16 Best Things to Do in McDonough, GA

McDonough, GA
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McDonough, Georgia, is commonly known as a town that is suitable for every season.

With an approximate population of fewer than 9,000 inhabitants, McDonough is located roughly 30 minutes from the state's capital, Atlanta.

As revealed by the National Council for Home Safety and Security, McDonough is one of the safest cities in Georgia for 2020.

McDonough has it all; aside from safety, the City has always been a tourist spot to celebrate various events such as live music, Geranium Festival, Ladies Night Out, Christmas, and New Year's Eve.

You might probably wonder what is something in McDonough, Georgia that made it perfectly worthy of celebrating any kind of event in the place.

McDonough not only guarantees fun and exciting leisure, but it is a remnant of the region's history.

Here are the best things to do in McDonough, Georgia:

Visit the Heritage Park Veterans Museum

View of Heritage Park Veterans Museum
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Everybody is pretty curious how the City of McDonough came into being with the brave and vital contribution of the military to proclaim their sense of nationhood.

Heritage Park Veterans Museum, even though small, it was perfectly built to show you the momentous story and legacy of McDonough's heroic military.

View of Heritage Park Veterans Museum
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Inside, you can see a number of vehicles from the 1910s, including the military's equipment, uniforms, and ration boxes.

Everything you can see in the museum is the exact things the military used decades ago; how interesting is that?

Have Some Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at Southern Belle Farm

You have to prepare yourself to explore every fascinating place of McDonough; thus, you want to be more healthy and robust.

Well, staying healthy while having fun and stimulating leisure is everything.

Southern Belle Farm is where you can pick or buy healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables such as pumpkins, strawberries, corn maze, and many more!

Strawberry picking is an old practice of many people; everybody still enjoys it today, even the kids.

Aside from its fresh, healthy, and dirt-free fruits and vegetables, you can also see all the lovely animals and gorgeous flowers on the farm.

Before going, aside from preparing your huge basket for the harvest, make sure to schedule your camera to take pictures around the extraordinary views there!

Relax at True Rest Float Spa

This is popular in McDonough, Georgia; you can have a float session in 10-inch deep water with a thousand pounds of Epsom salt.

REST stands for Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy.

From the name itself, you can have a 100% authentic rest and relaxation with zero-gravity that will let your body and mind perfectly float in the water.

This would be a great way to relax after your trip all the way to McDonough, Georgia.

You will genuinely love the solitude, calmness of the spa while your body pains and aches will also be taken care of.

Selfcare is everything, and you can have it endlessly in True Rest Float Spa!

Join the Spooky Adventure in Haunted McDonough Downtown Ghost Walk

If you are fond of trying something interesting you have never tried before, this will be perfect for you.

You can have an hour and a half tour with various locations such as shops, restaurants, and a town square believed to have ghosts.

Don't worry; you will not be doing that alone because you will have a ghost tour with an expert, and everybody is guaranteed to be safe at all times.

Don't miss the chance; this exciting and thrilling experience is once in a lifetime!

Stop by the Hood Street Arts Center

There is no doubt that McDonough is one of the cities in Georgia that values and consistently commemorates its cultural events every year.

The Hood Street Arts Center is where many exhibitions of cultural events in the City will happen.

It is a 1,800 square meter space and is collectively formed by various community arts organizations.

The exciting thing about Hood Street Arts Center, together with Henry Arts Alliance, is that they regularly held extraordinary events by making the City an enchanting place where everyone can have the chance to enjoy the City's culture and arts.

Have Fun at the Sandy Ridge Bike Park

This facility was established by USABMX Association; it is where bike races are being held.

It was made open to the public who wish to enjoy the feeling of bike racing with their family and friends.

The track is extraordinary; it comes from a 50 feet hill, three high-banked with 800 feet jumps, rollers, whoops, and set-ups.

Just make sure to wear all your bicycle protective gear to prevent unnecessary dangers.

Discover More Things About the City in Heritage Park

Suppose you want to discover more about McDonough other than going to the Veterans Museum.

In that case, you can visit the Heritage Park, which can take you back to the earliest days of McDonough.

The most exciting part about this Historical Village is that everything you will see inside is discernible from the 1800s, such as the settler's log cabin, schoolhouse, Henry County's first library, and some of its other main attractions.

Besides, there is a park where children's playgrounds, picnic tables, and benches are free to use.

Moreover, the iconic Rail therein is the steam locomotive from 1934, where the enthusiast will be glad every time they hear the steam.

Check Out the Exclusive Cameras at the Camera Museum and Escape Room

The exciting stuff in McDonough is unpredictable and not limited.

This is not the kind of museum you would ever expect; it exhibits a variety of cameras, especially antique and vintage ones.

If you adore various types of cameras, especially the unique and rare ones, this place is perfect for you.

