15 Best Things to Do in Manitou Springs

15 Best Things to Do in Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs is a small town in Colorado Springs. The town is located in the high foothills and great elevation.

Originally found in 1871, Manitou Springs was also known as the “hippie haven” back in the 1960s.

The town was very famous for its scenic and healthy atmosphere. Due to this, the town was quite celebrated among people suffering from various diseases like TB.

Apart from its historic attractions, the town also has other attractions.

The town is also quite famous for its small quirky shops, pubs, eateries, parks and is overall a great place to visit.

Manitou Springs Incline

Manitou Springs Incline
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Famous as the “holy grail of cardio”, Manitou springs incline is a place which is extremely famous with health-conscious locals as well as athletes in the town.

The springs incline was originally established as a railway track. Later it was converted into an elevated set of 2744 steps which are extremely great and refreshing.

This place has an inclination of 41% on average. In addition to its great landscape, the elevation climb is also considered as one of the highest stairs set in the entire world.

Manitou springs incline is a great place if you are looking for some casual jog or a run, or merely a challenging stroll around the town.

Cave of the Winds Mountain Park

Cave of the Winds Mountain Park
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A very great way of exploring the caves and other natural boundaries of the town, the cave of the winds Mountain Park is an adventurous option for all the visitors.

The place offers great packages which allows the visitor to explore the nearby caves in different ways.

This tour lasts anywhere between 45 minutes to one hour. The walking tour involves climbing almost 200 stairs, walking half a mile and additional 15 rooms.

Another tour, the Lantern tour is lead on with candle lights and is almost a mile long.

The various tours are offered with learned guides and helps you to explore the mysterious and undeveloped caves in the city.

These tours are definitely worth checking out and extremely enjoyable as well.

Miramont Castle Museum

Miramont Castle Museum
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A museum designed in the form of a castle, Miramont Castle Museum is dedicated entirely towards the restoration, preservation, and promotion of the architectural wonder and integrity of the town.

In addition to its basic purposes, the Castle is also used as a major source of providing educational experiences and historical resources in order to understand the history the history and developmental process of the town.

The museum has various art pieces, and exhibitions that describe the life of the people of town in past.

The museum looks like a building from the Victorian era. With 30 beautifully decorated rooms, the castle is loaded with original furnishings from the Victorian era.

It also has grounds like the Castle Gardens which are well maintained and lush green. The Queens the room also add as a modern-Day eatery as well as depict the fancy lifestyle during the past.

The items served in the tea room are made fresh on a daily basis. Open to all the visitors, Miramonte Castle Museum is definitely a beautiful architectural wonder.

Manitou Springs Heritage Center

Established in the year 1997, the Manitou Springs Heritage Centre is a beautiful place situated at the foothills of Pikes peak.

This is a non-profit awareness and educational centre which has the major objective of collecting, preserving, researching, and interpreting the history as well as the culture of the entire town.

The Heritage Centre organises various events round the year. The Centre also hosts various exhibitions and educational programs.

The famous “ghost stories of old manitou” is a walking tour which takes the visitors to the Gothic stories of the town.

A very insightful and refreshing place in itself, Manitou Springs Heritage Centre is a definite visit in the town.

The Green horse Gallery is a paradise for art and craft lovers. This beautiful gallery is a place where you can grab some handmade pieces of crafts and art.

The gallery maintains a very balanced collection of various featured items as well as local products of small artists.

In addition to the items for sale, the gallery also has open exhibitions and showcases which represent the beautiful sculptures, arts, and other items.

The gallery is open throughout the week, and is a great place to grab some paintings, jewellery, sculptures, pottery, and everything else that you wish to shop for.

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls
Ahodges7, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A truly majestic waterfall, Rainbow waterfall is a hidden waterfall under a bridge. The rainbow forces are also famous for its beautiful Graffiti which are visible on the base of the Falls.

These waterfalls a perfect collection of beautiful colours, and illegal graffiti art. Due to its beautiful artistic base, the Falls are also known as “Graffiti waterfall”.

This place is perfect if you are looking for some secluded yet beautiful place, reason being that the place is not much explored and known among the visitors.

The place is however famous among the locals and hence, quite ideal if you are looking forward to some casual chats or interactions about the town and its culture.

Iron Springs Chateau Melodrama Dinner Theatre

A perfect place to plan your evening and spend it while watching entertaining shows, Iron springs chateau melodrama dinner theatre is a very famous place among the locals as well as the visitors.

This theatre is famous for providing top quality entertainment content in the town. From hilarious comedies to serious plays, the evenings in theatre are always worth the while.

The theatre is designed in a manner that it gives a very old-fashioned vibe. Suitable for visitors from all ages, the place is great to spend some time with entire family and have a great meal.

The events start with a meal which comprises three courses and is immediately followed up by a show, drama, or stand-up.

The theatre is always very lively as audience participation is always sought by the artist. You can also participate and join in some musical intermissions or singalong events.

