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15 Best Things to Do in Livingston Manor, NY

  • Published 2022/05/09

Livingston Manor is a hamlet in Sullivan County, New York, in the town of Rockland’s southern side.

It’s only two hours from New York and the ideal starting point for journeys to the Catskill Mountains and other lovely villages.

It may appear to be a sleepy little western Catskills town.

Still, the tremendous dynamic capabilities have brought several businesses and eateries to Main Street underneath the calmness.

One travel magazine called the hamlet “the new face of bohemian Catskills living.”

Travelers often neglect this hamlet due to its distance from New York City, its rural nature, and the lack of public transit.

Still, you should put it on the family vacation itinerary.

Help you plan the trip by checking out the best things to do in Livingston Manor.

Look around the Museum at Catskill Flyfishing Center

Exterior of Catskill Flyfishing Center and museum

David W. Leindecker /

The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum is a non-profit educational establishment committed to conserving America’s fly fishing tradition, training generations of fly fishers, and conserving the environment where fly fishing takes place.

A museum, an education center, and an environmental research facility are all part of the facility’s operations.

The museum first opened its doors in Roscoe, New York, in 1983 as a storefront museum.

By 1986, the museum had expanded its resources and facilities, allowing it to consolidate programs, organize environmental campers for children, and prepare for the future.

They acquire, maintain, analyze, and exhibit angling gear, art, and relics to emphasize the fly fishing sport’s traditions and skills.

Check Out the Catskill Art Society Art Center

Charles F. Beck founded the Catskill Art Society in 1971 in his home.

From its humble beginnings, the society grew into an increasingly popular hub of artists and art enthusiasts committed to developing and sharing their mutual interests.

The Catskill Art Society (CAS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness, involvement, and pleasure in the arts.

CAS studies contemporary art forms and fosters creative touch progress for established and new artists through its multi-arts facility.

Graphic art galleries, a teaching studio, a clay workshop, and an art library featuring digital learning tools are part of their bright, freshly enlarged facility measuring about 419 square meters.

It fills with natural light and has stunning natural bamboo wood floors and light-filled ceilings.

CAS strives to be a destination for the arts in the region as they provide diverse, vibrant and life-enriching programming.

Purchase Organic Products at Main Street Farm

Stop by Main Street Farm in Livingston Manor for a delicious meal crafted with locally produced farm-fresh ingredients, whether you’re vacationing in the Catskills or simply passing through on your route to another location.

Their café serves breakfast and lunch items produced with fresh market goods, such as inventive sandwiches, salads, custom-made soups, and nutritious sides.

Raw, vegetarian, and vegan alternatives are available, as well as Catskill artisan ciders, craft beer, wine, espresso beverages, and river deck dining.

You can also buy annual organic produce, farm bottled water, fresh eggs, American farmhouse cheese, house-baked products, meadow grown livestock, organic poultry, fresh and smoky native trout, and quality essential and specialty items.

Drink a Few Beers at Upward Brewing Co.

The trendy brewery is on a beautiful 120-acre site from its pond, outdoor fireplace, woods, and mountain route, where you may earn your pint by hiking.

Upward Brewing Company is on the south side of town, accessible by foot.

They create crisp, clear, highly palatable beers using natural springs at the foot of their 120-acre preserve known as Beer Mountain.

They feature a wide range of beers on tap, including numerous prize winners, and excellent pub meals such as fish fillets and kimchi fries.

Don’t miss this food establishment to have great meals and fresh beverages before seeing the rest of Livingston Manor’s attractions.

Go on a Date at Sunshine Colony

Sunshine Colony is an excellent addition to this colorful Western Catskill hamlet from the same owner as Drinking Upstream, a beautifully chosen wine and spirits business focusing on renewable, organic, and biodynamic drinks.

A made-to-order stained glass window, created and manufactured by Friend of All, a Brooklyn-based, women-run modern home products firm, provides a background to a pleasantly snug area and is a great eye-catcher.

Plants abound, as do old books and one-of-a-kind wood elements, including the pink and peach style painted bar, which is also a pretty piece.

This community bar’s interior is light, bright, and texturally pleasant, with nooks and seating spots for date nights and unexpected get-togethers.

Shop for Furniture at Taylor & Ace

Taylor & Ace is an upper New York vintage store owned by an NYC native.

It is another excellent antique shop with everything from mid-century furniture items to brightly colored pottery.

They have collected a fantastic selection of furniture and household products from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and beyond.

Some pieces are in excellent condition due to the previous owners’ proper precautions, while others have been reconditioned to give them a new lease of life.

Take a stroll along Main Street in Manor and stop by to see our stunning mid-century foldable chairs, great for your next event.

You must visit this store for the most extraordinary collection of competitively priced vintage products in Livingston Manor when in town.

Unwind and Appreciate Nature at Willowemoc Wild Forest

Nature view at Willowemoc Wild Forest

Mad Hare Imagery /

Willowemoc Wild Forest, in the southwest portion of Catskill Park, is home to more than 14,800 acres of the Forever Wild Forest Preserve.

The Willowemoc Wild Woodland Yurt is a single yurt situated secretly at the entrance of the Willowemoc Wild Forest, a stretch of eternally wild forest in New York’s Catskill Forest Preserve.

You will have direct and unique access to the Forever Wild Willowemoc Wild Forest region in the Catskill Forest Preserve from the yurt and their 50+ private acres.

Six ponds and the Willowemoc, a world-class trout stream, are accessible through a 40-mile trail network.

Hunters, anglers, videographers, and environment enthusiasts will appreciate this trip.

You’ll be able to unwind and enjoy the peace of this lovely region of the country, listening to the birds at dawn or the distant wailing of a wolf pack at night.

