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20 Best Things to Do in Longview, WA

  • Published 2023/02/08

Located on the cusp of the border of Washington and Oregon state is Longview, a city in the state’s Cowlitz County.

Longview is known for its rich history, housing the location of Mount Coffin, an ancestral burial ground for the local indigenous Cowlitz tribe.

The said Cowlitz Indian tribe is also headquartered in the city.

Longview also has several places listed on the National Register of Historic Places, some of which were built as early as the 1920s before the Great Depression.

With its ideal location along the Columbia River, Longview is an area rich with both scenic mountain views and calming waterways.

Ready to explore Longview, Washington?

Here are the 20 best things to do in the city:

Go See the Lewis and Clark Bridge

Night lights of the long Lewis and Clark Bridge

Alani Selvey /

Opened in 1930, the Lewis and Clark Bridge is the longest cantilever bridge in the United States, connecting Washington and Oregon states.

Passing from Longview, Washington, to Rainier, Oregon, the bridge spans a length of 2,722 feet and is over 1,200 feet in height.

Aerial view of Lewis and Clark Bridge

Capricornis Photographic Inc. /

The bridge was initially called Longview Bridge during its inception but was renamed Lewis and Clark in 1980 in honor of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Visitors, especially those coming to Longview from Oregon, can take in the views of the Columbia River as they traverse through the bridge, marveling at the American architectural wonder that has stood for almost a hundred years.

A car driving along Lewis and Clark Bridge

Prashkan90, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Grab a Sweet Treat at Heavenly Donuts

A famous West Coast establishment, Heavenly Donuts is also available on a visit to Longview.

In business for over 30 years, Heavenly Donuts creates the yummy donuts made fresh every day.

Located downtown along 15th Avenue, visitors can drop by and try their best-selling sweet treats, such as their donut twists, fruit fritters, and cake donuts.

For those looking for more savory options, Heavenly Donuts also offers delicious breakfast sandwiches paired with freshly brewed coffee.

Start your day with a visit to Heavenly Donuts!

Hit a Strike at Triangle Bowl

For those looking for unique activities in Longview, visit Triangle Bowl for a great family day of bowling and fun!

Located near the Lower Columbia College, Triangle Bowl attracts locals and visitors alike looking for a way to relax and bond with family and friends.

Play a few games and see if you can hit that lucky strike out on the alley.

Within Triangle Bowl is their in-house restaurant Lindy’s, serving up homestyle American favorites such as pancakes, pizza, burgers, and tater tots.

Enjoy a Family Day at the Longview Country Club

Founded in 1925, the Longview Country Club is considered a heritage establishment for locals in the area.

Starting as just a 9-hole course during its inception, it eventually was renovated and transformed into a full 18-hole golf course complete with a clubhouse in 1958.

Since then, the Country Club has hosted numerous club, regional and Washington state golf championships.

The Country Club is a treat for golf enthusiasts and beginners alike. Visitors can play the full 18-hole course and practice their tee on the club’s grounds.

Visitors can also enjoy refreshments at the club’s lounge, with an option to stay indoors or outdoors to view the golf course’s grounds.

There’s also an outdoor pool available seasonally for those looking to cool off during the hot summer days.

The club also plays host to a few local events, such as book clubs, bingo games, and late-night events.

Admire the Gorgeous Views at Lake Sacajawea Park

A bridge and a fountain on Lake Sacajawea Park

Joshua Eric Randolph /

Located in the heart of Longview is Lake Sacajawea Park, a 3.6-mile loop expanse that envelopes the adjacent Lake Sacajawea.

Named after the explorer Sacajawea, who aided in the Lewis and Clark Expedition, it is considered the city’s crown jewel.

There is a bevy of activities and things to do in the park.

Visitors are treated to a visual treat of lush landscapes surrounding the park, backdropped with the beauty of Lake Sacajawea.

Visitors can traverse the trails and admire the various flora and fauna planted on the park’s grounds.

