16 Best Things to Do in Lincoln, CA

Lincoln, CA
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Lincoln is a city in Placer County, California, which sits along the Greater Sacramento area.

Its history dates back to the 1850s, when Theodore Judah bought land in the Sierra Foothills.

As an engineer of the Central California Railroad, he heard they were building a railroad in the area.

When its construction got canceled, he sold the land to Colonel Charles Lincoln Wilson–hence the city's name.

Wilson sold lots in the area to establish the community, which got incorporated in 1890.

Over time, the area developed into one of the fastest-growing cities in the state.

Today, you'll find a bunch of breweries, recreational spots, and other relaxing sites in the city.

Here are the best things to do in Lincoln, California:

Enjoy Dynamic Entertainment at Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Exterior of the Thunder Valley Casino Resort
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For lively entertainment, you may check out the Thunder Valley Casino Resort.

Situated on Athens Avenue, this is where sophistication and fun converge.

Drop by its casino and spend your free time playing bingo, poker, slots, and table games.

More and more visitors also like staying at Thunder Valley Casino Resort's fabulous hotel.

Music show at Thunder Valley Casino Resort
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Make the most of its amenities, such as a gift shop, fitness center, and convention rooms.

Take a dip into its coconut pool and grab some snacks from the bar at the side.

Thunder Valley Casino Resort won't draw visitors without its events.

Don't miss the fun by joining the concerts and experiencing the nightlife in this spot!

The crowd in Thunder Valley Casino Resort
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Take a Bite of Bread at Bagel & Bean

Of all the food choices around the city, a meal from Bagel & Bean won't disappoint you.

Head to Twelve Bridges Drive if you want to drop by this excellent coffee shop.

In 2015, Cory and Heather Smart established Bagel & Bean out of their love for food.

Before ending up together, they both worked in the food service industry over the years.

Cory was once an executive chef who had a growing fascination with bagels.

Meanwhile, Heather also built her career in a restaurant in a people-facing role.

After settling in the city, they discovered that none of the businesses around sold bagels.

Recognizing this need, they decided to turn their love for baked goods into a productive pursuit.

Bagel & Bean is a go-to shop for those who want to get energized and grab a meal or two.

After a morning stroll, drop by this place and try its avocado toast or loaded breakfast sandwich.

Take a sip from one of its espressos, coffees, or teas for an extra energy shot.

Salads, pancakes, and other local favorites are also up for grabs at Bagel & Bean.

Bagel lovers will find Bagel & Bean a kind of heaven, serving freshly baked bagels daily!

Shop for Tiny Souvenirs at La Piccolina

Along Gateway Drive, you'll come across the awesome La Piccolina.

The name of this boutique means "the little one" when translated into Italian.

Doug and Jacque were a couple who met in Italy and the founders of La Piccolina.

Due to some circumstances, they needed to vacate the area and put their store for sale.

Its current owner, Miranda, bought the spot in 2019 and continued the work of its previous owners.

La Piccolina is the perfect hub to look for goodies that toddlers will adore.

Whether for your child or someone else in your family, you'll never run out of cute stuff from this store.

If you can't think of any tiny souvenir, drop by La Piccolina, and you'll solve your problems quickly.

Besides toys, check out its hats, accessories, home decor, and collections.

Enjoy the Local Nightlife at Infusion Tap Room

Tagged as "The Happiest Place in Lincoln," never miss out on the fun at Infusion Taproom.

You'll find this fantastic tap room across Twelve Bridges Drive.

Jacob and Andrea Marshall decided to create a unique business around the city.

Since breweries have sprouted in the area from left to right, they decided to offer beers in a more enticing way.

This taproom offers 26 rotating taps and ciders from which guests can get their drinks.

Choose among its wheat beers, pale ales, pilsners, and the like–whatever works for you.

The Infusion Taproom is among the best places in the city to chill out.

Explore the City's Past at Lincoln Area Archives Museum

You'll love the city more by learning about its history at Lincoln Area Archives Museum.

