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20 Best Things to Do in Hunt, TX

  • Published 2023/03/22

Hunt is a small community you can find in western Kerr County, Texas.

While it may not seem like the most prominent place, it is still one of the spots you can visit in Hill Country.

Hunt is generally a quaint location to visit, but it offers its share of fun spots and activities to explore.

Whether you want to explore local sights or check out the natural scenery, you’ll discover different things in this unincorporated community.

Here are the best things to do in Hunt, TX:

Stay at Mo-Ranch

The calm waters of Mo-Ranch


Mo-Ranch, fully known as the Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly, is a conference and retreat center that offers plenty of activities and accommodations for visiting guests.

Mo-Ranch is a center that rests on 500 acres of property and features several programs and facilities.

It is also a retreat space that has been running since 1949.

If you are interested in the programs on the ranch, there are art programs where you can learn photography, among other crafts.

A beautiful trail at Mo-Ranch


There are also seasonal camps where you can enjoy different outdoor activities and explore nature.

You can enjoy plenty of lodging options, including cabins and campgrounds, plus different meeting facilities ranging from an auditorium to a small classroom.

If you’re looking for a retreat for the summer and enjoy the outdoors, you need to check out Mo-Ranch.

The peaceful grounds of Mo-Ranch


Join a Rodeo at the Crider’s Rodeo and Dance Hall

There are plenty of events to check out in Hunt, and the best place to see them is the Crider’s Rodeo and Dance Hall.

The Crider’s Rodeo and Dance Hall is a local venue where you can watch different shows and join events, mainly rodeos.

In 1925, the community held its first rodeo.

During the 1930s, the rodeo became an annual occurrence in Hunt, among other events.

The venue for these events was initially a dance floor by the highway, but it moved due to several floods.

By the end of World War II, they finally moved to the current location.

The main events you can enjoy at this venue are rodeos and live entertainment, where guests can dance through the night.

Likewise, the venue also prepares fresh meals featuring catfish dishes.

The best time to visit the Crider’s Rodeo and Dance Hall and enjoy these events is from May to September.

If you want to visit the venue, you must head to Highway 39 and look for Crider’s Country Store.

See the Wildlife at the Kerr Wildlife Management Area

The Kerr Wildlife Management Area is the top place to check out nature and wildlife in Hunt.

With 6,493 acres of land under the management of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the wildlife area features all kinds of facilities and wildlife for you to explore.

If you are interested in seeing everything in the nature area, you can join tours of the facilities.

Some seminars provide information about the history and ecosystem of the Kerr Wildlife Management Area.

Aside from this, you can use the self-driving tour map or seek local bird species with the birding map.

During your tour, you can see several types of wildlife, including several species of reptiles and mammals like the white-tailed deer and gray fox.

In addition to touring the area and birding, you can try hunting, fishing, and cycling.

By visiting the Kerr Wildlife Management Area, you’ll find plenty of outdoor options to explore.

Visit the Hunt Store

If you’re interested in local events or eats, you must visit The Hunt Store on Highway 39.

The Hunt Store is a local store that has served the community since 1946.

There are several features you can explore at the Hunt Store.

One of them is a cafe where locals discuss daily news and activities.

Aside from this, the store is the top hub for local events, mainly concerts.

While the Hunt Store is not a traditional shop with featured items, it is a top option for learning more about the community.

Eat and Shop at Bridget’s Basket

The community has its fair share of shops you can check out, and one of the top places to visit is the Bridget’s Basket store.

Bridget’s Basket is a shop that doubles as a restaurant and event venue with plenty of features for guests to explore.

The main products you’ll find at Bridget’s Basket include a selection of fresh produce and canned goods.

When visiting the market section, you’ll also find a coffeehouse space where you can enjoy a selection of baked goods and coffee or tea blends.

There are also merchandise and gifts available at the shop.

If you are interested in the restaurant section of the shop, you can enjoy all-day meals plus Sunday Brunch.

To add to this, Bridget’s Basket has a farm and vineyard where you can get a range of herbs, vegetables, and grape products.

Whether you want to shop for fresh produce or treats or enjoy brunch, there are plenty of local products you can buy at Bridget’s Basket.

Grab Savory Barbeque at Buddy’s BBQ Shack

Buddy’s BBQ Shack is one of the top restaurants in Hunt and features many smokey barbeque dishes.