Lotus flowers and lily pads on Lake Sacajawea Park

Nathan Pang /

More active visitors can also go for runs and jogs in the park, and those who want a more mellow, relaxing day can opt to lay a mat down or take a picnic with family and friends.

Visitors can do numerous water activities on the lake, such as fishing, kayaking, and canoeing.

The park is also filled with a lot of furry little friends visitors can greet and feed, such as birds, squirrels, and chipmunks.

Within the grounds of the park also lies the Frank Willis Arboretum.

Visitors, especially plant enthusiasts, can admire the various plants, trees, and shrubs maintained within the arboretum’s grounds.

Autumn trees reflecting on the calm Lake Sacajawea Park

Joshua Eric Randolph /

Take in the Picturesque Landscapes at the Japanese Garden

Located within the traverse of Lake Sacajawea Park is the Japanese Garden, created and designed in the unique and olden tradition of the Japanese people.

The idea for the garden came from former Longview Parks Superintendent Al George.

Inspired by his travels to Japan and seeing the beauty of the design of their gardens, he wanted to bring the idea to life back home.

George consulted Japanese gardeners and studied Japanese designs to bring authenticity into the garden in Longview.

Visitors of Lake Sacajawea can take a walk to the park as an addition to their agenda, taking in the beautiful views and landscapes, highlighting Japanese tradition with lush Washington nature.

Tee Off at the Mint Valley Golf Course

Located in the Western part of Longview is the Mint Valley Golf Course, considered one of the finest public golf courses in the whole of Washington State.

Gold beginners and enthusiasts alike can get into the spirit of the game when visiting the course.

An 18-hole par 71 course is available for use for a full game, as well as a smaller 6-hole par three course.

There is also a learning center on-site for beginners looking to sharpen their golf skills.

For those serious about their golf education, lessons are also available from youth to adult golfers.

The grounds are also great for leisurely walks between holes, but cart rentals are also available for those who want to take in the landscape while breezing through Mint Valley’s grasslands.

After a round of golf, visitors can grab a bite to eat at Moe’s at the Mint Restaurant, serving up American favorites such as classic Ruebens, cheeseburgers, and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.

Admire the Historic Architecture at Longview Public Library

Front view of Longview Public Library

SounderBruce, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Found along Louisiana Street,Longview Public Library is a great respite when visiting the city, especially during the winter.

One of the things that will pop out immediately upon your visit is the gorgeous architecture and surrounding scenery of the library, making it an attraction on its own.

Front view of Longview Public Library

Joe Mabel, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you visit during autumn, the foliage accentuates the beauty of the building as well.

The fun doesn’t stop outside, because you’ll be admiring the historic interiors of Longview Public Library as well.

Most of it has been untouched since the 20th Century, making it a haven for architecture and design buffs.

Play a Round of Baseball at Roy Morse Park

Located in West Longview sits Roy Morse Park, a perfect place in Longview to play America’s pastime.

Roy Morse Park is the perfect place to spend an outdoorsy day on a visit to Longview.

Pick up your bat and play a few swings with family and friends on the baseball fields available on-site.

The park’s expanse is also perfect for a game of disc golf, as well as other field sports like softball and soccer.

There are also basketball hoops available for visitors wanting to practice their three-pointers.

There are playgrounds and horseshoe pits for those looking for activities for little kids to play with.

Trails are also spread out within the park for those looking to take a quick run or just a leisurely walk with friends.

Locals and visitors alike can also set up mats on the grounds for a little picnic, enjoying the nice breeze and summer sun of the Pacific Northwest.

Marvel at the Nutty Narrows Bridge

View of the Nutty Narrows Bridge

Paul Juser /

Located downtown across Olympia Way is the Nutty Narrows Bridge, conceptualized and built by Peter Amos in the 1960s.

The bridge was born from Amos, seeing the squirrels struggle to get through the city roads to the big expanse of trees to gather their nuts.

