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20 Best Things to Do in Lahaina, HI

  • Published 2023/03/29

Lahaina is a lovely destination if you appreciate stunning beaches and swimming.

The harbor town of Lahaina in West Maui is a census-designated place.

The island is Hawaii’s most populous and has some gorgeous beaches.

Before Honolulu’s reinstatement as the state’s capital in 1845, Lahaina served as the island’s capital from 1820 to 1845.

Likewise, Lahaina is one of the few Polynesian ports accessible by ship from California during the winter.

Its strategic location contributed to its storied past as one of the island chain’s most important ports.

You can enjoy your stay at Hawaii’s luxurious hotels and resorts that offer a complete island adventure.

The Grand Wailea Resort Hotel and the Whaler on Front Street are two examples of the best accommodations in the area.

Your time on this stunning island will be unforgettable with these vacation-worthy activities.

Here are the best things to do in Lahaina, HI:

Buy Souvenirs on Front Street

Stores along Lahaina Front Street

Alexanderphoto7 /

In Lahaina, you’ll find everything from surfboards to swimwear to art and souvenirs.

You should also visit the Lahaina Cannery Mall, the Lahaina Gateway, and the Old Lahaina Center.

You can find local artisans and their products at all three locations.

There are more than 30 clothing and jewelry stores at the Old Lahaina Complex, Hawaii’s oldest shopping center, which is located in Lahaina.

People touring the Front Street

Felipe Sanchez /

You may hear live music on weekends in the stage’s outdoor performance area.

To get away from the hustle and bustle of Lahaina Center, head to Lahaina Gateway, which is just a few blocks off Front Street.

Over 50 boutiques sell everything from beachwear to bridal gowns to the tiniest accessories at this one-stop shopping destination.

Exterior of Lahaina store at Front Street

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Visit the Majestic Banyan Tree

People under the Banyan Tree

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Enjoy the beautiful Lahaina with its breathtaking scenery and refreshing island vibe.

Several tourists from around the world never miss visiting the Banyan Tree Park.

On April 24, 1873, the residents planted a tree to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the first Protestant mission in the United States.

Then, they renamed Courthouse Square to Banyan Tree Park; the tree, known as paniana in Hawaiian, occupies 1.94 acres.

Daytime view of the Banyan Tree

Felipe Sanchez /

This tree is the biggest of its kind in the state and the entire country.

Native to India, the banyan tree is known for its unusual root growth.

You will surely be amazed by its several trunks encircling a single trunk due to the roots descending or sprouting from the branches as aerial roots.

More than 60 feet tall, it has 16 primary trunks that branch off from the main stem, creating a massive canopy that provides shade for the residents of Lahaina.

Trunk and roots of the Banyan Tree

Jarek G /

Experience History at Lāhainā Banyan Court

Banyan Tree Park in Lahaina is the best area to take in the area’s sights, sounds, and aromas.

Here you can also see an old landmark that makes up the place’s history.

The courthouse was built on the site in 1854 after it was destroyed.

Numerous organizations, including the Lahaina Arts Society, use the old Lahaina Courthouse, designated as a contributing property to the Lahaina Historic District.

The Lahaina Historic Trail and the Lahaina Historic Districts offer self-guided walking tours in a public park.

Hoapili, the Royal Governor of Maui in 1831, built the Old Lahaina Fort, which now serves as the park’s centerpiece.

You will also learn that he built this fort to protect Lahaina from unruly North Pacific whaling ships when they docked there.

Visit the Baldwin Maui Home

Exterior of the Baldwin Maui Home

Michael Gordon /

While Lahaina is known for its beaches and boutiques, you may not have known that the island’s oldest historic home is located here.

Between 1834 and 1835, Reverend Ephraim Spaulding built his Maui home.

The Baldwin House is Lahaina’s oldest surviving dwelling.

There were only four rooms on one floor when Spaulding lived there for an entire year.

Signage of the Baldwin Maui Home

Valeria Venezia /

Reverend Dwight Baldwin took up residence in the house in 1836 when he returned from Massachusetts due to illness.

In the first year, Baldwin’s wife suffered the loss of two children who died before they turned three.

The family had to renovate the house because of the need for a larger space.

The Spauldings’ two-story facility also incorporated medical research in 1849.

Dine at the Mala Grill

Never miss trying Lahaina’s most visited grilling place!

Mala Grill is the place to enjoy a beachside dining experience with delicious food and stunning ocean views.

Enjoy their spaghetti with Asian seafood, one of the restaurant’s signature dishes.

Aside from their pasta dish, they are also well known for their burgers and oysters.

Because Mala is located right on the sand, you may enjoy beachside dining at any time of year.

Plan ahead, especially if you’re visiting during the busiest time of year.

They might be unable to accommodate you.

Mala Grill is undoubtedly the place if you’re looking for a paradise that feels like home.

Enjoy a Water Adventure with the Honolua Snorkel Sail

Spend the day in paradise, snorkeling and dining along Honolua Bay.

