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35 Best Things to Do in Mammoth Lakes

  • Published 2022/12/02

Mammoth Lake, also known as Mammoth, mammoth mountain, mammoth village, and many such names, is a town in California famous for its lakes and mountains.

With its far-reaching lakes and high mountains, the city is one of the most beautiful places in the entire state and one of the outdoor enthusiasts’ most famous vacation destinations.

Mammoth Lakes offers many epic experiences, which may involve amazing wildlife encounters, adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities, and cultural immersion with a gorgeous landscape as your backdrop.

Nothing beats a day outdoors doing what you love!

To guide you on your Mammoth adventure, we have rounded up a helpful guide to help you make the most of your time here.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Mammoth:

Relax at Mammoth Lakes Basin

Aerial View of Mammoth Lakes basin

Sundry Photography /

Whether you love hiking, bicycling, fishing, or other outdoor activities, Mammoth Lakes Basin is ideal for the whole family.

As you go across the Basin, you will encounter several hiking routes that lead to the higher elevation lakes.

Here, you will find towering pine woods, pristine blue lakes, and flowing mountain streams, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

Within beautiful mountains, tranquil alpine lakes are nestled amongst dramatic peaks that seem to be kissing the sky.

Wildflowers paint the surrounding rock walls with vibrant colors in the spring and summer, creating a stunning sight.

A memorable sightseeing experience awaits you, featuring more than 12 lakes, five campsites, and more than 50 miles of approved hiking trails.

Trails in the Mammoth Lakes Basin are ideal for hikers.

Trails like McLeod Lake and TJ & Barrett Lakes are popular treks that can be covered in just a day.

You may choose to camp or spend overnight at lakeside lodge, Tamarack Lodge, a short walk from 8,500-ft Twin Lakes.

You may continue up Lake Mary Road or along the paved bike path to discover Lake Mary, Lake Mamie, Lake George, and Horseshoe Lake by continuing up Lake Mary Road.

Tour Rainbow Falls on Horseback

Rainbow Falls in Mammoth Lake

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Located at the height of almost 6 miles after a trail, the rainbow Falls is a 101-foot waterfall in Mammoth Lake, as beautiful as its name.

The waterfall is a bit different from other waterfalls on earth, as you could easily spot a charming little rainbow on the top of the waterfall during the sunny hours.

A rainbow in Rainbow Falls in Mammoth Lake

Parker Ewles /

There is a specific viewing platform to enable you to enjoy the views of the water.

Using the platform and following its stairs, you can also go to the base of the waterfall.

Another small waterfall, known as lower Falls, is located right next to rainbow waterfalls and ends in a beautiful big lake.

A Sign in Rainbow Falls in Mammoth Lake

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Even though there is a huge difference in the size of both the waterfalls you are experiencing will not defer, you would equally enjoy the visits to both of these falls.

Play With Your Kids at the Adventure Center

 Adventure Center in Mammoth Lake

Kit Leong /

Mammoth Adventure Center, located at 10001 Minaret Road, offers fun-filled family activities, such as trampolines, a zip line, and a rock-climbing wall.

On its rope course, you’ll face a variety of challenges consisting of 10 distinct parts, including a climbing net, a log walk, planks, and swings before you rappel back down to the earth.

Take advantage of the adrenaline rush as you’re hoisted over the multi-station bungee trampoline.

Cable cars near Adventure center in Mammoth Lake

Kit Leong /

Flip and execute gravity-defying tricks with every bounce!

Your kids will also love the Center’s newest offering, Wooly’s Mining Co., which allows them to sift through sand and rocks and discover hidden treasures like gemstones, arrowheads, and other fun finds!

Conquer the Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata is an Italian word that means “iron road.”

It is one of Mammoth’s most recent attractions.

Via Ferrata is a network of steel wires, iron railings, and hanging bridges that climbers must traverse.

Located at Sierra resort, Via Ferrata is the perfect alpine sport for families and individuals, with six different routes that increase in complexity.

After a quick orientation in the gondola at mid-mountain, you’re all set for a three-hour morning or afternoon trip by riding up to the top of the mountain.

