15 Best Things to Do in Ludington, MI

15 Best Things to Do in Ludington, MI

Ludington is the gateway to a plethora of fun. The background of the majestic Lake Michigan makes you fall in love with the place. Be it a family trip or a honeymoon- Ludington has something for everyone.

With an abundance of natural beauty and a perfect tinge of history- Ludington can be one of the best ideas for your next vacation.

Let us not waste any more time telling you about the beauty of the place- here are the top 15 things that you must check out while you are on your Ludington vacation.

Check out the Big Sable Point Lighthouse

Big Sable Point Lighthouse
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The city of Ludington is incomplete without this beautiful work of art. The Big Sable Point Lighthouse is undoubtedly the most attractive tourist spot here in the community.

One of the most prominent Michigan lighthouses, the Big Sable Point Lighthouse holds a special place in the hearts of the people living in the community.

But, the path you take to go to the lighthouse might not be an easy one. It is a strenuous one that includes a lot of hiking. Yes, there is an almost 1.8 miles path worth hiking.

There are 130 steps to be taken too. The Big Sable Point Lighthouse, Ludington State Park, and the North Breakwater Light are the three Ludington delights that need to be covered on the first day of your trip.

All of these three are close to each other, and you can hike from one place to another. So, get your adrenaline pumping for the journey is about to begin!

Plan a trip to the nearby Ludington State Park

Ludington State Park
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The Ludington State Park is one of the most beautiful places here in Ludington. You can get to see most of the most picturesque lakes in Michigan, the Big Sable Point Lighthouse, and the other focal point altogether in one huge state park.

Even if you leave the other two attractions out, Lake Hamlin and Michigan are enough to blow your minds.

Located on a massive area of 5,300 acres, the state park has some of the best views of Lake Michigan. You can even hike up along the shoreline and camp if you want to. Fishing is a popular activity here too.

Make your way to the North Breakwater Light

North Breakwater Light
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The North Breakwater Light is the last stop we will make in the state park area on the first day of our trip. And, the place will not disappoint you. The North Breakwater Light is located in such a scenic region where Lake Michigan meets with the Pere Marquette River and forms the best views.

The sunset is a sight that needs to be cherished from here. You can even see the S.S. Badger setting sail from here. There are even three decks in this tower along with several lantern rooms. Take a walk around the tower to take in the beauty more.

Take a peek at the S.S. Badger from the North Breakwater Light

S.S. Badger
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Want to set sail on a massive ferry and get to the Great Lakes? Ludington provides you with a once upon a lifetime experience. Sailing from the city right till Manitowoc- the S.S. Badger is the most popular ferry around here.

Did you know this ship is over 400 feet tall? Yes, and it can hold almost 600 passengers on board! It can even accommodate vehicles inside.

You won’t ever get bored here on the ship for there are a lot of games onboard. Wanna watch a movie? There are big screens here too. Two restaurants are present here with some lip-smacking menus.

Bookworms! Pay attention

Historic White Pine Village is another asset of Ludington that keeps the tourists interested and takes them on a whole new journey. The museum is situated outdoors.

Most of your history buffs might already know about the existence of this historic location. The site is just filled with pure beauty as it stands there proudly overlooking the mesmerizing Michigan Lake.

There are almost 30 museums included within the Historic White Pine Village.

The Admission Building contains a plethora of books to have the best knowledge on Mason County you can get your hands on. Do end the trip with some ice cream from the Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor.

Cherish a meal at Old Hamlin Restaurant

Old Hamlin Restaurant
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Old Hamlin Restaurant has been here for a long time. And, it’d be a shame if you left Ludington without trying some of the best-cooked dishes at Hamilton. So, sit down, order, and let the unique style of Greek flavor in a traditional American dish fill your taste buds with joy.

Did you know apart from the inevitable Greek taste, you could even come across some Italian or Mexican cuisine in here?

We’d recommend the good ole pies of Hamilton because they are going to taste amazing! And, our favorite thing about this restaurant is that it serves breakfast all throughout the day! You even get to choose a beer along with your meal.

Take a walk around Downtown

Ludington Downtown
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Trying to take it slow for the evening? Why would you even want to head back to the hotel so early when you have got an entire downtown area to explore? Don’t worry- we were planning on taking you there sooner or later.

Downtown Ludington is in perfect harmony with the modern amenities. You always get to see all the tourists and even locals walking around or eating. The areas are lit up.

This is a haven for shopping, so if you were looking for some light shopping to take back with you- this is the place to do so at a cheap price. Also, all the restaurants are located here. Don’t go back to the hotel without having dinner here.

Also, summers are pleasant here, and it remains open for a long time. New Year’s Eve is extravagant here, and a party goes on in the area.

