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15 Best Things to Do in Manor, TX

  • Published 2022/09/06

Within the great state of Texas lies the city of Manor, where you can experience tranquility amid the busyness of a modern city.

This city across Travis County is spacious enough for a warm neighborhood and pleasurable establishments.

If you want to visit beautiful spots for leisure time, then try to explore this city’s wonders.

On the other hand, old-fashioned individuals would also fall in love with this city since it contains many historical buildings.

If you want to start your adventure, use this list of the best things to do in Manor, Texas, to guide your planning.

Explore the J. Lorraine Ghost Town

Stable at J. Lorraine Ghost Town

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Consider the peculiar choice and check out J. Lorraine Ghost Town.

You can spot this outdoor venue along Littig Road, which has gained the attention of many through the decades because of its out-of-the-box appeal.

During the 1800s, outlaws in the area sought refuge in this 4.5-acre property.

After some time, the presence of these outlaws provoked citizens’ rage, and they decided to burn down the town.

What the fire left standing makes up the ghost town that receives appreciation from people today.

This family-friendly venue now serves as a place where you and your family can see movies outdoors, try side dishes from vendors, and drink some beers.

Take note that the J. Lorraine Ghost Town opens only on weekends and does not allow pets, food, or drinks.

Dash with the Horses at Southern Trails

What better way to appreciate horses than by visiting them at Southern Trails?

This 100-acre ranch is at Gregg Manor Road, a must-visit for a horseback riding experience.

This facility offers a spectacular one-hour trail ride with a horse around its premises.

If you bring children aged ten and below, you can let them try brushing horses and riding them around the trails.

As you venture toward the nature trail, you will pass creeks and ponds that will make you feel like you returned to the 1700s.

Shop for Local Produce at the Manor Community Farmers’ Market

Are you thinking about where to find your daily essentials throughout your stay in the city?

Worry no more, for the Manor Community Farmers’ Market is here to save the day.

This marketplace is along E. Rector Street, an amenable spot for locals and tourists staying within the city.

Local vendors convene at this market and offer fresh produce that people can use to make delectable yet nutritious meals.

The shopping experience at the Manor Community Farmers’ Market will be an insightful one.

You will understand the hard work farmers pour into their crops so they can provide food on every table.

Take a Breather at Jennie Lane Park

If you want a free space around the city to move around and get an active rest, go to Jennie Lane Park.

This community park on North Lexington Street is a must-visit to clear your headspace from stress.

It has a gazebo and a covered picnic area where you can take a seat, relax, and have a clear view of the city while reflecting in silence.

You can also rent the place to celebrate special events, provided you follow proper procedures.

Unwind at Cafe 290

After a stressful day, the first thing that you must do is refuel with a bite of your comfort food.

If you are staying within Manor, Texas, then Cafe 290 will be your sweet spot around the area.

This cafe sits across the East Highway, once an army barracks during the Second World War.

Established in 1947, Cafe 290 has unceasingly served Texas cuisine that mixes numerous cultures, like American, Mexican, Swedish, French, Germanic, and Spanish.

From omelets and salads to dinner courses, you can spend your time browsing their menu while looking for the meals to satisfy your cravings.

Caffeine lovers must not miss the opportunity of trying its house blend coffee from Sidamo beans from Ethiopia.

If you cannot dine on their premises, you can either pick up or have your order delivered right to your doorstep.

Learn about Wildlife at Crowe’s Nest Farm

Crowe’s Nest Farm should be one of your top priorities if you want to see the city’s adorable wildlife.

This 100-acre farm opened to the public in 1963 at Taylor Lane.

It accommodates over 40,000 students from different schools during field trips.

Its Animal Life Center is its principal establishment, which houses injured, abused, and neglected animals.

Whether domesticated or non-releasable, the farm does not choose the animals they will attend to.

The farm gives fair treatment and protection to everyone in the facility.

Likewise, it offers workshops aligned with the facility’s mission to empower more people through knowledge and raise awareness about the current living conditions of animals worldwide.

