15 Best Things to Do in Little Rock, Arkansas

15 Best Things to Do in Little Rock, Arkansas

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Arkansas is a popular tourist destination, with thousands of people flocking to it to enjoy its many museums, parks, and awesome art galleries.

Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas remains its prized jewel and was recently announced as the third-most travel-worthy capital city of a state in the United States of America.

Little Rock is a blend of contrasts. It is a cosmopolitan bustling with the hustle of modern life.

Alongside, though, the city is packed with beautiful sights of natural beauty, providing you with ample opportunities to indulge in adventurous outdoor activities.

The city is a prominent art center and if you are an art aficionado, Little Rock should be right up there on your travel bucket list.

If you are planning to visit Little Rock anytime soon, you must check out the following 15 exciting things to do in the city.

The Capitol Building

 Capitol Building
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This amazing monument dates back to 1899 and currently houses the state government of Arkansas.
It is one of the historical hallmarks of the city.

Interestingly, this building was originally constructed to serve as a state prison.

The mammoth edifice has a detailed limestone façade and a gold leaf cupola.

It is topped by an imposing dome that is used by many Hollywood studios on a budget as a proxy for the US Capitol in DC.

The Capitol building is packed with amazing exhibitions.

You can also catch a glimpse of the state history with the many monuments and memorials in the wide expanses of its main grounds.

You should definitely check out the Liberty Bell replica on the outer periphery of the Capitol.

This is a historical memorial to the Nine Civil Rights of Little Rock and is a tribute to the brave Confederate War Prisons of yesteryear.

The Museum of Discovery – The Oldest Museum in Little Rock

Museum of Discovery
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There is a colorful backstory to the Museum of Discovery.

It was apparently constructed as a fitting response to an Arkansas critic who belied the state’s lack of cultural sophistry.

The Museum of Discovery, as the name implies, is the perfect geek den for all the science and math lovers out there.

The museum boasts of an impressive 90 galleries filled with amazing scientific contraptions and devices.

You could lay your eyes on one of the famous Tesla musical coils here! Also, get some practical fun by participating in the many hands-on chemistry, biology and anatomy activities available here.

There is also a tinkering studio to let you break open and tweak all sorts of crazy technological artifacts.

The Discovery Hall here is unique, and you should explore its amazing math section.

Check out the Amazing You gallery to get a deep dive into how your body functions and some of its interesting quirks.

For kids, the Room to Grow is perfect to play around with many educational exhibits on display there.

Little Rock Zoo – The Animal Lovers’ Heaven

Chimpanzee at Little Rock Zoo
Nngowen, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Little Rock Zoo is an amazing recluse for animal lovers to have a peek at over 700 beautiful animals representing more than an impressive 100 species.

You will feast your eyes on almost all forms of life with all their beautiful diversity and unique abilities.

This zoo started from humble beginnings with only 2 animals back in 1926.

The administration has worked diligently over the years and now this impressive animal habitat spans an area of more than 33 acres.

The zoo is divided into several separate sections by theme, each housing animal species related with that theme.

You could wander around in the African Savannah, Asian Elephants, Big Cats, Great Apes and Heritage Farm themes, among many others in this zoo.

You also have a nice mini train to carry you around the facility on a fun ride.

You could have hours of interesting fun while watching farm shows, keeper chats or animal feeding session demos in this zoo.

Some of the most interesting animals housed in this zoo include lemurs, zebras and antelopes.

Bernice Garden – Soothing Exquisite Sights of Natural Beauty

If you enjoyed the views of the rich fauna in the Little Rock Zoo, then you can have an equally sumptuous visual feast of the earth’s flora in the majestic Bernice Garden.

This is a privately owned beautiful garden that is situated in downtown Little Rock and it is open for the public to visit.

This garden also salutes the local craftsmen and artists by displaying a large number of their exquisite works on its campus.

This adds to the already scenic beauty of nature one finds here to truly make this place a visual delight.

You can enjoy hours of peaceful strolling in this garden.

Also, beautiful dragonflies, butterflies and moths hover around the plants and flowers here to add to the visual richness of this garden.

You could have even more fun here by planning your visit when the Bernice Garden organizes any of its regular community events or festivals.

Riverfront Park – Must Visit for Outdoors Lovers

The Riverfront Park is a perfect destination for the ones among us who like to spend endless hours exploring the outdoors.

This park is located along the southern bank of the Arkansas River and stretches for over 33 acres in 11 blocks.

This is one of the most popular gathering joints in Arkansas where people just hang around to have amazing fun on a budget.

You can walk over the historical bridge here, or marvel at the imposing Historical Pavilion.

Visit the beautiful sculpture garden or simply enjoy the murmur of the glowing Arkansas River waters flowing alongside.

There are ample physical activities available here to keep you fresh.

If you do not mind getting your hands dirty and have tottered along with a spare pair of clothes, then you must take a dip and have crazy water fun in one of the splash parks!

The Marvellous Big Dam Bridge

Big Dam Bridge
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This is one of the impressive engineering feats in Little Rock, Arkansas.

This mammoth bridge stretches out for over 14 miles with feisty sceneries on both sides from North Little Rock to Little Rock.

The bridge boasts of being the longest pedestrian and bike bridge in the whole world.

The sheer expanse of its gigantic construction will leave you breathless at first sight.

On both sides of the bridge, you can enjoy stunning sights of Murray Lock and Dam and the scintillating Arkansas River traversing both Little Rock and North Little Rock.

The bridge comes really alive in the night with a world-class display of sparkling LEd lights designed for the ultimate visual beauty.

You can enjoy some great blood-pumping jogs here, starting from Little Rock's Murray Park.

