15 Best Things to Do in Kodak, TN

Kodak, TN
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Kodak is a community in Sevier County, Tennessee.

You can do many different things in different seasons in this place.

For instance, join festivals and go on road trips during spring and summer, do winter film photography in winter, and more.

Likewise, the name “Kodak” may sound familiar to you.

The name “Kodak” came from the world-famous Kodak film and camera business that dominated photography for decades.

In 1892, local postmaster Harvey Underwood asked the permission of George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak, to use the name for his community.

Underwood explained to Eastman the name “Kodak” was easy to spell and pronounce, a perfect name for a town.

Since Kodak bears the name of the iconic photography business, it similarly maintains its innovative spirit and integrity.

Start your adventure with this list of the best things to do in Kodak, Tennessee!

Watch a Baseball game at Tennessee Smokies Stadium

Exterior of the Tennessee Smokies Stadium
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Formerly known as Smokies Park, the Tennessee Smokies Stadium is a baseball stadium that opened in 2000.

It can seat 6, 412 people.

The Tennessee Smokies Stadium is home to the Tennessee Smokies.

Welcome sign of the Tennessee Smokies Stadium
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They belong to the Southern League, which has operated since 1964 in the Southern United States.

If you love baseball, visit this stadium for a fun and enjoyable experience.

Ticket and souvenir building of the Tennessee Smokies Stadium
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Since it opened, the baseball settings have hosted a regular game schedule for the audience to enjoy.

You can also enjoy food and beverages, so you don’t have to worry about getting hungry with all the shouting and cheering.

Spend a fun afternoon with family and friends at Tennessee Smokies Stadium.

A baseball game in the Tennessee Smokies Stadium
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Shop at Great Smokies Flea Market

Located at Dumplin Valley Road is the Great Smokies Flea Market, open on the weekends.

You’ll find a fantastic selection of merchandise, from clothing to furniture in this flea market.

Every day, you’ll find something new in the best flea market in Tennessee.

Likewise, you can buy home décor, antiques, tools, sporting equipment, and jewelry and gifts.

Then, buy automotive parts, toys and clothing, arts and crafts, and more.

There are over 1,000 vendors in the Great Smokies Flea Market.

The flea market is pet friendly, too, so bringing your pet will not be a problem.

Let your pets tag along with you while exploring the market.

Buy sausages at Swaggerty’s Farm

Try the best pork sausages in Kodak at Swaggerty’s Farm, located at Swaggerty Road.

In 1930, the Swaggerty family started the sausage business during the Great Depression.

The finest restaurants of Kodak also chose the Swaggerty Sausage Company as their trusted distributor of sausages.

Through the years, Swaggerty Farm’s has fulfilled its promise to produce gluten-free and a hundred percent fresh pork sausages.

The farm uses the best ingredients honoring tradition from over a hundred years.

You can buy Kodak’s premier sausage produce in over 10,000 retail groceries nationwide.

Play Golf at Island Pointe Golf Club

The Island Pointe Golf Club,  between Knoxville and the Great Smokey Mountains, brings world-class golf to Tennessee.

Featured in Golf Magazine, Kodak’s famous golf club also ranked tenth in golf course venues in Tennessee.

Spanning 175 acres, the golf course presents a breathtaking view of green lands and rivers along the river banks.

Since 1991, Island Pointe Golf Club has provided a superb golfing experience to guests.

The Island Pointe Golf Club also provides extensive practice facilities in the golf club.

Try Moonshine and Spirits at Old Tennessee Distilling Company

Dwight Bearden and his family have owned the Old Tennessee Distilling Company, located at Sportsman PI.

Four generations of the Beardens have owned the liquor business.

Savor history in every drop by drinking whiskeys and other spirited drinks with century-old recipes at the distilling company.

If you want to try the spirits at the Old Tennessee distillery, join daily free tastings.

You can taste their moonshine, whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, rye, and more spirits that are all handcrafted from scratch.

Likewise, buy affordable specialty cocktails at the Old Tennessee Distilling Company.

Pick up a New Hobby at Iron Mountain Sporting Clays

Have you tried shooting before?

If you haven’t yet, try an extraordinary shooting adventure at Iron Mountain Sporting Clays.

Located at Hardin Road, you can choose from the two courses of shotgun shooting in Iron Mountain Sporting Clays.

It’s safe and open for beginners; shooting veterans will guide you throughout the fun experience.

You can also rent the guns at the shooting venue, plus earplugs and goggles.

The Iron Mountain Sporting Clays also hosts shooting tournaments.

It offers a natural place of slopes, creating tremendous challenges for shooters of any stripe.

See Birds at Seven Islands State Birding Park

A bird at Seven Islands State Birding Park
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The Seven Islands State Birding Park is the primary birding destination in Kodak.

You can see over 190 birds there, such as songbirds, hawks, waterfowl, and more.

