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15 Best Things to Do in Marshall, TX

  • Published 2022/08/05

Marshall is a city dating back to 1841, sitting on the northeast side of Texas.

It is the county seat of Harrison County and was the first to develop a telegraph service in the state.

Currently, the city offers plenty of historical places to visit and different spots to discover.

Spanning 76.81 square kilometers in area, Marshall offers plenty of activities and sights.

Some spots you can find in this city include attractive shopping spaces and places for fun activities.

Here are the best things to do in Marshall:

Visit the Texas and Pacific Railroad Museum/Depot

Steam locomotive at Texas and Pacific Railroad Museum/Depot

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

History fans will find plenty to visit and explore in Marshall.

Among the different historical locations in the city, Texas and Pacific Railroad Museum/Depot is one of the historical sites to discover.

The Texas and Pacific Railroad Museum/Depot is the remnants of the T&P Railway yards.

At one point, the depot was a refuge for soldiers from World War I and II and a venue for telegraph and immigration offices.

A caboose on the grounds of Texas and Pacific Railroad Museum/Depot

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can identify the depot by the large red building near the North Washington area.

Likewise, you can access the museum portion via a tunnel below the Amtrak line and in the Ginocchio National Historic District.

The museum features several train artifacts, including early passenger train memorabilia and a model train.

Take a chance to explore local history by visiting the Texas and Pacific Railroad Museum/Depot.

Browse Paintings and Other Displays at the Michelson Museum of Art

Those who love art need to check out the works at the Michelson Museum of Art.

The Michelson Museum of Art is a venue for various works done by different artists.

As the name indicates, the museum features several artworks by artist Leo Michelson.

The museum opened in 1985.

Since then, many other artists have added their works to the collection.

These artists include Dr. Bernard Kronenberg and Ramona Ward.

Depending on the month, you can find different exhibitions featured at the museum in varying mediums from distinct artists.

In addition to featuring a variety of art mediums and artists, the museum hosts summer classes.

You can find the museum in the North Bolivar area within the Southwestern Bell Telephone Building.

See a Show at the Memorial City Hall

The Memorial City Hall is the prime spot for watching performing arts in the city, and you can visit it by heading to East Houston Street.

The performance center opened in 1927, featuring various performances ranging from concerts to informational talks.

Besides being a performing center, the Memorial City Hall is a conference center where several events occur.

The performing and conference center also doubles as a venue for the local museum exhibit depicting the history of local veterans.

If you like performing arts or enjoy a good concert, stop at the Memorial City Hall.

Check Out Pottery at Martinez Pottery

Do you like pottery?

If you do, head to Martinez Pottery at North Marshall Industrial Avenue.

Martinez Pottery is a family business that features various types of hand-thrown pottery with different designs.

The shop produces a hundred to a thousand pieces daily and offers a range of components to meet different home needs.

Whether you need a new set of plates or a pet bowl, Martinez Pottery has several options for you to choose from in their collection.

Learn County History at the Harrison County Historical Museum

Exterior of Harrison County Historical Museum

wxlson /

While there is plenty of history to explore in the city, the county also holds its share of history at the Harrison County Historical Museum.

The Harrison County Historical Museum features two locations where you can learn county history in Marshall.

You can find these exhibits at Peter Whetstone Square and East Houston.

Depending on which exhibit you visit, you can learn about general county history or the history of local veterans.

In addition to two different locations, the Harrison County Historical Museum hosts volunteer and educational programs.

Browse Collectibles at the Weisman Center

If you’re near the downtown area around North Washington Avenue, you should check out The Weisman Center.

The Weisman Center is a department store housing a collection of stores featuring different items, including gifts, collectibles, and more.

Some items you can browse at the Weisman Center include vintage furniture, retail pieces, and candles.

There is no shortage of items you can discover at this store, whether you want to get an antique piece or a fun gift for someone.

Shop at the Blissmoor Valley Ranch Company Store

Enjoy a chance to browse fun items and get a treat by visiting the Blissmoor Valley Ranch Company Store on North Washington Avenue.

Some products you can find at this store include antique pieces, accessories, and house decor.

When you’ve had your fill of shopping, you can enjoy a selection of sweets offered by the store.

These sweets include ice cream, homemade fudge, and more.

You can also enjoy a soda or other snacks offered by the store.

If you want a fun shopping experience while exploring Marshall, the Blissmoor Valley Ranch Company Store is a top place to visit.

Find Fresh Items and Crafts at the Market on the Square

If you visit Marshall during the end of May, check out Market on the Square.

The Market on the Square is the local farmer’s market located in the city’s downtown area and mainly runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Various vendors sell products like fresh jams, honey, produce, and various handcrafted pieces.

You can also find a selection of free books, live entertainment, and other events that take place in the market.

Check out Market on the Square if you want to sample local fares and events.

