15 Best Things to Do in Los Olivos, CA

Los Olivos, CA
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Set within Santa Barbara County and located at the Santa Ynez Valley is the unincorporated community known as Los Olivos.

Los Olivos was first established in the 1880s and currently has a population of 791 as of 2019.

One of the main features of this town is the vast amount of agricultural spots related to wine.

Another feature you'll find is the historical stories connected to some of these agricultural spots.

While there is a vast amount of wineries and vineyards you can explore in this community, there is also a selection of other sites and attractions you can find.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Los Olivos, California:

Immerse Yourself in Lavender Plants and Products at Clairmont Farms

Exterior of a house at Clairmont Farms.
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Among the various agricultural spots in Los Olivos, Clairmont Farms stands out differently.

What makes Clairmont Farms different?

It features lavender and all things related to the purple herb.

You can find this lavender farm just off Los Olivos on Roblar Avenue.

Garden landscape of Clairmont Farms.
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For anyone who loves flowers and plants, you'll find vast fields to explore and enjoy a picnic.

Other than this, you can check out the farm's boutique and peruse the various lavender products available.

You also have the option to visit the farm's online store and get your choice of product shipped to your area.

A smaller version of the statue of liberty at Clairmont Farms.
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Drink and Relax with the Carhartt Family Wines

Enjoy yourself a glass of wine in a comfy atmosphere at the Carhartt Family Wines.

When visiting this winery, you'll find over a dozen different wines you can try among the thousands of cases that the winery produces.

If you book the Carhartt Family Wines, you can learn about the creative process behind the store's various blends.

In addition to different wines you can sample, Carhartt Family Wines also provides a vacation house you can rent for a maximum of six people, with plenty of facilities, including a spa and barbeque space.

By choosing to check out the Carhartt Family Wines, you have the chance to get coziness and wines.

Indulge in Wine and Cupcakes at Saarloos and Sons

The Saarloos and Sons vineyard is one of many family-operated businesses in Los Olivos offering a selection of wines that feature the fruits of the field.

What makes this vineyard stand out is what you can enjoy with your wine.

In the Saarloos and Sons tasting room, for example, not only do you get to indulge in different wines, but you also get to enjoy cupcakes with them.

More than the cupcake and wine pairings, Saarloos and Sons also offer other facilities you can explore, such as their retail store and air B&B.

Enjoy a Picnic and Tour at the Beckmen Vineyards

Get wine and a view by visiting the Beckmen Vineyards.

The Beckmen Vineyards is a family operation that features organic farming and over three hundred acres for its vineyards.

When it comes to visiting this vineyard, there are different options you can go for, and one of them happens to be enjoying a glass of wine in a gazebo.

Aside from enjoying the facilities, the vineyard offers different tours, including a virtual one.

If that isn't enough, the vineyard also has a club where you can gain different perks, including fancy dinners.

Ride a Hot Balloon with Sky's the Limit Ballooning

You can explore the town of Los Olivos in many ways, but one of the best ways to see this community is through the skies.

The best way to do this is to book a session with the Sky's the Limit Ballooning.

Sky's the Limit Ballooning is a hot air balloon service that provides you the option to see the area in a new way.

There are different balloon ride options, but no matter what type of ride you take, you're sure to get unforgettable views of the area.

Get Art with Your Wine at the Artiste Winery & Tasting Studio

At the Artiste Winery & Tasting Studio, you have a chance to not only get delicious wine but also a piece of art to go with it.

Whether you purchase a red or white wine, you'll find that each bottle from this winery features a piece of art in place of the wine label.

The studio features different artists throughout the year.

Aside from different wines, Artiste Winery & Tasting Studio also offers art prints along with olive oil and merchandise.

Try the Bubbly Drinks at Dreamcôte Wine Co.

Take a break from trying the different wines in Los Olivos by visiting Dreamcôte Wine Co.

While this shop does offer their share of wines to try, they also provide a selection of bubbly drinks for you to sample.

Another thing that makes this shop stand out is that they offer the option to try their drinks on a boat.

You can book this unique tasting experience by contacting the staff via their number, which you can find on the shop's official website.

Along with staff contact details, the website also provides event information and recipes you can try out.

Explore the Fields and Lodging at the Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard

Bottles of wine of Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard.
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There are many vast vineyards located throughout Los Olivos, and one of them is the Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard.

The Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard features over seven hundred acres of land and holds thirty-three years of business under its belt.

When choosing to visit this vineyard, there are different options you can choose to do.

Chardonnay wine of Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard.
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If you're looking to sample their wares, you can make a reservation for the vineyard's tasting room or check out their online store.

Outside the different wine options you can enjoy, Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard also offers lodging options.

You also have the chance to dine at the vineyard or book a ticket for the different events held there.

Whatever you choose, you're sure to enjoy a wine and dine experience with plenty of comforts.

Wine bottles of Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard.
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The Gallery Los Olivos is one of the unique attractions you can check out.

Located in Grand Avenue and existing since 1992, you can find various art pieces from over fifty artists featured in this gallery.

