20 Best Things to Do in Kent Island, MD

Kent Island pier
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Are you looking for a place to unwind and create memories?

Kent Island has a lot to offer in the way of scenic views and fun things to do.

It is the largest island in the Chesapeake Bay, ranging from southern Kent Point to northern Love Point.

This small island links Maryland's east and west coasts.

To get to this charming vacation spot, drive west of Maryland, then take the bridge to get here.

In what is now Maryland, Kent Island was the very first European settlement.

For thousands of years, the island was home to the Matapeake Tribe, an Algonquian people group.

There have been several enterprises and trading routes in the region over the years.

If you're visiting Kent Island, MD, you'll have no problem finding something to do.

You may take advantage of the city's historical landmarks, natural wonders, unique boutiques, and other delectables.

For those of you who live on Maryland's Eastern Shore, we can attest to the fact that this is a terrific day trip.

Read on to find out the best things to do on Kent Island!

Go Fishing at Romancoke Fishing Pier

Sunrise at Romancoke Fishing Pier
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Located at the southern end of Rt. 8 in Kent Island, the Romancoke Fishing Pier is accessible by the Kent Island Bridge. A Romancoke County park includes it.

At this location, crabbing is a well-known activity throughout the summer months.

Additionally, there's a kayak ramp nearby.

People at the Romancoke Fishing Pier
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From sunrise to sunset, the picnic area and Pier are accessible to the public.

The Pier is a no-pet zone, so keep that in mind.

The Pier appears to be solid and tidy as it stretches out in the distance. Only during the peak fishing season are the restrooms accessible.

For the time being, anglers have access to a portable John.

View of Romancoke Fishing Pier
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In addition, there is enough parking space at a fee of $10 per car.

Kent Island's Southern Trail stops at the Pier.

There are no business establishments in Romancoke, which is a residential neighborhood.

Those who enjoy fishing and kayaking should visit this location.

Daytime view of Romancoke Fishing Pier
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Go Wine-Tasting at Mark Cascia Vineyards

This vineyard, located at Maryland's Eastern Shore, develops premium wine varieties.

This one-of-a-kind, family-run vineyard nestled on Kent Island faces the Chesapeake Bay, offering you a stunning view.

Vinifera and indigenous varietals make quality white and red wines and dessert wines in their vineyards.

Enjoy the best this vineyard has to offer at its beachfront winery and event facilities.

Check Out Kent Island Federation of Arts's Exhibits

As a non-profit community organization, the Kent Island Federation of Arts (KIFA) began in 1963 to make the arts available to Kent Island and the surrounding area.

KIFA's primary goal is to help individuals of all ages better recognize and develop creative and artistic abilities via a wide range of programs.

Exhibitions, member events, courses, summer art programs for children, and fun fundraisers are just some of the activities they provide.

KIFA acquired the exquisite Victorian-style home in 1985, and it has since become a historic monument in Stevensville.

When KIFA had 140 members in 1995, the organization began holding eleven art shows a year, educating the public about art and providing service to the community.

Try Matapeake Clubhouse & Beach's Different Activities

Beach umbrella at Matapeake Clubhouse & Beach
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Visitors to Kent Island, Maryland, may enjoy a public beach, a picnic space for families of all sizes, an outdoor amphitheater, and a one-mile nature walk that offers views of the Bay Bridge and the Chesapeake Bay.

All year-round, the beach welcomes everyone from dawn till dusk.

It's also a pet-friendly attraction!

Treat your dog to a refreshing dip in the water in this beautiful area.

On the Chesapeake Bay, the Dog Beach, a wooded walk ends at the sand.

A parking lot and a public beach are available at the Matapeake Clubhouse and Public Beach.

However, they do not allow dogs in either of these areas.

It begins at the clubhouse's back gate, where you may see the pet trail leading off.

Please bring a litter bag to pick up after your dog so that this park may remain open and accessible to dog lovers while not providing a public health hazard to the families that use the public beach.

Hop in Chesapeake Lights Lighthouse Tours

You may access roughly a dozen lighthouses by land or boat on Kent Island, making it an ideal destination for lighthouse enthusiasts.

If you've ever wondered why Maryland built the "screwpile" lighthouse, now's your chance.

A boat trip offers a unique vantage point from the port on these famous sites, allowing you to see parts of the harbor inaccessible by land.

Explore the Chesapeake Bay and its Lighthouses on the M/V Sharps Island, a voyage of discovery that takes you back in time.

Chesapeake Lights tours are available in a variety of formats to fit any schedule and interest level.

In each of these tours, you may hear the narrated accounts of the Bay's past with perspectives from knowledgeable residents on the region's picturesque but vulnerable nature.

Cycle Around Kent Island

View of People Cycling Around Kent Island
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One of Kent Island's most popular attractions is its 28 miles of flat, picturesque bike trails, including the Cross Island Path, a six-mile east-to-west rail trail, and the South Island Trail, which runs parallel to Route 8 between Kent Point Road and Matapeake Bay.

Kent Island's asphalt hiking and bicycle routes are short.