Consider donating to the farm to help its founders care for Texas wildlife suffering from the ill effects of global phenomena such as climate change.

Aim for the Bullseye at Central Texas Archery

If you want to pick up a new hobby, then grab a bow and arrow so you can start training at the Central Texas Archery.

You can visit this archery range by driving along Howard Lane.

It offers first-time classes for starters with little to no idea about archery.

After strengthening your foundation, you may take the USA Archery Instructor Certification, a two-level course.

This establishment attends to its guests every day of the week except Monday and Friday.

Prepare for Action at Xtreme Paintball

Check out Xtreme Paintball on Burleson Manor Road with your colleagues and prepare for an action-filled scenario.

This recreational spot opens on weekends for the public and weekdays via reservation for groups with at least ten members.

The property spans five acres, wide enough for its guests to play paintball in a competitive atmosphere.

Target the Holes at ShadowGlen Golf Club

If you want a more relaxing and tranquil activity, try the golf courses at ShadowGlen Golf Club.

You can find the golf course along Lexington Street, a perfect spot for anyone who wants to swing their clubs.

Take advantage of the 18 holes within their golf course by paying fees that depend on the time slot where you and your loved ones will play.

It also has a clubhouse where you can enjoy a view of the Texas landscape while taking a well-deserved break from golf.

You can also find a bar and grill at ShadowGlen Golf Club to ensure that all its guests will never leave the golf course with a frown.

They can satisfy themselves with a wide array of meals on its menu.

Feel the Spirit at Banner Distilling Co.

Do you want to know what vodka from Texas tastes like?

Try and take a shot at Banner Distilling Co.

You can check this 12-acre facility out by driving along Jacobson Road.

The idea behind this distillery sparked in 2011 when Tony Jimenez and Logan Simpson discovered their passion for making alcoholic spirits.

With their pooled savings, they invested and launched the onset of this establishment, and the rest is history.

Their award-winning products prove they have achieved a top-notch production process to create drinks that people will genuinely love.

Take note that only up to a group of five visitors aged 21 years old and above can partake in the 30-minute tour and tasting at Banner Distilling Co.

Other Things To Do Nearby

Join the Taste of Austin Pedicab Tours

Do you want to tour a place without walking?

Try exploring the other parts of Texas with Taste of Austin Pedicab Tours.

You can find them in Austin, Texas, 18 minutes from Manor.

By joining its private tour on a three-seat vehicle, you may appreciate the grandeur of the Texas State Capitol, Lady Bird Lake, and enticing food establishments in the area.

Bring your sunglasses and a bottle of water for your driver.

Enjoy the Austin Pedicab Tours!

Remember Historical Accounts at Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center

If reconnecting with the past interests you, take a tour at Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center to make your heart flutter.

You can find the center in Austin, 18 minutes from Manor.

In the hopes of preserving Mexican and American cultures, they opened this prestigious spot to the public in 2007.

However, the original idea of building this stretches way back to the early 1970s.

With its great galleries, you may witness the daily lives of locals through the decades and how they shaped their culture to achieve its current form.

Check out the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center!

Appreciate Installation Art at Wonderspaces

To see fascinating art installations in a single space, visit Wonderspaces in Austin, 14 minutes from Manor.

The 28,000-square-foot facility contains 14 installations.

You can never get tired of looking at them and thinking of each artist’s hard work in their respective crafts.

If you have a soft part in the arts, don’t ignore Wonderspaces.

Relive the Good Old Times at Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In

Do you wish you had the chance to experience life in the past?

Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-In will give you what you want.

This drive-in movie theater sits across Franklin Avenue in Austin, Texas, 15 minutes from Manor.

You can also book reservations on their limited private drive-in night packages if you want to spend time with someone special.

Enjoy your film with popcorn and soda at the Blue Starlite Mini Urban Drive-in!

Final Thoughts

Manor, Texas, offers a revamped city life for tourists around the globe.

Celebrate the simplicity of life while remaining adaptive to the needs of the time.

Why not take the chance and discover the best things to do in Manor, Texas?

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