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15 Best Things to Do in Indiana County, PA

  • Published 2022/12/19

Nestled along the foothills of the picturesque Allegheny Mountains is Indiana County, a region filled with quaint towns and historic destinations.

Indiana County is located in the heart of the western portion of Pennsylvania and is also known as the “Christmas Tree Capital of the World.”

Established in 1803, the county has gone through numerous development through the years, which is why many visitors discover its rich history through the historic attractions within the region.

Apart from historic areas, Indiana County also boasts many stunning natural areas that offer recreational activities.

With its location near the scenic mountains, you’ll never run out of breathtaking sights to see when you visit the county.

Whether you’re exploring the borough of Blairsville or roaming around Homer City, you’ll find something fun and memorable to do when you’re in Indiana County.

Here are the 15 best things to do in Indiana County, Pennsylvania:

Bike through the Famous Ghost Town Trail

A bridge along Ghost Town Trail

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Experience the beauty of nature and explore the remains of an old coal mining town by biking through the Ghost Town Trail!

This trail is a 46-mile stretch spanning different areas in both Cambria and Indiana Counties and can be accessed through Homer City.

Ghost Town Trail was named such because it is filled with mining towns that are now abandoned.

Dirt trail at Ghost Town Trail

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Riding through this trail is relatively easy, and you’ll enjoy the breeze and natural surroundings.

You’ll also appreciate the views of the waters and landscapes that you’ll pass by.

If you’re lucky, you might even get to see local wildlife, like majestic deer and unique birds, as you explore this iconic trail.

Have Some Fun under the Sun at Yellow Creek State Park

See the stunning sights of the lush greeneries and peaceful waters as you spend the day at Yellow Creek State Park.

Yellow Creek State Park is a massive park in Penn Run that spans about 2,981 acres.

Explore the beautiful natural surroundings of the park by following the trails around.

You can also sunbathe on the sand, go fishing in the waters, or have a picnic with your loved ones.

This park is also popular for being a “stopover” for migrating birds, so you can also go birdwatching here.

There are endless opportunities for fun outdoor activities when you visit this state park!

Learn about a Beloved Hollywood Actor at the Jimmy Stewart Museum

Appreciate an iconic Hollywood actor’s eventful life and enduring works when you visit the Jimmy Stewart Museum.

Located along Philadelphia Street in Indiana, Jimmy Stewart Museum is a popular tourist destination in the county, especially for film buffs and Hollywood fanatics.

Jimmy Stewart was one of the most celebrated actors during the 1950s who received many awards during his long and successful career.

This museum is dedicated to keeping the legacy of the renowned actor through informative exhibits.

You’ll learn more about his life and career through the photographs, movie memorabilia, and many other artifacts on display at this museum.

Some artifacts focus on his work in the military during the second world war.

Explore the Picturesque Blairsville Riverfront Trail

Enjoy relaxing nature views when you walk or bike through the stunning Blairsville Riverfront Trail.

This trail is on Brown Street in Blairsville and features stunning sights of the environment around the state.

Blairsville Riverfront Trail is perfect for those who want to unwind or see the beauty of nature while jogging, biking, or just strolling around.

You can even bring your beloved dogs with you when you explore this trail as long as you keep them on their leash.

Enjoy the tranquility, and maybe even reconnect with nature as you roam around this riverfront trail.

Make sure to wear something bright and safe, especially during hunting season, since the property around the trail is open for hunters!

Catch an Engaging Live Show at the Philadelphia Street Playhouse

Watch talented actors and actresses bring your favorite tales to life at the Philadelphia Street Playhouse.

The Philadelphia Street Playhouse is a theater on Philadelphia Street in Indiana and is the home of Indiana Players, a group of actors from the community.

This small theater offers its guests an intimate play-viewing experience where you can enjoy performances and feel closer to the characters.

Watch the outstanding performances of the actors and actresses when you catch a show here.

You’ll feel like you’re on a rollercoaster of emotions as you laugh or cry along with the characters on stage.

Bring your loved ones for high-quality entertainment when you visit this Philadelphia Street Playhouse!

Get in for a Scare at Scary Harry’s Haunted Trails

Do you like watching horror movies?

If you do, then you have to experience the thrilling scares offered by Scary Harry’s Haunted Trails, the only horror attraction in the county!

Nestled along Pierce Road in Homer City, Scary Harry’s is an attraction that features a haunted trail you must go through to get to the exit.

On this trail, you’ll enter creepy buildings and encounter scary actors playing terrifying roles.

The trail takes around 40 minutes to finish, so ensure you’re ready to face horrific fictional sights when you visit this attraction.

Scary Harry’s Haunted Trails is a must-visit destination for those who love horror attractions.

View Stunning Artworks at IUP University Museum

See captivating works of art that reflect the region’s history at the IUP University Museum.

This museum can be accessed through Sutton Hall at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

It is dedicated to merging history and the arts, and its artworks reflect this by exploring the area’s past.

Roam around the museum and marvel at the paintings, drawings, and photographs that will give you a glimpse into the region’s history.

You’ll also be able to meet other art enthusiasts and artists and have discussions with them about the works on display.

Deepen your appreciation for both works of art and the history of the area when you visit the IUP University Museum.