In addition to its breathtaking scenery and romantic retreats, Maui is a great destination to spend a day on the water.

Don’t worry about alternatives to the typical tourist boat cruise.

Honolua Snorkel Sail offers a selection of tours that include snorkeling and lots of food.

Their luxurious sailing catamaran offers an unforgettable snorkeling experience for all their cruises departing Lahaina Harbor.

Small groups, a wealth of onboard facilities, and first-rate service make Lahaina sailing excursions the best way to spend a romantic and peaceful day on the water.

Enjoy Surfing at Lahaina Area

Surfboards on the shore

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Surfing in Hawaii is just as popular as the state’s famed beaches.

Don’t leave Hawaii without trying surfing; failing to try surfing in Hawaii is a cardinal sin.

Those interested in learning to surf in groups can do so in the Lahaina area, where several surfing schools offer lessons.

Observe the waves at the Lahaina break wall before getting on your surfboard.

Big waves at Lahaina area

bteimages / ​

Beginners and skilled surfers alike will benefit from this class.

After helping you choose the right board for your size and skill level, the teacher will teach you how to operate it.

You will go over some fundamental safety regulations before getting in the ocean on your surfboard and in your wetsuit.

Bask in the Sun at the Ka’anapali Beach

Daytime view of the beautiful Ka'anapali Beach

Gary Riegel /

The Ka’anapali Beach in Lahaina is a popular tourist site, although this wasn’t always the case.

Unlike an ordinary beach town, it was formerly a sanctuary for Maui’s most affluent residents.

Three miles of immaculate beach and crystal-clear water have made Ka’anapali Beach the “Best Beach in America.”

A tiki bar at Ka'anapali Beach

Marstar /

They built six condominium communities and five hotels around the beach.

Aside from long lanes of shops and eateries, Whalers Village also features a renowned whaling museum on Ka’anapali Beach.

Likewise, the beach entertainment there is free.

You heard that right.

Rocky shore of Ka'anapali Beach

Gary Riegel /

Discover the Old Lahaina Luau

Aerial view of Old Lahaina Luau

andre 808 /

The Old Lahaina Luau is the best way to get a true sense of Hawaii’s culture.

The setting, food, and entertainment here are all of the finest quality so that you may enjoy a genuine cultural experience to the maximum.

You won’t find an orchid lei at any other luau on the island except at this one.

Seafood buffet at Old Lahaina Luau

Kozup Photography /

It’s no secret that the gourmet Hawaiian buffet serves you some of the best local dishes.

Also, you’ll get an “Aloha” and some delectable island fare.

There is always something for you in Lahaina!

Hula dancers at Old Lahaina Luau

Hiroyuki Saita /

Find a Sea Turtle at the Wahikuli Wayside Park

Lahaina’s Wahikuli Wayside Park is home to sea turtles.

Located on the west side of Maui, this is a great place to spend a day relaxing.

Maui’s marine turtles are a must-see while enjoying your time at the beach.

This beach park’s sand isn’t the main draw.

Instead, it’s the sea, where the sight of sea turtles swimming in every direction will surely leave you in awe.

There are barbecues, picnic tables, and garbage cans available for public use in the vicinity.

On top of that, if you arrive on a good day, you’ll find parking spaces easily.

Try Snorkeling at the Black Rock Beach

Cliff jumping at Black Rock Beach

Smith Sights /

Lahaina’s Black Rock Beach is an excellent location for cliff jumping and snorkeling.

You may find it near the northernmost tip of Kaanapali Beach.

They thought that the souls of the ancient Hawaiians traveled here to meet their ancestors in the hereafter.

Without their family’s animal protector spirit, unfortunate souls would wander and cling to rocks around them.

Cliff diving into some of Maui’s most gorgeous waters has made the Black Rock area famous among the younger generation.

This area is one of Maui’s top spots for snorkeling with sea turtles.

Walk a Morning Trail at the Launiupoko State Park

One of Lahaina’s best spots is the Launiupoko State Wayside Park.

This magnificent green grass park with picnic tables and barbecue stations is located on the western side of the island.

You can also find a little beach excellent for quick dips or surfing.

Several surf schools provide instruction in the Maui state park, which is a great place to learn to surf.

The park’s most outstanding feature, though, is the stunning scenery.

The island of Lanai is eight miles away, but it appears even closer than it is because you can see it clearly across the channel.

Sunsets in Launiupoko are charming, and you should plan to see one while you’re there.

Go Ziplining in Maui

Ziplining in Maui

Big Joe /

Lahaina is one of Hawaii’s most historic towns, and visitors may enjoy a wide range of activities.

You can tour the old jail and hear the stories back when it housed inmates.

On the other hand, ziplining is near the top of people’s favorite Lahaina activities.

It’s fun and highly safe, giving you a stunning view of the surrounding area.

You’ll receive instructions on properly using your harness and equipment before reaching the first zipline platform.

There are eight pathways to choose from, and each one is more interesting than the last.

