15 Best Things to Do in Jackson, MS

15 Best Things to Do in Jackson, MS

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Jackson in Mississippi is one of the most famous tourist hotspots in the entire country and has been recognized as such through numerous awards.

The city is full of lush green expanses and several remarkable historical sites that make it a cherished holiday destination.

Jackson bustles with a lively zest of life, and the atmosphere here is electric.

True to this spirit, the city has been called “The City With Soul."

The cultural heritage of Jackson is second-to-none, and this is expressed through the many magnificent museums in the city.

There are many other fun activities here as well. You could wander in its shopping complexes and lose yourself amongst the wide variety of available products.

Alternatively, you could spend a wonderful time enjoying culinary delights in any of its outstanding dining spaces and restaurants.

If you visit this city on your next holiday trip, we recommend this list of 15 top things to do in Jackson.

Mississippi State Capitol

Mississippi State Capitol
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The Mississippi State Capitol has been recognized as a National Historic Landmark.

Discover it through one of the grand public tours of this magnificent government building.

The gift shop located inside offers a variety of interesting items for you to pick up as sweet memorabilia from this place.

The architecture of this building is as elegant as it comes.

It is a pleasure to walk in the glorious public galleries located inside the building.

You can take free guided tours of this place and learn things about this historic building you’ve never read or heard anywhere else!

The little gift shop offers you small items of craftwork to buy at affordable prices.

Beautiful mugs and keychains are some of the available products in this shop which you could take with you back home.

Jackson Zoo

If you’re an animal lover, the Jackson Zoo is a MUST.

This impressive zoo, which first opened its doors to the public back in 1919, houses more than 250 animals of 120 rare and exotic species.

Observe these exciting creatures from close quarters inside the zoo and take some close-up pictures of animals you’ve only seen on Animal Planet.

Some of the most exciting species of animals present in this zoo include Sumatran tigers, chimpanzees, tortoises, flamingos, and many more.

The zoo covers a vast area, and we advise you to wear strong and comfortable footwear on the day of the visit.

After exploring the area, you can take a refreshing dip in the splash pad provided inside the zoo premises itself.

Beat the scorching Jackson summer heat and enjoy hours of wild fun splashing around in the cool waters.

Kids can have a laugh taking multiple rides of the animal-themed carousel.

LeFleur’s Bluff State Park

Canoeing in LeFleur’s Bluff State Park
Charlie Brenner, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The LeFleur’s Bluff State Park is spread over an area of more than 300 acres.

The panoramic views of the scenery here are something you’ll remember for a while.

There is a glorious lake inside this impressive urban park.

The park also houses two golf courses and multiple campsites along with many other facilities.

The environment in this park is refreshing.

Some of the fun activities available here include taking a relaxing boat ride on the calm waters of the lake or otherwise just dangling your fishing line in an effort to catch some exciting species.

There are plenty of spots available for you to set up camps and enjoy exciting outdoor pleasures.

Complete your visit to this park by taking a few swings in the two golf courses.

There is also a moderately sized museum inside the park.

You can also explore it to learn some interesting facts.

Mississippi Museum of Art

Mississippi Museum of Art
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The Mississippi Museum of Art houses an impressive collection of artwork from reputed American and British artists.

This museum dates back to 1978 and enjoys the unique position of being the most significant public museum in Mississippi.

The museum is a must-visit for art enthusiasts and painting lovers.

The museum also houses items of art in other media, such as photographs and sculptures.

You can have an enriching experience exploring the variety of artwork on display in the exquisite galleries this place has to offer.

The museum tries to encourage local artists to hone their craft and make significant contributions to the world of art.

They curate most of their works from the local artists and invest lavishly on displaying these pieces to the larger public.

The museum organizes many fun activities. You can enjoy live music in one of the concerts hosted in the garden.

Learn some art skills by participating in an educative session. Alternatively, sit back and enjoy an art film screening.

Oaks House Museum

Oaks House Museum
Joe C Furr, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Dating back to 1853, the Oaks House Museum was the residence of famous Jackson Mayor James H. Boyd. Hence it is also called the Boyd House.

The Oaks House Museum is one of the oldest structures in Jackson.

The building has been recognized as a Mississippi Landmark.

It is an architectural marvel and has been created in a beautiful Greek revivalist style.

The Oaks House Museum survived the Civil War and is one of only a select few in the area to have done so.

You can explore the place on one of the tours and learn about this historical site in detail.

The guide will enlighten you with exciting details about the colorful history of the building itself and its many famous residents.

The gardens situated on the outside are equally marvelous.

You can enjoy a refreshing walk in the greenery.

The place offers the perfect scenery to bring out your cameras and take some memorable photographs.

Smith Robertson Museum

The Smith Roberson Museum was an early African American school where you can now catch a glimpse of the saga of African American history.

The exhibits in this museum narrate the bittersweet history of the African American people, including their hard struggles along the way.

You can attend one of the many programs organized here to further learn about this episode of human history.

The knowledgeable guides on tour will fill you with astounding and sometimes painful facts about the events that transpired in the past.

Jackson was home to some of the earliest African American settlers in the entire state of Mississippi.

You can get a peek into their lives during those times through the many exhibits present in the galleries.

