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17 Best Things to Do in Louisa County, VA

  • Published 2022/09/10

Louisa is a charming county in central Virginia, about 45 miles from the state capital Richmond.

Established in 1742, it was named after Princess Louise, daughter of England’s King George II and wife of Denmark’s King Frederick V.

The county comprises two towns, Louisa and Mineral, and several other unincorporated communities.

Situated at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this rural yet vibrant county offers plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities and historical attractions.

Louisa is one of the three Virginia counties home to Lake Anna, one of the state’s largest lakes.

To get you started on planning your visit to this historic county, here are the best things to do in Louisa County, Virginia:

Join the Downtown Luisa Walking Tour

Exterior of the Louisa County Courthouse at downtown Louisa

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Go on the Downtown Luisa Walking Tour and explore some of the historic structures in the town of Louisa.

This guided tour features over 20 important structures from the 19th century and early 20th century, including government buildings, houses, cottages, and offices.

See the Louisa County Courthouse, built in the colonial revival style in 1905, and the Victorian-style Cooke Office Building, constructed in 1887.

You can also see the Boxley Cabin, a small structure said to date back to the 1700s.

This cabin and the 1860 Boxley House are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Louisa County Historical Society also offers a DIY guide to the Downtown Luisa Walking Tour in case you prefer to tour at your own pace.

Explore History at The Sargeant Museum of Louisa County History

Visit The Sargeant Museum of Louisa County History for a great introduction to the county’s rich history.

Explore the museum’s six permanent exhibits and featured temporary displays, all telling rich stories of the county’s historical places, remarkable people, and notable events.

The museum also features a heritage farm behind, home to several restored historic structures that they use for special programs.

If you want to dive more into history, drop by their shop for maps, books, and other publications.

You can also get souvenirs such as postcards and stationery.

Find The Sargeant Museum of Louisa County History along Fredericksburg Avenue.

Enjoy the Outdoors at Small Country Campground

Take the family on an outdoor weekend fun at Small Country Campground.

This camp facility at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains features 150 acres of park area and a 25-acre lake.

Take a splash or just enjoy the scenery at their lakeshore beach.

You can also take your kayak or boat and catch some bass in the lake.

If you’d rather stay on land, go on a hike and explore the woods.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventure, the camp is packed with activities for everyone in the family.

It offers various campsites, tent sites, and other accommodation facilities, including cabins and a farmhouse.

Small Country Campground is located along Byrd Mill Road.

Catch a Show at the Louisa Arts Center

Experience the local art scene when you visit the Louisa Arts Center along Fredericksburg Avenue.

Established in 2007, it serves as the county’s center for visual and performance arts.

See an art show at the center’s Purcell Art Gallery, which showcases the fine art of local artists as well as from national art guilds.

You can also watch a musical show or a play at the Cooke-Haley Theater, the center’s 205-seat venue for performing arts.

The Louisa Arts Center is also home to an art studio and hosts various arts and culture events in the community throughout the year.

Go Fishing at Northeast Creek Reservoir

Head to the Northeast Creek Reservoir for a relaxing fishing trip.

The serene 187-acre reservoir is a water supply lake that opened to fishing in the late 1980s.

It offers year-round opportunities for anglers and lovely surrounding greenery.

Enjoy the peaceful and beautiful scenery as you wait to catch bluegill, largemouth bass, and catfish.

The area has boat ramps good for most boats and paddle access.

You can reach the Northeast Creek Reservoir via Route 33 East.

Go Wine Tasting at 53rd Winery and Vineyard

Head to 53rd Winery and Vineyard on Shannon Hill Road for a taste of award-winning Louisa wine.

Have a flight and discover flavors as you enjoy their tasting room’s relaxing atmosphere.

You can also pick a bottle and enjoy it on the patio with friends while listening to live music.

If you’ve found a favorite, take a bottle to enjoy back home.

Previously known as Cooper Vineyards, 53rd Winery and Vineyard was given its current name as a nod to it being Virginia’s 53rd registered Farm Winery in 1999.

It’s part of The Heart of Virginia Wine Trail, which includes five of central Virginia’s premier wineries.

Tour Green Springs National Historic Landmark District

Take a tour of Green Springs National Historic Landmark District, home to some of Virginia’s oldest farms.

Get a glimpse of the county’s past when you see over 250 original houses, barns, and other rural structures dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

The district also covers 14,000 acres of rich agricultural land, offering picturesque views of the rural landscape.

You can see these architectural treasures and enjoy the beautiful vistas when you take a guided tour.

Green Springs National Historic Landmark District is located west of the county, bordered by Routes 15 and 22.

Explore Outdoor Activities at Pleasants Landing at Lake Anna

No visit to Louisa would be complete without some lake action.

Pleasants Landing at Lake Anna is a park and marina offering visitors beach access to Lake Anna, one of Virginia’s largest lakes.

There are plenty of outdoor recreation and leisure activities around the area throughout the year, such as swimming, boating, and fishing.

Take a splash or lounge by the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

You can also rent a boat for an exciting adventure on the lake.

After some fun in the water, enjoy a picnic with family and friends at the park.

Pleasants Landing at Lake Anna is along Pleasant Landing Road.

