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15 Best Things to Do in Huron, OH

  • Published 2022/01/08

The city of Huron is a lakeside location you can find within Erie County.

With a population of 6,817 as of 2022, and featuring plenty of beautiful water scenery, Huron is a city that offers plenty for you to admire.

Spanning 20.49 square kilometers in size, Huron holds a wide range of natural attractions.

Aside from a wide selection of natural attractions outdoors fans can explore, Huron also offers different activities you can enjoy as well.

Whether you want to take photos of the city’s lighthouse or want to try some yoga, Huron is a beautiful place that has plenty for you to experience.

With that said, here are the 15 best things to do in Huron, Ohio:

Stroll around Huron Pier and Lighthouse

Huron Lighthouse

Keith J Finks /

Take a break from hiking and enjoy a stroll by heading to the Huron Pier and Lighthouse.

The pier is an ideal spot for fishing and provides a lovely location for birding.

1024px Huron Harbor Light OH

Jstuby at en.wikipedia, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

While you cannot tour the lighthouse, you can admire the seventy feet high structures from the pier and get plenty of scenic photos with the structure as the focus.

With the lighthouse being hundreds of years old, visiting the Huron Pier and Lighthouse is an ideal spot for both nature and history lovers.

While this spot is not the most prominent location to explore, it certainly offers a gorgeous view.

Observe Local Wildlife at the Old Woman Creek (NERR)

To find even more wildlife in Huron, you’ll want to head to the Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR).

You can find this 573-acre reserve at the southwestern shore of Lake Erie, and it features different habitats for you to explore.

From swamp forests to a riparian stream, there’re plenty of sights to find at the reserve.

The usual type of wildlife you can find at the reserve are of the aquatic variety along with aquatic plants.

If you want to explore the trails available at the reserve, there are specific times where you can hike the trails.

Aside from all this, the reserve has other facilities you can enjoy, including a visitor center where you can get more information.

Take a Nature Walk around James H. McBride Arboretum

If you want to explore even more of Huron’s nature side, head to the James H. McBride Arboretum.

The James H. McBride Arboretum features fifty acres of land for you to explore, with lush greenery and flora, such as crab apple trees and butterfly gardens.

In addition to the beautiful fauna you can find at this location, different facilities are available, including a walking trail and a picnic area where you can relax.

No matter the day or time you visit the location, there is plenty of photo-worthy scenery to find.

In addition to nature walks around the area, the James H. McBride Arboretum is also an open venue for weddings.

To learn more about this and contact staff for any inquiries, you can check out their social media website.

Walk the Trails and Discover Wildlife at the Huron River Path MetroPark

With a hundred and fourteen acres of space and a trail over three kilometers long, the Huron River Path MetroPark is another ideal place to enjoy nature and seek local wildlife.

The Huron River Path MetroPark mainly features river marshes that you can spot when exploring the trail and allows for pets so long as you leash them.

Aside from being a home to different marsh scenery, the Huron River Path MetroPark also hosts various interpretive programs.

If you happen to visit Huron during the winter, you can still enjoy the park as it offers an area for snowshoeing.

Either way, this park is an ideal stop for more exploration through local nature sights.

Get Fresh Herbs and Succulents at the Mulberry Creek Herb Farm

There are many fun and unique shops you can find when visiting Huron, one of which is the Mulberry Creek Herb Farm.

The Mulberry Creek Herb Farm offers a wide variety of plants and everything related to them.

From herbs to succulents and different types of planters, visiting Mulberry Creek Herb Farm is an ideal option for any plant lover and gardener.

While you have the option to purchase their products online, you can fully explore everything the farm offers by making an appointment with the staff.

It will be worth it with the vast greenery you can explore plus the different plants and produce you can peruse.

In addition to herbs and plants, the farm also sells eggs and ice cream at the back.

You’ll also find that the farm sells their products on the road and learn more about this on their website, along with the different events they host.

Find Local Wildlife at the Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve

Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve walkway

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The best place to visit for local wildlife and beautiful nature trails in Huron is the Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve.

At this preserve, you’ll find a range of facilities to explore and plenty of sights to see.

For those interested in seeking out the local wildlife, the nature preserve provides three different sections where you can spot hundreds of bird species.

water and trees at Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve

Roberto Valz /

The best time to visit to check out the local wildlife would be spring, but summer works as well.

Otherwise, you can try out the paved trails that span the area for some exploration.

Not only do you get to stroll or hike through a trail that spans close to three kilometers, but you can also find plenty of lovely views of the preserve as well.

Whether you are a nature fan or not, there’s plenty to admire in this preserve.

Browse for Unique Gifts at Beagle Bay Knot Works

Out of the different shops you can buy souvenirs or gifts in Huron, you need to visit the Beagle Bay Knot Works.

From knotted bracelets to knotted decor, there are all kinds of knotted rope products you can find at this store.