You can explore several artworks, photographs, artifacts, clothing items, and furniture pieces dating back to this era.

You could also attend one of their informative lectures to understand the causes and course of events in this chapter of American history on a deeper level.

The museum also organizes regular workshops, and you may enjoy attending one of these as well.

New Stage Theatre

You can watch engaging performances at the New Stage Theatre, which has a seating capacity of more than 300 people.

This place is a favorite among theatre lovers, and most of its shows are sold out well in advance.

Live performance lovers will enjoy the spontaneity and realism of its unique shows.

They perform plays and musical concerts composed by some of the best minds in the genre's history.

A Christmas Carol is one of their legendary performances, and you must try to get a seat in the audience in one of its performances during your visit to the New Stage Theatre.

Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame

Established back in 1961, the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame exhibits the many awards and jerseys from the rich sporting history of Mississippi.

You can see the personal gear of some of the most famous sports stars of Mississippi in the exhibits available here.

The museum is a tribute to these great athletes of the state and showcases their stellar achievements.

You can learn more about the celebrated sporting events through its exhibits in one of the guided tours.

You can culminate your visit here by picking up a memorable souvenir from the in-house gift shop.

For sports enthusiasts, a visit to this place can be as adventurous as it comes, as one has the option to closely watch the lives of some of his or her favorite sporting heroes.

Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

Mississippi Civil Rights Museum
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum aims to spread awareness and information about the long and painful American Civil Rights struggle.

They document and educate people about this movement through their many displays, exhibits, and informative play cards.

The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum holds the privilege of being the first-ever civil rights museum in the country sponsored by the state.

Eight elegant galleries showcase the heroic struggle of the African American people for justice and equality.

The museum offers visitors free entry on Sundays, and you could plan your visit accordingly.

The café located in the same precincts offers toothsome snacks and hot beverages to relax after exploring the museum.

You can also enjoy the colorful goodies in the little gift shop located in the building.

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
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Established back in 1932, the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science is the largest in the entire state.

Its vast collection houses fantastic artifacts. Some of the most exciting items on display include exotic and rare habitats, a gorgeous aquarium, and dinosaurs.

This museum is an excellent place for you to take your kids along.

Children will enjoy getting acquainted with natural wonders playfully and engagingly.

They can participate in the several hands-on activities on offer to further increase the pleasure of their visit.

Navigate the vast maze located outdoors and challenge yourself to find your way out.

Walk through the natural trails and enjoy some refreshing exercise.

Alternatively, marvel at the sight of the beautiful life-like statues.

Kids can get lost solving the fascinating puzzles on site. They can also get a rare opportunity to feed fish.

Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum

The Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum is a rich collection of beautiful plants and trees that delight you with their sheer natural elegance.

This living-history farm has several other activities to offer to its visitors.

You can walk through the majestic agricultural gardens or catch some old-world romantic vibes in the children's barn.

There is a heritage center located in the same precincts.

This building will give you the feeling of going back in time.

The exhibits here retell the story of agriculture as it played out in Mississippi in the years gone by.

An exquisite rose garden surrounds the building.

The beautiful variety of roses here are truly one of a kind.

Their sweet fragrances make the entire experience of walking through these gardens a real-life bliss.

Russell C. Davis Planetarium

Russell C. Davis Planetarium
Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Russell C. Davis Planetarium is the ideal place to visit in Jackson for astronomy enthusiasts.

This vast modern planetarium is located in the downtown area and uses cutting-edge technology to provide an exciting space experience.

You can learn fascinating facts about the planets, stars, and other astronomical objects.

Their awesome videos and presentations enlighten visitors with exciting information about the universe.

Using state-of-the-art digital technologies, the shows in the hemispheric theatre provide a unique experience that you will cherish for life.


You must head out to the hustle-bustle of the Fondren district in Jackson and enjoy a care-free stroll day around the area, admiring its charming local shops, warm cafes, exquisite art galleries, and delicious food.

The Fondren district is the city's entertainment hub, and you could hang out in the area with some of your friends or with a date.

The Salsa Mississippi is a special place and perfect for spending some time with a spicy senorita.

The place offers many fun activities. You could take your partner to a dance class here and strengthen your bond.

Alternatively, enjoy a pleasurable concert. The bakery located inside serves mouth-watering sweets, which you definitely have to give a try.

Eudora Welty House and Garden

Eudora Welty House and Garden
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The Eudora Welty House and Garden is recognized as a National Historic Landmark.

It was the residence of the renowned author Eudora Welty.

The award-winning novelist penned some of her most famous works while staying at this magnificent mansion.

Take a guided tour through this place to learn about Eudora Welty, her life, and the events that inspired her writing.

The beautiful garden in the area provides the ideal scenic beauty to capture beautiful snaps.

Alamo Theater

Alamo Theater
Bdarby78, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy marvelous live performances at the famous Alamo Theater.

You can also enjoy fantastic movie screenings here.

The theater is surrounded by restaurants where you can enjoy delicious local and world cuisine.

You can watch live acting performances and dance acts at this excellent arts venue.

Jackson in Mississippi is a lively little town that carries profound historical significance for being the site of long struggles during the Civil Rights Movement.

The city offers tourists a holistic experience with a rich blend of nature, history, and entertainment. Add it to your bucket list!