15 Best Things to Do in Lausanne

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Tucked away in the arms of the mighty Alps, Helvetia or the modernly known country of Switzerland is literally termed as the “heaven on earth”.

Existing from the 13th century, for over seven hundred years now, this European paradise is a historic asset to the world.

Here Romandy’s Vaud canton houses it biggest city Lausanne, situated at the beauteous crescent-shaped Lake Geneva separating France from Switzerland, therefore, giving magical views of the French Alps from the shores.

Lausanne is one of the most prestigious and culturally gifted cities of the country.

The Worldwide Olympic Headquarters are situated here and a massive interest for globe trotters from all around.

Located 62 kms from Geneva, Lausanne is the fourth largest city in the country blessed with a resounding view of the Alps, turquoise lakes all around, century old mighty castles, cathedrals, world renowned brands like Rolex, a buzzing metropolitan area “Arc Lemanique” which is the fastest growing in Switzerland.

This town offers the quintessential mouthwatering Swiss cuisine, red cottage cultured European architecture, a slice of history and heritage in every nook or corner you step upon and resplendent scenic landscapes through mountains and lakes for perfect tourism.

A Fascinating Tour of The Royal Olympic Museum

Olympic museum in Lausanne
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The biggest treasure and prestige of Lausanne is that it is the Headquarters of the Worldwide Olympics.

Located at the Quay d’Ouchy 1, this heritage monument will help you relive the finest moments from the Olympics.

The museum has a whopping area of 3000 m2 of exhibition space, exhibits ranging over to more than 1500, to top it there are over 150 screens.

Take a subway crossing the beautiful architecture of Lausanne and reach the Headquarters to see the heritage sports memorabilia or a range of competition history and find your country’s story there.

The museum has been recently renovated giving it a top notch appeal.

It has added displays catering to the ancient history of the Olympics originating in Greece spanning to the present Olympic torches, clothing and posters.

A Time Travel to The Picture Perfect Monument: Cathedral of Notre-Dame or Cathedrale De Lausanne

Cathedrale in Lausanne
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Built in 1275, about 746 years ago, the castle like Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Lausanne is as much beauty and regalia as one can possibly imagine.

Following St.James to Santiago de Compostela located in Spain, the 13th century Apostles Doorway helped the medieval pilgrims enter the walls of this holy shrine.

This 13th century doorway still exists, ornate with finely painted sculptures of stone.

At the southern transept there is a rose window which possesses 10 panels of 13th century painted glass.

The focal point of this magnanimous monument is the organ at the center with around 6000 pipes.

At the aisles in the south are gothic choir stalls from the 1500s.

Speaking of gothic beauty, the entire architecture of the building classifies in the gothic stream of architecture with its pointed arches visible from anywhere in the city, glass stained windows, flying buttresses, ribbed vaults or ornate decoration.

A Quiet Evening with Art by The Fondation De L’hermitage

Fondation de l'hermitage in Lausanne
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This art gallery is bears witness to the iconic Swiss and European cultural and abstract art dating from the Renaissance period to the 21st century itself.

Located at the route du signal 2 areas, the ambiance and architecture of this place is nothing short of utterly royal.

There is a huge valley-like ground garden blooming with lilac flowers and tulips all around.

The view of the Lausanne Cathedrale from here is magnificent too.

This gallery features paintings from master painters and collections.

There are pieces from the Bemberg Collection; the Canadian Impressionism also finds a major representation here.

The architecture is comparatively modern and palatial in approach with a parlor like environment.

It is the best recommendation to visit this museum on the evenings with the gallery being glammed up regally with golden lights.

Paintings of famous artists like Bonnard and Clouet are exhibited regularly for display.

Take a Luxurious Boat Ride to View the Lake Geneva (lac Leman) Seperating France and Switzerland

Lac Leman
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The Lac Leman is a crescent shaped beauteous water body separating Switzerland from France.

It is overlooked by the beautiful Alps and has Geneva at its southern tip.

The north shore of this teal lake covers Lausanne.

The shore from east Lausanne to Montreux is called the Swiss Riviera, beaming with picturesque villages, the old town charm, cobbled roads, luxury shops, palm trees and a shoreline filled with gardens.

The most popular thing to do at Lac Leman is to board a streamer or hop on cruises or board a ferry on a 35 minute ride to the French Évian-les-Bains.

Visit the Wonderous Château D'ouchy and Promenade Neighbourhood

Château d'Ouchy
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The next stop is to soak in the town charm of Lausanne with the Ouchy neighborhood by the lakeside below the busy center.

This area has the quintessentially gorgeous Belle Epoch hotels to die for, which is connected by a single promenade blooming with flower gardens connecting the newer parts of the city to the old town.

Cherry on the cake is the presence of a 12th century castle, now-turned-heritage-hotel in the midst of this called the Château d'Ouchy.

There are little heritage palaces turned into hotels on every nook and corner of this neighborhood fit for a royal dinner.

Walk Through the Mystic Place De La Palud

Place De La Palud
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The essence of Lausanne remains incomplete without a proper trip to the old town area.

Place De La Palud is a historic walking area, as cinematic and picturesque in nature as can be.

Just below the cathedral the winding alleys mingle into the Palud where some of the oldest assets of Lausanne rest.

The biggest and oldest fountain of the city is situated here; justice is represented on the center pillar of it.

It is also a market area buzzing with boutiques, bistros and all things fancy.

