20 Best Things to Do in Marysville, CA

Marysville, CA
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Known as “California’s Oldest Little City,” Marysville is a charming little city located in the Gold Country Region in Northern California.

The city was a crucial location during the Gold Rush of California in the 1800s, welcoming numerous immigrants due to this mass migration.

These immigrants rushed to the great state to find gold and make a fortune.

The era of the Gold Rush has also shaped the city's history, with its influences still lasting in its streets today.

It’s a humble town that has preserved some of its architecture and heritage from the past centuries.

You'll also find a diverse community through the culture of the immigrants that have lived here for hundreds of years.

Explore Marysville, CA, by checking out the best things to do in the city.

Hang Out at Ellis Lake

A short stone bridge over Ellis Lake
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Ellis Lake is an artificial marvel in the middle of the city.

It's also the perfect place to hang out and relax when in Marysville.

During the Great Depression, President Franklin D. Roosevelt implemented the New Deal, which helped build various infrastructures around the country.

One of these is Ellis Lake, built in 1939.

The calm waters of Ellis Lake
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Visitors can spend the day doing various activities in and around the lake.

You can bring a mat and set up a picnic while you chat away with friends.

Otherwise, take a quick run on the tracks around the lake.

You can also come and feed the ducks swimming in the lake.

Ellis Lake is a lovely stop when in Marysville.

Gorgeous sunset reflecting on Ellis Lake
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See the Birds at the West Coast Falconry

On the outskirts of Marysville is the West Coast Falconry, a unique destination and experience you should check out when in the city.

The West Coast Falconry honors the legendary ancient hunting tradition, offering a full range of classes and services for people of all levels of experience.

You can avail of the different services the falconry offers, including the essential falconry experience, owl viewing, nature excursions and more.

The West Coast Falconry is also the first in the state to offer seminars to those interested in pursuing a license to become a certified falconer.

A visit to the West Coast Falconry is a thrilling experience for visitors of all ages.

Discover the History of Marysville at the Mary Aaron Memorial Museum

Built in 1855, the Mary Aaron Memorial Museum is an important destination that tells the story and history of Marysville.

The architect and inventor Warren P. Miller built the house, which the Aaron family bought in the 1870s.

It remained under their ownership until 1955.

Before donating the house to the city, Mary's only son requested them to name it after his mother as a tribute.

The house is home to various records and memorabilia of Marysville’s history, from old records and documents to photos of the city over the centuries.

There are also various displays of vintage finds from instruments, clothing and books, some owned by the Aaron family.

Located right in the city's heart, the Mary Aaron Memorial Museum is a great stop to visit to learn more about Marysville.

Feel the Rush at the Marysville Raceway Park

If you feel the need for speed, you will enjoy a day at the Marysville Raceway Park, located right outside the city center.

The park is the perfect place for racing enthusiasts to fuel their need for speed as they watch professionals rev up their engines around the course.

There are weekly race schedules you can check out on their official website and pop-up special events.

Don’t see the races on an empty stomach.

There are on-site concessions like hotdogs and cold drinks to keep you fueled while you cheer for the drivers.

Dig into a Steak at the Silver Dollar Saloon

Right along 1st Street is the Silver Dollar Saloon, located in a historic building that has stood in the city since 1858.

Enjoy their selection of food and drinks in a classic saloon atmosphere.

Order from their range of steaks done the way you like.

Otherwise, grab their homemade burgers such as the Silver Dollar Burger, Mushroom Jack or the Bison Burger.

Pair these up with a drink or two from their wide selection of beer, cocktails and spirits.

The second story of the Silver Dollar was once the location of the Grand Hotel.

It was one of the famous illegal brothels famous during the Gold Rush.

Now it’s restored and open for public tours.

Visitors can see old memorabilia and photos from the hotel’s heyday.

Grab a bite and a beer while stepping back in time at the Silver Dollar Saloon.

Learn about Chinese-American Relations at the Chinese American Museum

The Chinese diaspora has had deep roots in the United States, having been a big part of the Gold Rush in the 1800s.

Chinese immigrants also contributed to the immense progress of California throughout its history.

Located in Marysville’s Historic Chinatown, the Chinese-American Museum commemorates those experiences that span over 150 years.

This Chinatown is also the last existing from that era.

The museum building dates back to 1858, the height of the California Gold Rush.

