15 Best Things to Do in Huntsville, UT

Huntsville, UT
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Tucked on the east side of the Ogden Valley, Huntsville is a charming little town in Utah that's well worth a visit.

Huntsville is a great place to spend a few days with its beautiful mountain scenery, great outdoor activities, and rich history.

Jefferson Hunt founded the town in 1860.

This pretty little town is part of Weber County and about 30 miles east of Ogden City.

The tiny town only has a population of around 800, but don't let that fool you–there's plenty to do in Huntsville.

With its proximity to the Wasatch Mountains and the Ogden Valley, there are plenty of hiking, biking, and camping opportunities.

Several ski resorts are nearby in the winter, making Huntsville a great place to enjoy a winter getaway.

Here are the best things to do in Huntsville, UT:

Enjoy the Great Outdoors at the Pineview Reservoir

Scenic view of Pineview Reservoir
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With its sparkling waters and stunning mountain backdrop, the Pineview Reservoir is one of the most popular spots in Huntsville.

The lake allows visitors to enjoy swimming, boating, and fishing during summer.

Fishing in Pineview Reservoir is an adventure in itself.

Aerial view of Pineview Reservoir
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The lake is home to cutthroat, rainbow, brown, and brook trout and trophy-sized tiger muskie.

The best time to fish in the early morning or late in the evening when the sun isn't as intense.

When you get tired of fishing, you can still enjoy the views from one of the many hiking trails surrounding the lake.

The reservoir is a popular spot for winter ice skating and cross-country skiing.

Explore the Huntsville Astronomic and Lunar Observatory

Book a room in the cozy Compass Rose Lodge and take a trip to outer space through the Huntsville Astronomic and Lunar Observatory.

Huntsville Astronomic and Lunar Observatory feature a 16-inch aperture Ritchey-Chretien-style telescope so visitors can see the moon, planets, and stars up close.

There are eight-inch telescopes also available on the ground floor for those who want to look at the moon.

See Saturn's rings, Jupiter's moons, and even distant galaxies on a clear night.

Aside from the Observatory, there is also a gift shop in the lodge where you can buy souvenirs.

The lodge also offers a saltwater hot tub, Wi-Fi, and a breakfast buffet.

Grab a Beer at the Shooting Star Saloon

For an authentic Wild West feel, stop by the Shooting Star Saloon.

This historic bar dates back to Huntsville's days as a mining town, serving drinks since 1879.

The Saloon is located in an old log cabin, and it still has the original wood floors and ceilings built in the 1850s.

A bootlegger named Holken Olsen first ran the saloon, giving it a long and storied history.

Mounted on the Saloon's wall is the head of Buck, the largest measured St. Bernard's in the world.

Join the locals as they shoot pool while enjoying the jukebox's country music or oldies tunes.

Don't forget to take a photo of the ceiling with dollar bills stapled to it, with some visitors signing on them.

The Shooting Star Saloon is a great place to relax with a beer or cocktail and one of the best places to people-watch.

Hit the Sardine Peak Trail

The Sardine Peak is a hidden mountain peak on the eastern slope of the Wasatch Mountains range.

Hikers and bikers enter the trail through its numerous access points, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists.

The 4.3-mile trail is located on the north side of Snowbasin, and you can access it through the Art Nord Trail Head.

With an elevation of over 7,000 feet, the Sardine Peak offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

The Ogden Overlook and Pineview Reservoir are some popular spots you can see while on the Sardine Peak Trail.

You need to bring a lot of water, though, as no water is available on the trail.

Discover the Quiet Beauty of Huntsville Square

The Huntsville Square is the perfect backdrop for a peaceful and relaxing walk.

This beautiful place is home to well-known local businesses, such as hotels, paddle board rental places, restaurants, and luxurious event spaces.

Huntsville Square is surrounded by trees and flowers, which calms everyone who visits it.

The Square boasts an old fire station with a barn-like atmosphere perfect for hosting events.

The Huntsville Square boasts a 1,200-square-foot dance floor, a stunning gazebo, and an outdoor stage.

It is the best place to go if you're looking for a quiet and relaxing place to spend time.

Tour the Snowbasin Resort

People skiing at Snowbasin Resort
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One of the most memorable events in the Snowbasin Resort is the 2002 Winter Olympic Downhill and Super G races.

The Resort is a great place to enjoy skiing or snowboarding in the winter.

Snowbasin Resort's ski slope
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In the summer, you can take a scenic gondola ride to the top of the mountain and enjoy the hiking and biking trails.

Nestled on the west side of Mount Ogden, Snowbasin resort was where they filmed the 2010 horror movie Frozen.

Established in 1939, Snowbasin Resort is one of the oldest ski areas in Utah, and it's a great place to enjoy the outdoors year-round.

Snowboard competition at Snowbasin Resort
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Have Fun at the Ogden Canyon Overlook Trail

The Ogden Canyon Trail is where visitors go hiking to bask in the great outdoors.

This trail is located on the east side of Mount Ogden, and visitors can enjoy the soft breeze touching their skins.

The trail is about three miles long, and you will see visitors on the trail enjoying the sun and gorgeous scenery.

During winter, visitors use the trail for snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.

The Ogden Canyon Trail offers stunning views of the Snowbasin Resort and the Sardine Peak.

Bring your camera with you as you're sure to take some great pictures at the overlook.

The trail is also dog-friendly, so bring your furry friend.

Feel like a Native American at the Ogden Valley Tipis

Located on the grounds of Huntsville Square, the Ogden Valley Tipis is the place to stay if you want an authentic Native American experience.

