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20 Best Things to Do in Kennett Square, PA

  • Published 2023/03/24

Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, is known for mushroom growing and is affectionately known as the “Mushroom Capital of the World.”

The National Register of Historic Places listed Kennett Square in its record in 1989.

Kennett Square has a variety of attractions, including the stunning Longwood Gardens, the Mushroom Cap, and the Anson B. Nixon Park, among others.

There is much to keep you going whether you visit Kennett Square for a day or stay the night.

Here are some of the best things to do in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania:

Wander the Longwood Gardens

Beautiful greeneries at Longwood Gardens

James Kirkikis /

When visiting Kennett Square, you must see this American botanical garden.

Pierre S. du Pont founded Longwood Gardens as a living manifestation of everything that inspired him.

The gardens with exquisite fountains and the artistic grandeur full of craftsmanship will inspire visitors, just as they captivated Pierre du Pont.

Pond at Longwood Gardens

Jim Bogosian /

On almost 1,000 acres of land, guests may explore different indoor and outdoor gardens.

A forest garden, an orchid house, a Mediterranean Garden, and a Banana House packed with various fruits and flowers are among the attractions.

Pretty purple foxgloves at Longwood Gardens

Wicker Imaging /

The indoor children’s garden, which features various hands-on water exhibits, artistic sculptures, and plant displays, will appeal to visitors with young children.

This trip lasts about three hours, so get ready to stroll about and see some gorgeous vegetation.

Learn More about Mushrooms at the Mushroom Cap

Visitors to Kennett Square don’t need to look much further than The Mushroom Cap to learn about the borough’s long history with mushrooms, including mushroom farms, displays, and mushrooms for sale.

You can find unique gifts, regional specialties, and a selection of freshly selected Kennett Square mushrooms at The Mushroom Cap.

Pick yourself one of our fantastic culinary books, jam-packed with delectable mushroom recipes.

Assemble a perfect gift basket for the mushroom enthusiast in your family by combining multiple products.

They also provide a wide range of non-mushroom-related gifts, home furnishings, and even oyster mushroom growing kits!

Go for a Short Walk in Anson B. Nixon Park

The Kennett Area Park Authority (KAPA), a municipal organization dedicated only to the management of Anson B. Nixon Park, owns and operates the park.

It is not associated with the Pennsylvania State Parks department as an autonomous municipal authority.

Likewise, it receives no state revenue based on per capita taxes, relying on local support to pay for all operations.

The Park spans 106 acres, spanning from Kennett Square Borough into Kennett Township, accessible to the public from sunrise to sunset every day.

Other spaces include a communal garden, where many people get together to grow healthy organic food, and picnic areas with wooden tables.

There are also nearly three miles of walking paths flowing through the site for tourists to explore and a dock on the ponds where you can go fishing with the family.

The Park provides a secure outdoor location with amenities and seasonal programming for the area’s different cultural, socioeconomic, age, and existing firms to establish a community.

Taste Italian Dishes at La Verona

Verona, Italy is a prominent tourist destination in Northern Italy, noted for its stunning Roman architecture and as the scene for Shakespeare’s iconic Romeo and Juliet.

The traditional Italian dishes at La Verona Italian Restaurant in Kennett Square, PA, take inspiration from a city rich in culture and history.

The location of La Verona on East State Street in Downtown Kennett Square is perfect for anyone looking for an authentic and extraordinary fine dining experience.

La Verona wants your lunch to be a memorable experience by providing competent service in an engaging and dynamic social environment.

From selecting the best and freshest ingredients to meticulously preparing our dishes, they pay close attention to every detail.

Their enthusiasm allows them to give exceptional cuisine and service to their consumers.

Their menu falls under the category of “Cucina Classica,” emphasizing the northern regions of Europe and seasonal changes appreciated in Italian cuisine.

Participate in a Free Cooking Demo at Woodlands at Phillips

The Woodlands at Phillips launched in April 2011, intending to deliver fresh, dried, preserved, and specialized mushrooms to the Chester County client market.

They provide a wide range of items and mushroom memorabilia, including towels, books, and far more, placed in the center of Mushroom Country, Kennett Square.

A large variety of fresh, dried, and canned mushrooms are available, as well as gourmet stew mixtures, sauce, and other mushroom-based goods.

Visitors may also tour the magnificent renovated mansion and the peaceful surrounding scenery of Oak and Maple trees while they’re there.

