts from the stone quarrying period of 1880-1990, with historical remnants including an ancient stone crusher and a railroad spur from quarry to trail.

You can fish for bluegill, trout, perch, and crappies on the lake and sleep at one of seven reservable group campsites.

While wandering the trails, you can spot thrushes, warblers, and songbirds and challenge yourself hiking, cross-country skiing, or snow-shoeing at the rolling hills.

Ride a bike at the historical Bugline Recreational Trail, once the railroad serving Stone City.

Take your resident bikers, runners, and hikers to the 16-mile paved trail and saddle up your horse on a separate portion of the path.

Celebrate the Fall at Silver Spring Pumpkin Farm

Silver Springs Pumpkin Farm has supplied the Menomonee Falls area with its pumpkins since 2001 and has kept growing thanks to the local community’s support.

They are a family-owned pumpkin farm selling hand-picked gourds, pumpkins, squash, and cornstalks.

They also have fall ornamentals, hay bales, Indian corn, and corn stalks.

They grow great-looking pumpkins with handles and gourds that come in many shapes, sizes, and beautiful colors.

You can pick up pie pumpkins and carving pumpkins, some of the best varieties of pumpkins grown in the state, from May to September.

Their gourds are hard-shelled and cultivated as ornamentals or food crops, and you can use some as cups, bottles, scoops, utensils, pipes, rattles, whistles, and fishnet floats, bottles, and birdhouses.

They have three different varieties of squash, from acorn to butternut to spaghetti squash, grown by skilled farmers.

Have a Tee Time at Wanaki Golf Course

Wanaki Golf Course is along the Fox River in Menomonee and has been a beloved community stop since 1970.

By 1970, it had nine holes, and the entire 18-hole setup opened by 1971, with a new full-service clubhouse opening in 1990.

The Storms family purchased the golf course in 2020 after a grassroots movement and rally from and Wanaki devotees that kept the golf course from being torn down.

The Storms family continues to add upgrades such as a full-service bar and restaurant while maintaining the course layout and excellent conditions that golfers love.

The course holds beginner lessons that focus on putting, chipping, iron play, etiquette, woods, and having fun, conducted by 30-year instructor Pete Berry.

They have offered junior golfers opportunities to learn and grow their game since the 1980s.

Lessons for adults focus on putting, chipping, fundamentals, pitching, wedge play, bunker play, full swing, course management, and more.

Grab Some Drinks at Three Cellars

Treat yourself to a drink or bring your friends for rounds of beer at Three Cellars.

This local hangout is located on Lund Lane, open from Monday to Thursday from early afternoon until the evening, and with opening hours at noon every Friday and Saturday.

They have 24 beers on tap and 14 wine selections you can choose from.

On their Beer Menu, you can try the Nitro Pocket Watch fruit beer, the Citrus Punch if you prefer hard seltzers, or taste their wheat beer variety called S’wheat Child O Mine.

For wine selections, try their offerings of Berton’s Moscato Frizzante with orange blossom and white peach aromas, the light-bodied Gaslighter Rosé with tangy red fruit flavors, or the Viognier by Domaine Gassier, with its long and lush zingy fruit taste.

Likewise, check out their Spirits selections like Doc Swinson’s 95-proof Rye Whiskey, the Straight Bourbon Whiskey by Cardinal, and the Eagle Park Strawberry Cheesecake for something unique.

They also offer small-bite snacks and finger foods you can enjoy with your drinks like the Flourchild Pizza flavors like the King Cheese, Sgt. Pepperoni, Curd Your Enthusiasm, and Butternut Touch My Squash.

Munch on delicious tots in Original Tots, Cheese Curd, and Sour Cream & Chive varieties.

You can also try other Three Cellars snacks like Zuber’s Beef Sticks, Goody Gourmets Popcorn in plain and assorted flavors, sweets, nuts, and pretzel bites, or their Cheese Board.

Enjoy Tasty Food Servings at Café Agora

Whether you’re craving breakfast any time of the day or looking for a hearty lunch, Café Agora is a great food stop you can go to.

Located on Appleton Avenue, the restaurant offers good and affordable kitchen-to-table meals made from the freshest and finest local ingredients.

The café derived its name from the ancient Greek meeting place called agora, where locals gather with friends for conversations.

Enjoy classic breakfast specials served with your choice of assorted meat and potato recipes.

Try their Super Bowl Breakfast items like the Vegetarian Shakshuka Breakfast Bowl, Columbian Desayuno Bowl, Sriracha Bourbon Short Rib Bowl, or the Smoked Salmon and Spinach Bowl.

They also have assorted Holy Crepe flavors like Berry, Banana Nutella, Caramel Apple, and Southwest; likewise, their Mega Omelettes and Sensational Skillets are always a crowd favorite.

For lunch, you’ll enjoy their Smoked Salmon, Bistro Caesar, and Athenian salads served with ciaba.

Take a bite of flavorful sandwiches like the Ultimate Patty Melt, the Cuban, Cali Chicken Club, or the Smoked Salmon, all served with fresh fruit or potato.

You’ll also love Café Agora’s handcrafted all-beef burgers like their house-style Agora, Chimichurri, Dimi Cali, and Rancher burger flavors.

Spend a Relaxing Day at Rotary Park

The Rotary Park on Fond Du Lac Avenue is a great place to unwind and relax any time of the day.

You’ll find this 36-acre public park along the Menomonee River on the east Menomonee Falls.

You can wander on the park trails or just sit and relax on the benches with a book or a snack.

Pick up a friendly volleyball match at the courts for some activity.

Your little tots can also run and play in the playground area, then you can have a lunch picnic at the shelters after.

Take a much-needed break at Rotary Park.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Cravings at Chocolate Falls

You’ll find it hard to resist the sweet confections at Chocolate Falls.