Routes from easy to challenging are available on this rock-faced mountainside below the Caldera Overlook.

Worry not about safety, as you will be attached to steel cables, iron rungs, and suspended bridges anchored to the cliff.

Walk Your Fur Babies at Horseshoe Lake

Clear Water in Horseshoe Lake

yggdrasill /

When planning your Mammoth Lakes vacation, chances are you will be taking your furry companions along with you.

If you are looking for activities that you can enjoy together, you will enjoy Horseshoe Lake’s simple native-dirt loop beginning at the Horseshoe Lake parking lot.

The two-mile trail around Horseshoe Lake is popular with people and with their dogs.

Daytime view of Horseshoe Lake

Victoria Ditkovsky /

In addition to following the lakeshore slopes on the south side of the lake, the path crosses through a lodgepole pine forest on its way to the Lakes Basin Path for a brief paved portion and back to the trailhead.

Many bridges and stream crossing points are available.

There are meadows, picnic areas, and sand-beach access.

A boat on Horseshoe Lake

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Hiking Along the Lakes

Hiking at Mammoth lake

Jim Cork /

Mammoth Lake is a perfect town in terms of the number of lakes and hiking trails.

There are more than 20 lakes in the city, and it is overwhelming to know the number of activities that could be done on these lakes.

The lakes’ views are also spectacular.

Some of the most famous and suitable lakes for hiking include Horseshoe Lake, McLeod Lake, Crystal Lake, Lake Mary, Lake George, and many more.

Hiking at Twin Lakes

NatalieJean /

Each hike trails have almost 4-5 lakes at the end and offers breathtaking views from all directions.

You can also take a guided tour of these lakes offered by the city’s locals.

In addition to that, the natural grounds and setup around the legs are also stunning and well accommodated with amenities.

Rocky trail at Mammoth Lake

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Visit the Natural Formations in Devils Postpile National Monument

View of Devils postpile

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Devils Postpile is one of the most beautiful and recognized national Park in the entire United States.

It is a national rock formation monument that will make you wonder about the art of nature.

The monument is only a 30-minute drive away from highway 203.

While in the National Park, you will come across basalt columns that have been believed to exist for more than 82,000 years.

The Top of Devils Postpile National Monument

Lucas·G, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It is believed that these columns were formed from cold lava; the Lava’s composition consisting of different minerals is what resulted in their symmetrical shapes.

These columns are so perfectly arranged that it is impossible to believe that these are naturally occurring and not made by men.

Along with the columns, Devil’s post pile is another place that you should definitely climb and get a view of the entire park.

The place also has some seasonal activities that you can enjoy at a very affordable cost.

Details of Devils Postpile National Monument

Logan Bush /

Roller-Skate at RecZone

When ice melts at the Mammoth Ice Rink in the summer, it transforms into a roller skate rink that is RecZone.

At RecZone, there are rentals, roller/inline skates, and ramps for skateboarding and rollerblading.

Aside from that, it houses volleyball, badminton, and basketball courts, horseshoe pits, and soccer fields.

There are also bean bag throw and blongo ball games and washer tosses.

Here, both children and adults can have a good time.

For only $2.00 for kids and $3.00 for adults, RecZone gives you access to all of its facilities and attractions.

You may also make reservations at the Mammoth Rec Zone for parties and group gatherings.

Visit Mammoth Lakes Welcome Center

Exterior of Mammoth Lakes Welcome Center

Nandaro, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Mammoth Lakes Welcome Center is a must-visit place, offering a helpful and friendly service that provides you a brief idea about what you can explore in the city.

You can also get details about the coming festivals and events in the city and plan for them in advance.

The Centre also provides brochures and maps for the city.

It also has a gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs and other gifts for your loved ones.

For camping and adventurous activities in certain city areas, a special permit is required, which is also collectible from the center only.

The center’s location is convenient without any detour, and you can stop by to get an idea about the city while you are entering the city itself.

Cycle Around Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

From beginners to experts, the Mammoth Bike Park offers the ultimate high-alpine riding experience.

Over 80 miles of singletrack for downhill and cross-country mountain biking can be found at Mammoth Mountain Bike Park.

