15 Best Things to Do in Logan Square, IL

Logan Square, IL
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Logan Square is a friendly neighborhood located in Chicago, Illinois, best known for its wide boulevards, historic mansions and churches, food options, and more!

Their community is complete with diverse artists and culture, indie spirit, creative energy, and even an urban vibe.

Logan Square was named after a former soldier in the Civil War who then became a US senator, General John A. Logan.

Back in the 1800 and 1900s, this neighborhood was home to a prominently English, Scandinavian, and Polish population who built most of the iconic historical boulevards, greystones, and large bungalow-style homes that characterize this area.

At present, this destination in Chicago is constantly adapting and transforming with the openings of new restaurants, bars, and other entertainment venues.

Explore one of Chicago’s most popular neighborhoods with this curated list of tourist attractions:

Explore an Abandoned Rail Line at The 606

Arrow signs at The 606.
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Also known as the “Bloomingdale Trail,” this elevated rail line runs for over 2.7-miles east to west on the northwest side of Chicago.

This railroad fully functioned in the late 1800s until the 1900s before it ceased operation completely in the 1980s since the trains that used to pass through here were re-routed.

The nearby neighborhoods of this rail line rediscovered this abandoned railroad and converted it into a public attraction when flowers and plants began blooming in the area.

People rollerskating at The 606.
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Guests are also free to explore this railway on their own, as it is home to biking paths, walking trails, art installations, rest areas, and truly stunning views of some of Chicago’s most interesting neighborhoods.

To this day, The 606 or Bloomingdale Trail has become one of the main tourist attractions in Logan Square with its impromptu nature trail and natural habitat with unmatched views of the city.

This rail line also welcomes visitors and locals to join their events, both on and off the trail, to give you a glimpse into the historical past of The 606.

An empty trail at The 606.
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Take Pictures by the ​​Greetings From Chicago Mural

Painted by a former graffiti artist from New York City, Victor Ving designed this mural in that classic “Greetings From” postcard motif to welcome visitors to this part of town!

The mural is part of a national project called “The Greetings From Tour” launched by Victor and his partner and professional photographer, Lisa Beggs.

Chicago is only one of the many states that are part of Victor and Lisa's “The Greetings From Tour,” where they paint the walls with their craft!

If you look closely at each painted letter, the artist incorporates iconic local images inspired by the city itself.

This street art was mostly created using spray paint and took about four days before it was completed.

The contemporary nature of this art form makes it the perfect background for your pictures when you visit this neighborhood!

Relax and Wind Back at Humboldt Park

Exterior of a house at Humboldt Park.
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Humboldt Park in Logan Square is one of the nation’s best public parks with its diverse community, amenities, and activities!

This park was once home to acres of Prairie-style gardens, grazing animals, and a meandering river scene; and though the animals have been long gone, you can still enjoy the open space.

Name sign of Humboldt Park.
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Guests can wander around this spacious property and indulge in some outdoor activities, such as tennis courts, an inland beach, a fieldhouse, baseball fields, and bike paths.

You may also lay a picnic blanket down next to the river and admire the landscapes, open meadows, native wetland plants, and prairie grasses and wildflowers surrounding the park.

Humboldt Park is a lovely place to relax and cool down in preparation for your next tour destination in Logan Square!

Beautiful sunset at Humboldt Park.
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Rave at Concord Music Hall

This mid-size concert venue hosts a variety of music shows with a lot of genres, including hip-hop, indie rock, and dub step.

Concord Music Hall is one of Chicago’s most popular spots to see national touring acts in a beautiful venue, accompanied by a robust menu of food and drinks.

On the main floor of this entertainment center is a flat area for front-row guests who wish to jump and dance along to the music.

They also offer balcony seats for those who still want to enjoy the show but with a more relaxed environment.

Make sure to buy your tickets to the shows before they’re sold out!

Visit an Iconic Landmark at Illinois Centennial Monument

Aerial view of Illinois Centennial Monument.
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Created in 1981, Illinois Centennial Monument was built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the State of Illinois into the Union.

This 68-foot tall landmark is located at Logan Square Park, where visitors can admire the Doric-style fluted column made of Tennessee pink marble and topped by a large eagle with spread wings, which rests upon a base carved with seven-foot-high bas-reliefs.