Go Trekking at Balsam Lake Mountain Wild Forest

Balsam Lake Mountain Wild Forest is a more than 13,500-acre Forest Preserve found at the top of the Beaverkill Valley, known as the “cradle of American fly fishing.”

Balsam Lake Mountain Wild Forest is eight miles to the south of Margaretville and 18 miles north of Livingston Manor.

It is mainly located in the town of Hardenburgh in western Ulster County, with minor extensions in the Delaware County towns of Middletown and Andes.

This region is perfect for trekking, camping, catching fish, hunting, hiking, canoeing, and cross-country skiing because its extensive route network leads to multiple ponds.

The path network in this untamed woodland is enormous, with approximately 20 kilometers of hiking trails.

With heights ranging from 1,740 feet near Mill Brook to 3,723 feet at the summit of Balsam Lake Mountain, the terrain is a bunch of high mountain peaks, cliffs, valleys, and several brooks and wetlands.

Order Smoked Meat at the Smoke Joint

The Smoke Joint in downtown Livingston Manor offers informal indoor and outdoor seating and private catering that preserves the legacy of local farmers, savors the tastes of craft beverage makers, and leaves a reason to return with every meal.

Award-winning cooks Ben Grossman and Craig Samuel bring more than a decade of culinary ingenuity and excellent barbecues.

You may find smoked meat, sandwiches, combination platters, hard beverages, and more on their menu.

Enjoy their smoked beef and refreshments with friends and family while exploring the local area.

Sip Beer at Catskill Brewery

Catskill Brewery opened in 2014.

Its motto is “Honest Hardworking Beer,” meaning they use only the best ingredients, clean Catskill Mountain water, and environmentally friendly techniques.

The Catskill Brewery is a 7,050 square foot building that houses two beverage businesses: a state-of-the-art brewery and a global supplier of organic fruit nectars.

Their objective is to brew fantastic beer while safeguarding their Catskill Mountain home.

Catskill Brewery, a 5,000 square-foot brewery, has a single-story steel architecture with a central clerestory that lets in plenty of natural light and a specialized grain milling area with dirt capture filtering to maintain the better air quality in the workstation.

When you buy their beer, you support Honest Hardworking Beer and all it entails.

Get Breakfast at the Walk In

The Walk In restaurant serves basic comfort cuisines for breakfast and lunch.

They supply locally because they believe in the customers’ capacity to taste the distinction between fresh food and those pushed aside from the shelf.

They take advantage of every chance to boost Sullivan County’s economy.

All the ingredients they use are antibiotic-free and locally sourced, save for the naturally caught seafood.

The Neon Croissant across the street bakes most of its sandwiches and uses organic ingredients wherever feasible.

The buttermilk biscuit, made from a recipe handed down four generations from Lily’s great grandmother, the legendary Lily Blackburn, is a fixture on the menu.

Visit the Tavern at the Arnold House

The Arnold House is a bustling Catskills hideaway nestled near the picturesque village of Livingston Manor on Shandelee Mountain.

Their objective is to treat their visitors to the luxury and pleasure of everyday country life with their Tavern, recently restored Barn & Greenhouse, vast grounds, hiking trails, and accessibility to the area’s historic outdoor recreation.

Year-round, Sullivan County offers a diverse range of activities, and the Arnold House Team can assist guests in planning the perfect weekend getaway.

You may work up an appetite wandering on their expansive grounds, which span 80 acres and include new hiking paths, or you can pamper yourself with a session at the Hemlock Spa at Kenoza Hall.

Several activities are available at the Arnold House, so put it on your list of the best places and things to do in Livingston Manor.

Look for Home Décor at Homestedt

Homestedt is a family company owned by Tom and Anna, a married couple who moved to the Catskills after years in the city.

Since then, they’ve pursued their enthusiasm for bringing beautiful natural experiences to life, renovating and repairing old and new structures, and generating content that highlights the unique location and positions goods and brands in this fantastic setting.

They provide house design and construction services ranging from interior design to complete renovations and new construction.

They also have a store that sells a carefully picked range of well-made things for a satisfying life in the Catskills.

Enjoy a Wood-Fired Pizza at Kaatskeller

The Kaatskeller is a wood-fired restaurant and tavern in the Catskills.

Thin-crust pizzas, sides, salads, and beverages are available all year.

Try their NY-Style Cheese Pizza, meatball parm sandwich, and wood-fired cinnamon crumb apple pie for dessert.

Their kitchen and bar are open for indoor eating, beverages, and takeaway, giving clients plenty of options.

In their comfortable lounge, party hall, or vibrant outside garden, you may enjoy a lovely lunch or evening dinner with friends or family.

Look for Furniture at Nest

Anna Bern established Nest, a lifestyle store that launched in 2006.

Anna spends most of the year sourcing things from furniture and carpets to apparel and jewelry worldwide.

There is a large selection of new, mid-century, and antique furniture.

New and old carpets from Morocco, Turkey, India, and other nations are available.

The boutique also manufactures customized upholstery, cushions, and window coverings.

Likewise, you can buy Framed photos, paintings, art prints, and textiles from Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, and South America.

Final Thoughts

You’ve arrived at a beautiful location where you may unwind and participate in various outdoor activities.

Livingston Manor, situated in the southwestern corner of the Catskill Park, offers world-class trout fishing, hikes, hunts, falls, and bodies of water, as well as a thriving village of breweries, restaurants, accommodations, stores, and more.

Whether you come for a day vacation or stay for life, you can do everything in Livingston Manor.

Take a day trip to Livingston Manor, New York, and have the time of your life!

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