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15 Best Things to Do in Marinette, WI

  • Published 2022/08/09

Are you into recreational activities and natural wonders?

Are you fond of exploring, learning, and enjoying simultaneously?

If yes, then you need to visit Marinette, Wisconsin!

You can find Marinette on the Menominee River’s south shore, close to Green Bay.

It’s a perfect place for adventurers, sports enthusiasts, and people who like to unwind.

The Algonquin band of the Menominee people first settled in the Marinette area.

However, the city gets its name from Marie Antoinette Chevalier, a well-known Métis woman.

She operated a trading station close to the mouth of the Menominee River.

Since its settlement in the 17th century, Marinette has flourished and developed as a fine, charming, must-visit region.

This historic town has a diverse range of things to do and see.

From natural wonders to artificial structures, Marinette got it all for you!

Here are the best things to do in Marinette, WI:

Enjoy Recreational Activities and Natural Sceneries at the Red Arrow Park

Red Arrow Park is famous for its alluring combination of outdoor leisure and natural beauty that puts its visitors in awe.

The park is a memorial park and beach located on the coast of Green Bay.

In 1945, the city named the park in honor of the 32nd division, the Red Arrow.

In the park’s vicinity, you can enjoy a bike trail, picnic tables and shelters, a playground, and fishing spots.

In addition, ice skating is the perfect activity to do in Red Arrow Park during winter.

It also has an enclosed pavilion available for rental on a first-come, first-serve basis.

These pavilions are suitable for events, gatherings, and other must-cherish life milestone activities.

What are you waiting for?

Take a break and unwind at Red Arrow Park!

Join Wine Tasting at Forgotten Fire Winery

Do you have a palate for wines?

If yes, Forgotten Fire Winery is waiting for you!

Visiting Forgotten Fire Winery is a unique way to see Marinette County’s local and rural charm.

The winery has a wide selection of full-bodied, tasty wines to suit every palate.

Forgotten Fire Winery currently offers over 25 wines, ranging from dry to sweet, hard apple cider and hand-crafted root beer.

Aside from wine tasting, you can also join tours every Saturday at the top of the hour, which helps visitors appreciate and understand the winery.

You may not remember the fire at Forgotten Fire Winery, but you will remember the wine!

Explore the Natural Beauty of Seagull Bar State Natural Area

Seagull Bar State Natural Area features nature’s beauty through the beach’s calm waves and the colorful migratory birds.

Designated as a state natural area in 1962, Seagull Bar is a sandbar and swampland off the coast of Marinette on the border of Green Bay.

Off the City of Marinette is a sandbar and swampland known as Seagull Bar.

It is a central migratory bird staging location and features the only natural dune complex along Green Bay, which accounts for the picturesque landscapes.

During spring and autumn migrations, thousands of shorebirds flock here.

You won’t likely run into many other people when exploring this trail, which is excellent for trail running, hiking, and birding.

Indeed, you’ll reconnect with nature by exploring and enjoying the place.

Start sightseeing at Seagull Bar State Natural Area.

Learn History at Marinette County Historical Logging Museum

Marinette County Historical Logging Museum highlights specialized displays and local artifacts to learn about the place.

Constructed in 1962, the museum received overwhelming support from the community.

The construction also received funds through a campaign from the Marinette County Historical Society.

This museum showcases the county’s logging past through Menominee Indian relics and a small logging camp.

Moreover, Marinette County Historical Logging Museum provides information on the area’s history of logging and boating.

Indeed, you’ll learn history and create memories at Marinette County Historical Logging Museum.

Indulge Yourself with Cheese at Seguin’s House of Cheese

Located along Highway 41, Seguin’s House of Cheese offers various kinds of cheese, from white to yellow.

Established in 1967, Seguin’s House of Cheese flourished and continuously provided the public with quality cheese.

Today, the cheesemaking company serves not only cheese but also different types of sauces, meats, wines, and souvenirs!

You can also find it near hotels, bars, and restaurants.

Seguin’s House of Cheese is an excellent place to stop, take a break, walk around, and shop!

Play with a Team at Dome Lanes

Dome Lanes is an ideal party place since it offers a wide range of indoor activities.

It is an excellent place for a good time as it features bowling, a pool, horseshoes, darts, and more!

In addition, you can also play volleyball with your family, friends, and workmates.

This makes this a perfect spot for the sports enthusiast.

Are you hungry?

Dome Lanes has a bar and grill that serves mouth-watering foods.

They also have well-maintained amenities that provide clients with a first-rate fun-filled experience.

Plan a fun night at Dome Lanes, and let yourself, family, and friends have the best time!

Take Some Photos at Stephenson Island

This magnificent island bears the name of Isaac Stephenson, a well-known Marinette politician.

Since it includes a logging museum and other monuments, it showcases the local culture and history of Marinette.

If you want to hang out with your group, Stephenson Island is a good choice because it has access to picnic areas, playgrounds, a gazebo, and a pavilion.

Stephenson Island will surely educate you and your companions in a fun way.

Moreover, this island gives an overlooking view of the Menominee River, perfect for picture taking.

