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20 Best Things to Do in Horse Cave, KY

  • Published 2023/02/24

Horse Cave is a city in Hart County’s southern region whose name comes from a cave, also the city’s water source.

Horse Cave’s charming downtown commercial district has buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Horse Cave City’s attractions include museums, caverns, and zoos, drawing nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the state.

It’s a fantastic location to learn more about art, try other cuisines, or maybe find something unusual.

Here are the best things to do in Horse Cave, KY:

Explore the Hidden River Cave and American Cave Museum

View from inside the Hidden River Cave and American Cave Museum

Dave Bunnell, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The historical cave tour will take you into one of Kentucky’s largest and most spectacular cave entrances, where two underground rivers run over a hundred feet below the earth.

Step inside Sunset Dome, one of the world’s most enormous cave domes in the United States.

It also passes the world’s longest underground swinging bridge.

You’ll cross the ruins of a turn-of-the-century hydroelectric production plant that once provided water and energy to the town above.

Likewise, you’ll explore sections with seldom-seen species that dwell underneath.

The American Cave Museum, dubbed “a little bit of the Smithsonian in rural Kentucky,” offers informative and entertaining displays on the history and science of America’s natural caves.

An in-depth look at the intriguing world of caverns will complete your trip to Kentucky Cave Country.

Enjoy a Feast at the Feeder Restaurant

The Feeder Restaurant, formerly Turtlelini’s, is on South Dixie Street in Horse Cave, Kentucky.

This restaurant serves a broad range of tasty dishes.

It provides a broad array of options to fulfill your appetite, whether our award-winning pizza or a juicy Angus beef burger.

The restaurant now offers more than just pizza with burgers, sweet and spicy glazed tenderloin, handmade beef stroganoff with egg noodles, and more.

You can also check out the restaurant’s buffet, including fresh pizza and salad.

Come in and enjoy your favorite meal accompanied by a selection of your preferred beers or wines.

Reserve a seat at the Feeder Restaurant for a memorable date night, dinner with the family, or a party with friends.

Shop Unique Items at the GeeGa’s

Since 2016, GeeGa’s has served Cave City, Scottsville, Mammoth Cave, Elizabethtown, Glasgow, Bowling Green, and the surrounding regions.

It’s the leading consignment shop in Horse Cave City.

This place offers glassware, nightlights, primitives, antiques, ornaments, table lamps, signs, furnishings, presents, and other home decorations.

There are so many unique items in this consignment shop that you’re bound to find something for yourself.

If you enjoy treasure hunting, then you must visit this shop.

You may even find something new.

Enjoy Breakfast at Sister Schubert’s Bakery

The bakery began when Patricia “Sister” Schubert shared her grandmother’s most special recipe, Parker House Rolls.

This recipe was passed down to Sister’s family for five generations.

Their breakfast boasts a handmade flavor with the new and improved cinnamon rolls, savory fresh sausage pinwheels, and lemon blueberry rolls.

Likewise, they offer excellent Parker House Rolls.

Sister Schubert’s makes it simpler to add the delicious flavor of homemade bread to any dish in minutes.

The bakery uses the highest-quality ingredients and no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

The recipe for Italian meatball sandwiches on Sister Schubert’s Dinner Yeast Rolls is a tremendous crowd-pleaser, with tons of delicious Italian flavor.

From yeast dinner rolls to its famous Parker House-style rolls, Sister Schubert’s forges connections through the warm Southern sweetness of baked bread.

The homemade character of Sister Schubert’s cuisine makes it real comfort food, ideal for gathering people together every day.

Get a Gift at All Things by Mel

All Things By Mel is a unique gift shop in the center of Horse Cave, Kentucky.

You can find the cutest presents at this store since the boutique shop has a good selection of best quality items at great prices.

The store even offers Simply Southern tees, natural life, specialty foods, and gourmet truffles from the Sweet Shop.

They have practically any gift item you can imagine, from Rae Dunn items, candles, and wax melts, to a vast selection of lawn flags.

They also have frequent sales and a rewards program to help you save a lot of money.

Shopping there is a lovely experience since the staff is kind and inviting.

Satisfy Your Texas Food Cravings at 5 Broke Girls

After a long hiking trip or a visit to the caves and museums, grab a meal at 5 Broke Girls.

5 Broke Girls is a restaurant that serves home-style Texas-inspired food.

Breakfast, lunch, and supper are all served here, and each dish is freshly prepared using only the finest ingredients.

The chicken fried steak gravy, patty melt with onion rings, skillet, and authentic southern sweet tea all come in sizable portions and at a very affordable price.

The kind personnel work together to bring piping hot meals in a timely fashion.

It is a place worthy of praise from many pleased customers who visit 5 Broke Girls for its warm food and atmosphere.