Try the Smoked Meats at the Bear Creek Smokehouse

The Bear Creek Smokehouse is a top place to visit in Marshall when exploring the local food scene.

Running since 1943 and located around State Highway, the Bear Creek Smokehouse specializes in smoked meats and offers a variety of products.

In addition to different smoked meats and meat products, the smokehouse has a selection of soups, jarred goods, sweets, and more.

Aside from different food items, you can buy retail items and a cookbook.

Depending on the day, you can also get barbeque.

You can find plenty of food items to try while visiting the Bear Creek Smokehouse.

Take a Tour of the Starr Family Home State Historic Site

Exterior of Starr Family Home State Historic Site

Jeffrey M. Frank /

The Starr Family Home State Historic Site is one of the different historical spots you can find in the city.

You can visit this site by heading to West Travis Street.

The historical site dates back to the 1870s and gained recognition as a historical landmark in 1986.

The house is approximately 3.1-acres with two stories and various artifacts within.

History marker of Starr Family Home State Historic Site

Nicolas Henderson from Coppell, Texas, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Some of the artifacts at this site include old furnishings and clothing, among other pieces.

Several of these pieces date as far back as the 1800s and depicts the life of four generations of a family.

If you want to see local history in Marshall, the Starr Family Home State Historic Site is a top spot for curious travelers.

Visit the Horses at Karma Farms

Horse lovers need to make a stop at Karma Farms when visiting Marshall.

Karma Farms is a horse riding center and breeding farm located around U.S. Highway 59.

The farm mainly features Colonial Spanish horses.

Its mission is to preserve the breed.

Likewise, the farm offers horse riding sessions for guests to join.

The family farm spans 150 acres, and if you want to join any riding session, you need to book via a phone call.

If you want to try riding a horse or want to meet one, Karma Farms is where to go.

Park Your RV at the Cypress Valley RV Park

Among the different places to visit in Marshall, the Cypress Valley RV Park is an ideal spot for enjoying the outdoors.

You can locate the RV Park along U.S. Highway 59 and stay for as long as a month.

The park features several facilities for a fun camping experience and various options for different activities.

Whether you want to try fishing or enjoy a board game at the lodge, the RV park and staff will leave you with a comfortable stay.

Anyone who loves camping, nature, or both will find plenty to enjoy when staying at the Cypress Valley RV Park.

Play Softball at the Infield Downtown

The Infield Downtown may be limited to members, but it’s a prime place to check out for any baseball or softball fans.

The facility spans more than 6,500 square feet and sits near North Washington.

There are several batting cages available in this facility and other amenities for members.

There is also a lounge area where you can rest between games and enjoy a snack.

Check out the Infield Downtown facility if you are interested in joining the local sports scene or enjoy playing ball.

Join the Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival is one of the many events you can join in Marshall, another way to enjoy the fall season.

The festival takes place around October and is a local celebration of the Halloween season.

There are plenty of sights and activities to enjoy at this festival, including face painting, hayrides, and a petting zoo.

You can also find plenty of kids going trick or treating and having fun with different facilities, such as a bounce house.

The Harvest Festival takes place around the downtown area and generally lasts for about a day.

Light up Your Holidays at the Wonderland of Lights

Holiday lights-covered county courthouse during the Wonderland of Lights

LMPark Photos /

Make your holidays in Marshall brighter by checking out the Wonderland of Lights.

The Wonderland of Lights is a month-long festival that began nearly 40 years ago and featured millions of lights sparkling up the Historic 1901 Courthouse.

There is no shortage of options you can try during these activities and plenty of festival sights to enjoy.

Some sights you can find at this festival include a Santa Village, parade, and car show.

As for the different activities you can enjoy at this festival, you can try the carriage rides, train rides, and an ice rink.

You’ll find plenty of ways to enjoy the holidays during the Wonderland of Lights.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Hand Pick Produce at Panola Orchard & Gardens

Marshall may have several sights and attractions you can explore, but there are also fun activities you can check out nearby.

One place you can visit for fun activities is the Panola Orchard & Gardens in De Berry, Texas.

The farm is about 27 minutes from Marshall and features plenty of activities depending on the season.

Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit if you want fresh fruit.

Aside from picking fresh berries, you can check out other fresh and frozen fruit sold by the farm.

In addition, to produce, the farm offers a selection of artisan goods and snacks.

The Panola Orchard & Gardens is a prime spot for getting plenty of treats.

Final Thoughts

Marshall is a city with charm like any other.

Whether you like history or not, there are plenty of sites and stories you can discover in this city.

The city is more than the different spots that feature history that dates back to the 1800s.

It also offers multiple fun spots for various activities.

These spots include unique shops with various trinkets and treats and a selection of places to enjoy the outdoors.

Aside from the many places you can visit in the city, there are several events you can check out in different seasons.

There is a myriad of options you can experience by visiting this Texan city.

Book your trip today and try the best things to do in Marshall, Texas.

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