Intermediate and proficient riders will appreciate the rapid downhill from the Top Bike Park’s peak.

You will enjoy its beautiful panoramic views and unimaginable passes as you cycle past grazing deer.

From Main Lodge, you may take the Panorama Gondola all the way to the top of Mammoth Mountain, or you can stop mid-way at McCoy Mid-station to take a break.

The Park also serves food and drink if you need a boost or just want to chill at the top.

Take a Selfie at Reds Meadow

Daytime view of Reds Meadow

Geartooth Productions /

Reds Meadow is a famous meadow ground that is open from the months of Mid July to early fall.

It is one of the most beautiful and biggest middle ground in the Mammoth Lakes.

This colorful ground is set between red’s Creek and Sotcher lake.

The prominent place is ideal for camping, fishing, hygiene, and horseback riding during the summer months.

It is also filled with spectacular yellow-orange and crimson fall colors during the same months.

The place also has a resort known as Red’s Meadow Resort.

The place has an adventure center and a mammoth mountain Main Lodge, the main parking available in the area.

It has two treks, one of which is 12-mile-long and the other is just 1.5-mile-long, suitable for professional and amateur hikers.

Go See Wild Willy’s Hot Springs

Waters of Wild Willy's Hot spring

melissamn /

Hot springs are surely the new hot cake in nature areas and especially at the Mammoth Lakes.

It is still considered a bit unpopular due to its location beside a broad road and lack of markers.

The area is flat in nature, with long and narrow beautiful paths that give off a countryside vibe; the hot spring is in between.

People enjoying the water of Wild Willy’s Hot Springs

Unwind /

It is one of the most comfortable and warm water areas to sit around.

One can take a nice warm bath with their family members in this warm spring too.

Aerial view of Wild Willy’s Hot Springs

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Learn Golf at Sierra Star Golf Course

Sierra Star provides a welcoming learning atmosphere, especially among golf novices.

This golf course is surrounded by pristine lakes, verdant fairways, and breathtaking mountain vistas.

Its 18-hole Championship Course is available to the public and has a par of 70.

Here, you may learn the basics or get your handicap down to a single digit with the aid of teaching experts.

There are chipping green and swing nets in the practice facility for you to warm up before your round.

During operational hours, the facility is open to the public.

At the height of 8,000 feet, our course offers rolling hills, tree-lined fairways, and some of the most spectacular views in North America.

Imagine telling your buddies that you hit a 150-yard pitching wedge after a few holes of practice.

Take a Picture at Convict Lake

The waters of Convict Lake

Nithon /

Named after an escaped convict from a prison in Nevada, Convict lake in the city is another lake different from all other lakes in the city.

The lake is an ideal spot for hiking and camping.

It also has cabins in case you are not very fond of camping.

Trees near Convict Lake

RandomHartz /

The lake has beautiful views and is covered with trees on all sides.

The leaves of these trees change colors during various seasons and add to the already existing beauty of the lake.

Surrounded by the mountain named after a sheriff, Mount Morrison, the lake is unbelievably deep and has crystal-clear water.

Scenic view of Convict Lake

Luis Amezquita /

Go Mountaineering and Climbing

Mountaineering and Climbing are possible activities throughout all the seasons at the Mammoth Lakes.

In summer, their terrains are friendly for all age groups, and ice climbing is a loved activity in winters.

Guides are readily available to help you through the process.

The Vie Ferrata, the Eastern Sierra range, Mammoth Adventure Center, the Skin Up Ski Routes, the Mammoth Lakes Trail system are all places where you can make your climbing and mountaineering dream a reality.

Hike at Minaret Summit Vista

View from Minaret Summer Vista

melissamn /

There are a large number of minarets in Mammoth Lakes, and Minaret Summit Vista is one place that would give you the best view of all these sharp peaks located on different mountain ranges.

Places are also great spots to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets.

Like the other places in the city, Minaret Summit Vista also has a trial with a small elevation of 246 feet.

Mountain views at Minaret Summit Vista

Alexey Olenchenko /

It also has a small restaurant where you can grab some refreshments.