Meet the Animals at the Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo

A vibrant-colored lorikeet at Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo

Roig61 /

Kentucky Down Under, a unique attraction in south-central Kentucky, opened in 1990 when the distinct interests of two outspoken persons came together.

You can find many parrots and other Australian birds at the park’s Exotic Bird Garden.

Guests can also hand-feed vivid rainbow lorikeets or lorries within a vast walk-in Aviary.

Visitors may walk across an open field amid kangaroos, emus, and other animals in the Outback, while the Discovery Area offers additional hands-on activities.

It also features Mammoth Onyx Cave, one of the most magnificent and accessible caverns in the United States.

A wood carving of an eagle at Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo

Roig61 /

People discovered the cave in 1799, which opened to the public in 1922.

The stunning onyx formations inside Mammoth Onyx Cave’s underground chambers will captivate visitors.

The active cave boasts rock formations that create an extraordinarily magnificent underworld landscape.

The woolshed program, animal show, and gem mining are some of the other zoo attractions.

Kentucky Down Under’s management and employees work to provide guests with a secure, clean, pleasant, fun, and relaxing animal attraction.

This zoo is your chance to experience a “piece of Australia in the heart of Kentucky.”

A sitting kangaroo at Kentucky Down Under Adventure Zoo

Roig61 /

Grab a Book at the Bookstore

Ann Matera, Jerry Matera, and Tom Chaney founded the Bookstore in 1994.

It’s the biggest privately owned bookstore in South Central Kentucky and one of the state’s largest.

You can find it in Horse Cave’s historic downtown, one of the first towns in Kentucky designated as a Cultural District by the Kentucky Arts Council.

The Bookstore also hosts the downtown philosophical association every morning.

Check out the bookstore to discuss topics of enormous concern, mold facts into a beautiful tale, and improve upon truths.

Relax at the Holiday Inn Express

You’ll have a comfortable stay with exceptional service at the Holiday Inn Express of Horse Cave, Kentucky.

The hotel’s location provides convenient access to area activities, which is ideal for leisure visitors.

The Mammoth Cave National Park, KY Down Under Adventure Zoo, and Dinosaur World are all within easy driving distance of the Holiday Inn Express.

The hotel’s complimentary wifi internet and 24-hour business center make it easy for corporate visitors to stay connected to their work.

They also have complimentary services like a hot breakfast bar, a spacious indoor heated swimming pool, and a 24-hour fitness center.

Grab Grilled Cheese Burgers at the C & J Café

This café, conveniently located north of Horse Cave, serves delectable and flavorful food that will captivate both youngsters and adults.

C & J Café features a fascinating antique building and chefs to make your dining experience unforgettable.

The Café serves delectable country cuisine, including meatloaf, catfish, burgers, etc.

The grilled cheeseburgers, fries, onion rings, and beverages are more delicious and cheaper than in typical fast-food chains.

They’re also noted for their friendly employees and exceptional customer service.

See Wildlife at the Dutch Country Safari Park

You can visit Dutch Country Safari Park for animal encounters.

The drive-through safari park and animal contact sections are included in the on-site admission charge.

You can see animals like baby wildebeest, alpaca, camels, ostrich, and zebras at the park.

Likewise, you can feed or pet the wildlife.

You can ride a tractor while touring the place with your family and feeding these majestic creatures.

Learn Art at the Sims Studios & Art Shop

Jesse Ray Sims and Jennifer Bruton Sims’ art studio, Sims Studios and Art Shop, hosts a variety of activities.

The art studio offers various services for people of all ages, including art materials, art workshops, and painting parties.

Join in-depth sessions with teachers, art collectors, and even novices who like art.

Their recently enlarged location allows them to host additional events and workshops.

Likewise, they collaborate with other art groups, including Arts for All Kentucky and the city of Horse Cave.

Relax and enjoy the atmosphere created by excellent paintings and murals, or you can request them for custom framing.

Stroll Around Maple Avenue Park

Maple Avenue Park is one of the best places to experience the countryside beauty of Horse Cave.

Situated along Maple Avenue, this is also a great starting point if you want to explore this small city via bike or on foot.

There’s a lot of nicely maintained greenery along with a playground at this park as well, making it a stellar place to do some family picnics or simply enjoy the simplicity of Horse Cave.

Maple Avenue Park is also conveniently just a few minutes from the heart of the city, where the Hidden River Cave and American Cave Museum is located.

There are not a lot of parks in Horse Cave, so checking out Maple Avenue Park is a great way to enhance your itinerary.

Shop or Look at the Cool Statues at Stone Art Inc

If you want to visit a quirky place, there’s a lone statuary business in Horse Cave called Stone Art Inc.