A squirrel with an acorn sculpture at Nutty Narrows Bridge

Paul Juser /

Nutty Narrows Bridge has become a Longview landmark, now standing for over 50 years.

It underwent major reconstruction to better the structure in 1983, just a year before Peter Amos’ death.

The Nutty Narrows Bridge is definitely a unique destination when in Longview.

Visitors can marvel at the mini architectural wonder and also take a gander at the squirrels who utilize the bridge and avoid the regular Longview vehicular traffic.

Visitors can also take pictures with the squirrel statue nearby that commemorates Amos and his creative spirit.

Dedication plaque of Nutty Narrows Bridge

Paul Juser /

Sip on Washington’s Finest at Roland Winery

Roland Winery was started by husband-and-wife tandem Marc and Nancy Roland in 2008.

It was an unusual thing to start a winery in the middle of Southern Washington at the time, but the couple was inspired to start a proudly local business producing fine wines for its residents and visitors.

At present, Roland Winery continues to be a fully family-operated business run by the second generation.

Visitors can enjoy a great glass of wine proudly produced in Cowlitz County. The winery also has a tasting room for those interested in sampling flights and taking in all the flavors they have to offer.

Roland Winery also has an in-house restaurant, serving up simple, elegant fare perfect for pairing.

Roland Winery is also known for their wood-fired pizzas, always made fresh from scratch daily.

Located along Florida Street, Roland Winery is worth a visit for a quick glass of wine and a great time in Longview.

Get Your Heart Pumping at the Mint Valley Racquet and Fitness Complex

For active visitors and sports enthusiasts, then the Mint Valley Racquet and Fitness Complex is the perfect destination when in Longview.

Located within the expanse of the Mint Valley Golf Course grounds, the fitness complex is open to the public and offers a wide range of sports and activities dedicated to bettering one’s health and fitness.

The complex features four indoor tennis courts fully equipped with professional-grade facilities, as well as two pickleball courts and four racquetball/wallyball courts.

There is also a fitness center available on-site and over a 1,500-square-foot facility decked out with state-of-the-art gym equipment, targeting every fitness need.

From cardiovascular machines such as treadmills, ellipticals, and indoor cycling bikes to strength training equipment like weights, you’ll find everything you need for a good workout session here.

Visitors can take advantage of all of these amenities available for an active day at Mint Valley Racquetball and Fitness Complex.

Relax at R.A. Long Park

Located in the heart of Longview is R.A. Long Park, a small but peaceful park downtown.

The park is a great respite from the bustle of downtown Longview, an over 5-acre piece of nature where visitors can relax and take a moment after doing errands or visiting other areas in Longview.

Visitors can drop by to read a good book or people-watch on the park’s grounds.

There’s also a small plaza with Longview landmarks, great for photo ops.

The park is also near the site of the Nutty Narrows Bridge.

Do Some Sightseeing at Windemere Park

Windemere Park is a quaint area where you can do some scenic strolling—whether alone, with friends, or with your dog.

Located in the neighborhood areas of Longview, Windemere Park is famous for its spacious prairies that transform into snowfields if you’re going during winter.

The park has a long stream running across it as well, making it a popular spot to feed wild ducks.

There are also benches, shaded areas, and a playground here if you’re looking for a quiet spot to relax and appreciate the outdoors of Longview.

Situated along 48th Avenue, Windemere Park feels like a hidden gem in the middle of the city.

Watch a Play at the Historic Columbia Theater Association for Performing Arts

Front view of Historic Columbia Theater Association for Performing Arts

Ian Poellet, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Columbia Theater Association for Performing Arts is an awe-inspiring theater that goes back to the early 1900s—a piece of history you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Plenty of shows with reasonable ticket prices are held here year-round, making it a great place for those passionate in acting and stage performances.

Various local and underrated bands have graced this theater, so keep your eyes peeled in case a name that you like comes along.

Besides the exciting performances, Columbia Theater Association for Performing Arts is also a great photo opportunity thanks to its ornate decor inside.