The Cross Island Trail is a better option if you take your family out for a bike ride.

View of People Cycling Around Kent Island
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There are a lot of twists and turns, as well as a lot of woodlands and marshes to traverse. Along the road, you'll pass several convenience stores.

You may not get good exercise if you go both paths on your own.

But combining the trails and taking a slight detour via local roads, you'll have a flatter and more pleasurable longer trip.

Enjoy Cult Classic Brewing's Different Beers

Cult Classic Brewing is a brewery located on the island of Kent on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

They are only a few minutes away from Annapolis, Washington, DC, and the city of Baltimore.

Their taproom, styled after a movie theater, offers something for all.

They are a family-friendly establishment that welcomes kids and dogs.

Their 75-foot-long bar has plenty of space, as well as plenty of free parking!"

They also feature live music.

Their taproom, which includes a complete bar and restaurant with just about everything you will need for a perfect night, offers more than 15 different types of beer.

Wander Around Historic Stevensville

Christ church at Stevensville
Acroterion, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Kent Island is home to a historic district called Historic Stevensville, or Stevensville Historic District.

On the National Register of Historic Places, the area has more than 100 historic buildings.

East Main Street, Love Point Road, and a former piece of Cockey Lane make up most of its route.

Post office at Stevensville
User:AlbertHerring, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Cray House is one of the complete examples of post-and-plank construction ever found.

A ship carpenter named Denny tenoned horizontal boards into gaps cut in vertical corner supports to build the walls.

Building at Stevensville
Ser Amantio di Nicolao at English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Christ Church is another structure that is worth a visit.

In addition to being listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the 1880 church is an exceptional example of the Queen Anne style of church architecture.

A Lutheran congregation is presently housed in the building, purchased by the county in 2008, and is currently undergoing renovations.

A street at Stevensville
User:AlbertHerring, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Drop by Chesapeake Heritage & Visitor Center

Visitor information is available at the Chesapeake Heritage & Visitor Center (CHVC) in Queen Anne's County, Maryland.

Staff at the Visitor Center can help visitors with directions, information, and recommendations for nearby attractions.

Check out the Chesapeake Legacy Museum while you're at the Chesapeake Heritage & Visitors Center.

Here you'll discover interactive displays devoted to Queen Anne's County's history, culture, and tradition.

Additionally, the museum maintains a changing artists series that focuses on Eastern Shore artists.

You may go to the outdoor observation tower via an elevator or a set of spiral staircases.

You may enter Ferry Point Park from the premises of the CHVC.

Get there by taking the 530-foot boardwalk over the marsh to an isolated cove that includes picnic tables and seats overlooking the Chester River.

Enjoy a Sunny Day at Terrapin Beach Nature Park

View of Terrapin Beach Nature Park
Carol Moore / Shutterstock.com

Terrapin Nature Park, a 276-acre preserve home to swans, ospreys, bullfrogs, and turtles, should be on your bucket list if you're in the area.

Kent Island's Terrapin Beach Nature Park lies immediately north of the Bay Bridge.

Outside of the Chesapeake Bay Business Park, the park is accessible through MD 18.

In addition to the 73 acres of wetland and 3.25 miles of oyster chaff walking track, there are 4000 feet of coastline and meadows, tidal ponds, marshes, and sandy beaches in this park.

It also has a wheelchair-accessible walkway that overlooks the Bay Bridge with seats for resting.

The Cross Island Path system may be reached by this trail as well.

In addition, there are two viewing platforms and a promenade leading to the Bay.

Join Yoga Classes at Dragonfly Paddle and Fitness

Dragonfly Paddle and Fitness believe that yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or fitness level.

Visit their Kent Island facility if you'd like to take an adult or children's yoga session.

All levels of yoga students are welcome in this class.

You may ask the instructor to adjust the pace of the class to suit the needs of each student.

A wide range of sessions is available, including Beginner Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Barre, Restorative Yoga, and Hula Hoop Yoga.

Before you join, sign the waiver of liability.

Meanwhile, make sure to accompany your kids under the age of 13.

Admire Kent Island From a Hot Air Balloon

Catch sight of things from above on an exciting journey in a lovely hot air balloon over the eastern shore of Maryland.

Float over cornfields, rivers, and trees as you soar into the sky.

See a variety of wildlife, such as birds and deer.

Flying over Maryland's Chesapeake Bay region will be a once-in-a-lifetime event that you'll never forget!

You may relax and enjoy your serene, uplifting experience in our balloon, led by a professional pilot with over 20 years of expertise in ballooning.

Indulge with Handcrafted Sweets in Chepaseake Chocolates

Established in 1998 by two Herndon sisters-in-law who wanted to make excellent handcrafted chocolates, Chesapeake Chocolates is a homegrown brand in Kent Island.

Doris and Bernadette learned the technique from Massachusetts chocolatiers and named their new company after their roots in the Chesapeake Bay.

Doris continues to manufacture great chocolates, combining new and ancient recipes.

