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15 Best Things to Do in Homosassa Springs, FL

  • Published 2022/11/25

Homosassa Springs is one of the unincorporated communities in the United States on the west central coast of Florida.

It is a principal city—the largest and most commercialized community in Citrus County.

Homosassa Spring inherited the name of one of the most famous attractions nearby, the Homosassa Spring Wildlife State Park, also known as the home of the manatees.

Other areas surrounding Homosassa Springs are natural landmarks and wildlife preservation areas, such as the Crystal River Preserve State Park and Monkey Island.

On the other hand, Homosassa Spring attracts people by providing tours, allowing you to travel around neighboring places.

To learn more about Homosassa Springs, browse through this list of the best things to do in Homosassa Springs, Florida!

Shop at Howard’s Flea Market

Signage of Howard's Flea Market

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Howards Flea Market is another shop you can visit for second-hand items such as antiques, clothes, and home decorations.

Fresh produce from farmers is also available.

You’re likely to find whatever you’re looking for at this market, which has over 500 booths on a 50-acre property.

It is a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1972.

Howards Flea Market has also earned the title of “Best of the Best in Citrus County” for the past 19 years.

Your visit to Homosassa Springs will be complete if you enter at least one of the community’s markets.

Howards Flea Market is your best option, so don’t think twice about stopping by.

Book a Tour around the Nature Coast at Citrus County Outfitters

Homosassa Springs is home to many fishing charters because of its proximity to bodies of water, including the Gulf of Mexico.

One of these fishing charters is the Citrus County Outfitters, which offers various water activities.

Guests can book a trip to Nature Coast to see manatees or catch fish, such as Bonita, Bluefish, Grouper, Jack Crevalle, or Redfish.

You’ll be acquainted with Captain Mike Sorrel, the best outdoorsman in town.

Citrus County Outfitters also offers tarpon fishing guides, which will certainly provide you with the best experience possible because the largest tarpons in the Gulf of Mexico live in the waters of Homosassa.

The best season for tarpon fishing is from May to June.

You can also try scalloping trips around the Fourth of July.

Join Pontoon Trips at Happy Place Adventure

Another fishing charter is the Happy Place Adventure.

It is a wholesome fishing charter that always aims to provide an exciting fishing experience on the Nature Coast.

You can visit the Happy Place Adventure with your entire family, especially your children.

Captain Travis, a man with over 30 years of fishing experience, leads the fishing trips, so ready all your gear to learn only from the best.

Guests can also book pontoon trips, which is perfect for large groups.

Catch a Fish with Early Bird Charters

Another fishing charter to consider is Early Birds Charters.

It offers whole-day and half-day inshore fishing trips.

Captain Brandon Huggins will accompany you while exploring the backcountry, flats, wrecks, and reef locations.

Booking a fishing trip includes the rental of fishing equipment.

Play with Your Kids at Fire Station Park

Fire Station Park is a 4-acre park with a colorful playground where you and your kids can have a great time.

If you like pine trees, this park has many of them, which makes the place look even more captivating.

Aside from the slides, there is also a barbeque grill where you can prepare a freshly cooked meal for your kids to eat after they have finished playing.

Picnic tables are also available to save you the hassle of setting up your picnic place.

Show Off your Best Baseball Pitch at Homosassa Area Recreation Park

Baseball fans are all winners once they stop by the Homosassa Area Recreation Park.

This park has a wide baseball field where you and your team can practice.

It is also an excellent place to show your kids how baseball works and let them show off their first pitch.

Homosassa residents can use enter for free on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you’re the sporty type, you’ll never run out of sports to try in the Homosassa Area Recreation Park.

You can find six soccer fields, a basketball, a tennis, a hockey, and two multipurpose fields.

There are also designated picnic areas and jogging trails to spend a fun weekend with your family or friends.

Score Some Second-Hand Items at Sanctuary Thrift

Not all thrift stores offer satisfying items that will most likely earn a spot in your home.

Luckily for you, Homosassa Springs has the Sanctuary Thrift, a famous thrift shop run by The Sanctuary Mission, Inc. & The Grace House.

Sanctuary Thrift is a business for a cause.

It is the financial source of the organization’s initiative to support selected people who need spiritual guidance and support.

Most items you can find inside this thrift shop are donated items for everyday use, which include household appliances and clothes.

Whether you’re a tourist or a resident, visiting Sanctuary Thrift is worth the shot because you never know what treasure you might find for an affordable price.

Get Hooked on Reading at Homosassa Public Library

Homosassa Springs is fortunate to have its own public library, which you can’t find in some unincorporated areas across the United States.

Since 1917, Homosassa Public Library has been the pride of Citrus County.

It has a wide selection of nonfiction and fiction books.

In addition to books, Homosassa Public Library also offers computers with internet access.

Visitors without a library card are welcome to enter if they request a guest card and present a valid ID.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Watch the Manatees Program at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

A manatee at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park


Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park is one of the most visited destinations in Homosassa, Florida.

It is only a 2-minute drive from the Homosassa Springs community, so you should definitely include it in your itinerary.

It attracts many tourists because the abundance of manatees in Homosassa Spring Wildlife State Park is incomparable to other nearby places offering the same attraction.

