15 Best Things to Do in Macon County, IL

Macon County, IL
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Macon County, Illinois, is full of cozy, small-town charm with some hints of modern entertainment.

Nestled within the state's center, this county is often called" the Heart of Illinois."

It's home to the bustling city of Decatur but mainly comprises little towns and close-knit villages.

Scenic outdoor adventures are also available within the county!

This beautiful, peaceful county was formed to honor Colonel Nathaniel Macon in 1829.

He was an important figure in the Revolutionary War.

Whatever your mood, this county has leisure options and modern recreation for its visitors.

Check out the best things to do in Macon County, Illinois!

Look for Good Finds in Wabash Depot Antique Center

Exterior of the Wabash Depot Antique Center
Ron Reiring, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Since 2002, Wabash Depot Antique Center has offered a space to sell exciting items with varied histories.

It has become a local fixture for all kinds of antiques and vintage products.

This center has a little bit of everything, whether it's fragile porcelains, sturdy furniture, or cool collectibles.

Spanning over 10,000 square feet, the shop has many quaint items.

As a former 1901 train station, Wabash Depot Antique Center was listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Besides checking out vintage pieces, you'll also walk inside a historic location!

This place is in Decatur, along the length of Cerro Gordo Street.

This center is an excellent option for those seeking unique and affordable items!

Go on a Safari Ride at Scovill Zoo

Founded in 1967, Scovill Zoo has become a reliable family-friendly attraction in Decatur, Illinois.

Its attractions can delight both children and adults!

Scovill Zoo has amenities that let you get close to all cute and exciting animals worldwide.

You can explore well-crafted habitats, ride a safari vehicle, or book personal encounters with their friendliest animals.

From tortoises and zebras to red pandas and bald eagles, this zoo is home to many common and endangered creatures.

The gift shop is also a popular place to stop by for memorable souvenirs!

There are also playgrounds and rest areas if you need a break from all their exciting animals.

The zoo is along Country Club Road.

Try Water Recreation at Lake Decatur

Lake Decatur is the largest artificial lake in the state, located in Decatur.

Spanning 2,800 acres, this artificial lake has a lot to offer in terms of beauty, resources, and recreation.

It was created in the early 20th century to become the primary water source for Decatur's thriving corn industry.

Today, it's become a massive tourist attraction, drawing countless travelers seeking water recreation.

Popular activities include boating, fishing, kayaking, and swimming in designated areas.

The government keeps the lake relatively clean and safe for people to explore.

Lake Decatur is a splendid place to visit for those seeking natural beauty with lots of pretty views.

You can find the lake east of Decatur City.

See a Show at Devon Lakeshore Amphitheater

Devon Lakeshore Amphitheater opens its doors to almost any kind of performance!

This amphitheater was constructed in 2018 due to a considerable contribution from Howard G. Buffett Foundation.

The place was meant to serve as an open space for special shows and live entertainment.

It's inside a scenic park, with natural views and a casual ambiance.

The Devon Lakeshore Amphitheater can seat over 3000 people, featuring varied seats from premium to basic.

They host live concerts, movie performances, and community gathering events.

If you're interested, it's at Cantrell Street in Decatur.

Try Glow Mini-Golf at Overlook Adventure Park

As its name suggests, Overlook Adventure Park is a place for fun, lively adventures!

Its most famous attraction is mini-golf, offered in classic day versions and glow-in-the-dark specials at night.

You can play the traditional game with colorful, creative presentations and handcrafted props.

Besides golf, they also include batting cages, ropes courses, and a splash cove in their amenities.

Overlook Adventure Park also offers tasty, refreshing ice cream from Mister Softee.

It's an all-in-one destination for families, friends, and co-workers!

This place can be a good choice if you're into active adventures.

You can locate this venue at Nelson Park Road in Decatur.

See the Artifacts at the James Millikin Homestead

Take a historic trip back to the 19th century in the James Millikin Homestead.

The architecture features a mix of styles, mainly from the Italianate era, with hints of the Mansard and Second Empire styles.

A trip inside the home shows you intricate patterns and wooden embellishments for an intimate tour.

Over the years, the place has been remodeled, but they carefully restored it to most of its original design.

You can book tours to roam the place with a knowledgeable guide!

It'll take you through various bedrooms, dining rooms, parlors, the famous library, etc.

It's the perfect destination for history buffs who want to learn about previous local events and developments.

At Pine Street, James Millikin Homestead is in Decatur.

Explore Local History in Hieronymus Mueller Museum

Hieronymus Mueller Museum is another tourist destination in Decatur.

It features the innovative works of the Mueller family, who were successful inventors and entrepreneurs of their time.

The museum has original artifacts ranging from old vehicles and strange inventions to beautiful pieces of artwork.

Indeed, the Mueller family contributed much of their talents and skills to the development of Decatur City.

The museum opened in 1995 but it moved to a new building in 2005.

You can freely explore the surroundings during open hours, but there are also group tours.

Located at Eldorado Street, Hieronymus Mueller Museum has many stories to tell.

Enter the Nature Center of Rock Springs Conservation Area

Rock Springs Conservation Area offers opportunities to immerse in Illinois' natural environment.