Stop by for an actual mushroom recipe, a free cooking demonstration, films, and a trip to the mushroom growing area and museum.

Buy Premium Goods at Country Butcher

Country Butcher is a premium goods market run by a family in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, that supports local farms and businesses.

Country Butcher opened in 1982 to supply consumers with only the highest quality products: fresh cuts, locally reared, grass-fed, and dry-aged USDA Prime meats.

Country Butcher, which began as a tiny, high-quality butcher shop, has evolved into a one-of-a-kind gastronomic Old World European Style Food Market to fulfill the expanding expectations of its clients.

The Country Butcher Café, in addition to the award-winning gourmet produce market and delicatessen, is a great spot to have lunch or breakfast.

The Country Butcher Cafe offers a welcoming atmosphere as both a morning and lunchtime location.

Stop by the unusual open kitchen to witness their chefs creating gourmet items and the full-service deli featuring café seating and a fully-stocked Cheese Shoppe.

See Artwork Displays at the Square Pear Fine Art Gallery

Visit The Square Pear Fine Art Gallery, a walk-in gallery displaying local art with a welcoming, comfortable ambiance.

This gallery, located in the historic Kennett Square retail center, is a popular destination for the local artists’ community.

The Square Pear’s exhibits rotate monthly and are based on a subject motivated and portrayed by the artists featured that month.

Corien Siepelinga, the gallery’s founder and curator, focuses on displaying a variety of kinds of artwork by local, national, and worldwide artists.

During regular business hours or by appointment, tourists or residents may view the current exhibition.

Drink Herbal Teas at Mrs. Robinson’s Tea Shop

Visit Mrs. Robinson’s Tea Shop in Kennett Square, a wacky little tea shop with over 200 herbal teas available fresh and in teabags.

This is the ideal location for discovering and enjoying the amazing world of tea.

Seasonal weather teas are a fantastic way to honor the season’s flavors and scents.

What makes them unique is that every one of them combines the season’s most decadent tastes into a delectable treat that’s free of calories!

Lemon Souffle, Carrot Cake – Herbal Blend, Assorted Tea Bag Medley, Hot Chocolate, and many other must-haves comprise Mrs. Robinson’s top sellers and highlighted goods.

Enjoy Snacks in 1906 at the Longwood Gardens

The 1906 restaurant is named after Pierre S. Du Pont, who acquired the land that became Longwood Gardens in 1906.

For an unforgettable dining experience, they provide fresh seasonal dishes emphasizing local produce and sustainable products.

Mushroom soups, chicken salad & fried oysters, steak fries, spaghetti carbonara, lemon verbena cheesecake, and much more are available at 1906.

You may also visit the Hillside Garden, which features winding walks, sloping gardens, and wild flora worldwide.

Don’t miss out on this restaurant and take a tour of Longwood Gardens afterward.

Book an Event in Kennett Flash

The Kennett Flash is a non-profit performance art group in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

It is a stage-centered coffee shop listening room featuring national, regional, and local skilled musicians, comedians, children’s programming, and more.

In addition, the Kennett Flash hosts an open-mic night twice a month, allowing experienced and new singers, bands, singers, and comedians to develop and showcase their skills.

Their purpose is to improve the standard of living for individuals of all ages by providing audiences, performers, and students with artistic experiences.

Furthermore, birthday and anniversary celebrations, business meetings, record release parties, and various other events have all been held at the Kennett Flash venue, which can accommodate up to 100 people.

Have a Lovely Stay at Kennett House Bed & Breakfast

Kennett House Bed & Breakfast is a stunning granite foursquare home with a relaxed elegance.

The house went from a private dwelling to a bed and breakfast in 1990.

It features a magnificent porch with seats for relaxing outside in the great weather and several sitting spots within the home.

These spots include a fireplace and a huge comfortable couch, and a table and chairs for a game of cards or a board game.

The Kennett House has been carefully refurbished to include all of the beauties of yesteryear and modern conveniences.

The Longwood Gardens, Winterthur Museum, Brandywine River Museum, Hagley Museum, and Nemours Mansion are all within a few minutes drive.

Kennett House Bed & Breakfast is a beautiful, pleasant, historic property close to restaurants and stores in Kennett Square.

Check Out the Willowdale Steeplechase

In a place noted for its elite jockeys, coaches, and owners, the Willowdale Steeplechase includes a world-class steeplechase track.

The course has an uphill entry to the obstacles, which favors leaping rather than speed.

