15 Best Things to Do in Leavenworth, WA

15 Best Things to Do in Leavenworth, WA

Home to the majestic Cascade Mountains- Leavenworth is a town built on the amalgamation of old-world beauty along with modern world amenities.

But, the things that draw most of the people here are the snowy mountains and the skiing options they provide.

Also, reeking of Bavarian culture- Leavenworth celebrates a lot of festivals. Christmas time is the enjoyable time of the year here. Come on- let us take a look at the top 15 things to go in Leavenworth.

Check out the gorgeous Icicle Creek

Icicle Creek
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One of the top sights to see in Leavenworth. A trip high up in the Icicle Creek is a must when you come here or else it shall remain an incomplete trip. For starters, Icicle Creek has one of the top locations.

Placed in the bosom of the Cascade Mountains, the beauty of the Icicle Creek is beyond expectations.

It is not something you come across easily when you are on a vacation, so be sure to cherish the time you got here. A place with a plethora of options for photographs, hiking trails, and some of the best roads- the creek attracts thousands every year.

The Icicle Creek Trail and Icicle Gorge Trail are the two main hikes of this region. And, people who are seeking some adrenaline do take on this opportunity to breathe in a piece of wonderful nature.

Check out the Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park in Leavenworth
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Before we go out to venture into the mountains, we have plenty of scenes to catch up within the heart of the city yourself.

When you are in Leavenworth, the downtown area is going to play a huge role in your trip. It is here that all the festivities take place. Apart from the events, there are a lot of sights too.

If you keep walking along Commercial Street, the Waterfront Park will pop up being one of the hidden gems of the city. Placed on the banks of the graceful Wenatchee River, the park is covered with lush green forests.

There are a lot of trails that go through these forests offering the most pleasant views of the city along with its nature.

If you are looking for a perfect time to go and see the park- we’d recommend spring for all the colors are bright with birds chirping and salmons swimming along the shores.

Try out rafting along the Wenatchee River

Wenatchee River
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Have you always wanted to try out white water rafting? Here in Leavenworth, white water rafting is one of the top popular activities to try out. And, the Wenatchee River is just the perfect place to try out this activity.

You can come across some Class III rapids if you are there during the high tide season. A lot of companies organize rafting trips here. You can book an afternoon filled with adventure for you!

Try out cross-country skiing

If you are someone who loves the snow or the snow-activities- Leavenworth Ski Hill is one of the best places to try out.

Do you want to stay close to town and even take part in the Christmas festivities Downtown? Head over to the Leavenworth Ski Hill to enjoy the best of both worlds.

You can go cross-country skiing here as there are a lot of perfect trails for you to enjoy in the Leavenworth Ski Hill. It is also pretty near the downtown part, so you can head over to the resort for a morning filled with adventure activities!

Have a picnic with your family at Front Street Park

Another one of the cute downtown places you must check out is Front Street Park. Also, the best thing about Front Street Park is you can take a look right after you are done eating in one of the restaurants in the downtown area or just shopping.

The park also hosts a lot of events and festivals. Also, if you are here during the summers- don’t forget to take your family out for a picnic here. There is a gazebo right in the heart of the park. The views are also quite beautiful. And, there are even artists here drawing after they are inspired by the views of Front Street Park.

Go night-skiing at Stevens Pass

Washington- Stevens Pass
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One of the best skiing destinations in all of Washington- Stevens Pass is a must-visit when you are in Leavenworth. The best part about this place is the snow.

The thick snow is well known all over America for which Leavenworth receives a lot of tourists during the snowy winter season. Come on, let us make our way to the gorgeous Stevens Pass now.
Stevens Pass even offers night-skiing.

There are even snowboarding and tubing options here. The slopes are perfect here where skiing will make you feel like you are gliding across the snow. Months between December till April are the best ones here.

See the sunrise at Lake Wenatchee

Lake Wenatchee
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Leavenworth is filled with some of the most splendid spots in Washington. But, Lake Wenatchee holds a special place in everyone’s hearts.

If you are looking for a spot in the lap of nature where you can go camping and spend a perfect night under the stars- we need to take you to Lake Wenatchee State Park this very moment!

The park has many gorgeous views including those of the Lake Wenatchee and River Wenatchee, but the place that really pulls the strings of our hearts happens to be the eastern shores of the lake.

There is a camping ground there where you can basically sit and look at the glistening lake set in front of the tall royal mountains. Also, try to get up early to catch the gleaming first rays of the sun.

Enjoy the Enchantments Lakes

Enchantments Lakes
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Want to step into a world that feels like it has been flown straight out of a Disney story? Come on, we shall take you there. The Enchantment Lakes are a rare beauty.