The chocolate shop is located west of Appleton Avenue on Main Street, and they’re always ready to welcome chocolate lovers from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

All their treats are made with love with new items added regularly at the shop.

If you happen to drop by from May to October, you can also try some Cedar Crest Ice Cream flavors.

Choose from a variety of indulging delicacies like Chocolate Covered Oreos, Non-Pariels, and assorted Truffles.

And who doesn’t want some Gummi Bears, Chocolate Covered Pretzel, Almond Toffee, and Sea Salt Caramels?

And of course, there’s always room to chew some Brownie Bites.

Chocolate Falls also sells Chocolate Discs and caramel for your sweet creations.

Relax and Unwind at Mill Pond Park

Mill Pond Park covered with snow

Craig A Walker /

Mill Pond Park is another community park you can bring your family.

This downtown park spans 2.5 acres offering a mix of relaxing green space and a wide brick plaza area.

You’ll easily find it on Water Street.

Its main feature is the pond that was made during the time the Menomonee River was supplying water to power a mill; you can drop by to see the pond area and the Lepper Dam spillway at the southern section of the park.

View of the Mill Pond Park on a beautiful autumn morning

Dori, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Have your photos taken with the iconic spillway in the background or at the park’s lovely gazebo.

Likewise, stroll around on the park trail or enjoy the views and fresh air on the benches.

And you might even catch a show or event at the Mill Pond Park amphitheater.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Befriend Living Creatures at the Milwaukee County Zoo

Welcome sign of Milwaukee County Zoo

en:User:Cburnett, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Milwaukee County Zoo is a sprawling park that hosts a fantastic array of wildlife and is renowned for its educational resources and wildlife conservation programs.

It is located 18 minutes from Menomonee Falls, covering an area of 190 acres and housing over 1800 animals.

The zoo is noted for the second birth of siamangs and polar bears in captivity and is home to one of the largest groups of bonobos.

It also gained recognition for its locally-famed gorilla, Samson, and for celebrity animal Gertie the Duck.

A polar bear at Milwaukee County Zoo

Kingfishcafe /

Its vision is to become a zoo of renown, a leader in animal conservation, management, research, and education within a productive recreational milieu.

See their vast collection of fish, invertebrates, reptiles, and amphibians at the Aquatic and Reptile Center.

View colorful birds of very different feathers, such as hornbills, herons, penguins, and woodpeckers at the Herb and Nada Mahler Family Aviary.

Watch extraordinary felines in their natural habitats at the Florence Mila Borchert Big Cat Country.

Observe the bonobos and Western lowland gorillas in the tropical rainforest-themed Stearns Family Apes of Africa.

Visitor's of Milwaukee County Zoo feeding the giraffes

Mark Baylor from West Bend, WI, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Take an Epic Trip to the Harley-Davidson Museum

Exterior of Harley-Davidson Museum

Tony Savino /

Harley-Davidson is one of the world’s most famed motorcycle brands, and this museum, located 24 minutes from Menomonee Falls, has interactive exhibits, workshops, photo galleries, and behind-the-scenes tours.

It helps spectators discover culture and history through interactive exhibits that celebrate camaraderie, self-expression, and sheer love for the sport.

It has an unparalleled collection of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, a 20-acre green campus, and memorabilia on two exhibit floors.

Exhibit inside Harley-Davidson Museum

Paulo Nabas /

Watch legends come to life and view Harley-Davidson’s iconic history, the mechanics behind motorcycles, and the gallery of bikes from 1903 to the present.

See the Clubs and Competition exhibit, from hill climbs to board track racing, club rides, and endurance events.

Check out the Engine Room exploded bike display showcasing engine mechanics and the evolution of the Harley-Davidson engine.

Bring your kids to the Imagination Station, where they can suit up in Harley gear, rev up the engine of a knucklehead motorcycle, and enjoy games, books, and puzzles.

Tank collection display in Harley-Davidson Museum

Animas Photography /

Stroll along the Milwaukee Riverwalk

Wooden chairs along Milwaukee Riverwalk

Chris LaBasco /

Twenty-four minutes from Menomonee Falls is the Milwaukee Riverwalk, a famous attraction in Milwaukee.

It winds through the city’s heart, binding together three unique riverfront neighborhoods: the Historic Third Ward, Downtown, and Beerline B.

See the outdoor art gallery called RiverSculpture! which includes temporary installations, permanent pieces, small whimsical sculptures, and striking abstract creations.

Pose with the statue of Arthur Fonzarelli from the sitcom “Happy Days,” standing five-foot-six with his signature thumbs up.

Dine alfresco by the riverfront at one of the many bars and restaurants with refreshing patios.

Statue of Arthur Fonzarelli at Milwaukee Riverwalk

stellamc /

See the Riverwalk from the water as you hop in a kayak or stand-up paddleboard from Clear Water Outdoor.

Enjoy dance, music, outdoor movies, and other free entertainment for the whole family at the Peck Pavilion at Marcus Center in the summer.

Watch the outdoor concert series, River Rhythms, which hosts national and local acts in genres from salsa to reggae.

Take one of the famous sightseeing, evening cocktail, or concert tours on the Milwaukee Boat Line cruises.

There is so much to explore on the Riverwalk, and it is an easy and fun way to discover a vibrant downtown uniquely.

Daytime view of Milwaukee Riverwalk

Chris LaBasco /

Final Thoughts

Menomonee Falls holds a bounty of creativity, luxury, knowledge, entertainment, conservation, and recreation opportunities.

It is a multi-faceted location and has something every family, couple, friend group, and individual can enjoy.

Menomonee Falls has something for everybody, from engaging history to indoor indulgences to outdoor escapes.

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