Participate in Fun Recreational Activities at Wheelin Campground

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city by staying at Wheelin Campground and joining in all the fun activities on the premises!

Wheelin Campground is an outdoor location in Shelocta with an expansive open area where you can camp and stay for a few days.

This is the perfect destination if your whole family wants to camp in a peaceful and relaxing setting.

Whether you’re setting up a tent or bringing an RV, you can stay in this campground and enjoy its outdoor amenities.

This destination features a stunning park and walking trails that you can explore to see the stunning sights around the area.

There’s also a pond where you can swim, fish, or even sail around on a paddle boat.

Wheelin Campground also holds many activities and events where your family can compete with other people in the area in fun games and races.

Learn about the County’s Heritage at the Historical & Genealogical Society of Indiana County

If you’re interested in taking a really deep dive into the rich history of the region, drop by the Historical & Genealogical Society of Indiana County.

Based on Wayne Avenue in Indiana, this society is committed to collecting information about the county’s past and preserving significant historical events.

The museum is based on two historic buildings and features exhibits that will tell you all about the eventful history of the county.

From weapons and equipment to uniforms and personal items, you can find a lot of artifacts at the Military Museum.

You can also explore a historic home to see what life was like in the county during the Gilded Age.

The Historical & Genealogical Society of Indiana County is a must-visit if you are a history buff interested to learn more about the county’s heritage.

Uncover the History of the Railroad at the Blairsville Underground Railroad History Center

When you head to the Blairsville Underground Railroad History Center, you’ll find out more about the simple railroad’s significant role in history.

This center on East Lane in Blairsville can be found within the walls of the old Second Baptist Church Building.

It’s considered to be the oldest structure dedicated to African Americans in the borough.

Here, you can learn more about the historic Abolitionists in the county who helped enslave people and the daily lives of enslaved individuals.

You’ll also be able to delve into how individuals utilized the underground railroad system in the area to achieve their freedom.

There are also exhibits within Blairsville Underground Railroad History Center, where you can view photographs and documents that will tell you more about the stories behind this historic railroad.

Transport Yourself Back to the 1800S at Rebecca B. Hadden Stone House Museum

Take a step back in time as you feast your eyes on period furnishings, historic documents, and other artifacts at Rebecca B. Hadden Stone House Museum.

Located along Point Street in Saltsburg, this stone house is managed by Saltsburg Area Historical Society and stands as a museum where you can get a glimpse into the area’s history.

Here, you’ll be able to check out artifacts on display that will help you uncover more about different aspects of the city’s history, from its past industries to iconic local residents.

You can also explore the Victorian-style garden outside Rebecca B. Hadden Stone House Museum and see the gorgeous sights of the greeneries.

Roam around on a Dirt Bike at Tri-County ATV

Have a thrilling adventure as you ride an all-terrain vehicle while taking in the beauty of nature at Tri-County ATV.

Tri-County ATV can be accessed through Tower Hill Road in Heilwood and offers its guests an exciting way of exploring the natural surroundings within the area.

Here, you can take a ride on a dirt bike and drive through the unpaved trails.

Set your sights on the stunning landscape and lush foliage while enjoying the breeze as you speed through the trails on an ATV.

Bring your whole family along and enjoy a fun-filled day when you take a ride around nature at this destination!

Watch an Electrifying Race at Marion Center Raceway

Satisfy your need for speed by watching stunning race cars compete with each other at Marion Center Raceway.

Based on Potts Road in Marion Center, Marion Center Raceway is a racing facility frequented by many people who want to witness a heart-pumping race between professional racers.

Here, you can take a look at striking race cars and see them in action!

Cheer for your favorite race car driver as you watch the exciting games with your loved ones.

You can also buy snacks and drinks to keep you from getting hungry as you watch the races.

Marion Center Raceway is the best destination to visit if you want unique entertainment!

Immerse Yourself in Nature at Camp Yellow Creek

Ground yourself in nature and reconnect with the environment as you stay at Camp Yellow Creek.

Camp Yellow Creek in Penn Run is a beautiful wooded campground owned and operated by a local family.

Here, you can pitch a tent at the campgrounds or rent a cabin to immerse yourself in nature for a few days.

Relax and unwind as you explore the beautiful surroundings of the campground.

You can also rent out a private island behind the campground if you want to bring all of your loved ones with you.

Take a break from your daily routine and recharge at Camp Yellow Creek.

Knock Pins Down at Mohawk Lanes

Spend quality time with your family or friends and bowl at Mohawk Lanes.

Mohawk Lanes is a bowling center on Oakland Avenue in Indiana that features 24 bowling lanes and other entertaining amenities.

Compete with your loved ones as you achieve strikes and rack up your scores on the bowling lanes.

You can also explore the full arcade within the facility and continue playing with your friends or family.

There’s also a pro shop where you can purchase bowling merchandise and a sports bar where you can have a few drinks with your loved ones.

You can even rent some of the party spaces at this center for your next celebration!

Final Thoughts

No matter which of these attractions you choose, you’ll have a great time in Indiana County.

Whether you’re looking for a place to have family fun or want an adrenaline rush, these 15 best things to do in Indiana County, Pennsylvania, will not disappoint.

Make sure to add these destinations and activities to your travel itinerary to make the most of your trip!

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