They also feature a free Kid’s Alley tent with stick ponies for youngsters to construct and race and entertaining, educational activities run by race beneficiaries.

Moreover, the Willowdale Steeplechase is a charitable organization that raises money for the Stroud Water Research Center and the Penn Vet New Bolton Center.

Their goal is to generate money for clean water and high-quality veterinary care.

The Willowdale Steeplechase contributes to environmental stewardship and educating the next generation of prominent animal veterinarians by accepting donations.

Get Breakfast at Floga Bistro

Floga Bistro serves Italian dishes and pizzas cooked in an on-display brick oven.

Breakfast, catering, and main menu items include french toast, waffles, salads, paninis, pasta, pizza, and more!

Their joy is to present you with the highest quality cuisine and service.

Floga Bistro guarantees that your dining experience will leave you wanting to return again and again.

They love to share their enthusiasm for cuisine and the culinary arts with the customers who come into their house.

Unwind within Nature at Parrish Trail

Wooded and paved—Parrish Trail is your first choice for a bit of semi-urban walking and strolling.

This 1.5-mile route is only a segment of the 10-mile Kennett Greenway loop.

It winds down a crush-stoned surface route and follows along the West Branch Red Clay Creek.

The route travels across woodlands and is an easy trail for first-time bikers.

So, get your gear and equipment ready for a trek across this course.

Parrish Trail’s access routes are on Pennock Park and Hillendale Road within Kennett Square.

Have a Beer To-Go at Braeloch Brewing

Immerse yourself in the unique flavors of Kennett Square with a drop by Braeloch Brewing.

Opened in 2019, this local microbrewery and taproom sits within a 1903 historic building.

Its name—Braeloch—came from the name of a family home residing within Finger Lakes.

With its vast collection of craft beers for tasting and to-go, this place has a beverage for your unique drinking preferences.

From on-tap to cans, you’ve got many flavors to choose from.

And you may find delight to know your dog and child have a few options, too!

This child- and pet-friendly brewery also serves other beverages, as well as artisan food, in their classy beer garden.

You might even get to listen to live music and other entertainment while you enjoy your mug or can.

Braeloch Brewing is on Birch Street.

Discover More about Technology at Kennett Classic Computer Museum

Kennett Classic Computer Museum offers a different learning exploration for you.

This museum is your all-around choice for hard-to-find and vintage computer equipment and the like.

It preserves everything there is to view and admire along computing history, including artifacts and documents.

It is also home to a gift shop and a research library.

Get yourself or a special someone a computer-related trinket as a souvenir for your visit.

And if you’re a collector by hobby, you might find the set of rare and outdated memorabilia a better addition to your collection.

Get your fill of joysticks, noisy disks, and large cables.

Kennett Classic Computer Museum is on South Union Street.

Join a Wine Tasting Event at Galer Estate Vineyard and Winery

Started in 2005, Galer Estate Vineyard and Winery is your premier travel destination for world-class wines.

This facility, started in 2005, comes with a 7-acre vineyard and an art-filled tasting room.

But it officially opened to everyone in 2011, and it never looked back since.

The winery takes pride in its locally-sourced grapes and fruits—some of it born from its own backyard and another local source only 30 miles away.

Many come by this winery for its pre-scheduled wine tastings within a decked-out setting.

Its tasting room offers the best of the world with its marble countertops, old-world architecture, stained glass, and paintings.

Get going to Folly Hill Road to reach Galer Estate Vineyard and Winery.

Visit the Growers’ Exhibit at the Kennett Square Mushroom Festival

Mushroom exhibit at Kennett Square Mushroom Festival

Kwiltedlady, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you want to experience Kennett Square in its full glory, attend the Kennett Square Mushroom Festival in September.

What was once a one-day event in 1986, this annual festival then became a two-day celebration.

It brings light to the city’s mushroom farms, as well as its local businesses.

Come by during the height of the festivities for a sample of mushroom-centric snacks and food.

And learn a thing or two about mushroom growing when you browse through the growers’ exhibit while you’re at it.

The Kennett Square Mushroom Festival takes place on various streets in the downtown borough.

Final Thoughts

Kennett Square is a historic gem added to the National Register of Historic Places because of its rich history.

Kennett Square presents a lovely day trip, but there’s so much to see that you’d like to stay longer.

There are historical inns, restaurants and bars, botanical gardens, local shops, and many other locations, giving you a choice to remain indoors or participate in outdoor activities.

Travel to this tourist destination to enjoy various activities and make lasting memories.

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