This park also offers daily manatees program.

Guests can see swimming manatees and other fish through the Fish Bowl Underwater Observatory.

Boat ride at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

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If you want more outdoor activities, you can never run out of options in this park.

You can find here The Pepper Creek Birding Trail, which is one of the 20 bird trails in Citrus County.

Homosassa Spring Wildlife State Park is also home to many other animals that cannot survive on their own, such as alligators, black bears, red wolves, Key deer, flamingos, and whooping cranes.

While on boat tours, you may get lucky to spot some of these wonderful creatures.

Great egret at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

Steve Meese /

Witness Migratory Songbirds at Blue Bird Spring Park

Blue Bird Spring Park is a 5-acre park in Homosassa, Florida.

Although this park is smaller than other parks in the area, it offers a unique experience with migratory songbirds during spring and fall.

Blue Bird Spring Park is still worth a visit during other seasons because it has a diverse geological landscape, including a wet forest and an oval-shaped spring measuring 225 feet by 120 feet.

Since 1927, this park has been a part of the Homosassa community’s public parks dedicated to residents who need an excellent space for a short break.

Today, it is also a perfect destination for tourists.

Other amenities available are picnic tables, pavilions, and basketball courts.

This park also has dog trails, so feel free to bring your pets along.

Blue Bird Spring Park lies across the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park and is approximately a 3-minute drive from Homosassa Springs.

Ride a Boat at Crystal River Preserve State Park

The waters of Crystal River Preserve State Park

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Homosassa is fortunate enough to have most of Florida’s well-protected nature parks.

Aside from the Homosassa Spring Wildlife State Park, there is also the Crystal River Preserve State Park.

It is approximately a 20-minute drive from Homosassa Springs.

Crystal River Preserve State Park encompasses a biologically diverse estuary–one of Florida’s sources of pride.

It covers over 27,500 acres, filled with natural wonders, including scrub, pinewoods, hardwood forests, salt marshes, and mangrove islands.

A trail at Crystal River Preserve State Park

Ebyabe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

From any angle, the Crystal River Preserve State Park appears mythical and surreal, like an artist’s work.

The estuary resembles a mosaic, with some sections of the river blending beautifully with the saltwater of the Gulf of Mexico.

Hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, and birdwatching are some activities you can do in this park.

Boat tours are also highly recommended for guests to fully witness the accessible areas in the Crystal River Preserve State Park.

Join Airboat Tours at River Safaris, Adventures on the Wild Side

River Safaris, Adventures on the Wild Side is the best place to visit for tours or boat rentals.

Here, you can find the best airboats to tour you around the natural wonders of Homosassa.

Those who want a more affordable way to explore can join airboat tours around Homosassa River, manatees tours along the Crystal River, or pontoon tours to the Gulf of Mexico.

You can also rent an airboat to have a private and intimate time with your group without sharing the boat with other tourists.

River Safaris, Adventures on the Wild Side offers discounts to groups of 10 or more people, so make sure to invite more to save more.

Spot Some Monkeys on Monkey Island

Daytime view of Monkey Island

ChrisNovak, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Long before Monkey Island became an official island, it was simply a rock that frequently damaged the bottoms of passing boats.

G.A. “Furgy” Furgason, a developer, instructed the crew members nearby to place a pile of dirt on the area to prevent boats from bottoming out.

Furgason also added a lighthouse to the small island.

During that time, he was in charge of developing the Homosassa Wildlife State Park and had some issues with monkeys stealing from tourists.

Luckily, Furgason thought of making the small island they built to be the new home of the monkeys.

Today, tourists can still see the monkeys living on Monkey Island.

However, public viewing must adhere to strict protocols of safe distance.

Monkey Island takes an 8-minute drive from Homosassa Springs.

Dine at Cali’s Kitchen

Cali’s Kitchen is one of the few eateries in Homosassa.

Here you can get the cheapest snack served on a truck.

Cali’s Kitchen offers breakfast burritos, smash cheeseburgers, loaded tots or fries, steak or chicken tacos, and more.

Street taco is one of its highly recommended dishes on the menu.

It is next to Howard’s Flea Market, so you can grab a bite after shopping.

Take a Dip at Rock Crusher Canyon RV Resort

You can overcome the blazing heat during the hottest seasons in Florida by stopping by the Rock Crusher RV Resort in Crystal River, Florida.

If you plan to visit the natural wonders near Homosassa Springs, consider staying overnight at a resort with rejuvenating amenities to recover after a long day.

Rock Crusher RV Resort is one of your options, especially if you want to take a dip in a swimming pool.

This resort has a rectangular outdoor pool and a hot tub open to all guests.

RV rentals are available for overnight accommodations, which are ideal for families.

Aside from the pool area, your kids can play at the playgrounds with slides in this resort.

Rock Crusher RV Resort is also pet-friendly, so guests who want to bring their pets can freely do so.

Final Thoughts

Homosassa Springs is only a small part of Citrus County, but it offers some interesting activities, such as tours that allow you to explore the surrounding areas.

If you plan to visit, prepare for a long day of adventure at various nature parks.

You can choose from any activities on the list of the best things to do in Homosassa Springs mentioned above.

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