There are plenty of options available at Buddy’s BBQ Shack, from barbeque chicken to smoky sausages.

The downside of this local eatery is that it isn’t open year-round.

The best time to visit this eatery would be around spring.

It may not be the biggest eatery in Hunt, but Buddy’s BBQ Shack is the ideal place to get some barbeque.

Explore Schumacher’s Crossing

View of the Schumacher’s Crossing

Darrylpearson, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Schumacher’s Crossing is one of the many swimming holes you can find in the county.

It’s also a favorite outdoor spot for tourists and locals.

Schumacher’s Crossing is more than a terrific swimming hole; it’s an excellent spot for kayaking and paddling.

You can also enjoy a picnic nearby with a lovely view of vast trees and running water.

For anyone that loves the outdoors, visiting Schumacher’s Crossing is a top option in Hunt.

To visit the natural spot, you need to head to Highway 39 or look around the western area from Ingram, Texas.

Check Out the Hunt Garden Club

Anyone interested in flowers or garden-related needs to check out the Hunt Garden Club on Hunt Loop.

The Hunt Garden Club has been around since 1953 and currently features over a hundred members.

During certain months, the garden club hosts a fundraiser where participants can get various trees and seeds to bring home.

The club also manages several gardens.

While you can’t visit these gardens, technically, you can still learn about local fauna from the job.

You might even consider joining them.

Enjoy Recreational Activities and Lodging at the Stowers Ranch

You’ll find several camps and ranches in Hunt; one of them is Stowers Ranch.

Stowers Ranch is a cattle ranch you can find on Stowers Ranch road and features different facilities for guests to experience.

The ranch has been around since 1904 and currently features facilities that cater to hunting, recreational activities and lodging.

If you are interested in hunting local wildlife, the ranch offers a hunting program and 11,800 acres you can explore.

Some wildlife you can find on the ranch includes deer, turkey, and a few exotic species.

As for the recreational facilities, the ranch has marked trails you can hike through and areas for wildlife viewing and fishing.

You can also take a motor or guide tour with the ranch staff.

In addition to these outdoor facilities, the ranch has five cabins you can book, plus a kitchen and dining area.

You can enjoy the outdoors and get a comfortable stay by checking out Stowers Ranch.

Get a Climbing Reservation with Bear Creek Scout Camp

Are you interested in trying rock climbing or other outdoor activities?

If yes, check out Bear Creek Scout Camp.

Since 1964, Bear Creek Scout Camp has offered plenty of programs and facilities for campers.

Even if you have not signed up for the camp, there are multiple facilities you can book for several activities.

Some of the rentable facilities you can book in this camp include a climbing wall and different campgrounds.

You’ll find no shortage of outdoor options to check out when visiting the Bear Creek Scout Camp.

Sign Up for Camp La Junta

Camp La Junta is one of the different camps running in Hunt and is mainly a summer camp for boys.

You can find this camp on Highway 39, across the street from the Hunt Shop.

For over 90 years, the camp has catered to campers from Grade K to high school.

Those who sign up for the camp can try various activities, including hunting, sailing, and horseback riding.

Besides different activities and facilities, the camp has a shop where you can get a selection of merchandise and equipment.

While the camp is mainly for boys, there are plenty of camps you can explore in the area and several activities different people can enjoy.

Book a Room at the River Inn Resort

The River Inn Resort is one of the many places you can choose to stay in Hunt.

The resort has three types of rooms you can book, ranging from a studio room to a two-bedroom suite.

When booking a stay at this resort, there are several amenities you can enjoy both outdoors and indoors.

Some indoor amenities you can use include a family room with arcade games and table games like air hockey.

If you enjoy the outdoors, there is a picnic space with charcoal grills and play tennis and volleyball areas.

You’ll find plenty of ways to enjoy a comfortable stay in Hunt by renting a room at the River Inn Resort.

Relax at the Casa del Rio Riverhouse

Hunt has its share of places you can rent for a stay, and one of them is the Casa del Rio Riverhouse.

The property became a vacation house in 1968; currently, it can house six people.

A few amenities you can enjoy in this vacation house include picnic and barbeque spaces, plus different types of rooms.

Aside from comfortable accommodations, the vacation house provides guests access to areas where they can enjoy swimming and canoeing.

