15 Best Things to Do in Lake Placid

15 Best Things to Do in Lake Placid

The great escapade- Lake Placid is one of the best tourist spots when it comes to exploring New York State. The NY locals mainly come to Lake Placid for a weekend skiing destination during the winter. But, today, we are here to tell you, that skiing is not everything Lake Placid has to offer. It has a plethora of beautiful activities and spots. So, put on your adventure shoes, and get started on this journey with us. These are the 15 best things to do in Lake Placid-

Go kayaking in Mirror lake

Mirror lake
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Lake Placid is one of the most peacefully beautiful villages you will ever cast your eyes on. But, what adds more to its beauty is the infamous Mirror Lake. For starters, let us tell you how clear the blue waters of Mirror Lake are.

It is almost like crystal and makes the backdrop of the village of Lake Placid more tranquil. You can almost see every reflection falling on this beautiful lake. There are paddle-boating and kayaking options in this lake. And, mind you, kayaking is one of the gorgeous ways to feel immense beauty. But, there are paths along the banks of the lake where you can just walk if you want to breathe in the majestic views.

Relive history at Olympic Center

Olympic Center
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One of the best ways to know more about the rich heritage of this little Lake Placid village is by visiting its Olympic Center. The village might look quaint from outside, but as you make your way towards this Olympic Center that is located in the middle of the village- you will get to see what the fuss is all about.

The entire arena is decorated with several posters, banners, and stands that tell you all about the story of famous Olympians and their achievements. There is also a museum that we will cover later on. There are even skating rinks present, and the best part? They can be used by anyone!

Enjoy the Lake Placid Olympic Museum

Collections at Lake Placid Olympic Museum
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We covered the infamous Olympic Center. Now, it is time to move on to the next attraction that is situated within the grounds of the Olympic Center- the infamous Lake Placid Olympic Museum. People comment that you have not even visited Lake placid if you did not check out the Lake Placid Olympic Museum.

Let us explore more for now. Starting from 1932 till the Olympics of 1980- all the records, presentations, placards can be found here in this museum. You even get to see the venues that have held Olympic competitions along with all kinds of memorabilia. You also get to see the uniforms they wore and the pieces of equipment they carried. Overall, it is a very fun experience that remarks on the heritage of Lake Placid.

Go hiking at Mount Jo

Hiker at Mount Jo
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Here, we have the first hiking option for you in Lake Placid. Now, your first inquiry might be how tough is it? Don’t worry, keeping everyone in mind we are introducing an extremely do-able hike this time with Mount Jo.

Mount Jo is one of the most attractive spots in Lake Placid, and you are going to find a lot of people willing to take on this hike beside you. The mountain has two more lovely sites placed at its foot- Heart Lake and the infamous Adirondack Loj. Do check those out before you embark on the hiking journey. The two trails start from these sites and go to the peak of this 2876-foot tall mountain.

Also, the length is roughly 2.6 miles, and as we stated earlier- anyone can try out this activity. You need to be fit, but when you think about the tough Adirondacks mountains- this will start looking good! Also, when you reach the top- you will be blessed with some of the best Adirondacks views.

Go boating

Boating in Lake Placid
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Now, we need to head over to the main spot of the village- Lake Placid. Let us first inform you how breathtakingly gorgeous this lake is. Also, the background of the White Mountains just adds more and more to beauty.

There are a lot of opportunities to enjoy the lake. But, we’d suggest boating to be the best way. Boating gives you a lot of opportunities to enjoy the views, take snaps, and just be in spot. You can even find a lot of private companies who will be up for the experience. Book a trip with any one of them to get this experience. You can even try out surfing and other water activities here.

Take a train along Adirondack Scenic Railroad

Adirondack Scenic Railroad
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Before we introduce you to this special one, we need to tell you all about the specialty. It is not for profit! The people who take care of the Adirondack Scenic Railroad, do not do it for the money. Their main motive is to show how gorgeous history was once upon a time.

The trains are still there and organize fests and events like wine trips and cultural trips. Initially, the route is scenic offering views of the royal mountains. It goes from Utica to Lake Placid, and it is just a privilege to ride on these trains! Sometimes, they even do shows where you get to see important events getting reenacted!

Treat your sweet-tooth

Now, we are going to suggest a little something for your sweet tooth. If you are into ice cream on a hot summer day or winter morning, head over to Emma’s Lake Placid Creamery.

The Emma’s Lake Placid Creamery is kind of like a Lake Placid staple. Serving the best quality milky ice creams and soft serves- they have won the hearts of locals as well as tourists. So, after a day of sight-seeing or hiking, head over to this shop and grab your favorite. Also, the location is quite user-friendly as the shop is placed right on top of Main Street. Locals suggest the maply flavored soft-serve to be the best!