Likewise, you’ll also admire the 416 acres of water and grassland environment.

View of the sunset from Seven Islands State Birding Park
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The park also features roughly eight miles of natural trails, hills, and a spectacular view of the mountains.

Schools and other groups can visit the Seven Islands State Birding Park, a research and educational facility.

Of course, you can also hike at the Seven Island State Birding Park.

Bird perched on a plant at Seven Islands State Birding Park
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Check out the Coin Collection at Hallmark Rare Coins

David and Karen Hall own and operate Hallmark Rare Coin.

David started collecting coins in 1962 when he was only nine.

With over 50 years of knowledge and over 40 years of experience dealing in coins, David has become the Hallmark Rare Coins President.

The shop also proudly joins many significant and regional coin shows yearly.

If you want to buy and sell coins and other items, Hallmark Rare Coins buys coins, estate collections, broken and jumbled jewelry, and more.

Take Your Photo at Momma Pearl’s Old Tyme Photo

Today’s generation loves taking selfies and groupfies.

Try a new photography experience at the Momma Pearl’s Old Tyme Photo.

You can have them take your photo, but with a twist.

The photography studio allows guests to wear 1800s clothing during the shoot, transporting them back to the Old West.  

Experiencing history in the photo studio is cheap as it offers a very reasonable price for costumes and photography.

Create lasting memories at Momma Pearl’s Old Tyme Photo.

Prepare for New Year at Fireworks Supermarket

You’ll find the best-quality fireworks in Kodak at the Fireworks Supermarket on Winfield Dunn Parkway.

The Fireworks Supermarket is the largest fireworks store in the world.

Likewise, it offers the best fireworks showrooms in the whole United States.

Their showroom is open year-round, catering to your cravings for the loudest and brightest fireworks.

Moreover, the more fireworks you buy, the more free stuff you can get at Fireworks Supermarket.

Nothing is off-limits, either.

You can choose from everything on display at the Fireworks Supermarket.

Relax at Kodak Northview Optimist Park

Take time to relax at the Kodak Northview Optimist Park, at Dumplin Valley Road.

Likewise, you can do a lot of recreational activities at the park.

For instance, the park allows biking, walking, and running.

Kodak Northview Optimist Park also sits near the Bass Pro and the Smokies Stadium.

Families who like to spend time together can gather at the park picnic tables, pavilions, playground, and ball fields.

Spend the day at the Kodak Northview Optimist Park.

Visit the Kodak Branch Library

Located inside the Kodak Northview Optimist Park is the Kodak Branch Library.

In 1987, the Northview Community Association created a library committee to establish a library in Kodak.

After years of trying to carry out the library project, the Kodak Branch Library officially opened on December 2, 2001.

Today, the library serves the Northview and Kodak communities by providing library resources to residents and visitors of all ages.

The library indeed connects visitors to a wider world.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Set up Camp at the Douglas Dam and Reservoir

Aerial view of Douglas Dam and Reservoir
TVA Web Team, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The hydroelectric Douglas Dam and Reservoir, is a natural area in east Tennessee extending 43 miles through the Smoky Mountains.

You can find it in Sevierville, 12 minutes from Kodak.

The dam and reservoir are famous recreational spots for families who like picnicking, camping, boating, fishing, and more.

Waters spilling out of Douglas Dam and Reservoir
TVA Web Team, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For the guests’ convenience, you can go to the pavilion, restrooms, and showers.

Built during World War II, the Douglas Dam and Reservoir also contributed to the war effort.

You can also use the common area, tables, water access, and boat ramps.

Solve the Kyker Farms Corn Maze

You can learn history and enjoy family fun adventures in the smoky Tennessee mountains in Kyker Farms Corn Maze.

Find the maze in Sevierville, Tennessee, 11 minutes from Kodak.

As the Kyker Farms Corn Maze likes to say, you will get “Kornfused” while trying to escape the corn field.

Nine generations of the Kyker family have managed the corn field, since 1808.

The Kyker family has also preserved the 174-acre property since they bought it at least a hundred years ago.

Today, various mazes also draw visitors, such as the scavenger hunt, a kid-friendly route, among others.

Have Fun at Trotter Bluff Small Wild Area Trail

The Trotter Bluff Small Wild Area Trail is a great place for wildlife watchers in Sevierville, 14 minutes from Kodak.

You can spot amphibians and eagles from time to time.

It’s also an excellent place for nature lovers, full of beautiful wildflowers.

The trail also welcomes pets, but you should keep them leashed and pick up after them.

Work up a sweat at the Trotter Bluff Small Wild Area Trail.

Final Thoughts

Whether indoor shopping, tasty dining, or extreme outdoor activities, Kodak has everything you need.

The growth of Kodak has attracted tourists to the place through the years.

Plan your trip today and discover the best things to do in Kodak, Tennessee!

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