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15 Best Things to Do in Hoover, AL

  • Published 2022/08/05

Hoover, Alabama, shared by Shelby and Jefferson counties, is the sixth-biggest city in the state and the largest suburb.

Known as the Green Valley neighborhood since the 1930s, this suburban region at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains was primarily a residential community until the late 1970s and early 1980s.

William H. Hoover, the owner of a local insurance firm, was the inspiration behind the name of the City, incorporated in 1967.

Hoover is an ideal location for a solo, romantic, or family vacation.

Shopping and immersing yourself in local art are excellent choices.

In addition, there are several outdoor adventure spots and breathtaking views you may find in the area.

In this lovely woodland setting, stroll along the pathways and chat with other hikers you may meet while out in the fresh air!

Discover the best things to do in Hoover, Alabama, to make the most of your trip.

Try Various Activities at Moss Rock Preserve

A creek at Moss Rock Preserve

Panama_Shawn /

Moss Rock Preserve is a stunning 349-acre nature preserve rich in forest systems, enormous rock outcroppings, waterfalls, streams, animals, and other unusual natural features.

The Boulder Field at Moss Rock Preserve is a go-to spot among rock climbers.

This area’s boulders are popular with climbers of all abilities because of the various technical features and routes.

Over a dozen minor waterfalls spread throughout Moss Rock Preserve.

Small waterfall at Moss Rock Preserve

Curtis Palmer from Vestavia Hills (Birmingham), Alabama, USA, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The area provides a lovely sight when the waterfalls cascade smoothly.

However, do note they flow heavier during winter and the rainiest months of the year.

There is no admission fee to enter Moss Rock Preserve during daylight hours.

For this reason, tourists must stick to the trails marked for trekking and walking only in approved locations.

Signage of Moss Rock Preserve

Lahti213, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Catch a Game at Hoover Met Complex

Hoover Metropolitan Stadium, commonly known as Hoover Met Complex, is an excellent location for many functions.

Hoover converted the stadium to host football, soccer, and beach volleyball matches.

It also serves as a venue for concerts, seminars, and other events.

At the SEC Baseball Tournament, held at Hoover Met every year, the best 12 teams from the Southeastern Conference play in front of more than a hundred thousand people.

Visit the Hoover Met Complex, a sports and leisure center with a long and colorful history.

Admire the Breathtaking Landscapes at Ross Bridge Historical Park

Nature parks abound in Alabama, with gorgeous landscapes and fascinating history.

Ross Bridge Historical Park is one of the most notable.

Most people come to see the Civil War-era bridge that spans Ross Creek at Ross Bridge Historical Park.

During the Civil War, the Confederate Army quickly used this ancient stone bridge to convey soldiers and supplies to Selma.

The breathtaking natural landscape abounds as you explore Ross Bridge Historical Park’s historic buildings and grounds.

Crossings over the stream include several footbridges.

In the park, there is a 1-and-a-half-mile out-and-back route.

It’s an accessible track for hikers of all abilities, thanks to its moderate difficulty.

As a bonus, it’s open year-round.

In addition to hiking, mountain and road biking are two other popular pastimes for those who frequent this area.

There are several benches around the park if you’d like to take a break and rest your legs.

The soothing sound of running water along the stream bank makes Ross Bridge Historical Park a fantastic location to sit and unwind.

Explore the Works of a Sports Artist at New Life Art

New Life Art celebrates the works of sports artist Daniel A. Moore.

When expressing and documenting sports history’s most significant events, Daniel A. Moore is a globally recognized artist.

Compared to the computer-generated action sports images that pass for paintings, Moore’s original works use brushes and oil paint on canvas.

He hand-rendered in the manner of the Great Masters.

This attention to detail in Moore’s work has raised the secondary market value of his limited edition prints, and it is why tens of thousands of collectors look forward to his next commemorative production.

The gallery also provides bespoke framing for nearly any object.

Have a Picnic at Georgetown Lake Park

Lorna Road leads to a tranquil 8-acre park known as Georgetown Lake Park.

This park has a three-acre lake encircled by a lit wooden promenade and asphalt track.

Fishing is allowed, but you have to release the fish in the end.

At the lake, you could see ducks and turtles.

It’s also a great location to sit back, relax, and read a book.

Two pavilions and a grill stand next to the lakeside playground.

A first-come, first-served policy applies here.

Grab Fresh Produce and Garden Additions at Andy’s Farm Market & Garden Center

Landscape design for a new house or a plan to revive your current garden is just two of the many services offered by Andy’s Farm Market & Garden Center.

In its extensive nursery, you’ll find a wide range of plants.

A wide variety of locally grown produce is available at the farm market.

A few items that keep consumers coming back are tables full of vine-ripe tomatoes, Chilton County peaches, and Silver Queen maize.

Andy’s Farm Market also specializes in locally grown fruits and veggies.

Andy, the store’s proprietor, personally inspects each piece of product before it goes on sale.

It also has a welcoming staff!

Play with Your Fur Babies at Loch Haven Park

A unique park for dogs and their humans, Hoover Dog Park features a fenced-in off-leash section.

Larger dogs are allowed in one area of the dog park, while smaller dogs are allowed in another.

The park has a canine obstacle course, a 0.4-mile walking track, a playground, and a shaded picnic pavilion with a huge recreation area.

In addition, there is a brook where the dogs may cool down.

Aside from your pets, you and your family may have a good time in the park.

In addition, a large parking lot is available.

Go Birdwatching at Aldridge Gardens

Plants near the water of Aldridge Gardens

Crites Designs /

One of Hoover’s most popular tourist attractions is a 30-acre hydrangea-filled woodland garden in the city center called Aldridge Gardens.