Sahara Café

Serving the international and freshly prepared middle eastern cuisine to the visitors as well as locals in Manitou Spring, Sahara Cafe is a beautiful restaurant in the town.

Functioning on all days of the week, the place is great for grabbing lunch as well as dinner. The food items include various salads, dips, non-veg kebabs, shawarmas, and other high-quality dishes.

The dishes are extremely delicious as the ingredients are freshly procured and made using traditional recipes.

What makes dining at Sahara Café rather Memorial is that their dinners are specifically cooked using the middle Eastern techniques which result in unforgettable taste. You can also plan various events in the restaurant.

Cliff House Hotel Dining Room

Cliff House Hotel Dining Room
Suzie T from Raleigh, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Cliff House Hotel dining room is one of the most famous and exquisite culinary locations in the town of Manitou Springs.

Completely inspired from a very romanticised version of history, this restaurant is definitely a beautiful place in the town.

Along with its unbelievable decor, the restaurant has some different approaches to cook their food due to which they have a very different category of flavours.

The place has also won a number of awards for its delicious food. One of the most premier locations of the town, Cliff House Hotel dining room is a place filled with great art and timeless food.

Adam’s Mountain Cafe

A very beautiful, independent, and uniquely crafted Cafe, Adam’s Mountain is a great eatery in Manitou Springs.

The cafe has a very antique interior which is reflected in its furniture as well. In addition to its great interiors, the place also serves global cuisines which mostly follow the belief of slow food.

As a result, most of the dishes produced in the cafe are made using locally produced organic items.

This cafe is different from other cafes as its speciality are mainly vegan and vegetarian items. However, you can also enjoy non-vegetarian food.

The wines and other crafted drinks of the cafe are also great and goes perfectly with the food.

A really beautiful place and delicious food serving eatery, Adam’s Mountain Cafe is definitely one of our favourites.

Manitou Brewing Company

Manitou brewing company is located near the pike’s peak.  This small brewing Company is one of the best brewpubs is located in the historic town of Manitou Springs.

The brewery uses the natural waters from peak’s summit to produce all their beers. In addition to the beers, the brewing company also offers other crafted drinks and sides to all the visitors.

With a definite local touch, the place and its beer are definitely worth trying.

Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cog Railway

Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cog Railway
Milan Suvajac, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Broadmoor pikes Peak cog Railway is famous as the highest cog railway in the entire world.

Located right in the heart of Manitou Springs, this attraction is housed in the famous mountain peak, Pike’s peak.

This Railway company was originally founded in 1889, the year when rail road construction also started for the first time.

Originally the company had six engines out of which only one is functional at present. You can also enjoy a three-hour long ride which is approximately 8.9 miles of tracks.

The trains pass from various beautiful areas covered with pine trees during the trip.

Outside food is not allowed, so you can also consider enjoying various food options in the cogwheel market.

Garden of the Gods

Winter at Garden of the Gods
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Garden of the Gods is a place in the town which you can visit without incurring any additional costs.

The garden has an unbelievable scenery and outstanding features. The garden is a perfect place for enjoying various walking and hiking sprees.

You can also enjoy climbing up the rocks and hills if you are looking for some adventure.

The Park has three main spot which you should definitely see. The cathedral shaped mountain, the kissing camels, and the balance rocks are those spots.

Commonwheel Artists Co-op

If you are looking for a place to shop for some metal art in Manitou springs, commonwheel artist Co-op is the place for you.

This small shop sells the metal art showcases which are made by some really famous as well as local artist. All the pieces are made uniquely and are different from each other.

The place is also great if you’re looking for some affordable gifting options and not looking forward to spending huge amount of money. The shop is definitely worth a visit.

The Summit House Pike’s Peak

The Summit house pike’s peak is a very famous spot in the town.

The place is famous not only for its remarkable views at the top but also for the surrounding areas.

The place has a nice gift shop having a selection of great gifts. In addition, the place also has a small restaurant.

In addition to the great food, the place is also famous for serving some of the best donuts around the world.

The recipes of the donuts are exclusive and suitable only for the terrain at which this town is located.

The great elevation also makes it a great place for climbing rocks and getting a refreshing breeze.

Manitou Cliff Dwellings Museum

Manitou Cliff Dwellings Museum
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Manitou Cliff dwellings museum is a perfect place if you are looking forward to exploring the cliff dwellings as authentic and realistic as the ones found in Cortez, Colorado.

It is an archaeological site which was shifted to Manitous Springs in the 1900s.

A very beautiful and awe-strucking place, this museum is a wonder that is not to be missed.

The town of Manitou springs in Colorado is as beautiful as a day dream.

Filled with authentic vintage and historic attractions, the town is a delight for all the visitors.

Be it the cafes or the museums of the town, everything is an unbelievable reality.

You have to visit the town on your own to understand what is available on the internet is so underrated to describe the beauty of this town.