The illinois Centennial Monument.
Loganresident at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Guests can also approach the monument and find an inscription on its north side saying: “To commemorate the centenary of the admission of Illinois as a sovereign state of the American union December third MDCCCXVIII.”

There are signage boards near the structure where you can read about the monument's history along with Chicago’s boulevard system and Logan Square.

It’s interesting to read about Illinois Centennial Monument, but nothing beats seeing it up-close in person!

View of the Illinois Centennial Monument.
Roberto Morales, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Spend Quality Time with Your Loved Ones at Palmer Square Park

Named for the 15th governor of Illinois, John McAuley Palmer, Palmer Square Park is a popular area for cyclists, runners, and kids!

This 7-acre park has a "Velveteen Rabbit"-themed playground that is sure to keep your young ones preoccupied and active while you relax under the shade.

You can also find a nice trail that winds around the park that’s suitable for biking, running, or simple strolls while you let the Chicago breeze nip at your skin.

Palmer Square Park remains a favorite among residents originally created as part of Chicago’s historic boulevard system in the early 1870s.

Over the years, this park continued to develop and is now a popular tourist destination that you should visit, too!

Catch a Movie at The Logan Theatre

Name sign of The Logan Theatre.
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The Logan Theatre is the neighborhood’s movie theatre, bar, and lounge in one!

Originally built as the Paramount Theatre, this lounge has become a family-owned business committed to serving families with varying backgrounds in Logan Square.

Over the years, The Logan Theatre had undergone several restorations to maintain its facilities and even the refurbishing of the original interior when it was built in 1915.

Name sign and entrance of The Logan Theatre.
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To keep up with the technological advancements, this theatre also continued to innovate and add new tech, such as improved sound systems, comfortable seats, and high-quality projectors to ensure the best quality for their guests.

Their bar and lounge also stay open until late at night to serve you a wide selection of drinks while they host events like live comedy and movie trivia!

The Logan Theatre is rich with history and is fully functioning, where film buffs and cinephiles can come and purchase tickets to watch their featured, classic films!

Movie and film festivals have also found their home in this theatre, so make sure you drop by!

Name sign of The Logan Theatre, and a tree.
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Play Classic Games at Logan Arcade

Logan Arcade is one of the neighborhood’s most popular hangout spots where you can play timeless, iconic arcade games with some extra quarters.

You can enjoy this beeping menagerie of lovingly restored games such as pinball, the amazing 10-player Killer Queen Arcade, and more with your friends.

Guests can also choose from their fantastic selection of beers on tap, bottles, cans, and a full arsenal of spirits at the open bar as long as they’re 21 and above.

Logan Arcade also hosts various events, leagues, and competitions that you can join, so give it a shot because you might just win!

This arcade has been the most and best-maintained in Chicago since 2014!

Admire Art at Comfort Station Logan Square

Exterior of Comfort Station Logan Square.

Previously a place where trolly riders could stop to rest during their journey, Comfort Station has become a venue for art exhibits, live music, and film screenings.

This facility was one of nine identical Tudor-style West Parks Public Comfort Stations constructed in 1926 and 1927, but only two buildings remain standing at present.

Comfort Station is now open to the public, where guests can explore the open area to see the interactive art exhibits and presentations showcased here.

They also offer tours of this historical place where you get to learn all about its history!

You can catch their monthly art exhibitions, eclectic music series, weekly film screenings, literary readings, and community workshops, too.

Comfort Station now stands as an accredited non-profit and preservation site in Logan Square.

This small house is at the artistic and cultural heart of the neighborhood, so make sure to add this place to your list of must-see destinations!

Dine at NoodleBird at Fat Rice

Previously named “Fat Rice,” NoodleBird at Fat Rice is an Asian-inspired diner that brings the vibrant street food scene of Macau and Asia to Chicago’s Logan Square.

Specializing in Macanese cuisine, this restaurant interprets food from the former colony of the Portuguese empire off China’s coast and flavors inspired by China, India, Malaysia, and Africa.

Guests order their food over the kitchen counter, where they can watch their food come to life right in front of them!

NoodleBird at Fat Rice also features a bar inside their diner called “The Chicago Spirirt,” where you can select a drink from their wide array of cocktail menus.

You can choose to grab one of their 25 seats inside, dine outside on the patio, take it to go, or get it delivered!