The marvelous scenery, fun-filled facilities, and informative exhibits make this a great place.

Dive and Swim at Dave’s Falls

Since there are roughly 14 waterfalls in and around Marinette County, it is also well recognized for its distinctive waterfalls.

Located in the town of Amberg, Dave’s falls is a must-visit place for water adventure lovers, visitors, and enthusiasts alike.

You can also enjoy the serenity of the natural place as it is calm and beautiful, especially during winter.

You can also bring your yoga mat and have some time to relax.

Wading areas, low shorelines, rock outcrops, water sports, and more make Dave’s falls one of the most visited waterfalls in Marinette County.

Feel the fresh air and enjoy the cold water at Dave’s Falls!

Shop at Marinette Farmers Market

Complete your Marinette experience and visit its farmers market.

You should try Marinette’s goods and local specialties!

The market provides a broad selection of organic foods, fruits, vegetables, crafts, and local delicacies.

Since the market is in an open area, the place’s ambiance elevates your shopping experience.

While shopping, you will understand the region’s culture and tradition.

Overall, the Marinette Farmers Market is a fantastic shopping destination for your family.

Purchase some locally grown, top-notch produce!

See a Movie at Mariner Theatre

The Mariner Theatre is a single-location, independently owned, locally operated movie theatre.

The theater first opened in 1972, the oldest operating theatre in Marinette.

Despite its history, Mariner Theatre tries its best to keep up with the fast-paced world.

Relax and enjoy a movie in their Luxury High-Back Seating installed in 2019.

Did someone mention dinner theatre?

You can also enjoy a delicious meal there, thanks to the tables between the rows.

Enjoy a wide variety of food selections ranging from pizza and nachos.

Complete your total meal experience with an assortment of beverages available to order.

Likewise, you can rent the theatre for parties and groups, birthdays, field trips, reunions, and more.

What are you waiting for?

Experience a luxurious way of seeing a movie at Mariner Theatre!

Fall In Love with Art at Sno-Haven Pottery

This pottery shop offers four categories of art: paintings, jewelry, pottery, and ceramic pins.

Sno-Haven Pottery will assist you in showcasing your talent by offering classes in jewelry, ceramics, painting, sketching, and drawing.

Their products enable you to express and surround yourself with the art you value.

Do you want to make a pot?

You may also book a class and learn to use a potter’s wheel.

Likewise, you can do this activity by yourself or with your friends.

You will certainly find whatever you need here, whether you’re a fine artist, a business owner, or an interior designer.

Fall in love with arts and become an art enthusiast in Sno-Haven Pottery.

Go Camping at Marinette City Park

Marinette City Park will let you experience camping right in the heart of Marinette City.

You can rent the enclosed pavilions, which include amenities for your convenience.

These amenities include hot and cold running water, indoor and outdoor seating, a long buffet counter with serving outlets, a cleanup sink, two refrigerators, and two cook stoves.

Next to the pavilion are other amenities such as horse pits, a playground, and two permanent charcoal grills.

You can indeed make Marinette City Park your home away from home.

Indeed, your camping experience in Marinette City Park will be one for the books!

Try Recreational Activities at Higley Field

Nearby Marinette City Park is Higley Field, a perfect place for recreational and sports activities.

The spacious field allows you, your family and your friends to stay physically active through jogging, running, baseball, and softball.

There is also a supervised playground for the kids to enjoy.

Moreover, Higley Field sits amid establishments that can provide for your needs while enjoying its amenities.

Indeed, this recreational field is a perfect place to visit for some physical activities.

If you are looking for something fun to do during your stay in Marinette, stop by Higley Field.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Take a Walk along John Henes Park

John Henes Park gives you a perfect view of Green Bay.

You can find it in Menominee, Michigan, nine minutes from Marinette.

This nature-centered park features include picnic shelters, grill stations, a playground, and a beach.

In addition, this park has a hiking trail that allows you to explore and appreciate the ambiance and calmness of the place.

Don’t forget to bring your camera and take some photographs with Mother Nature.

Visitors should have a good time when they visit this park.

Reconnect with nature, take a walk, and stop at John Henes Park.

Take Some Pictures at Menominee Marina

Take a five-minute from Marinette to arrive at the Menominee Marina in Menominee.

This marina is a picture-perfect place for sea lovers.

Yachts and boats in the place add unique elements to your pictures.

Overlooking Menominee’s famed waterfront downtown, Menominee Marina is home to 272 contemporary rigid and floating docks in a secure harbor.

This is a fantastic location to unwind and cool off.

Menominee Marina is the gateway to Menominee’s Historic Waterfront Downtown.

Overall, this place is perfect for a short or extended stopover.

Final Thoughts

Marinette is a port of entry at the mouth of the Menominee River.

This charming place houses majestic mountains, informative museums, enchanted falls, lakes, beaches, and shops you’ll surely enjoy.

It’s the perfect place to spend your weekends and holidays unwind, relax, and compose yourself.

Don’t forget to bring your family, friends, and peers with you!

Book your trip today and discover the best things to do in Marinette!

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