The place’s parking area is spacious and has restrooms for your convenience.

Visit Earthquake Fault

The grounds of Earthquake Fault

T.Schofield /

Mammoth Lakes is also famous for earthquakes and faults around the world.

One earthquake fault is situated in the Inyo national forest.

It is believed that the area where this fault is located was an active volcanic region and was split open more than 600 years back.

The fault is 10 feet wide and 60 feet deep, which makes it quite scary and dangerous.

The cracks of Earthquake Fault

T.Schofield /

The land around this area is beautiful in an awkward way, as it has cracks that divide the land into pieces like that of a jigsaw puzzle.

It also has a tiny Trail where you can enjoy a short walk.

This fault is located right in the middle of a forest, so you can enjoy watching the trees and forest vegetation around the area.

The authorities have also arranged for picnic tables and washrooms to make your visit comfortable.

Fault line of the Earthquake Fault

melissamn /

Try Fly Fishing at Hot Creek Geological Site

Scenic view of Hot creek Geological Site

Mohamed Selim /

Hot Creek Geological Site is a natural wonder where you can find hot water bubbling from the ground.

It is believed that the water is boiling due to the volcanic magma, which is just 3 miles below the earth’s surface.

The water here is at a boiling temperature.

A Trail to the Hot Creek Geological Site

melissamn /

The place is not safe to visit, but you can still enjoy it from a few miles away.

The entire location looks like a movie set, with its main pool with small, turquoise-colored streams.

However, there is a fence that would prevent you from going close to the creek; it is still advisable that you enjoy these gorgeous yet dangerous waters from a safe distance.

The waters of Hot Creek Geological Site

Jim_Brown_Photography /

Learn Mining History at Mammoth Museum

If you want to learn how Mammoth Lakes came to be, visit Hayden Cabin, which houses the Mammoth Museum at the banks of Mammoth Creek.

Emmett Hayden, a prominent mapmaker of the Eastern Sierra, built Hayden Cabin in the 1920s.

It features historical exhibits from the area, including artifacts, pictures, exhibits, stories, music events, seminars, and lectures that will help you learn about Mammoth Lakes’ past.

In addition, you’ll discover a gallery showcasing both local and touring performances.

A lush environment surrounds the Museum, adjacent to Mammoth Creek’s flowing waters.

Before or after exploring the museum, you can enjoy a picnic here and reminisce about simpler times.

Summer is also the best time to hold weddings and other special events here.

Enjoy the Fall Season and its Colorful Bounty

Fall in Mammoth

Galyna Andrushko /

Mammoth Lakes is a perfect place for all those people who like to enjoy the fall season and its paradise filled with different colors.

All the lakes in the area are filled with colorful Foliage and create a spell-bounding view during the fall season.

You can also visit Eastern Sierra to enjoy its brilliant and magnificent yellow and orange colors.

However, the best views are seen during the months of Mid-September to Mid-October.

Fall Season at Mammoth

Chiociolla /

June loop, one of the lakes in mammoth lake city situated in the north, is also famous for providing great picturesque views of the vibrant fall colors, as the lake is covered with different hues during the season.

Other lakes, such as Lake Lundy and Lake Virginia, are also famous for the same reason.

You can also enjoy fishing and hiding in the stores.

Trail at Mammoth Lake lined with Fall-colored trees

Adam Hodges /

Visit Mono Lake

Sunset over Mono Lake

Bill45 /

Another lake that has been able to make its specific spot in this list is Mono Lake.

It is different from the other lakes in the city, as it is believed to be the oldest lake in the entire North American region.

It is estimated that the lake is almost 3 million years old.

It is an alkaline lake with a PH value of 10, making it saltier than any ocean on the earth.

Rock formations on Mono Lake

Oscity /

Due to its extremely salty water, the lake has no fish or other marine animals.

However, the lake is still covered with shrimps, algae, and flies.

The lake’s area is quite abandoned and silent, so it is a good place to enjoy some peaceful time.

Mammoth Mega Zip

Mammoth mega zip is one of the most adventurous activities organized in the area during the summer months.