At the Casa del Rio Riverhouse, you can discover plenty of comforts and outdoor fun.

Make a Stop at the River Song Events & Gallery

Find some local art by visiting the RiverSong Events & Gallery.

The RiverSong Events & Gallery is an event venue with different art pieces and performances.

Some pieces you can find at this venue include paintings, signs, and floral arrangements.

In addition to showcasing different art pieces, the RiverSong Events & Gallery offers art classes.

Aside from this, the venue hosts weddings and other parties.

If you love art or need a venue for an event, the RiverSong Events & Gallery is where to go.

Grab Some Gear from Mountain Sports

Outdoor enthusiasts have plenty to explore in Hunt, but if you need any equipment, head to Mountain Sports.

You can find the Mountain Sports rental shop by going to the Southfork of Guadalupe near Highway 39.

Mountain Sports offers all kinds of kayaks and paddleboards for visitors to enjoy.

In addition to this, there are mountain bikes you can try if you aren’t into water activities.

There is plenty of outdoor gear for you at Moutain Sports.

lay in the Water on the Guadalupe River

Rapids of Guadalupe River

Paul S. Wolf /

Hunt is located at the confluence of the North and South Forks of the Guadalupe River, making it more accessible to different fun activities in the water.

The crystal-clear river is popular for water activities, including kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing, fly fishing, boating, rafting, and swimming.

View of Guadalupe River

Paul S. Wolf /

Many tourists come to Hunt to explore this majestic river with their kayaks or boats and soak in nature.

Your trip to Hunt isn’t complete without an activity to do in the Guadalupe River.

Even a glimpse of its sky-blue water will make your stay in this charming community even more fruitful!

Beautiful view of Guadalupe River

Paul S. Wolf /

Join Camp Mystic

A girl-exclusive summer camp, Camp Mystic gathers all girls who want to explore and discover their self-esteem and make new friends.

Located among the beautiful pecan trees, cypress, and live oak, the camp offers different activities and programs for the summer season.

Girls can choose up to 10 activities they want and the dates that they would want to take them.

They can choose arts & crafts, diving, cooking, sports, music, journalism, dance, and many other fun and engaging activities.

Camp Mystic is a Christian summer camp if that matters.

You can find it off Highway 39.

Take a Scenic Highway Drive

The Texas Hill Country is known for offering scenic highway drives in the region, including the Willow City Loop and the Swiss Alps of Texas, and Hunt is no exception.

Highway 39, which is Hunt’s, Kerr County, and the Texas Hill Country’s main road, offers one of the best scenic drives in the state.

Make sure to open your car windows if you’re driving along the scenic highway to see Hunt’s beautiful place.

Look out for the beautiful rugged limestone, the huge evergreen cypress, live oak, and pecan trees along the way while enjoying the majestic views of the Guadalupe River.

In Hunt, a scenic highway drive is a must-try!

Buy Gifts and Souvenirs at The Shop at Hunt River District

On select days, The Shop at Hunt River District opens its doors to locals and tourists alike to shop for unique finds perfect for gifts and souvenirs.

Choose from its clothing, accessories, scented candles, home decor, throw pillows, frames, handmade jewelry, and many other essentials.

These are perfect for gifts for loved ones and even for yourself.

So, before you head back home from your adventures in Hunt, make time to drop by The Shop at Hunt River District.

The gift shop is located just off Highway 39.

Take Instagrammable Photos of the River Road Crossing

You may think that nothing’s special about the River Road Crossing, but if you love taking photos, this crossing on the Guadalupe River makes gorgeous Instagram-worthy photos.

Lush cypress, pecan, and oak trees provide shade to the crossing, where water is clear and the air is fresh and clean.

You’ll love how the trees reflect on the clear water, a beautiful angle for taking photos.

Also, the fall colors here are breathtaking, so if you’re in Hunt during the season, make sure to make a quick stop at the River Road Crossing.

It’s a quiet and peaceful spot in the neighborhood!

Final Thoughts

Hunt is a community that may not seem exciting at first glance but has plenty for guests to explore.

If you love the outdoors, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy it when checking out different locations in the community.

Whether checking out local wildlife or exploring local nature trails, there are plenty of options for nature enthusiasts in Hunt.

Aside from this, you can enjoy plenty of local delights and events, plus different places to relax.

Consider Hunt your next stop in Texas for culture and nature.

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