Located in Vandercook Way, getting to this historic site is both easy and pleasurable.

Appreciate the Local Art at Broadway Gallery

Longview is home to a quaint but exciting art gallery called Broadway Gallery.

This is a great stopover if you’re passionate about the arts or you’re a collector who wants to get a nice deal on artwork that you’d fancy.

While the gallery isn’t particularly big, you’d be enticed to look at its many exhibits because of how intricate they’re curated.

Broadway Gallery has various mediums of art, most prominently handcrafted items along with paintings and sculptures.

If you’re convinced to go, the gallery is simply a quick walk from the Columbia Theater Association for Performing Arts.

Have a Picnic at Seventh Avenue Park

Seventh Avenue Park is a huge open space along its namesake road that’s famous for soccer along with its proximity to the Cowlitz River.

Spacious with well-maintained grass, Seventh Avenue Park is one if not the best place to have a picnic without venturing far from Longview.

Tons of migratory birds flock here during the months that don’t get a lot of rain, so it’s a great spot for some laid-back birdwatching as well.

Dogs are also allowed at Seventh Avenue Park, giving everyone incentive to visit this family-friendly space.

With tons of picnic tables and wide fields for sports, this park is nice to add if you have some spare time.

Other Things to Do Nearby

With its ideal location in between Washington and Oregon states, here are other things to do nearby when on a visit to Longview:

Learn about the Area’s History at the Cowlitz County Museum

Located in neighboring Kelso, Washington, the Cowlitz County Museum is an interesting destination for travelers wanting to know more about the rich culture and heritage of Longview and the entire Cowlitz County.

The museum features different permanent and rotating exhibits showcasing early life in the area, particularly of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, the largest occupation of Native Americans in the 1800s in Southern Washington.

The museum opened in 1953 and is maintained by the Cowlitz County Historical Society. It was moved to its current location along Allen Street in 1979.

Visitors can take a look at the selection of artifacts and historical pieces on display that tell the stories that shaped the evolution of Cowlitz County.

Seasonally, the museum also hosts pop-up educational events for locals and visitors alike to get to know more about Cowlitz County history in an interactive manner.

Take a Stroll at the Tam O’Shanter Park

Located along the Cowee River, Tam O’Shanter Park is a great place to spend the day in the Pacific Northwest outdoors.

With a wide expanse of greenery and fields, locals and visitors love Tam O’Shanter Park’s wide open spaces that are perfect for active sports or just leisurely lounging outdoors.

Those more active can play outdoor games such as baseball, softball, soccer, or disc golf.

There are also a lot of barbeque areas and grills spread out across the grounds for people who want to take a nice picnic with family and friends.

The expanse of the park is also a great place to jog and exercise, with the cool Washington breeze wafting as you run across Tam O’Shanter Park.

In addition, Tam O’Shanter Park is also a venue to big community events in Kelso such as concerts, community fairs, markets and the like.

All in all, Tam O’Shanter Park is a great place to put on your list when in Longview, Washington.

Play in the Sun and Sand at Dibblee Beach

Over in neighboring Rainier, Oregon, lies Dibblee Beach, a short drive over from Longview over the Lewis and Clark Bridge.

Situated on the coast of the Columbia River, Dibblee Beach is the perfect place to spend a day in the sand and sun while admiring the gorgeous landscape views of Longview from the state of Oregon.

Visitors can spend a fun beach day laying their tents and mats on the sand to get some sun on their skin.

Visitors can also bring their own beach volleyball or other sports equipment for a quick round of games on the fine sand.

Those with furry friends are also welcome to bring them along to the beach.

Final Thoughts

An entry to the Evergreen State from the south, Longview is a great place to put on your travel destination when in Washington.

It is a unique destination containing great water views, an abundance of nature, and the unique charm of the Pacific Northwest.

So what are you waiting for?

Put Longview, Washington on your bucket list now!

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