This zip line is the biggest vertical drop zip line in the entire United States.

When enjoying a zip line, you can also enjoy picturesque views of the mammoth mountains and other lakes around the area.

There are two separate zip lines that have an elevation of around 2100 feet.

It is indeed a one-of-a-kind experience here in Mammoth Lakes, and you should definitely not miss it.

Mountain Biking at Mammoth Lake

Mountain Biking in Mammoth

Umomos /

Mountain biking is another adventure sport that is famous in the area.

The mountains and other trails in the city are bike-friendly, so you can easily enjoy biking through these areas.

To make your experience more worthwhile, you can also go biking at Mammoth Mountain Bike Park, a bike renting facility and a bike park.

It also has its own trails, and you can enjoy biking in the area of the park that is spread over 80 miles.

If you want to try mountain biking for the first time, you should take some guidance from the expert service providers in the area.

Take a Picture at Inyo Craters

View of an Inyo Crater

KortneyCreates /

Inyo craters are other famous and enormous craters located in the Mammoth scenic loop.

These craters were formed 600 years ago due to enormous volcanic eruptions that resulted in the separation of the grounds.

The craters have two holes filled with turquoise-green water, which makes it look like lakes.

There are also a few trails to reach the crates.

Like the other places, it is also an enjoyable area in the city and cannot be missed.

Waters of an Inyo Crater

meganopierson /

Go Kayaking at Lake Mary

Kayaks in Lake Mary

George Lamson /

Lake Mary is a crowd-favorite in the Mammoth Lakes Basin.

Overlooking Mammoth Crest, Crystal Crag, and Mammoth Mountain, it offers plenty of area for paddling.

Each end of the lake has a public marina with ramps for launching boats, although the lake is easily accessible from any point on its perimeter.

And pro tip: Come early in the day to avoid strong winds!

Man Watching Lake Mary

Graag /

Find animals along the beach and among the snags in Lake Michigan’s southeast edge.

Just make sure not to come close to the long-casting fisherman on the shoreline.

Swimming is prohibited, and if you want to swim, you have to go to a different lake since it is part of the town’s water source.

In general, the lake’s water is tranquil, and the views from its shores are breathtaking.

Don’t forget to protect your camera with a waterproof case!

Kayaking on Lake Mary

Sebastien Burel /

Try the Local Handcraft Beers at Mammoth Brewing Company

After an active day of summer activities, a beer at Mammoth Brewing Company is an excellent way to wind down.

There is a wide variety of award-winning micro-brews available here, each of which captures the character of the place where it originated.

Locally brewed beers give you a flavor of the Sierra Nevada without having to get your hands dirty.

This humble brewery has been operating since 1995.

To produce high-quality brews, it draws inspiration from nature and combines it with the know-how acquired through brewing award-winning beer.

Watch a Good Show at Mammoth Lakes Repertory Theatre

What better way to end the show than with an actual show indoors at some of the best theatres in the Sierra Nevada.

After all that climbing, hiking, and fishing, sitting at the warmth of a beautiful gallery, watching a good performance is all you want for sure!

The Sierra Repertory Theatre, the Edison Theatre, the Fox Theatre, the Stage 3 Theatre Company, the Merced Theatre, the list goes on.

To complete your Mammoth Lakes trip, a visit to one of these and a nice show should be a must in your plan!

Skiing in Mammoth Lake

Skiing in Mammoth

jannoon028 /

The City of Mammoth Lakes changes its form during the winter season.

Covered with snow, the city’s mountains are some of the best places in California to enjoy skiing and other snowboarding activities.

It is also believed that the Mammoth mountain is the most famous skiboarding location in the state.

The snow adventures can be enjoyed from mid-November until mid-June.

You can also stop at the Booky joint and buy some souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones.

Skiers at Mammoth

PradaBrown /

Established in 1975, it is one of the oldest shops in the city, and has a great collection of books and other items.

Covered in vibrant hues during the summer seasons, the city becomes a white paradise during winters.

During both seasons, the city has a lot of adventure and fun activities to keep you engaged.

Its various rock formations will definitely stay in your mind for a long time.