Do you want a unique knot bracelet for yourself?

The shop is open for customizations and consultations.

Aside from knotted bracelets and other accessories that include key chains, the shop provides different materials, tools, and guides to help learn the art of knotting.

The shop also offers a website for online purchases and contact details for any customizations.

Enjoy Bowling at Riverview Lanes

Get a combination of delicious meals and fun by visiting the Riverview Lanes.

The Riverview Lanes features different bowling lanes that accommodate all ages, as well as a menu full of options to enjoy.

From a complete breakfast menu to a selection of sandwiches, pizza, and more, there is plenty you can indulge in when visiting this bowling center.

Note that the cafe only operates on certain days, and the only day they don’t open is Monday.

If you are interested in competitive bowling, there are different leagues you can sign up for on the bowling center’s website.

You can also make a reservation for different parties and events.

The website also offers special coupons for single and group games.

Any updates on the bowling center are also available on their social media page.

Try the Golf Course at the Sawmill Creek Golf Club

Whether you are well-versed in playing golf or not, you need to try the golf course at the Sawmill Creek Golf Club.

As a golf course that spans thousands of yards, there are plenty of challenges to be found for both newcomers and veterans.

While intimidating with its vast size, you can certainly have fun with whatever you try.

If you are unsure what to try with this golf course, the club offers different golf packages you can choose to test.

You can also enjoy the different amenities that the club offers.

These amenities include a lodge where you can relax and a pub.

To learn more about everything available at the golf club, check out their website.

Try Yoga with Open Way Yoga

Book a day with Open Way Yoga and get multiple options for relaxation.

When it comes to the classes available at Open Way Yoga, there are many options to accommodate any level of yoga experience.

In addition to the different yoga classes you can sign up for, there are dance sessions you can enjoy, plus various events that occur throughout the year.

The studio also offers a massage service you can reserve online.

If you want to learn about all the services the studio offers, plus the different events they host, you can check out their website.

The studio operates on weekdays and weekends, but you can also check out their online services.

Enjoy a Beach Day at Nickel Plate Beach

Spend a day unwinding on a sandy beach and get your fill of gorgeous scenery by making a stop at the Nickel Plate Beach.

One of the best scenes you can find and take photos of when visiting this beach is the sunrise and sunset.

Aside from the lovely views, Nickel Plate Beach offers different facilities you can enjoy as well.

Whether you want to enjoy a barbeque with friends and family or want to play a game of volleyball, the beach provides plenty of options for you to have fun.

Do you want to explore the waters but don’t have the gear for it?

Don’t worry, for there are kayaks and paddleboards available for rent.

Indulge in Sci-Fi Fun at the Federation World Headquarters

Are you a fan of sci-fi?

Then head over to the Federation World Headquarters.

The Federation World Headquarters is a building made for all things ‘Star Trek’ and features plenty of sights and products for sci-fi fans to enjoy.

When visiting the shop, you’ll find all kinds of products ranging from clothing to figurines.

The products don’t just cover ‘Star Trek’ but also sci-fi works, such as ‘Star Wars.’

If you explore the headquarters further, you’ll also find a visitor’s center as well as a radio and video studio.

The location is open on Wednesdays and weekends.

To learn more about what the Federation World Headquarters offers, you can check out their website or find any updates on their social media website.

Catch a Concert at the Firelands Symphony Orchestra

Make some time to listen to music by watching a performance at the Firelands Symphony Orchestra.

The Firelands Symphony Orchestra is a non-profit organization that features a variety of performances throughout the year.

There are different themes, as well as musical figures you can find at the shows.

If you want to get more details on the show and what else is going on with the orchestra, you can check out their website.

Book an Adventure with Lake Erie Adventure Company

The Lake Erie Adventure Company offers a fun look into the beauty of Huron and provides outdoor fun with its paddling services.

No matter how experienced you are, the service provides different options to accommodate your needs.

In addition to paddling and other sailing services, Lake Erie Adventure Company also offers rentals and retail items you can purchase.

To add to all of this, the company also offers biking services.

If you want to book the most convenient time to make use of Lake Erie Adventure Company’s services, you can check out their website for service details.

Check Out the Huron Boat Basin & Amphitheater

Have you ever seen an amphitheater located across a marina?

You can find just that by visiting the Huron Boat Basin & Amphitheater.

At this location, you’ll find an array of boats stationed and get to explore a beautiful view along the dock.

There are different concerts, performances, and movie nights you can find held at the amphitheater, depending on the day of the week.

Whether you like boats or shows or both, the Huron Boat Basin & Amphitheater is a fun place to visit.

Final Thoughts

Huron is a city rich in nature and offers plenty of activities for you to enjoy.

Whether you want to explore the different preserves and find local wildlife or check out a herb farm, there is plenty to see when visiting Huron.

Consider this city your next stop for some fun in nature and by the water.

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