While flying above Ka’anapali, Hawaii, you’ll see the Pacific Ocean and distant islands.

As a bonus, each line is entirely netted, so you don’t have to worry about freefalling if you get scared or worried.

Drink Beer with Friends at the Kohola Brewery

Lahaina’s craft beer scene is a must-try while you’re there.

You can find local craft beer in various places, including taverns, supermarkets, and restaurants.

However, a trip to Lahaina isn’t complete without stopping at one of the island’s many taprooms.

If you’re a beer fan, check out the famous Kohola Brewery in Lahaina.

Aside from a wide range of delectable food selections, they also serve a wide variety of beer.

You can meet up with friends and family for a happy dinner or plan your next date at this place.

Families and large parties will appreciate the many seating alternatives, creating an indoor/outdoor ambiance.

Go Hiking at the Kulani Maui

The Kulani Maui is an excellent place to stay, a two-minute walk from the beach.

You can stroll from the hotel to Kamehameha Iki Park Beach and Puamana Beach Park, as well as Front Street Lahaina.

The Front Street Lahaina, Maui Myth and Magic Theater, and Lahaina Market Place Shopping Center are all within a 15-minute drive from the hotel.

What if you’re looking for a more intimate setting?

Just walk from the hotel to the Ironwood Ranch and Old Lahaina Shopping Center, which are less than two miles away.

The place offers free wifi and private parking for those who drive.

See the Historic Maria Lanakila Catholic Church

Exterior of the Historic Maria Lanakila Catholic Church

EQRoy /

Designated as a National Historic Landmark District in Lahaina, the Maria Lanakila Catholic Church was built in 1928, replacing the first temporary 1858 structure.

The name Maria Lanakila is Hawaiian, which means Victorious Mary or Our Lady of Victory; referring to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Interior of the Historic Maria Lanakila Catholic Church

EQRoy /

Beside the church, you’ll also see a statue of Saint Damien of Molokai.

It also appeared in Hart to Hart, an ABC television series.

See the refreshing and warm atmosphere of the historic Maria Lanakila Catholic Church on Waine’e Street.

Signage of the Historic Maria Lanakila Catholic Church

EQRoy /

Take Your Family to Baby Beach

The waters of Baby Beach

Alexandre G. ROSA /

If you’re a traveling family with young children, the best spot to bask in the sun is Baby Beach.

Among all other beaches, this is the safest spot for younger kids due to its exposed offshore reef; making it shallow and safe from big waves that can knock the little ones down.

The small kids can freely run around without you having to worry although you still need to keep an eye on them while enjoying the water.

You can also rent a paddleboard to take the kids to the reef to see them.

Baby Beach is located at Kai Pali Place.

Bring a Picnic to HanakaoʻO Park

Picnis are among the best moments, especially when shared with loved ones, and if you’re in Lahaina, do it at Hanakaoʻo Park.

The 4.8-acre waterfront park features picnic pavilions with tables and grills for barbecues to share with your loved ones while taking advantage of the fresh saltwater air.

Locally known as Canoe Beach, the park also features 3 canoe clubhouses.

You can also enjoy snorkeling to see the turtles, as well as a large sandy area for swimming.

It’s also nice that there are lifeguards on duty.

You can take scenic walks around and appreciate its natural beauty.

Hanakaoʻo Park is located on Highway 30.

Go Shopping at Outlets of Maui

While wandering around Lahaina, mall-goers can go on a shopping spree at Outlets of Maui; an oceanfront mall featuring Hawaiian and popular national brands.

Hawaiian brands include Island Creations Surf Outlet, Waikiki Brewing Company, and Hilo Hattie, among others.

Here, you can find lots of items to choose from, including gifts and island souvenirs to keep for yourself and your loved ones before heading back home.

The mall also hosts different events and entertainment regularly.

Outlets of Maui is located in Lahaina Center on Front Street.

Get Your Caffeine Fix at VigiLatte Artisan Coffee

Delicious coffee also comes in handy in Lahaina at VigiLatte Artisan Coffee on Front Street.

This charming top-rated coffee shop is popular for its hand-shaken iced lattes; creating unique and tasty drinks topped with creamy and frothy foam.

It serves handcrafted drinks made with locally sourced beans from Kauai Coffee; a coffee farm on the island of Kauai.

If you’re vegan, its coconut cream iced latte, oat milk latte, and espresso-based drinks are all delicious to try.

VigiLatte Artisan Coffee also sells coffee if you’re making your own at home.

Don’t forget to buy one of its wonderful merch!

Final Thoughts

Lahaina is the capital of Maui and a fantastic place to visit, whether or not you’re a beach bum.

You can try riding a horse on the beach, snorkeling, or scuba diving.

Otherwise, you can join a whale-watching excursion.

You can also go hiking on local trails and take in the spectacular views from above.

Lahaina also has a lot of great restaurants, shops, and museums, so there’s something for everyone.

Start planning your Lahaina trip today!

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