Jerry Logan, Wes Freeman, and Don Logan started to preserve the city's history in 1993.

With the help of the local community, the archivists established the museum in 2010.

Witness artifacts that reflect the primitive lives of the Nisenan Maidu tribe.

The site also shows photos and miniatures of the state's evolution over the decades.

Drop by its gift shop if you want to bring a calendar, postcard, or other items with peculiar designs.

Drive along 5th Street and hop on a trip back in time with a tour around the Lincoln Area Archives Museum.

Taste Fine Wines at Wise Villa Winery

A wide array of fancy wines await you at Wise Villa Winery.

Located on Wise Road, this winery is run by wine experts who aspire to produce quality liquors.

Central Valley native Dr. Grover Lee owns Wise Villa Winery.

From an early age, he got interested in wines, with grape vineyards surrounding their home.

In the 1990s, he started making wines from a local winery around the city.

He went around the country and Europe to get further knowledge of the art and science of winemaking.

Today, Wise Villa Winery offers the city's delicate white, rosé, red, and sparkling wines.

Witness the winery's process up close and book a tasting tour around its tasting room to take a sip on its five wines.

After the tour, dine at its restaurant that takes on a Tuscan style to grab a fine dining experience.

Other exciting events await you at Wise Villa Winery, so check out this place!

Unwind at Foskett Regional Park

Drop by Foskett Regional Park and make the most of its serene ambiance.

Extending to 42 acres, you'll find this park along Finney Way.

Its land area is wide enough to house a four-field soccer complex.

Ride your bike and drive along its pavement with your loved ones or colleagues.

The grassy field of Foskett Regional Park is also suitable for a picnic.

Bring your kids to the park's playground and let them have fun while running over a splash pad around.

Expand Your Knowledge at Lincoln Public Library

Enrich your knowledge and look for valuable resources from the Lincoln Public Library.

Located on Twelve Bridges Drive, this is the second library building in the city.

Funding from the locals and a Carnegie grant funded the first library building.

Built in 1909, this Carnegie library served the entire community until it closed in 2011.

The Lincoln Public Library became the city's repository of learning resources in 2007.

Unlike others, this library kept up with the changes of times and digitized itself.

Access a wide array of eBooks, audiobooks, and the like from its digital library.

Drop by the vicinity of the Lincoln Public Library and study as you enjoy the area's tranquility.

Grab a Sweet Treat at Leatherby's Family Creamery

Delight yourself with ice cream from Leatherby's Family Creamery.

This creamery sits across Twelve Bridges Drive.

In 1982, Dave and Sally Leatherby opened their first business out of a dream of having a café of their own.

Now with four stores, it continues to serve delicious ice cream treats throughout the state.

Leatherby's Family Creamery continues to discover new flavors to appease its customers.

Satisfy your taste buds with its new variants like peach bourbon and pumpkin pie.

Save the day with ice cream!

See Horse Shows at Triple Crown Equestrian Center

Live your dream of seeing a rodeo and visit the Triple Crown Equestrian Center.

Steve and Stace Morgan own the facility along Gladding Road.

They dedicated the Triple Crown Equestrian Center as a training spot for their horses.

Witness their stallions perform in competitive events like barrel racing under covered arenas.

Don't miss out on its other events like the donkey and gymkhana shows.

You can also look at the horses for sale at the Triple Crown Equestrian Center.

Practice Your Swing at Turkey Creek Golf Club

Head out to Turkey Creek Golf Club and get a well-spent leisure time with your loved ones.

Drive along Highway 193 to reach this facility with an 18-hole golf course.

Its front nine offers you vibrant rolling oaks to make your game more relaxing.

Enjoy a Black Forest-like view from Germany with Turkey Creek Golf Club's back nine.

This place is also friendly to beginners; learn golf basics at its Junior Golf Academy.

With its spacious area, you may tie the knot or celebrate other prestigious events in this golf club.