You can see a total of 1,200 cameras inside and other related things such as old advertisements and images.

With all the tremendous exciting things you can see inside, you can never imagine that this museum could cover all the history of digital photography 150 years ago.

Make sure to check everything out; you will surely like it!

Visit the C.O. Polk Interactive Museum

View of a Sign in C.O. Polk Interactive Museum
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This museum is situated in the downtown of McDonough that exhibits contemporary technology to showcase the history 200 years ago in the City.

With the unique combination of physical objects and the online platform, the virtual and physical presented the formative years of the City when the place was the inherited motherland of the Creek Indian Nation.

It shows the value names that have contributed to the formation of the City and all the essential industries that helped establish a successful McDonough today.

Play With your Family and Friends at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park

This is one of the most visited places in McDonough, located in the Mill Road area.

Regardless of age, you are welcome to enjoy the Indoor Trampoline Park activities and games such as bouncing, fitness programs, and dodgeball!

Aside from having fun, you are also working out without noticing it; how cool is that?

Their staff was impressively polite and hospitable to all its clients from the moment you came into the moment you exit.

Prepare for productive and exciting activities!

Watch the Henry Players

Witness the outstanding performance of The Henry Players as they showcase their talents in singing, acting, dancing, and every other thing that would surely make you watch them without a wink.

The group was formulated from local volunteers of the community as stagehands, actors, orchestra, etc., who can perform for 4-5 shows per season.

They usually perform during Thursday-Saturday with a combination of adult and family alignment presentations every night.

The Henry Players have performances every few weeks, so make sure that you secure your ticket at the earliest possible time before you miss it!

Discover Your Skills in Arts With A Toast to Art

It is one of the most famous painting studios in McDonough, Georgia and the most visited by the people.

What is interesting about this place is that apart from seeing those impressive exhibitions inside, you can also do everything by yourself as they can provide you with all the guides and supplies to do the painting.

You do not need to be a professional artist with substantial experience; all you need is to enroll in a class to become a painter for only $25.

What are you waiting for? Don't miss the opportunity to unveil that hidden talent of yours.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Sweet Ashley's Chocolate

Sweet Ashley's is not the typical chocolate shop that you expect it to be; it is one of the most visited by most people in the town.

How unique is Sweet Ashley's among the other chocolate shops in the City?

They offer a wide variety of products; they create unique handmade chocolate bombs, turtles, gourmet apples, and roasted nuts.

Suppose you haven't decided what to give to your children on their birthdays, Christmas, or other occasions. In that case, you might have your answer inside!

Every product was exclusively created for all ages, and you will definitely love how they were made.

You might be discouraged eating them due to how adorable and gorgeous they are presented, but remember that they are still the most delicious chocolates.

Shop at the LilyBell and Grace

This is the most visited destination for women who have excellent styles and magnificent home decor at the most reasonable price.

If you are looking for large clocks, ottomans, home decors, or beautiful mirrors, this place is absolutely for you!

All the clothes are incredibly unique and high quality, while the home decors are competitive at an affordable price.

Other than its tremendous items offered, they also have jewelry available.

The best part of LilyBell is that aside from its ruthless designs in the new trends, every item is all below $50.

If you have ladies' nights out, do not forget to include this store as one of your destinations, and you will never regret it after!

Other Things to Do Nearby

Check Out the Impressive Stone Mountain Park

View of the Impressive Stone Mountain Park
Brett Barnhill / Shutterstock.com

You might have heard this before, or you are familiar with how it looks.

The iconic Stone Mountain Park is one of the most visited destinations near McDonough, Georgia.

It is not a typical mountain you can ever imagine; it is a mountain of rock elevated from the landscape.

View of the Impressive Stone Mountain Park
K I Photography / Shutterstock.com

The path to its hiking summit will have multiple sites, but it is always possible to get to the top of the mountain through a Skyride cable car.

Stone Mountain Park is widely known as one of the most prominent products of bass relief in the world, which represents the three of the Confederacy's most essential leaders.

Enjoy the Scenery at Clayton County International Park

View of Clayton County International Park
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It is situated in the northwest of McDonough, and this park is widely known for its long-lived legacy that emanated during the hosting of the Olympic games several decades ago.

Undoubtedly, all local communities situated near the Clayton County International Park benefited from it.

View of Clayton County International Park
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As mentioned, it is where the Olympic Games were held before; thus, the park's structure is suitable for biking, various sports, and lake waters.

You might not expect how big the water slides there until you see it.

Final Thoughts

McDonough, Georgia, has a lot of things and activities that everyone, regardless of age and gender, can absolutely appreciate.

Aside from fun and excitement, we can all say that McDonough is highly committed to preserving their City's integrity by upholding their remnant of civilization in terms of how they could showcase the City's history in a lot of respect.