Famous for supplying all sorts of custom-made statues for locals of Kentucky, Stone Art Inc has a lot of concrete statues sprawling throughout their outdoor yard.

Found along Cherry Street, you can actually drive or walk pass by it and see a ton of statues displayed right outside.

However, it’s highly recommended you check with Stone Art Inc and inquire if they have anything that might be a good souvenir, as they have a wide range of options in several price ranges.

One of the coolest places in Horse Cave, don’t miss out on Stone Art Inc.

Check Antiques at Our Place Marketplace

Our Place Marketplace is another hidden gem in Horse Cave that’s perfect for treasure hunters.

Brimming with all sorts of vintage items and antiques, this is another great place to shop for some cool souvenirs during your visit.

The owner is friendly, and you’ll learn a thing or two about the origins of some of their products.

It’s also an amazing place to take retro-themed photography, as many of the collections of Our Place Marketplace are on the colorful spectrum in terms of aesthetics.

With so many cool knick knacks to uncover, visit this fun antique store along East Kathleen Avenue.

Check in at Horse Cave Motel

There’s not a lot of accommodations in or near Horse Cave, but Horse Cave Motel gets the job done in terms of comfort and convenience.

It’s a perfect place to check in if you’re staying for a prolonged time in the city, as they have the basics done right.

Family-owned, there’s a simple beauty to the atmosphere of Horse Cave Motel.

While you can’t expect top-notch amenities, this motel is clean and will surely give you a goodnight’s sleep.

Find Horse Cave Motel along South Dixie Street.

Read a Book at Horse Cave Free Public Library

Horse Cave Free Library is a cute and quaint spot to read a book indoors, perfect if you have some down time to spare.

The facade of the building is quite a treat to the eyes, fully made of red bricks, it looks like it’s straight out of the 19th Century.

While their selection of books isn’t as big as usual city libraries, there are good titles to see both for adults and children.

If you need some help, the staff here are very friendly and will make you feel right at home.

Horse Cave Free Public Library is located along Highbee Street.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Learn about Prehistoric Life at the Dinosaur World

Life-sized dinosaur replicas at Dinosaur World

Roig61 /

Christer Svensson, a Swedish businessman who immigrated to the United States with his family, created Dinosaur World in Cave City.

Svensson bought a former alligator farm to house his prehistoric reptiles.

He also conferred with a comparable open-air dinosaur museum manager in Germany and globally recognized experts on prehistoric life to create the best dinosaur park possible.

Visitors may view amazing giants that once dominated the Earth up close.

See the giant T-Rex awaiting you at the park’s main gateway.

A T-Rex replica on the grounds of Dinosaur World

Roig61 /

Based on the most recent scientific discoveries, the dinosaur replicas comprise fiberglass, steel, and concrete and are up to 80 feet long.

In various settings, the dinosaurs are organized in groups of up to eleven of a particular species.

The dinosaurs, nestled among a wide variety of natural vegetation, are so convincing that some visitors claim to see them moving in the shadows of the various native trees.

Families and students should learn, have fun, or have a calm meeting with the lifelike dinosaur replicas.

Dinosaur replicas at Dinosaur World

Roig61 /

Take a Picture with Exotic Animals at the Mammoth Cave Wildlife Museum

Since 1969, the Mammoth Cave Wildlife Museum in Cave City, Kentucky, has exhibited several of the rarest species on the planet.

Cave City is seven minutes away from Horse Cave.

You can see unusual and rare animals such as lions, leopards, tigers, bears, and the exotic snow leopard in the museum’s almost 14,000-square-foot exhibit space.

The museum’s collection of large animals features aquatic life, insects, birds, and other species.

They have gone to great lengths to make the museum as natural as possible, so you will see the creatures in their natural habitat while you explore.

This museum is not only the best in the region, but it is also the best in the southeastern United States.

Our museum is popular with kids since they can get much closer to the animals than at a zoo, so bring your camera and make some memories!

Ride a Boat at the Big Buffalo Crossing Canoe

Big Buffalo Crossing Canoe & Kayak is in Munfordville, Kentucky, ten minutes away from Horse Cave.

Visit five of the state’s most fabulous springs or ride a boat to Mammoth Cave National Park.

Camping, fishing, swimming, caving, and sightseeing are all options for day or overnight excursions.

The river is excellent for the whole family to canoe or kayak, and you may paddle for two hours, overnight, or the entire weekend.

This boat rental service can cater to huge groups, including religious groups, youth groups, family gatherings, parties, and celebrations.

Final Thoughts

It’s no surprise that Kentucky’s natural beauty draws visitors from neighboring states and beyond the nation.

If you want to have a new and enjoyable time with nature, visit Horse Cave City.

This city will give you a fantastic experience, whether you prefer history, underground caverns, or exhibits.

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