There are numerous restaurants in the nearby vicinity that can let you feast your taste buds on toothsome local and world cuisines.

The view of the sun setting behind the river is a special sight and a must-watch for visitors!

ESSE Purse Museum – A Ladies’ Delight

ESSE Purse Museum
Toniklemm, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This beautiful Museum exhibiting the prettiest purse designs from the 1900s to 1999 takes you through a timeline of women’s purse designs and the changing trends in them over the past century.

The founder of this interesting museum found her inspiration in folk art and decided to pay a tribute by putting on a display her huge collection of personal handbags numbering into the thousands.

This amazing museum is much more than a designers’ heaven.

It is a symbol of the strong women who struggled over the last century to earn women their rightful position that they now enjoy.

Each of the handbags, pieces of jewelry or accessories on display here have an interesting story to tell about how women struggled and came out on top with amazing accomplishments in the past century.

It is perfect to learn about the history of an important social issue while feasting your eyes on elegant designs!

The Chenal Shopping Centre and its Impressive Promenade

For those of you who are looking to indulge in their guilty pleasures by shopping, dining and just having fun in Little Rock, the Chenal Shopping Centre is your go-to destination.

The Promenade here is packed with awesome goodies manufactured locally.

The fashion collection is particularly impressive and you must pick up an exotic clothing item from here to take back with you as loving memorabilia.

The spaces here are open and wide. You can just let go and enjoy its many beautiful boutiques and interesting specialty shops.

Nibble at some of the tastiest local and world culinary delights at any of the umpteen restaurants located in this shopping space.

The Promenade has something to offer for people of every fashion taste.

Want to go bold – just check out the huge Avant-grade outfits available.

Are you the nostalgic type – just pick up your favorite classical piece from the classy section!

Rock Town Distillery – Attention all Brewmasters!

The Rock Town distillery is the oldest legal distillery in the whole of Arkansas and is world-renowned for its specialty artisan-crafted spirits.

The distillery has a beautiful process that involves painstaking steps to extract out the world’s finest liquors from its homegrown high-grade corn, wheat and rye.

You can also enjoy the delicious tastes of the cocktails, beers, and wines coming out of the stable here at their tasting room.

Visiting the Rock Town Distillery can be an absolute pilgrimage for the true Brewmaster.

Repertory Theatre – The Drama Lovers’ Dream

The Arkansas Repertory Theatre boasts of being the longest-running non-profit theatre delighting drama lovers with its amazing shows since 1976.

This world-famous theatre is affiliated with Actors’Equity Association and attracts an incredible 70,000 patrons every year!

It is known for producing amazing world-class performances on a variety of themes and settings!

If you plan to visit Little Rock, we would strongly urge you to set your itinerary so that you arrive when one of the productions is running.

You would miss out on an amazing experience if you return from Little Rock without having watched one of the plays here at the Arkansas Repertory Theatre.

Enchanting Evening – A Beautiful Lovers Point:

The Enchanting Evening is the perfect destination for the Cupid-struck to head out into this warm space and silently renew their vows or celebrate their relationship among many other lovebirds.

This beautiful lovers’ sanctuary is located on a hill at a 45 minutes journey from downtown Little Rock.

It has a warm and rustic theme to it that will provide the most romantic scenery for all couples that go here.

You could have a romantic stay in their cozy log cabin, partake of their delicious wines, have a warm cuddling bath in the hot tub, just nuzzle each other around the fireplace or simply get lost in the sheer loving vibes of this place.

Wildwood Park – Arts with Nature

The Wildwood Park for the Arts is a perfect pleasure for your senses with its well-maintained landscapes and forest spaces.

Just loiter around in these natural heavens and breathe in sumptuous organic beauty.

Alternatively, you can caress your artistic sensibilities with the many stage productions, musical programmes or art activities available here.

Heifer Village

Heifer Village
Żwirko1, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Heifer International Headquarters is an organization committed to helping low-income people find strength and self-reliance through their various initiatives.

Heifer Village in Little Rock showcases some of their work through interactive exhibits and hands-on videos.

You can learn here about how this organization is executing its noble mission to fight world hunger and get as many people out of poverty as possible.

You can also take a guided tour where the docent will educate you about the significance of all the exhibits.

At the end of your sojourn here, you can recuperate by resting in the beautiful garden on the premises at Heifer Village.


River Rail Electric Streetcar
Justin Baeder from Seattle, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy some old-age city travel with a ride in the River Rail Electric Streetcar.

These streetcars date back to 1876. They were shut down in the 1940s before eventually being reopened in their modern avatar in 2004.

You can travel for 3.4 miles through Little Rock and surrounding areas in these cars.

These streetcars are designed in the vintage style reminiscent of the original streetcars of the 19th century.

Along the way, enjoy glimpses of famous monuments such as the Clinton Library.

Pinnacle Mountain Park

Pinnacle Mountain Park
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The Pinnacle Mountain is more than 1,000 feet in height and the State Park here is spread across a huge 2,350 acres.

You can hike on 40 miles of exquisite trails here that can provide just the right challenge for every level of hiker.

Some of the easier trails include the Kingfisher Trail for light walks.

If you are a seasoned walker, though, then give a shot to completing the East Summit Trail and sit pretty at the summit of Pinnacle Mountain on completing it.

You can also travel through water across the park by following along the Little Mountain Water trail.
Enjoy sumptuous visuals of the landscape on all these journeys!

With that, we come to the end of our Little Rock Arkansas Travel Guide.

If you visit this beautiful capital city, make sure to check out some of the suggestions on our list.

Moreover, let us know about other amazing tourist hotspots that you discover in your travels!