Every hour the figures in front of the fountain start moving very interestingly!

Climbing up The Sauvabelin Tower and Getting Awestruck by The Views

Sauvabelin tower
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This 35 meter tall tower was constructed to mark the turn of the millennium.

It is located on one of the forest hill tops in Lausanne.

Interestingly, the entire structure is wood made especially with Douglas fir, and has 302 stairs to the observation deck.

Once you reach, on a good day you can see the entire city, the Lake Geneva, French coast, French Alps and Swiss Alps into the Jura region, quite a surreal view!

Apart from this the tower is situated around a small lake and park where you can sit and enjoy with your family and children.

Enjoy in The Underwater Magic at The Aquatis- Aquarium – Vivarium Lausanne

Aquatis Aquarium
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Situated at the Route de Berne 144, the Aquatis Aquarium is a refreshing break from the architectural beauty or landmarks of Lausanne.

Lausanne being water marked city with lakes, aquatic wildlife is flourishing here which this aquarium manages to beautifully preserve and represent.

Local fishes and international fishes are on display.

However, this place is not only about fishes and many other interesting creatures are housed here like famous spiders, crocodiles, monkeys, snakes and much more.

The visitors are often allowed to pet these under surveillance and protection.

Lights and animation techniques are used attract the attention of the visitors

A Visit to The Holy Landmark of Thai Pavilion

Thai Pavilion
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A fresh breath of air is what the Thai Pavilion is.

This holy Asian Shrine is a complete change from the natural ambiance of Lausanne, which makes it one of the most unique landmarks to visit.

Located at the Chablais Avenue, this warm and colorful monument is located in between a huge lush dale filled with flowering woods like cherry blossoms.

This was offered by the royal Thai family living in Lausanne, opposite to the lake Ouchy.

This Pagoda is like a little slice of Thailand here in Switzerland with an immensely calming aura around it with intricate Thai architecture.

Go for A Day Trip to The Medeival Chateu De Chillon Castle

Chateu De Chillon Castle
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A tourist at Lausanne would not miss the chance to go on a day trip to the Chateu De Chillon Castle by the lake outside Montreux.

Yes, this castle is by a lakeside, creating a surreal medieval atmosphere.

This castle dates back to the 9th century and was the actual influence behind Byron’s real life poem The Prisoner of Chillon.

There are more than 20 buildings, the oldest of which are still visibly well-maintained.

There is the 10th century St.Pantaleon Chapel with one of the first Christian alters of Switzerland.

This castle reeks of tales from the magical past.

Go for A Museum Spree at The World Renowned Musee Des Beaux Arts (fine Art) Museum and Others

The Musee Des Beaux Arts museum is one of the most revered art spaces in the town.

Located at ideal the Place de la Gare area, the building in itself is a work of art, it is a combination of medieval stone and regal architecture with infused and renovated modernity.

The amount of French artists represented here is quite impressive ranging from Paul Cezaqnne, Auguste Renoir, Pierre Bonnard, Henri Matisse, Maurice Utrillo and many more.

There is of course a brilliant collection of Swiss artists too.

Exhibitions keep on changing so there are new pieces coming in here very often.

Stroll and Make Memories at The Escaliers Du Marche Historic Walking Area

Escaliers du Marche in Lausanne
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This is the area is between the cathedral and the Place De La Palud.

Escaliers ia arguably the most the most aesthetic area in Lausanne with its long flights of enveloped steps and historic stairs with blooming flowers all around.

These covered staircases have charming old lamps around them and the entire surrounding neighborhood or buildings rise up with the stairs!

To halt and take a break enter a cozy, golden aura café in your way and sip your favorite coffee or the beloved Swiss chocolate.

Colored in a time traversed flavor the quaint old vibrant buildings make it unforgettable.

Flon  District in Lausanne
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If you have the notion that Lausanne has only the old town charm to offer be prepared to be dazzled by this next spot.

The Flon Quarter Gallery has been designed by world renowned architects not only in reference to the 21st century but these are also borderline futuristic!

The glamorous glass buildings are dramatic and colorful filled with luxury shops, restaurants, bistros, offices, designer galleries and art studios.

This is one of the most active and buzzing areas of Lausanne with a correct representation of Swiss culture and modernity.

The Flon metro station is near with a green roof!

Train Ride at The Rochers-De-Naye Railway Through the Lush Swiss Mountains

Glion Rochers De Naye Railway
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Being in Switzerland calls for travelling a bit of the local paradise, especially when you are at a focal junction like Lausanne.

A train ride with the view of the mighty olive Swiss mountains connecting France and Switzerland is as good as it gets.

The Glion Rochers De Naye Railways, the line of which begins through the Glion village connecting Territet-Glion funicular beginning at the Chateu Chillon in Lausanne, which is where you can board from.

It covers the Rochers De Naye range with cities like Montreux.

At the summit you can do skiing or just watch valley of flowers.

Spend a Golden Sunset at The Saint Francois Church

St.Francois Church
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Conclude the trip with a calming view of the mighty tower of St.Francois Church.

The tower dates back to 1523 while the church dates from the 13th and 14th century mainly.

It is presently located at one of the busiest areas in Lausanne- Place St.Francois.

Another epitome of gothic architecture the church has pointed pastel teal towers with read body, medieval stained glasses, hand painted sculptures from hundreds of years ago and a castle like exterior.

This church used to be under the Franciscan Convent before Protestant reformation.

During Christmases this place is like a jewel to behold.