Salted caramels, bipartisan bark, and Sue's Chews with macadamia nuts and caramel are among the kids' favorites.

Molded chocolates come in musical, sports, and nautical shapes.

The kids (and parents) love the chocolate-coated marshmallows and Oreo cookies.

Consider yourself lucky if  Doris has created fresh dusted truffles or spicy sipping chocolate infused with peels and jalapeño pepper earlier in the day.

Hang Out with Fellow Baseball Enthusiasts at Big Bats Café

Big Bats Cafe is your best bet on Kent Island if you're a big baseball fan.

Stephen F. Garland opened Big Bats Cafe in 1997 as a hangout for baseball enthusiasts and gourmets.

Community members have gathered at this café to dine and watch sports since it first opened.

The menu at Big Bats Café boasts offering only the freshest, most flavorful ingredients and a service second to none.

Beautifully furnished with baseball memorabilia such as signed jerseys and baseballs, they offer a lively and energizing atmosphere.

Huge flat-screen TVs broadcast live sporting events, creating an upbeat and enthusiastic vibe among the patrons.

Swing Your Club at Blue Heron Golf Course

Blue Heron Golf Course in Stevensville is an 18-hole layout that plays to a par of 63 and boasts a maximum distance of 4,130 yards from the longest tees.

The Blue Heron Golf Course began in 1982 as a nine-hole short course.

The owners employed Richard Mandell Golf Architecture to design a new 18-hole golf course.

Half of the holes are par 3s, and the other half are par 4s, making this a great and entertaining executive golf course.

It features playing fields in addition to driving ranges, putting greens, and other amenities for golfers. Lockers, changing rooms, and showers are available on the golf course.

As a golf facility, it offers lessons, equipment, and the opportunity to play the game.

In 2006, Blue Heron Golf Course was recognized as one of the "Top Ten Short Courses in America" by Golf Range Magazine.

Have a Retreat at Kent Island Resort

This luxurious waterfront hotel on Kent Island lies in a renovated mansion from 1820.

It features 220 acres of forests and fields.

The charming rooms and suites include vintage furniture, flat-screen TVs, complimentary Wi-Fi, sitting spaces, and coffeemakers.

The most upscale ones may have marble fireplaces, four-poster beds, window seats, and even porches or balconies.

There's a swimming pool and some pretty plants, too.

Its grand Garden House and Pavilion sit on a hill overlooking Thompson Creek, providing a sweeping vista of our countryside and waterways.

The Farmstead, a newly constructed barn at Kent Island Resort, is an ideal location for ceremonies and receptions.

Visit Chesapeake Bay Charter Services

Do you wish to have a wonderful time?

Consider adding Chesapeake Bay Charter Services to your itinerary when planning your trip to Kent Island.

There isn't another charter service like Chesapeake Bay Charter Services, which guarantees you'll have an unforgettable time on their exciting excursions.

Fishing, sightseeing, and spectacular dinner cruises are just some of the activities offered by this full-service charter business.

Since its founding in 1997, Chesapeake Bay Charter Services has provided visitors memorable experiences.

Live bait, light tackle, and trolling are some fishing methods you may try with Chesapeake Bay Charter Services.

Explore the Stalls at Kent Island Farmers' Market

One of the best places to know the community when visiting a new place is its farmers' market.

Kent Island Farmer's Market is open year-round and moves indoors during the winter.

The company's year-round and seasonal offerings include fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, raw milk cheeses, gluten-free bread, meats, salmon, halibut, tuna, and Mahi.

It also offers Greek takeout cuisine, nut butter, and hummus in wacky flavors like lemonade, cinnamon raisin, and mango curry.

It also sells handmade sourdoughs, focaccias, olives, olive oils, and fantastic balsamic.

Kent Island Farmers' Market also features a professional knife sharpener, pasta week, and an Ask a Master Gardener event.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Go Birding in Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center (CBEC)

View of Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center
Malachi Jacobs / Shutterstock.com

For educational objectives, the Wildfowl Trust of North America Inc. came into existence in 1979.

The institution developed Grasonville, Maryland's Horsehead Wetlands Center, in 1985 on a 315-acre farm site bought by the Trust in 1981.

To make it even more extensive, the Trust acquired an additional 194 acres and put the now 509-acre preserve under a conservation easement in 1998.

Boardwalk at Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center
Malachi Jacobs / Shutterstock.com

An environmental education and habitat restoration focus was added to the name in 2003 when they renamed it Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.

CBEC is a non-profit organization that promotes environmental education and habitat restoration on a 500-acre farm in Grasonville, Maryland, known as the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center.

More than 30 different programs are available, including summer camps for children, outreach programs for adults, and a "Critter and Cocktails" lecture series.

Signage of Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center
Malachi Jacobs / Shutterstock.com

Final Thoughts

Visiting Kent Island is a fascinating experience that's well worth the effort.

We highly recommend that anyone who lives nearby take a weekend vacation to check out this attraction.

The bridge's toll is only $4, but the view from the top is worth every penny.

Go on a sunny day and enjoy what Kent Island has to offer!

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