Grab a Refreshing Drink at Revolution Brewing - Brewpub

Exterior and entrance of Revolution Brewing - Brewpub.

Chicago is known to be the go-to destination for serious fans of craft beer, and Logan Square is one of the city’s biggest hotbeds for creative brewing.

This neighborhood is home to Revolution Brewing - Brewpub, one of the latest and greatest pubs in experimental beermaking.

Motorcycles and bikes parked in front of Revolution Brewing - Brewpub.

You can choose a uniquely brewed pint of beer from their wide array of selections or enjoy fantastic dishes served up by the brewpub team.

The Brewpub has grown and become a gathering place for a diverse community and for beer devotees who wish to grab a taste of their craft from all over the globe.

Only guests above the age of 21 are allowed to dine in, so don’t forget to bring a valid ID!

Have a Relaxing Staycation at Longman & Eagle

One of Logan Square’s favorite hotels and quirkiest accommodations, Longman & Eagle is a lovely place to stay and book a room!

They have everything you could possibly need with their convenient location right at the heart of Logan Square’s neighborhood.

Inspired by the city’s history, this inn reimagines this age-old concept through a contemporary lens, providing visitors a refuge that appeals to a variety of senses.

This Chicago institution is best known for their amazing brunch options and vast lounge area where guests can wind back and relax.

You can also enjoy a nice drink at their bar that has a variety of seating options for drinkers and eaters alike.

Have a taste of subtle luxury combined with creativity, aesthetics, and comfort on your trip to Logan Square at Longman & Eagle!

Take a Trip to Logan Square Farmer’s Market

Fresh produce at Logan Square Farmer’s Market.
Joselito Tagarao, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Every Sunday morning during the spring, summer, and fall, you can find vendors setting up shop at Logan Square Farmer’s Market found along Logan Boulevard!

This market sells a variety of food items, including locally grown produce that highlights small-scale businesses in the food sector to aid in their sales.

One of their main goals is to provide an alternative food system that is healthier and more nutritious that can be accessible to anyone!

All produce sold by farmers and vendors undergoes a thorough assessment to ensure that their products are of the best and highest quality.

More than just a food market, Logan Square Farmer’s Market also serves as a place where community members can meet and interact to build rapport and get to know each other.

This market has become a weekly community event and gathering, bringing together people from all across the region, as well as performers, musicians, artisans, and more to entertain consumers with live music!

You can become part of this lovely, friendly community by visiting this market!

Purchase Art at Galerie F

Galerie F is the perfect place to appreciate contemporary art styles or purchase souvenirs.

This gallery is Chicago's premier destination for street art, gig posters, art prints, and collectibles that have been open to the public since its founding in 2012.

They also host monthly exhibitions, community drawing events and facilitate both public and private mural projects in the historic Logan Square!

In their shop, visitors can find work by local and national artists, including concert posters, limited-edition movies posters, and prints packed with pop-culture references that can serve as souvenirs to remind you of this trip.

You can choose from their extensive inventory of silkscreen gig posters, art prints, and street art that will look perfect on your wall to match your decor at home!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Katherine Anne Confections

To all chocolate lovers, you’re bound to leave satisfied and happy after visiting Katherine Anne Confections at Logan Square!

This artisan sweets company is focused on local, organic, and fair-trade ingredients and is created entirely by hand in small batches to ensure the best quality.

Named after their confectionista and professional chocolate taster, Katherine Anne Duncan, who grew up on a Wisconsin farm, they specialize in creating classic yet local and organic-focused truffles and caramels.

You can find traditional flavors on their selection of sweets or sample some of their chocolates with a twist!

Their desserts are also perfect for gifts, and to make things even better, all their gift boxes and packagings are handmade in a fair-trade company with treeless paper.

You can taste the high-quality, delicious chocolates and sweets for yourself by taking a trip down to this dessert shop, but make sure to buy extra for some take-home!

Final Thoughts

Logan Square is one of the coziest neighborhoods complete with adventure!

This western Chicago neighborhood has lots to offer you with its wild nightlife scene, historic boulevards, buildings, parks, art galleries, and even cheap yet delicious restaurants with diverse cuisines!

With this dynamic community, you can always find new things to see and do in this ever-changing neighborhood!

Book your ticket now to this historic, vibrant neighborhood and get a taste of that Chicagoan lifestyle!