Daytime skiing at Mammoth

jannoon028 /

Soar High with SkyTime Helicopter Air Tour

Join one of their helicopter trips to take in the scenery of the Sierras and relish the fantastic adventure.

Let a Robinson R66 Turbine helicopter from SkyTime Helicopter Tour take you across Mammoth Lakes and Lake June.

With the help of the Mammoth Lakes helicopter excursions, observe history from above.

Take a flight to attractions like Mineral Hill, Convict Lake, Mammoth Mountain, and more to see.

When you book your picturesque flight, you may see spectacular views of lovely waterfalls, glistening blue lakes, glacier-carved hillsides, and forests of lush greenery.

See and admire over 300 species of birds, bears, mountain lions, mule deer, elk, and wild mustangs.

Engage in Various Activities Within and Outside the Village Lodge

The Village Lodge is Mammoth’s greatest well-liked all-access hotel and is situated in the center of The Village, only a few feet from the greatest dining, shopping, and activities in the area.

The Village Lodge is the ideal blend of comfort and elegance.

In addition to heated pools, hot tubs, and easy gondola access to the hills in the winter, they also provide studio, one, two, and three-bedroom condominiums. They also provide access to nature trails and the Mammoth Bike Park in the summer.

Every apartment features a kitchen with a burner, oven, fridge, and microwave.

Feel at home in the nearby dining area and the living room with a gas fireplace.

The fitness center in The Village Lodge is fully furnished with treadmills, dumbbells, workout balls, and HDTVs.

For their gaming area, you can play with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and coin-operated arcade games!

Explore the Tamarack Cross-Country Ski Center

Get in fantastic condition for this season by stepping up your winter workouts.

On more than 19 miles of remote, exceptional trails, visit the Mammoth Lakes Basin on skis for some picturesque family excursions or exhilarating fun!

The Tamarack Cross-Country Ski Center, situated at Tamarack Lodge, offers rentals, classes, trips, and seasonal passes.

Get on the tracks with a cross-country trail ticket for a single or several days, or take advantage of cheaper midday and night session rates.

Purchase a Tamarack seasonal pass for all-winter admission and discounts!

Enjoy a Fun-Filled Afternoon at Mammoth Rock ‘N’ Bowl

Modern indoor recreation center Mammoth Rock ‘N Bowl opened its doors in 2014!

Twelve cutting-edge bowling lanes, Foosball, Darts, Ping Pong, and indoor golfing simulators where gamers may hit actual golf balls on renowned courses are all available at Mammoth Rock ‘N’ Bowl.

Beautiful vistas, upscale and informal dining choices, a complete bar, a chill lounge, music, modern event facilities, and delicious beverages are all included onsite.

The property, situated on the southern edge of town, offers breathtaking, unimpeded views of Mammoth Rock and the Sherwin Mountain Range.

They are available to everyone, whether you are stopping by for a casual and enjoyable evening of bowling, searching for a stunning wedding reception that can host 60 to 200 guests, or enjoying a lovely meal at the Brasserie.

Order a Vegan Meal at Good Life Cafe

Your go-to destination for relaxed eating for brunch, lunchtime, and dinner in Mammoth Lakes is the Good Life Cafe!

Since its founding in 1994, Good Life Cafe has earned a reputation for its delectable fare, first-rate assistance, and affordable prices.

They have been a family business for 20 years providing vegetarian, gluten-free, dine-in, takeaway, and catering for customers’ comfort and pleasure to meet all dietary needs.

You may get wonderful meals at Good Life Cafe that are produced using high-quality ingredients.

Leave fast food behind and experience rapid service and home-cooked meals that will sate even the biggest appetites.

You may enjoy fantastic meals for fantastic pricing every day of the week since they are accessible Monday through Sunday.

Final Thoughts

In this little community, there is something for everyone, regardless of your hobbies or skill level.

Planning some physical training or taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors throughout the next several days?

Or maybe you just want some quiet time to reflect?

Thinking of summer activities for the whole family?

Undoubtedly, a vacation to Mammoth Lakes is perfect for anyone in search of tranquility or adventure.

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