Pick Flowers at Forrest Green Farm

Take the family to Forrest Green Farm for fresh air, quality produce, and healthy living lessons.

This family-owned farm on Evergreen Road sustainably grows produce such as vegetables, meat, and herbs.

Visit the farm and enjoy the gardens, where you can pick beautiful flowers such as cosmos, zinnias, and lavender for a bouquet.

These colorful flower gardens will be the perfect backdrop for your photos!

The Forrest Green Farm also offers various courses such as gardening, pasture poultry, and herbarium.

Don’t forget to drop by the market on the farm for some local products you may want to take home, such as herb teas, seasoning blends, essential oils, and dairy products.

Explore the Local Dining Scene

Discover local flavors and interesting restaurants while exploring the county’s local dining scene.

After a day of tours and activities, restaurants, cafes, and other local dining spots are easily accessible, whether you are in Louisa town or in Mineral.

From hearty barbecues and classic American dishes to international cuisine, various dining options await you around the county.

Don’t forget to leave room for dessert and try some local sweets and treats.

Dining around is also a great way to enjoy the county’s vibrant atmosphere.

Have a Picnic at the Louisa Town Park

Head to the Louisa Town Park near downtown for a picnic with family and some relaxing nature walk.

This six-acre park along Meadow Avenue features open fields, picnic sites, and a walking trail.

After your picnic, enjoy the fresh air and go for a nice walk along the creek.

The walking trail is also a wonderful opportunity to see or hear birds around the area, such as northern cardinals and American robins.

The Louisa Town Park’s woods also serve as home to orioles, warblers, and other bird species during migration season.

The park also has a play area that kids can enjoy.

Visit Southern Revere Vineyard & Farm

Get a taste of local Louisa craft beverages at Southern Revere Vineyard & Farm.

This family-owned brewery and winery features a modern tasting barn perfect for sampling craft beer flavors and wine blends with family or friends.

You can also have your gathering outdoors and enjoy scenic views of the farm’s 70 acres of vineyard, surrounding greenery, and hops field.

Southern Revere Vineyard & Farm offers a great selection of food to pair with your drinks, such as picnic items, smoked meat, and other classic American dishes.

Boasting a vibrant farm-to-glass craft beverage experience, a visit to this lovely spot along E. Jack Jouett Road is a must when you’re in the county.

Go on a Trail Ride at Colchester Equines

Experience a new trail adventure when you visit Colchester Equines, an equine training facility offering horse riding lessons and riding camps.

Apart from these equine services, the facility also offers fun trail rides.

Hop on, ride along the wooded trails, and enjoy this exciting way of exploring nature.

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, as the ride is friendly even for kids.

You can find Colchester Equines along New Bridge Road.

Stroll around Buckner-Bumpass Park

Head to Buckner-Bumpass Park for a pleasant and relaxing walk on a slow day.

This 19-acre park features wooded areas, a playing field, picnic sites, and hiking trails.

Stroll along the nature trail and bask in the serene atmosphere and calming views of nature.

As you enjoy your walk, you’ll get a glimpse of some of the park’s resident wildlife, such as beavers and turtles.

The walking trails are also a good spot for bird watching, where you can see eastern bluebirds and even some migratory birds flying around.

Buckner-Bumpass Park is located off Bumpass Road.

Unwind at Cooling Pond Brewery

After a day of sightseeing, head to Cooling Pond Brewery to unwind and sample local Virginia beer.

This small, family-owned brewery offers English-inspired craft beers, interestingly named after taverns in the area.

Enjoy your pint in the cozy comfort of their tasting room.

You can also sit at the patio with friends while enjoying your flight of craft beer and beautiful views of the hilltop.

They also have a great selection of wine, cider, and other local beer.

The brewery also hosts food trucks and live music.

You can find Cooling Pond Brewery along Route 52.

Find Crafts, Antiques, and Gifts at the Local Shops

Whether you’re looking for locally made items or collectibles, the local shops around the county offer plenty of shopping opportunities.

You can find several antique and thrift shops around, which are great for finding vintage items.

Local shops also include boutiques, artisan spots, and gift shops, where you can get souvenirs, handmade items, and home decor.

There are also various farmers’ markets where you can shop for fresh produce or treats you could take home.

Need something for your lake trip?

You can also visit some of the local shops around for apparel and items to get you ready for your lake adventure.

Tour the Trevilian Station Battlefield

If driving around historic sites is your kind of thing, gas up and take the Trevilian Station Battlefield Tour.

Drive along scenic rural Louisa landscapes as you make your way along 11 stops starting at the Louisa County History Museum.

These stops include houses, taverns, and Trevilian Station Battlefield sites that tell pieces of the county’s history during the Civil War.

The 1864 Battle of Trevilian Station is one of the largest battles of the Civil War.

The Trevilian Battlefield Foundation and the Louisa County Historical Society created this driving tour commemorating the battle’s 150th year.

Final Thoughts

Louisa County is a destination rich in history, heritage, and natural beauty.

With plenty of historical sites and beautiful nature spots, exciting outdoor recreation and relaxing leisure opportunities await you in this charming county at the heart of Virginia.

Start planning your trip and experience some of the best things to do in Louisa County, Virginia.

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