15 Best Things to Do in Hutto, TX

Hutto, TX
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Hutto is a tiny city in Williamson County, Texas, in the Austin-Round metropolitan area.

As a suburb of busy Austin, Hutton is a residential city that is generally peaceful and laid-back.

Hence, many attractions and activities in Hutto involve community activities, parks, and amusement.

If you’re visiting Austin, Hutto has a lot of quirky places that won’t take up much of your time.

Some of these places feature hippos, which became the city’s mascot due to their interesting folklore from decades ago.

Here’s a list of the best things to do in Hutto, Texas.

Join the Famed Hippo Tour

When visiting Hutto, you’ll see a lot of hippopotamus figures and statues scattered across the tiny city.

There are almost 4,000 hippo figures and statues throughout Hutto.

You can explore and enjoy these figures by taking the city’s Hippo Tour packages.

One of the most prominent hippos is Henrietta the Hippo, found along East Street in Downtown Hutto.

Henrietta the Hippo is a massive structure that’s a great photo opportunity for children.

There are more hippos, and the best way to enjoy them is a hippo tour that will give you some interesting insights and history about these animals.

Of course, you can go on your little treasure hunt, explore the city, and see all the adorable and quirky hippo statues.

Try Fishing at Hutto Lake Park

Hutto Lake Park is an expansive body of water that offers several relaxing outdoor activities fit for family and friends.

Spanning almost 40 acres, Hutto Lake Park is a hotbed for bass, making it an excellent spot for sport-fishing or a fresh lunch.

There’s a dedicated pier area for anglers, but it’s also a great spot to take in the breeze and enjoy the sunsets.

Aside from the lake, Hutto Lake Park has several amenities that make it viable for picnics.

As a great way to enjoy the outdoors, Hutto Lake Park sits along Estate Drive at the city's southern tip.

Explore the Historic Old Town Hutto

Like many Texan cities, Hutto goes back to the 19th century, making it a treasure chest of historical artifacts and architecture.

One of the best places to witness the historical side of Hutto is its Historic Old Town Hutto, bounded by Park Street, Orgain Street, Church Street, and the Co-Op Site.

The most exciting part about Historic Old Town Hutto is its sprawling ancestral homes that are now restored and used as commercial establishments.

Architecture buffs will love the Late Victorian Italianate-style buildings here.

They were prominent during the 1890s, with aesthetics featuring bricks, wood, and stained glass.

As you explore the district more, you’ll find lots of the city’s many beloved restaurants.

As the heart of the city, Historic Old Town Hutto is a must-visit in your itinerary.

Shop for Souvenirs and Assorted Candies at Hutto General Store

If you’re looking for a souvenir stop, Hutto General Store is probably the best in the city.

It might even challenge other specialty stores in Austin.

The beloved Hutto General Store has various fantastic items ranging from bags to candles and other household items and decor.

However, one of their specialties here is their flavorful and exciting candies.

Neatly sorted and arranged, their candy corner will excite anyone with a sweet tooth.

Hutto General Store is an excellent stopover.

You’ll see an aesthetically pleasing shop while having a chance to splurge on candies or gifts.

Find Hutto General Store along East Street in the city's center.

Go for a Scenic Jog at Creekside Park

Creekside Park is one of the bigger parks with lush vegetation and beautiful scenery in Hutto.

Creekside Park has many flowers, shrubs, and wildlife located along Orchard Way.

The paved walking trails at Creekside Park make it a great destination to go cycling and enjoy the scenery.

Besides its trails, Creekside Park offers a small playground for children to enjoy.

Creekside Park is an excellent addition to your itinerary if you want to visit one of the city’s more tranquil spots.

Go Golfing at Golf Club at Star Ranch

Despite its small population, Hutto is home to Golf Club at Star Ranch, an excellent golf course.

Golf Club at Star Ranch is highly rated for its excellent service and lush greens that make for an enjoyable round of golf.

The golf course is also one of the best in the Austin area, thanks to its dedication to maintaining its facilities.

They have a driving range, a pro shop, and a restaurant if you want to practice your swing.

Golf Club at Star Ranch is along Farm to Market 685 highway, just a few minutes from Hutto Lake Park.

Enjoy Recreational Activities at Fritz Park

Fritz Park is another family-friendly and busy park in Hutto.

The park is top-rated compared to others because of its proximity to Downtown Hutto and its numerous facilities inside.

With several baseball fields and basketball courts, Fritz Park is a great place to play any of these two sports.

They also have pavilions and significant picnic areas if you want to take it easy.

Overall, the atmosphere here is communal and lively.

Located along Park Avenue, Fritz Park will help you immerse in Hutto’s lively community.

Catch a Game of Football at Hutto Memorial Stadium

One of the city’s exceptional facilities is along Chris Kelly Boulevard, the Hutto Memorial Stadium.