See and experience snippets of the life of Chinese immigrants a hundred years ago from the collection of photographs, documents and artifacts the museum has on display.

The museum also serves as a venue for events in the area, including the nearby Bok Kai Temple, just a stone’s throw away.

Enjoy a Day Out at the Beckwourth Riverfront Park

Located along the Feather River is the Beckwourth Riverfront Park, a beautiful patch of greenery in Marysville.

The park is named after James Beckwourth, an emancipated slave who led the first wagon train of immigrants into the city in 1851.

This happened during a time that was critical to the area’s growth and development.

The park is a wide-open space for locals and visitors to enjoy outdoor and community activities.

The park hosts sporting events and concerts in the city.

Visitors can also use the multiple facilities available in the park, including softball fields, soccer fields, a golf driving range and an off-road ATV area.

Visitors can also take advantage of the open waters nearby and rent a boat to explore the area.

Beckwourth Riverfront Park is a great place to relax and bask in the open sun in Marysville.

Have a Cup of Coffee at the Brick Coffee House Café

Are you looking for a great place to have a cup of coffee in Marysville?

Drop by the Brick Coffee House Café.

It's a beautiful café with beautiful interiors and a relaxing alfresco area.

Brick Coffee House is a favorite among locals for its fresh cup of joe.

Try some of their unique drinks like the Gold Rush, a blended white mocha, or the Bok Kai Chai, a spiced black tea.

Pair this with food items, such as their hot pastrami sandwich or veggie quesadilla.

It’s a great place to stop by, chat, and relax in Marysville.

Ride the Tracks at MMX Racing

Located across the Yuba River is MMX Racing, an open track for motocross enthusiasts and those looking for an adrenaline rush.

The field is over a 20-acre facility, with multiple tracks available.

Choose from the main path, sand track, vintage track, or the dirt oval.

Get on your motocross and try your hand at racing on the tracks.

Feel the excitement as you speed up on the dirt track.

Kids can also try their hand at the sport as there is a kids track available.

Rev up your engines and have a fun day at MMX Racing.

Visit the Museum of the Forgotten Warriors

Located outside the city center, the Museum of the Forgotten Warriors is another unique destination in Marysville.

The Vietnam vet Dan Spear built the museum in 1983.

He built it to honor the servicemen and women from the Vietnam War after he came home from that unpopular conflict.

Dan initially put it up in his garage.

Today, the museum is home to different stories of veterans serving in various wars throughout American history.

You'll find over 22,000 displays of memorabilia and personal stories from the Civil War to the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

The museum houses displays of photographs, uniforms, records, and other memorabilia coming from thousands of US veterans.

Watch Baseball at the Colusa Casino Stadium

Located near the expanse of Ellis Lake is the Colusa Casino Stadium, a great place to watch and play America’s pastime.

The stadium has been the home base of the Yuba-Sutter Gold Sox team since 2002.

You can come and catch the local baseball games happening while in the city.

Don’t forget to order a few classic concessions to fill you up during an exciting game, such as hotdogs, fries and a soda!

Enjoy America’s favorite pastime at the Colusa Casino Stadium!

Shop Fresh and Local at Marysville Farmer’s Marketplace

Are you looking to eat in and make a healthy meal for the family in the city?

Drop by Marysville Farmer’s Marketplace to source all of your fresh ingredients.

Marysville Farmer’s Marketplace has everything you need, from fresh produce sourced from local vendors to all types of cans and bottles for your weeknight dinner.

For those looking for something fresh on the go, they also have their hot case menu that sells ready-made food from chicken nuggets to fresh deli sandwiches.

Take advantage of their day-by-day promos such as Taco Thursdays or Teriyaki Chicken Tuesdays.

Grab your next good, filling meal from Maryville Farmer’s Marketplace!

Grab a Sweet Treat at Sun’s Donuts

Along E 12thStreet is local haunt Sun’s Donuts, a great place to get your sweet fix when in Marysville.

Choose from their humble but delicious selection of donuts and pastries.

Choose from old-fashioned donuts to cake donuts and flavored ones such as buttermilk, cinnamon twist and jelly-filled.

Wash it down with an order of hot coffee or a selection from their juice offerings.

Sun’s is a quaint but tasty joint you shouldn’t miss when in the city.

Experience a New Culture at the Bok Kai Festival

It's a different type of cultural exploration when you attend the Bok Kai Festival.