Imagine a place in the mountain regions that has crystal blue lakes along with alpine cliffs and gorgeous creeks in between- Enchantment Lakes will take your breath away, and we are absolutely serious.

If you are looking for some adventure amid all the gorgeousness, we suggest you go hiking here. Hiking is one of the top preferred activities here in the Enchantment Lakes.

The hiking might be a bit tough- but, you shall be rewarded handsomely. The Upper Enchantments have lakes of themselves The Stuart Lake trail heads are some of the most popular routes here.

Enjoy Christmas at Leavenworth

Christmas at Leavenworth
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Leavenworth is really something that you need to enjoy during winters. Not only are the scenes extra beautiful, but Christmas is quite special. You could go skiing all day, and when you come back to town- you shall be greeted with a surprise.

The entire downtown area is illuminated during Christmas time and it just feels the best. Events and festivals are held during that time. Even a stage is set up where Santa Claus comes with his elves and reindeers.

The restaurants are all lit up with special dinner menus and offers. The Christkindkmarket is celebrated during the holiday season too.

Filled with home-made goodies and crafts- the market is quite a lovely thing to check out while strolling through the downtown area during winters.

Catch a summer-show at Leavenworth Summer Theater

Are you done with all the winter festivities? Now, you might be asking what can I do if I’m here during the summer? Well, apart from hiking in the majestic mountains, you could always catch a summer show.

Welcome to the Leavenworth Summer Theater which is one of the biggest theaters in the Seattle area. Also, they have a special show that takes place only during summers.

The ambiance along with the beautifully produced show makes it something that will blow your mind.

One of the favorites happens to be The Sound of Music which is beautifully directed. The thing that just adds more to be the beauty is the background which happens to be the Cascade Mountains.

Enjoy the adventures at Icicle Gorge Trail

When you are roaming around the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, hiking is one of the common activities that you must take part in.

After all, the views are worth it. But, there is a certain hiking path that we have talked about before- the Icicle Gorge Trail. We shall tell you a bit more abo9ut the trail now.

Thousands of people crowd here at Icicle Gorge Trail to take a look for themselves. Some of them even try out to see the joy for themselves. Want to envision some of the greatest views of the Icicle Creek Valley? This is your path to take! The Icicle Gorge can be seen from these points too!

Go ziplining

When you are in a place like Leavenworth- getting an aerial view of the dynamic features is a must.

In such a case we suggest going on a ziplining adventure. Ziplining offers you perspectives you have not seen before. Try to take in all the gorgeous views of the Cascade Mountains and all the lush green forests that surround the mountains.

There are 8 main points from where the zip line options are available. And, all those are beautiful in their own ways. When you are up in the sky- you will be blown away to see the breathtaking views of the mountains, greens of the forests, blues of the lakes along with special features like canyons and gorges!

Try out the different festivals of Leavenworth

Leavenworth has a Bavarian culture. For this very reason, a lot of festivals of Bavaria have also been incorporated into the culture of the people of Leavenworth.

We’d talk about the wonderful Christmas activities in the downtown area. But, that is not the only festival that is celebrated in such a grand manner. Throughout the year, Leavenworth celebrates something or the other.

The Bavarian Icefest that is celebrated in the month of January keeps the city all dressed up even after Christmas. Washington State Autumn Leaf Festival is celebrated in the colors of the fall.

Taste Leavenworth! Is more of a summer festival and is one of the most popular ones since you get to try out so much of the local cuisine.

Enjoy your honeymoon in Leavenworth

Bavarian Lodge
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By now, you might have caught up with the fact that Leavenworth is quite a romantic place. With so much natural beauty and snow- this place makes up for a lovely honeymoon destination.

Even if you are not going on your honeymoon, you could always bring your spouse here for a weekend of fun, adventure, and relaxation.
But, the best part about the place is its hotels.

The hotels reek of ancient European mansions and look like those exotic royal palaces where it’d be a privilege to spend a night. Treat your partner to one of the best vacations by booking a room in such hotels.

The first one that comes to mind is the iconic Bavarian Lodge where the fire burns in a fireplace along with long patios and no-one to disturb your stay. There are even mountain resorts available where you can even have the skiing experience along with a nice view.

Shop a bit at Leavenworth Community Farmers Market

If you want to take a look around after you are done with all the sightseeing or just want to have a taste of the local food or culture- a trip to the Leavenworth Community Farmers Market will be enough for you.

The market is not available in the winters. You could say it is more of a fall or a summer activity! And, you get to see all kinds of farmers or local vendors selling their products. You can find organic local produce or delicious home-made goodies.

There are a lot of events in these markets too. A barter fair sometimes goes on in the market which can be quite engaging.

We are sad to say that this is the end of the wonderful trip to Leavenworth. We shall be back with more!