15 Best Things to Do in Jersey City

15 Best Things to Do in Jersey City

Many tourists use Jersey City as a gateway to the glorious Statue of Liberty. But, did you know there's so much more to see? Less than a kilometer away from New York, Jersey City offers endless amounts of culture and entertainment. To help plan your upcoming trip, we have compiled a list of the top 15 things to do in Jersey City.

Take a trip back in time through the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal

Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal
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The Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal played an important role of the history of immigration within Jersey City. Nowadays the terminal serves as a gateway to two of the most popular tourist attractions, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Ferries are only available from the terminal.

See the world wonder- Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty
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The Statue of Liberty is one of the most visited tourist spots in the entire world. It will be an absolute shame if you came to the city next door and did not visit this infamous tourist attraction. Ferries and cruises are two of the best options when wanting to see the statue. Additionally, there are different types of ticket packages available for the Statue of Liberty. Some offer picture opportunities and some offer more in depth tours which let tourists explore the inside of the monument as-well as the museum.  

Take a cruise

Cruise Ship in Jersey City
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Jersey City is one of the best places to take a cruise. Situated close to the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island, tourists can take a cruise on the beautiful gentle waters of Hudson River. Many sailing companies organise these cruises and there are choices as to which sights to see. One of the most popular cruise is the one which includes the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Many of the cruises run for 90 minutes, giving tourists the time to see these unmissable sights, but also the opportunity to spend the day exploring. We recommend taking a cruise where you can catch the sunset on the river horizon as it makes  for the most stunning photos.

Learn some more about the past at Ellis Island Immigration Museum

Ellis Island Immigration Museum
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As we mentioned earlier- immigrants play an important role in shaping the history of Jersey City. During the 1800s and throughout the century till the 1900s- there was an influx of people coming to Jersey City from many different locations around the globe. The Ellis Island Immigration Museum was built and offers visitors to learn about the history of immigrants within America.

Take a visit to the Van Vorst Park

Van Vorst Park
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Van Vorst Park is one of the premier historic tourist locations in the city. It is even located in the downtown part of the city where there are plenty of other historic destinations too. While you are around exploring and hunting for food in the crowded downtown location- do drop in for a visit to Van Vorst Park. The area was named after the planners of the park, Cornelius Van Vorst and Peter Henderson. The park is huge, extending across over 1.8 acres of land and has been around almost 200 years. Many come here for a relaxing stroll and to admire the architecture which dates back to the 19th Century.  

Go on a food tour

Jersey City is all about delicious cuisine. Every neighbourhood within the area has a different local favourite. Due to this, Jersey City welcomes tourists to go on one of the many food tours. On these tours you can learn about the local culture and the many delicacies. With the opportunity to visit 6 of best restaurants in town, the tour covers all areas from formal dining to street food. From sandwiches and burgers to craft beers, the tours really give tourists an unmissable culinary experience. For those who love Italian food, these tours are perfect for you as they often take you to taste some of the most luxurious Italian restaurants within the city.  

Take a look at The Colgate Clock

The Colgate Clock
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The Colgate Clock, first constructed in 1924, has been around for almost a century. Since then, the clock has become a tourist attraction and many know it as the Big Ben of Jersey City. With a height of 50 feet, the clock overlooks the waters of Jersey City and many tourists come to take pictures.

Get dressed like a local from Another Man’s Treasure Vintage Store

Another Man’s Treasure Vintage Store has been a staple of the original Jersey style since forever. The store has been around for decades and has invited countless customers to come and browse amongst their unique pieces. With pieces that date back as old as the 1920's, they offer some of the rarest fashion accessories including dresses and jewellery.

Snap some pictures of the Apple Tree House

Apple Tree House
King of Hearts, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Jersey City has its fair share of historic old houses. Many come to admire the designs and structures of such authentic properties. Additionally, history lovers come to find out about the intriguing history and character the houses have to offer. The Apple Tree House, also previously known as the Wagenen House, has an interesting tale. Figures such as George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette planned different strategies on the grounds of the property.

Check out the Newkirk House

Newkirk House
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There is no shortage of historical houses in Jersey City. If you are trying to look at a few good architectural specimens- we have to say it is here in Jersey City where you will find some of the most authentic architecture. Built in the Dutch style of architecture, the two stories Newkirk House is still standing proudly. With its rich history, it has become a tourist attraction where many come to take pictures. There once was a restaurant situated inside the house, however now people come to admire the exterior.

Get your spirits high at Corgi Spirits

For vodka and gin lovers, this place is a must see. Corgi Spirits serves a variety of homemade speciality Gin and Vodka which is famous throughout the city. This is the perfect place to visit to unwind with friends. One of the most popular drinks is the Earl Grey Gin, however for those who prefer cocktails, Corgi Spirits offers a range of cocktails for prices as low as $8 during happy hour.

Take a walk around Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park
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Want to see one of the original parks of the city? Come let us take a walk around Lincoln Park, soaking up the sun and enjoying the peaceful ambience it offers. Located at the heart of the city, the park is around 250 acres and has many historical tales related to it. The Hackensack River is also nearby meaning visitors get to see wonderful views from the park. For those who love long walks or hikes there are many hiking trails inside the park.

Get interested in history at The Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery

As you can tell by now- Jersey City has been a part of a lot of historical events. And, historical events mean more historic locations and some rich history.  Historic Jersey City has been the home of the great Revolutionary War as-well as serving as an important aspect in the war of 1812. The Harismus Cemetery is well known in it's own right, as being one of the filming locations of the TV show The Sopranos. If you choose to visit, it is recommended you come during Veteran's Day as many events take place.

Finish the trip with some gourmet ice cream at Milk Sugar Love

Milk Sugar Love is one of the most popular ice cream parlous in the area, offering customers with a variety of  gourmet flavours suitable for all dietary requirements. All ingredients used are of the highest quality, with Milk Sugar Love sourcing organic local milk. The flavours available are constantly rotating meaning new flavours are always being added to the already extensive menu. Whether you crave a classic vanilla or fancy trying something different, like matcha, there is guaranteed to be something here for you.

This brings us to the end of our list. We hope this article helped narrow down some of the best places to visit on your trip to Jersey City.