From pottery to oil paintings and crafts, there's no shortage of art mediums displayed at this gallery.

The gallery generally opens during certain times of the year, and you can find the exhibit schedules online.

Sample the Rhone Variety Wines at Tercero Wines

If you're looking to try specific types of wine, check out the selection of Rhone wines at Tercero Wines.

You can find Tercero Wines at Alamo Pintado Avenue or check out their products via their online store.

You'll find that Tercero Wines offers a range of red and white wines done in the Rhone style.

Depending on the time you reserve the tasting room, you have the chance to try five different wines.

The winery also has the option to have your choice of wine shipped to your home.

Meet the Horses at KAP Land & Cattle

Anyone who is a fan of history, the outdoors, or both needs to check out the KAP Land & Cattle.

The KAP Land & Cattle is a horseback riding service that provides you with different options to accommodate any level of horseriding experience.

When booking a ride with KAP Land & Cattle, you get a chance to explore a historical ranch and vineyard.

In addition to a horseriding experience, KAP Land & Cattle also provides you with a delicious picnic and wine tastings.

You can book an experience with KAP Land & Cattle today by calling their contact.

Visit the Zaca Mesa Winery

Another place known for specializing in Rhone-style wines is the Zaca Mesa Winery.

At the Zaca Mesa Winery, you'll find not only a selection of wines to taste but also outdoor activities to enjoy.

Being located by Foxen Canyon, you have the option to try out the cycling trails nearby.

There are also different tour options you can choose to learn more about the Zaca Mesa Winery facilities.

You can also check out the different events held at the winery by exploring the event schedule online.

By choosing to visit this winery, you get a chance to immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery and learn new information.

Taste the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay at the Taste of Santa Rita Hills

For those looking for specific wines such as Chardonnay, make a stop at the Taste of Santa Rita Hills.

The Taste of Santa Rita Hills is where you can go to enjoy a selection of  Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

More than providing a selection of options you can indulge in at their tasting room,  The Taste of Santa Rita Hills also offers retail items you can peruse on their online store.

Depending on the type of wine tasting experience, you have a chance to learn plenty from their tasting room.

Whatever you choose to do at The Taste of Santa Rita Hills, you're sure to have a fun wine tasting experience.

Have a Taste of the Wines at Koehler Winery

Among the different wineries available in Los Olivos, the Koehler Winery is the place to visit if you're looking for a diverse set of wines to try.

You can find this winery set along Foxen Canyon Road and enjoy some beautiful scenery while enjoying a glass of wine.

You also have the chance to see an emu wandering around during your wine tasting session.

The winery also offers the option to book events and gatherings.

Either way, visiting Koehler Winery can make for a fun outdoor experience.

Wine and Dine at the Los Olivos Wine Merchant Cafè

Head over to Grand Avenue and grab a bite at the Los Olivos Wine Merchant Cafè.

At the Los Olivos Wine Merchant Cafè, you'll find a selection of local wines to enjoy with a delicious meal.

Aside from various wines, there is a selection of beers and ciders for you to try as well.

If the meals and drinks are not enough, Los Olivos Wine Merchant Cafè also offers options to book a retreat.

Either way, choosing to visit the Los Olivos Wine Merchant Cafè can help give you a break.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Experience an Ostrich Encounter at Ostrichland USA

Ostriches at Ostrichland USA.
Taylor Robinson / Shutterstock.com

Travel south of Los Olivos, and you have a chance to meet an ostrich at Ostrichland U.S.A.

There are over a hundred ostriches and emus you can see at this ranch, and you have the chance to feed them.

An ostrich smiling at Ostrichland USA.
Michael Barajas / Shutterstock.com

When visiting this ranch, you also have the option to book a tour or roam the area yourself.

Aside from meeting the large birds, you can check out the various bird-related products available at the ranch's gift shop.

Meet the Animals at Seein' Spots Farm

Get a chance to meet different donkeys by visiting the Seein' Spots Farm.

You can find this farm within the Solvang area, which is just five minutes away from Los Olivos by car.

More than meeting donkeys, you can also meet other rescue animals at the farm, including dogs and a cow.

To learn more about the options available at the farm, you can contact the staff via their phone number.

Stroll through Nature at the Sedgwick Reserve

You can find several natural spots to explore in the nearby areas of Los Olivos, and one of them is the Sedgwick Reserve.

Set within Santa Ynez and located less than fifteen minutes away by car from Los Olivos, the Sedgwick Reserve is an ideal spot to visit for any outdoor enthusiast.

Featuring nearly six thousand acres of land, Sedwick Reserve has no shortage of habitats and nature sights.

When it comes to visiting this reserve, there are different options you can choose from, including hiking and joining a workshop.

Final Thoughts

When talking about Los Olivos, a prominent topic would be the wine available in this community.

While there is no shortage of locations featuring different wines in Los Olivos, there are plenty of other attractions to explore as well.

Even with the different wineries, you can find unique features to enjoy.

So if you're looking to take a wine journey in this town, be prepared to find the other hidden gems in Los Olivos as well.

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