Located at Nearing Lane, these lands represent a reprieve from urban city life's complexities.

Rock Springs Conservation Area is a tranquil destination in the embrace of pure nature.

From its array of greenery and flowers to abundant animal wildlife, this place lets you connect with nature.

It's perfect for peaceful walks, calming bike rides, and outdoor adventures.

A center also connects you to animal exhibits, art galleries, and equipment rentals.

Everything you need to enjoy some time in the environment is in Rock Springs Conservation Area.

Like many other attractions in the county, this place is also in Decatur.

Hike the Trails of the Lincoln Trail Homestead

Marker at the Lincoln Trail Homestead
Dual Freq, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nestled on the banks of Sangamon River, the Lincoln Trail Homestead offers a breath of fresh air.

This place doubles as a state park and memorial in honor of Abraham Lincoln's first home in Illinois.

In 1938, the Lincoln Trail Homestead was named to commemorate the contributions of the legendary man.

This homestead contains quiet forests and flowing streams for a memorable time in the untamed woods.

End of the Lincoln Trail Homestead
Dual Freq, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Its most popular activities include boating, fishing, hiking, and picnicking.

It's a scenic place that offers fresh glimpses of the natural environment and its gifts to the people.

You can find the trail closest to Decatur City, along the southern ends of Route 36.

Book Tee Time at Red Tail Run Golf Course

You can find the Red Tail Run Golf Course along the western side of Grove Road.

The iconic Raymond Floyd designed the entire course, giving it pristine greens, sweeping fairways, and native grass.

With elevated slopes and tricky angles, it can also offer a challenge for golf players of all levels.

Another feature to enjoy is the open view of the sky, especially when paired with the artificial environment.

It's a sight that can help guests relax and immerse themselves in the game!

You can also train your skills in golf through the on-site workshop and academy.

Red Tail Run Golf Course is one of the best options for playing a game of golf in Macon County.

Enjoy a Picnic at the Griswold Conservation Area

The Griswold Conservation Area is a hidden gem in the small village of Blue Mound, Illinois.

It is a popular spot for locals who prefer quiet and uncrowded destinations.

Climb the preserve's highest point to see gorgeous views of the verdant countryside.

The Macon County Conservation District also helps keep the trails clean and well-marked.

See beautiful flowers, plants, and an abundance of native animals.

You can find the Griswold Conservation Area along the southern part of Meridian Avenue.

Browse Classic Cars in the Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum

The Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum is a top destination for car enthusiasts.

This venue contains a broad selection of classic, American-made vehicles.

Most cars are made from iron and fiberglass, giving the pieces a classy, glowing finish.

Each car has a background story to tell, whose one-of-a-kind decorations also have a special meaning.

The museum exudes a subtle, old-school charm with bright posters and signages hanging on walls.

Exploring this place provides a look into awe-inspiring cars of different eras, from Corvettes and Camaros to Corvairs.

Not many people know this quaint museum, so it holds a reputation around town as a hidden gem.

Located at Decatur Plaza Shopping Center, don't forget to stop by!

Enter the Mysterious Forests of the Spitler Woods Natural State Area

The Spitler Woods Natural State Area has unique features that set it apart from other environmental preserves.

The site spans 200 acres, serving as home to various old-growth woods.

Its landscape features an array of mysterious forests filled with red oak, black walnut, and sugar maple.

The Spitler Woods Natural State Area is also famous for its collection of songbirds and other bird species.

Hiking the trails of these premises can show you a plethora of plants, flowers, and animal wildlife.

Most of the trails are accessible, so it's great for people of all ages.

All in all, it allows people to connect with nature easily.

Check out these woods at Spitler Park Drive in the village of Mt. Zion.

Treat Your Kids to the Children's Museum of Illinois

Children's Museum of Illinois is a vibrant learning paradise for the kids.

Located at Country Club Road, this museum offers bright, interactive experiences to develop your children's knowledge and imagination.

The museum opened in 1990.

Since then, it has become a staple destination for parents to jumpstart their children's journey to education.

They have an assortment of themed exhibits, including an automotive shop, a hospital, an art workshop, and more.

All these exhibits provide a space for your children to roleplay and get an idea of what they want to do in the future.

Let your kids experience the great activities at the Children's Museum of Illinois.

It's in the thriving city of Decatur!

Mingle with Locals in Pop's Place

Established in 2008, Pop's Place is a popular spot for nearby residents.

Over the years, this restaurant has earned its reputation as one of the top local hangouts in the city.

The complete package includes live music, cold drinks, and delicious meals.

Pop's Place also boasts a comfortable atmosphere, making the place more endearing to customers.

There are also a few pool tables and functional slot machines for casual entertainment.

It's no surprise that this place has won the hearts of the locals!

If you need a place to stop by, you must try Pop's Place and see its charm.

Final Thoughts

Macon County has endless amounts of small-town charm and a warm ambiance.

If you want to visit tranquil destinations, this place is a great choice!

It also has an assortment of modern entertainment, mainly located in Decatur.

Discover the best things to do in Macon County, Illinois!Mac

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