This yearly event embraces the Chinese tradition and takes pride in having the longest-held parade in all of California.

Its history dates back somewhere to the 1850s.

Aside from the parade, this festival also offers street dances, a car show, and a film screening.

There's also a lion dance performance to bring in good luck and fortune.

The Bok Kai Festival takes place in various locations in downtown Marysville.

But its primary venue is the historic Bok Kai Temple.

Savor a Variety of Peach Snacks at the Marysville Peach Festival

Every July, the Marysville Peach Festival graces the streets of the city for a mid-summer celebration.

This yearly event started in 1999.

And since then, this has been an anticipated festival for both residents and tourists visiting Northern California.

Aside from fresh local peaches, expect a diverse array of peach dishes, snacks, desserts, and beverages.

The festival also comes with a pie-eating contest and a setlist of amazing bands to serenade your visit.

Go on a food trip along Marysville's shopping district and discover hidden restaurants and eateries.

Mark your calendars for the annual Marysville Peach Festival.

Jump the Day Away at Altitude Trampoline Park

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping escapade when you drop by Altitude Trampoline Park for a visit.

This trampoline park provides a variety of movement-inducing amenities, including 8-foot-high trampoline walls and safety nets.

Some of the park's attractions include a dodgeball court, a ropes course, and a spider tower.

Your little ones might like the inflatable slides, the foam pit, and the Jellyfish Jump.

For an adventurous time, try out the Olympic Trampoline and the Wipeout Arena.

And the best part?

Everyone is welcome at the trampoline arena; there is no age limit!

Be sure to come in your comfortable clothes and prepare for an active quest ahead.

You can find Altitude Trampoline Park on 64th Street Northeast.

Watch a Rodeo Show at the Marysville Stampede

One of the city's awaited events is the Marysville Stampede.

This festival is a celebration of the city's Western rodeo heritage and has been a city tradition since 1933.

Showcasing the nation's top rodeos, this event program includes saddle bronc riding and steer wrestling.

The festival also offers Mutton Bustin', which is a tourist favorite, and an array of kids' activities, including a coin dig and a coloring contest.

And starting off this city-wide event is a parachute extravaganza carrying the American flag to celebrate Patriot Day.

Marysville Stampede takes place at Cotton Rosser Arena in Riverfront Park every September.

Embrace Nostalgia as You Play Classic Games at Back in Time Arcade

Back in Time Arcade promises you a fun-filled family-friendly adventure within its walls.

This indoor entertainment center offers the best of classic gaming with its arcade machines.

From fighting games and shooters to pinball, the entertainment opportunities are infinite!

And the fun is for everyone of all ages, too!

The center also offers private arcade party rentals.

So, gather your loved ones and friends and prepare for a nostalgic time playing with them.

Get going to 5th Street to reach Back in Time Arcade.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Figure Your Way Out of NorCal Escape Co.

Those who love a great challenge would enjoy taking on NorCal Escape co., located in neighboring Yuba City, California.

It's 13 minutes away from Marysville.

Come with friends and family and work together to solve puzzles to get yourself out of the escape room before time runs out.

Take on their different themed rooms such as The Box, Escape Truck, or the Fox Tail Saloon.

It’s full of mind-boggling challenges that put your nerves and quick wits to the test!

Drop by NorCal Escape Co. for an exciting and fun-filled day of escape room adventures!

Drink a Pint at Sutter Buttes Brewing

Are you looking for a delicious meal and a good drink in Yuba City?

It's six minutes away from Marysville.

Drop by Sutter Buttes Brewing to fulfill your cravings.

Founded in 2011, Sutter Buttes Brewing is a proud Yuba City establishment, with its brews rooted in the area’s diversity and rich history.

Try their signature Water Tower IPA or their North Butte Amber Ale.

Pair these with their comfort food items like the jalapeno popper appetizer or any of their woodfire pizza selections.

Beer also goes well with dessert.

Order your pint with a side of their Brew Pub Brownie or Cookie Tree Cheesecake.

You’ll leave the Sutter Buttes Brewing full and happy!

Final Thoughts

Marysville is a quaint destination that may not seem like much but is riddled with that little town charm.

It’s a city deeply rooted in rich history and is an important location that shaped the diversity and heritage of the area.

It’s also where different cultures have come together to call home, integrating their beliefs with the city’s everyday quiet hustle and bustle.

Plan your trip to Marysville, CA, today.

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