Drop by Turkey Creek Golf Club's bar and grill to refuel after a game.

You can choose among its food selection composed of sandwiches, salads, and beers.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Appreciate Local History at Maidu Museum & Historic Site

Grinding holes at Maidu Museum & Historic Site
T71024, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Learn more about the Nisenan Maidu group at Maidu Museum & Historic Site.

It's on Johnson Ranch Drive in Roseville, California, which is 17 minutes away from Lincoln.

Hop on the public tour at Maidu Museum & Historic Site and make your way back in time.

You can find artifacts and picture what life was like in the area back then.

Its organizers exert extra effort by arranging other engaging activities for their guests.

They conduct evening discussions to preserve the significance of local history.

Join its occasional paint night and craft fair to appreciate the artistry of locals.

Challenge Yourself at Quarry Park Adventures

An action-filled trip awaits you at Quarry Park Adventures in Rocklin, California, 16 minutes from Lincoln.

As its name suggests, this spot lies in a quarry district where you'll enjoy many outdoor activities.

You can sign up for rock climbing, a free fall experience, and paddle boating.

Quarry Park Adventures also takes its zipline course with pride.

Glide in the air for over 30 miles per hour while suspended from 60 feet.

Try its Via Ferrata and walk through the rock walls with a clipping system 40 feet above the floor.

Likewise, Quarry Park Adventures has a Platinum Living Amphitheater, which conducts community-wide events like concerts.

Get some time to unwind and appreciate a full view of the park with its 60-foot waterfall and a two-acre lake.

See Telephone Models at Roseville Telephone Museum

A tour around the Roseville Telephone Museum will make you applaud today's technology.

You can check out this awesome museum around Vernon Street in Roseville.

You only need a 19-minute drive from Lincoln to the Roseville Telephone Museum.

This spot, which stretches to 4,500 square feet, houses the evolution of communication in the area.

William Doyle opened the Roseville Telephone Company in 1914, a telephone service provider.

His company adapted to the changes in technology over the decades.

In 1989, they decided to preserve the telephone units they used as a reminder of their progress.

Five years later, they finished collecting all telephone memorabilia they may find and opened the Roseville Telephone Museum to the locals and visitors.

Look at the early telephones that come with wooden boxes and magneto.

Witness the huge switchboards used in the previous century to stabilize communication.

The Roseville Telephone Museum also has a collection of novelty phones with figurines of Buzz Lightyear, Orphan Annie, and the like.

You can also see the history of the establishment over the decades through pictures on the walls.

Figure Out the Escape Route at Beat The Room

Test your mental fortitude and figure out the best tactic to get out of Beat The Room.

You can find it along Five Star Boulevard in Rocklin, 12 minutes away from Lincoln.

Enthusiasts of escape rooms Mark and Rachel opened Beat The Room in 2016.

Unlike other escape rooms, the ones at Beat The Room require you to perform a certain mission.

Most of its rooms offer timed adventures, so solve the puzzle before the time's up.

Embark on a mystery case with your group in one of Beat The Room's seven courses.

While waiting for your turn, relax in its lobby and entertain yourself with some board games.

Look for Retro Items at Antique Trove

Across Harding Boulevard in Roseville lies the Antique Trove, 14 minutes from Lincoln.

Since 1989, the Antique Trove has offered antiques and retro items to locals.

With over 250 dealers, the store doesn't stop displaying great finds on its racks.

Drop by the place and shop for sports memorabilia, vinyl records, and jewelry.

It has collections dating from the Victorian era until the late 1960s.

You can also check out its outdoor store with 10,000 square feet of land.

You'll see stoneware, garden furniture, and other metal sculptures around the space.

Final Thoughts

With all the best things to do in Lincoln, California, it'll be hard for you to cross it out from your destination list.

Within the city, you'll get the chance to see spots that will make you feel at home and at ease.

The nearby areas around will also offer thrilling adventures for you.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Lincoln!

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