See the guest of Amber Elk Ranch

What is a vacation if you don’t get to interact with a single animal? Ludington has a special guest too. Though the main attraction happens to be a world-class bull elk, there is a zoo for kids too. The zoo is an interactive one and contains only cute farm animals, so you can go and pet them.

But, the elk bull is something that grabs everyone’s attention and you need to see this when you are here in Ludington.

Also, there are over 130 acres of green land. You could even ride a wagon to explore all the lands. There are many farm animals roaming around freely.

Get the best beer in town

Everyone knows you get the best beer of Ludington here in Jamesport Center. Want to unwind a bit after all that sight-seeing? Jamesport Center is the next destination. Come on.

There is something surreal about the place. It also has a restaurant, but the bar just gets more attention from the locals and tourists.

The unique thing about this bar is you even get to have a chance to see how they make the different beers. Pat Saxton is the head brewing chef here, and getting to see his art is truly a matter of luck!

Many award-winning people have lent their hands to making beers here at Jamesport. The chicken pot pie is another item that deserves special mention. If you want to munch on something along with your beer- just opt for pretzels!

Get yourself a glass of the best wine

If you are not much of a beer person, then how does a glass of wine sound? First, let us let you to the ideal place for sipping on some wine here at Ludington.

Wine deserves a serene atmosphere and some great views. In other words, if you are sipping on some wines in a winery- the ambiance should be great. Keeping all these in mind- we decided to take you to Fox Barn Market & Winery.

The wines that you get in here are traditional. But, they believe in quality! The wines are rich and luxurious. Also, sipping on some great wines paired with some delicious pieces of cheese and the appropriate fruits on a patio is indeed the best way to cherish a sunset.

Do visit Fox Barn Market & Winery for a great experience.

Snap a few pictures at Father Marquette National Memorial

Everyone history buff knows the name- Jacques Marquette. He was one of the finest explorers of his time. But, did you know that he was a French priest too?

When he came to the lands of Ludington, he realized that these native Americans are going to need his help. For this reason, he decided to teach them the basics of the elite French Culture.
As means of respect, the Father Marquette National Memorial was built that pays respect to the great man.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources owns this memorial and all the grounds that surround it. There are even trails all around, and this is an Instagram-worthy spot itself!

Go camping at Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness

Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness
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The Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness has a unique environment that is quite indescribable. Being located parallel the shore of the great Michigan Lake, the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness has a lot of things that are worth boasting about.

These freshwater dunes have some of the best views and great camping sites. Most of the people choose to spend a night or two here for the thrill. Just a starry night sky amid some sand dunes sounds lovely.

It also has an area of almost 3,450 acres and the backdrop of the Manistee National Forest makes things more delightful than they are.

Enjoy the Pere Marquette River

Pere Marquette River
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The Pere Marquette River is a sanctuary for those who just want to enjoy the waters. The river is extremely scenic and is vast!

You won’t ever run out of things to do here in the Pere Marquette River. So, mark our works, and take a day to enjoy and explore this huge river.

The river might stretch along for 66 acres, but that does not indicate that it is very deep. In fact, it is quite shallow with being only 2 feet deep. At the most, it is 4 feet deep in some areas. Salmon is the best here.

So, why don’t you try catching some salmons? Also, fishing is allowed all year round. You could even camp along the river banks to get some sweet essence in the trip. There are hiking trails all around too.

Spend an evening at Waterfront Sculpture Park

We have another location for you to check out after a long day of sightseeing. The nights are beautiful here in Ludington. But, we recommend not wasting a single sunset here for those who are the best of the lot.

There are a few places you could check out that have some of the best sunsets and won’t even take up much of your energy if you are tired after a long day. This is when Waterfront Sculpture Park comes into play.

Located in Ludington Harbor, the Waterfront Sculpture Park is filled with beautiful sculptures made from bronze. There are nine of them. And, these have a role too. They portray a part of Ludington’s history!

Visit the Jam Farm before you leave

We kind of have a cute ending planned for your trip. Before you leave Ludington- you better not go back on an empty stomach or with any bitter memories. So, we planned a sweet place just for you. The Jam Farm is here to treat your taste buds.

The Jam Farm has earned quite a name when it comes to home-made jams and dips in the area. In the beginning, they were only making some delicious jams from the berries they grew in their properties, but as time went on- the Jam Farm expanded their business.

Now- you can even get some delicious warm bread to pair up with your jam, dips, or even granola!
Located very close to Lake Michigan, the Jam Farm is a staple of the area.

Also, the recipes they use for making these delicacies have been passed down through generations, which makes the quality even better than the newbies!

We hope we convinced you to take this vacation. Stay safe. Bon voyage!