15 Best Things to Do in Lund

Lund, Sweden
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Popularly speculated to be the oldest town in Sweden, Lund is located in the province of Scania and connected to Copenhagen by the bridge of Oresund.

The bridge runs through the city of Malmo from which the fastest train to Lund usually takes about 13 minutes.

This southern city of Sweden is inhabited by a population of around 91,940 residents.

With brimming history of about a thousand years, Lund has an almost unclear origin.

This medieval town is home to beautiful Romanesque buildings, gothic architecture, rich historical sites, and bewitchingly venerable wonders that had transcended the rough edges of time.

The Lund University is one of the most renowned and finest educational institutes in Europe and earns this town the reputation of being one of the most popular education destinations, which enjoys a very bustling and active student community.

Lund is not a well known tourist attraction but this historical and quaint town has everything you would want to see; be it skipping on beautiful and narrow cobblestone streets replete with colourful houses or natural reserves housing breathtaking greenery.

Take a Look at The Prestigious Lund University

Lund University
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Established in the 13th century, the University of Lund is the oldest of its kind in Sweden and offers a spectacularly large campus among which stands the exquisite medieval architecture.

Ranked in the top 100 universities in the world, scenic beauty is surely not all, that the renowned institution has got to offer.

Seize the chance to wander around the marvellous campus and feast on the archaic buildings that stand before you.

The Lund University Main Building is the striking of all and was built by Helgo Zettervall, a famous 19th century architect.

Constructed under the heavy influence of the classical style, the entrance is a large wooden door that opens into an atrium glorified by the charming chandelier hanging above.

With columns and towers as old as dating back to 1584 this place is a must see and can be reached easily by foot from the city centre like most other attractions on our list.

Explore the Grand Architecture of Lund Cathedral

Interior of Lund Cathedral
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Lund Cathedral is one of the finest pieces of Romanesque architecture in Sweden and bears a history worth around over thousand years.

It is surely the greatest landmark in Lund, with its high twin towers visible from almost any elevated spot in the town.

The service that is being held daily now has been existent for a thousand years without fail.

Step into a priceless piece of history by visiting this popular attraction and its countless artefacts, 14th century stalls and beautiful gothic altars.

Do not miss the astronomical clock upstairs and although this grand addition still marks the hours, sunsets and the waxing and waning of moon, the cathedral itself is a portal to a place frozen still in time and preserves breathtaking medieval beauty.

Step Back in Time at The Kulturen Museum

Rural houses at Kulturen Museum
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Enriched with about 20 exhibitions on subjects ranging from local and global cultures, archaic history, modern and medieval design, folk art and such, Kulturen in Lund is an open-air museum with both indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Nestled at the heart of the town, it is the second largest open- air museum in Sweden and occupies around two blocks of the town.

Kulturen has an impressive collection of art and architecture woven with endless stories from the middles ages to the 20th century.

The museum also has a plethora of activities for children ranging from a park to different exhibits displaying clothes, toys and the lives of children in the middle ages.

Buckle up on your ride to this culturally and historically rich site because Kulturen has a lot to offer with its number of buildings spread all around the large space it occupies.

Enjoy Various Forms of Art at The Musuem of Sketches for Public Art

Skissernas Museum
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The Museum of Sketches for Public Art also known as the Skissernas Museum is dedicated to displaying a collection of over 25,000 items which consists of preliminary sketches and compositions of different artists.

It is filled with works of both contemporary and medieval artists.

The interest in this unique museum lies in the fact that the exhibitions do not focus on finished artwork but rather on various forms of art in their stages of making or first ideas of the artists.

The displays range from pencil sketches, to huge plaster sculptures and paintings from all around the world.

Established in 1934 by Ragnar Josephson who was a professor of art history at the Lund University, this distinctive museum will let you see works of famous 20th century artists like Matisse, Sonia Delaunay, Diego Rivera and sculptures by Swedish artists such as Arne Jones and Elli Hemberg.

Stroll Among Beautiful Flowers in The Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden in Lund
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The botanical garden in Lund boasts of housing more than 7,000 species which are carefully taken care of in around 200 greenhouses categorised into different climate zones.

A haven for nature-lovers, this place is complete with vibrant flower beds which best bloom through May to July.

Stop at this relaxing garden and take a leisurely stroll between demure, blushing beauties.

The garden is said to have existed since the 17th century and enjoys a large number of visitors every year.

Built on an area of 8 hectares, it is a great place to explore new species of plants and flowers for those who are interested in botany.

The café by the pond is an added bonus where you can catch some rest to view the sparkling water body and enjoy some quiet time over a cup of coffee.

Stroll Through the Narrow Streets of The Old Town

Lund old town
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Take some time to just walk down the old cobblestone streets of the Lund old town or even rent a bicycle to ride down alleys lined with beautiful timbered houses sporting bright, pastel hues.

The old town is a charming and picturesque place coloured in a beautiful, bright palette to overwhelm your heart and sight.