The Native American tribes, particularly, the Shoshone, turned Ogden Valley into their hunting grounds.

The tipis are made with buffalo hide and decorated with traditional Native American designs.

The 20-foot Native American tipis are the perfect place to bond with your family and friends, soak in nature, and relax.

You can also participate in traditional Native American activities, such as storytelling around the campfire.

Feel the Breeze at the Art Nord Trail Head

The Art Nord Trail Head is in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest and is an access point for the stunning Sardine Peak Trail.

This trail is about three miles long, and visitors will love taking a hike or walking along the magnificent mountainside trail.

The Art Nord Trail Head offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, the Sardine Peak, and Mount Ogden.

Named after Art Nord, a former Forest Service employee who was instrumental in the trail's development, the Art Nord Trail Head is also perfect for exercise.

The trail is also the perfect go-to place for a snowshoe or cross-country ski during winter.

Make sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen as there is no shade on the trail.

Bring Your Kids to the Cemetery Point Beach

The Cemetery Point Beach in Huntsville is a great place to spend a day with your family.

Kids will enjoy the soft sand of Cemetery Point Beach, located on the Ogden River banks.

You can also go for a swim but bring a life jacket with you as the current can be intense.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can rent a canoe or kayak and explore the beach.

Cemetery Point Beach is a great place to relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the lush mountain greens.

However, there is an $18 entrance fee for the maintenance of the facilities.

Spend a Day with Nature at the Green Pond Trail

The Green Pond Trail is known as a challenging hike, but it is worth it as the views from the top are simply stunning.

The trail is located on the east side of Mount Ogden, with trees and wild animals to keep you occupied.

The trail is about two miles long, and it will take about two to three hours to complete the hike.

The Green Pond Trail is rocky and steep in some parts, so wear proper hiking shoes.

The trail is also very popular with mountain bikers, so you might want to avoid the weekends if you're looking for a quiet hike.

You might also watch out for predatory birds, such as eagles and hawks, as the pond is their hunting ground.

There are also moose sightings in the area, so you must be careful and not anger them.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Take a Scenic Drive at the Ogden Canyon Road

Autumn scene at Ogden Canyon Road
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If you want to spend an afternoon feasting your eyes on the gorgeous surroundings, take a scenic drive along the Ogden Canyon Road.

It's ten minutes from the center of Huntsville.

The road is on the east side of Mount Ogden, where you breathe in the fresh air while taking in the beauty of nature.

The Ogden Canyon Road takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery in Utah, including the Pineview Reservoir and the stunning lakeside town of Huntsville.

You'll see the majestic Sardine Peak and the magnificent Snowbasin Resort.

Head east to witness the marvelous sights of the Montecristo Mountain Range.

Bring your camera with you as you're sure to take some great pictures along the way for posterity.

Head to the Nordic Valley Ski Resort

Nordic Valley Ski Resort in Eden, Utah, is the perfect place for people who love the winter.

It's 16 minutes from Huntsville.

With its excellent snow, this ski resort is perfect for those who want to learn how to ski or snowboard.

The Resort also offers several other winter activities, such as sledding and tubing.

The Nordic Valley Ski Resort is also perfect for children who are just starting to learn how to ski or snowboard.

The Resort is also famous for night skiing with its lighted slopes.

With its gentle slopes and great snow, the Resort is an excellent place for families to enjoy the winter.

Experience the Great Outdoors at the Causey Reservoir

Aerial view of Causey Reservoir
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Causey Reservoir is the place to go if you love nature and the water.

Find it 18 minutes from the center of Huntsville.

The reservoir is located on the east side of Mount Ogden, and visitors can fish, swim, or enjoy the scenery.

The 143-acre alpine reservoir is a popular spot for families to spend the day because various activities are available there.

Kayakers on Causey Reservoir
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If you're looking for a challenging hike, you can try the Skull Crack Trail, a four-mile hike that takes you to the top of the reservoir.

The Skull Crack Trail is very strenuous, but the views from the top are worth it.

If you're not up for a hike, you can also go for a swim in the reservoir and swim with fish that are native to the area.

Kayaking, canoe paddling, and even cliff diving are popular activities at the Causey Reservoir.

Rocky cliffs of Causey Reservoir
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Go Hike at the Waterfall Canyon Trail

The hike to Waterfall Canyon Trail is one of the most popular things in Huntsville.

You can find the trailhead 24 minutes away from the center of Huntsville.

The hike is pretty easy, making it an excellent option for families with young children.

The trail takes you through a forested area alongside a river before leading you to the waterfall.

The waterfall is small, but it's a beautiful spot to take a break and enjoy the views.

If you're feeling adventurous, you can continue hiking up the canyon to reach the top of the waterfall.

You can enjoy the gorgeous scenery above, and if you're lucky, you might spot some wildlife.

Explore the Botts Campground

For those who miss the great outdoors, the Botts Campground is where you can go camping and spend an evening in the wilderness.

The campground is six miles east of Huntsville, where you can relax, bond with family and friends and spook each other with scary stories around the campfire.

The Botts Campground has become a popular campsite since the pioneers came to the area.

The campground has a lot of history, and it's where you can learn about the early settlers of Utah.

You can also go for a hike in the surrounding forest, and you might even see some wildlife.

The campground is open year-round, but the best time to go camping is in the summer.

Final Thoughts

Huntsville in Utah is a place with a lot to offer.

You can do great activities in the area, and you're sure to find something you'll enjoy.

The next time you're on vacation, add Huntsville in Utah to your list of places to visit.

You won't be disappointed.

Start planning your Huntsville trip today!

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