Enjoy Whiteface Mountain

Skiing area at Whiteface Mountain
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Whiteface mountain happens to be one of the main aspects of Lake Placid village other than Mirror Lake and Lake Placid itself. There are a lot of options to try out in this mountain. During the winters, most of the crowd that occurs there is just for skiing as it is one of the best spots to try your hands at skiing if you haven’t before.

If you are an amateur, you can book from an option of courses. You will be provided with an expert who will teach you all the basics. Also, there are cute cafes and restaurants at the foot of this mountain where you can grab something to eat after a long day of skiing. If you want to spend the night, you can always book a room at the ski resort.

Go bobsledding in Whiteface Mountain

Whiteface Mountain
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As we stated before Whiteface Mountain presents you with a wide range of options from where you can choose your guilty pleasure. If you are someone who has had enough with skiing and snowboarding- you can always opt for bobsledding. Bobsledding was quite famous in the old days. But, there are some sites where it still takes place, and you can head over to them if your heart wishes so.

Try some skiing at Cascade Cross Country Ski Center

The Cascade Cross Country Ski Center is the best adventure hub for all the locals as well as the tourists of Lake Placid. It is placed in the mountain lodge and has heavy foot-fall every winter.

There are a restaurant and bar inside along with a bunker. Almost 30 people can get inside that bunker. It hosts a beautiful festival every full moon where you can just meet up with other adventure junkies like yourself, sip on some hot chocolate, and have a good time overall. Also, you can try out snowboarding here along with cross country skiing.

Go mountain biking at Brewster Peninsula Trails

Brewster Peninsula Trails is one of those spots that remain crowded all year round. The reason behind this crowd is mainly the diverse nature of the activities you can pursue here. Be like summer, spring, or even winter- you can always find something to do in this gorgeous location. But, the main activities happen to be hiking, mountain biking, or skiing during the winters.

There are a lot of trails where you can walk and just breathe in the alluring views of the trails. Do check this place out as it will take 15 minutes at the most, but you will get a breath of fresh air right from nature.

Watch the beautiful falls at High Falls Gorge

High Falls Gorge
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While you are on your way to the beautiful Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort, you will find yourself staring at some splendid waterfalls. They are not much far away from the village of Lake Placid. And, even if you are skipping on Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort, you might as well drive your way to this spot for the beauty should not be missed.

The waterfalls hit the rock splashing water everywhere and make it an extremely beautiful scene. They ultimately trickle down the sides of a crevice that is natural and almost dates back to a billion years.

The gorge is immensely charming, and the path to it is beautiful as well. There are even boardwalks for your safety, and the scenes will just blow your mind. This is easily one of the best trails in all of Lake Placid, if not the best. Do check this out as the paths are well maintained and paved too.

Get a view from the sky

No one can ever deny the fact that Lake Placid is one of the most majestic spots in all of NY. Not only does it have some amazing opportunities for fun and adventure, but it also offers some of the most panoramic views. In such a case, just walking around and appreciating the beauties might not be enough- you need to get an aerial view as well.

And so, let us introduce the next activity on our list. Adirondack Flying Service is one of the best companies that take you high up in the sky in their private flights and show you some of the best scenes. The flights extend for 20 minutes, and those 20 minutes are pure bliss! You can see the two lakes- Mirror and Placid from above, and the mountains. It is like flying amid the clouds with perfect scenery.

Go sleighing

As you can tell by now that the people of Lake Placid take their fun and adventure quite seriously. There is no way that you embark on this trip to Lake Placid and come back with no special memories. To make this trip even more cherishable, we thought that we might as well inform you about something out of this world!

How do you feel if we told you that you can go on a sleigh ride amid the snowy mountains? Yes, if this is one of your dreams, then Lake Placid will make sure to turn it into a reality as during the winter the Olympic Village is entirely decorated with snow. Ans, you can explore all the tourist spots near it in a sleigh!

Go cross-country skiing at Jack Rabbit Trail

Are you a serious winter person? Do you take your winter sports quite seriously? Well, we have the perfect option for you to show your skill right here at the Jack Rabbit Trail. The tourist attraction is exclusively for adrenaline junkies who take their snow destinations quite seriously.

The trail is the best one you can get your hands on for it is accessible to all. It mainly helps in the connection of the four most important skiing centers- Lake Placid, Keene, Saranac Lake, and Paul Smith. The best part about this trail is that they do not charge a single penny for you to go skiing. The Jack Rabbit Trail falls under one of the most sought after destinations by people on their Lake Placid vacation.