Hutto Memorial Stadium offers comfortable seating with great views of the football games.

There are also many bathrooms and parking facilities so you won’t have any trouble going there even during big events.

Plenty of concessionaires are available at Hutto Memorial Stadium.

It’s also strategically located close to Hutto's restaurants and other commercial districts.

If the Hutto Hippos are playing during your visit, check out Hutto Memorial Stadium for a fun afternoon.

Bring Home a Pie from the Texan Cafe and Pie Shop

If you want a delicious souvenir, Texan Cafe and Pie Shop is perhaps the most popular local business in Hutto.

As a quaint little cafe with a historic facade, Texan Cafe and Pie Shop offers delectable pies that are perfect souvenirs.

Their restaurant is also popular among the locals, serving various home-cooked meals.

Still, their pie selection is the star of this cafe, with well over 30 variants to choose from!

Texan Cafe and Pie Shop is a rockstar establishment among locals.

Give their pies and food a try by visiting them along East Street.

Take Your Pooch to Brushy Creek Dog Park

Bring them to Brushy Creek Dog Park, the city’s best dog park if you're traveling with your pup.

Without much human intervention, the park remains naturally beautiful thanks to its greenery and clean creek.

Likewise, your dog can take a nice dip amidst the Texan heat.

Besides the creekside, Brushy Creek Dog Park has a clean open area where several dog obstacles should excite your pooch.

Many locals go here, so it’s an excellent opportunity to let your pets socialize with other dogs.

Brushy Creek Dog Park is a haven for dogs, with lots of shade, great amenities, and a safe and clean creek.

You can access the park along Co Road in the southern part of Hutto.

Enjoy Live Music at KOKEFEST

Despite its tranquility, the city hosts an annual music festival called KOKEFEST.

KOKEFEST is a lively event where several bands and performers play in Hutto.

Enjoy a fantastic night with friends and family.

During August, KOKEFEST enjoys sponsorships from several local and Texan businesses, giving you plenty of options regarding food and drinks.

Overall, it’s one of the most anticipated festivals in Hutto and even neighboring Austin.

If music festivals, good food, and fun times are your thing, plan your trip around the summer for a chance to attend KOKE FEST.

The festival usually opens at Brushy Creek Amphitheater.

Play Soccer at Riverwalk Park

Riverwalk Park is a small neighborhood park with an excellent soccer field and a nicely sized pond where you can make a loop.

Many locals play soccer here.

If there’s a game during your visit, you can watch a fun game of soccer, too.

If you want to jog, Riverwalk Park is a great place to break a sweat, thanks to its nice loop around the pond.

Riverwalk Park is also a strategic addition to your itinerary, connecting Hutto Lake Park and Brushy Creek Park.

You can access Riverwalk Park along Riverwalk Drive corner Chris Kelley Boulevard.

Grab a Nice Meal at the Downtown Hall of Fame Restaurant

The Downtown Hall of Fame Restaurant is an attraction in Hutto, famed for its live music like a mini-concert.

Of course, the Downtown Hall of Fame Restaurant isn’t just a place to listen to music.

They serve stellar food and drinks here, and the overall ambiance fits the place's aesthetic.

This American restaurant and bar also serves burgers, along with various cocktails.

They also have a wide selection of beer and plenty of finger food that goes well with it.

If you want some added fun with your friends, they also have a pool table and a karaoke service.

The Downtown Hall of Fame Restaurant is along East Street Hutto near Fritz Park.

Check Out a Book from Hutto Library

Hutto Library is an excellent stopover during your trip if you’re planning to read a book or get some work done.

It’s a quaint library inside Hutto City Hall, located along West Live Oak Street near Creekside Park.

There’s also a good kids’ corner with plenty of selections of children's books, so it’s a great family destination.

Its helpful staff and clean facilities make this one of the better places to spend some quality alone time.

If you’re ready to read or work in a peaceful environment, visit the Hutto Library.

Go Swimming at Hutto Town Square Pool

If you want to cool down, Hutto Town Square Pool is an excellent little addition to your trip.

It’s a straightforward pool where you can do some laps, thanks to its size.

Remember to bring sunblock; Hutto Town Square Pool is not indoor.

The heat might get unforgiving due to the scorching Texan sun.

There’s also a lovely little playground nearby if you have kids.

Hutto Town Square Pool is along Hyltin Street in the city’s residential areas.

Final Thoughts

While one of the smallest cities in Texas, Hutto’s bustling community and locals will give you a memorable time.

This Austin suburb has many quirky attractions that make it an excellent addition to your itinerary.

Their Historic Old Town is also a picturesque place that’ll excite any traveler fond of urban exploration.

The best things to do in Hutto, Texas, await your visit!

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