When Eddie Aldridge found the Snowflake Hydrangea with his wife Kay, they lived on the land for several years before moving on.

It was given to Hoover in 1997 by the couple.

Aldridge Gardens features a five-acre lake, strolling pathways, and a plethora of hydrangeas, Japanese maples, camellias, azaleas, bonsai, and some native Alabama species.

Wear appropriate walking shoes and go for a 30- to 45-minute walk through the neighborhood.

While most of the walkway is wheelchair accessible, benches dot the route.

The birdwatching guide at the gardens is a must-have for bird watchers who want to learn more about the gardens’ avian inhabitants.

Step Back in Time at Hoover Historical Society Folklore Center

The Bluff Park Elementary School property in Hoover is home to the Hoover Historical Society Folklore Center.

Children may learn about Alabama’s pioneer heritage thanks to the Folklore Center, dedicated on November 9, 1997.

Hoover’s rural heritage, as well as the state of Alabama as a whole, may be explored to the fullest here.

Folklore Center’s Stinson Ole Place, a two-story log home built by hand, is the center’s centerpiece.

Rural Shelby County in Alabama is home to this house once located on a plank road called the Columbiana Turnpike between Columbiana and Wilsonville.

The stagecoach route from Georgia to Alabama used the turnpike.

Over three generations of Stinsons lived in the house that Hugh Acey Mack Stinson built around 1840.

Everything you’d expect to see in an old-fashioned home is there in this one: a churn, rocking chairs, and rope beds.

The Folklore Center features a slew of unique outbuildings.

You’ll find anything from an outhouse to an outhouse-style trough for watering livestock.

As a rural postal box, a boot sits atop a split rail fence encloses the home.

Go Biking at Black Creek Mountain Bike Park

For mountain bike enthusiasts, the Black Creek Mountain Bike Park near Hoover, Alabama, will open in June 2019.

Just south of the Hoover Met Complex, this 73-acre park crosses Jefferson and Shelby Counties.

Cycling enthusiasts could create five-mile loops with varying difficulty levels that circle around a ridge over Black Creek.

The average time to accomplish this course is 49 minutes.

It’s a terrific place to go mountain biking, and you’re unlikely to run across too many other people.

Also, note that you’ll need to leave your pets home for this path—they aren’t permitted.

Catch a Performance at The Library Theatre

As a top-notch performing arts venue, the Library Theatre is well-known worldwide.

Musical performances, dances, and various other activities are available.

The lower level of Hoover Library is home to the Library Theater.

Most of its musical talents have won Grammy awards, and its plays have toured across the United States.

Concerts typically run 90 minutes, and performances are about 2.5 hours long with an interval.

In addition, guests will get to speak with the performers following each show.

Practice Your Swings at RTJ Golf Trail at Ross Bridge

Even the most experienced golfer will be taken aback by the magnitude of this property, expertly sculpted into the undulating landscape of Shannon Valley.

According to GOLF Magazine’s 2019 rankings, Ross Bridge is one of North America’s best golf resorts.

It has been a favorite with Golf Digest editors for the last four years.

Ross Bridge Golf Links is the world’s fifth-longest course.

Yet, it features a variety of tees to accommodate golfers of all skill levels.

A stunning waterfall that drops 80 feet adjoins the 10th and 18th greens of the course.

One of the most striking features of the waterfall is an antique gristmill incorporated into it.

There is no one trademark hole, although many claims there are as many as eighteen.

Suppose you’re not interested in participating in a friendly event.

In that case, you may also come here to observe or take golf instruction from experts.

Have a Good Laugh at StarDome Comedy Club

The StarDome is a modern showplace that focuses on stand-up comedy.

The long tables and limited seats of a typical comedy club have transformed into one of the best comedy clubs in the United States.

StarDome has become an entertainment facility that gives our customers excellent seating and the mainstage’s full front view.

The StarDome resembles the enormous showrooms seen in Las Vegas.

In the Southeast, no other location provides visitors with the best seating arrangement while simultaneously delivering comprehensive food service in the same room.

In the StarDome, you’ll enjoy an evening of top-notch entertainment, delicious cuisine, and refreshing beverages in a beautiful new showroom.

A nice chuckle is a perfect way to end the night.

Honor the Nation’s Heroes at Veterans Park

Veterans Park hosts the Great American Cross Country Race each year, which comprises a 5K cross-country route for walkers and joggers.

Pet-a-Palooza and Movies in the Park are just two of the significant activities at the park each year.

A two-acre lake may accommodate large crowds with a pier in the evenings and weekends.

The city established this park in 2007 to honor Hoover’s soldiers.

Each military branch has its memorial honoring those who have given their lives in service to the country.

Hoover veterans are being recognized with a unique initiative now under process.

Park High School is just a few blocks from Veterans’ Park on Valleydale Road.

In addition to the 5K cross country track, the park features beach volleyball courts, a huge playground, and two public pavilions that members may rent for events.

Have a Retail Therapy at Riverchase Galleria

Interior of Riverchase Galleria

Mike Kalasnik from Fort Mill, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Whether you live in Hoover or are simply passing through, don’t miss a trip to Riverchase Galleria.

February 1986 saw the opening of this shopping mall.

Over 200 businesses, the largest covered mall in the state of Alabama, and various restaurants are all available for your shopping and dining pleasure.

Also, check out its LEGO store if you’re with kids.

Mobile device charging stations, relaxing seating areas, stroller rentals, safety escorts, and complimentary Wi-Fi are all available as additional services and perks to its visitors.

Final Thoughts

Despite being a suburb, Hoover has a lot to offer those looking to rest, unwind, and have fun.

Adventure and outdoor fun await you as you try the best things to do in Hoover, Alabama.

Explore the area’s natural beauty, support the local economy, and have a fantastic vacation away from home.

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