Head out on a warm afternoon to peek into adorable little antique stores hidden away in corners and marvel at the quaint little cottages that sit crowded against each other on either side of the beautiful streets.

Feast on Local and Global Cuisines in The Saluhallen

Saluhallen in Lund
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Food is arguably one of the best and intimate ways to completely indulge in the feeling of touring a destination.

This is where Saluhallen comes in.

This Lund Market Hall is possibly the best place for food-lovers who visit Lund.

There is every ingredient imaginable and the endless number of stalls also sell fresh raw ingredients alongside mouth-watering Scandinavian and global cuisine like middle-eastern and east-Asian.

You can shop for quality materials to cook your own meals or take a look at the various gourmets available all over the market.

The place is replete with famous eateries serving some of the best meats, a fine collection of cheeses and other dairy, and also cafés to pop in for quick shots of steaming espressos.

Hike in The Beautiful Rinneback Gorge

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Locally known as the Rinnebacksravinen in Swedish, the Rinneback Gorge is a breathtaking untouched natural area with lovely streams cutting through the stunning greenery of the place.

This area is perfect for a hike up the trails or just basking in the serenity, away from the bustling, energetic life of the city and spending some peaceful time.

The area has undulating land covered with healthy green growth and overall it is an extremely relaxing experience to be surrounded with prosperous nature which hasn’t been exploited or altered from its original form.

Enjoy a Swim in Hogevall

Hogevallbadet or Hogevall is a water park perfect for a fun family excursion.

The complex has swimming pools of varying sizes ranging from toddlers to adults and is furnished with hot pools and jet streams which make for a very fun-filled, relaxing time.

There is an outdoor pool and gym to explore and an Adventure Pool which your kids and even you are sure to love!

There are daring water courses and exercise slides and other fun rides to occupy every inch of your time spent here.

The water park is well maintained and cleaned regularly so you can enjoy comfortably without worrying about sanitation and hygiene.

It is an exciting place for kids and adults alike because it offers a wide range activity for all ages.

Visit the All Saint’s Church

Interior of All Saint’s Church
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The All Saint’s Church was formed in 1891 on All Saint’s Day and is another one of Helgo Zettervall’s architecture enjoyed by Lund.

The church is designed in exquisite gothic style with its spectacular 72-metre tower and can hold up to 2000 people.

The tower sports three bells which were designed by M & O Ohlsson.

The interior is a sight for the eyes and is going to take your breath away with stained glass windows, polished cement altars and a wooden crucifix at the altarpiece.

It is also decorated with the beautiful paintings of Svante Thulin.

It is located a very short way north of the city centre and is an easy place to spot.

This church is not as grand as the Lund Cathedral and might make for a short visit but it will definitely leave an impact that will last much longer.

Relax in The Lundagard Park

Medieval building in Lundagard Park
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The most well known park in Lund has to be the Lundagard Park.

It is situated between the Lund University main building and the Lund Cathedral.

This is just the place to relax after having marveled at some of the most majestic architecture surrounding the area.

You can set up a picnic with your loved ones or just stroll around the road of the park, lined with healthy trees and flowers on both sides.

The best time to visit is summer when all the flowers are in full bloom.

Most of Lund’s attractions are around the city centre and so the Lundagard Park is a great spot to stop for a break and sit among well-maintained, beautiful greens.

Marvel at The Collection of The Historical Museum

Lunds Universitets Historiska
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The small medieval town of Lund is truly a place of living history for all the archaic exhibitions it has got to offer.

The Historical Museum or the Lunds Universitets Historiska is another such place to view a stunning collection of around 10 million archaeological exhibits, featuring the important and early eras in human history like the Stone Age and Iron Age.

The museum also displays life from the Ice Age in its zoological section.

It is definitely a great place to learn about the ages in evolution and development while viewing what time has left us.

Explore the Drotten Church Ruins

Drotten Church Ruins
Bengt Oberger, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Drotten Church Ruins are among the lesser known attractions in Lund.

It is an 11th century church that was revived during an excavation in the 70s.

The site is in good condition and houses what has been termed the first ever stone church in Skane, possibly dating back to the 900s.

You can learn a lot about the artefacts and the ruins.

The best part is that the entrance to this place is free!

Indulge in Different Activities in Stadsparken

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Stadsparken is another one of Lund’s parks with an array of activities ranging from hiking, cycling, a skate park, rock climbing, a gym, a swimming pool and a children’s playground.

There are also well-kept lawns, paths lined with trees and beautiful gardens with innumerable species for people who are looking for relaxation.

It is located southwest from the city centre and is a great place for some quality time.

Shop at The Sodra Esplanaden

Sodra Esplanaden
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Complete your trip to Lund by meandering through the useful flea markets at the Sodra Esplanaden.

The markets are organised every Saturday during spring and summer and are a great place to shop for antique, vintage things which seems to be the way of life for this quaint, little medieval town with ancient history seeping in its every creak and corner.