20 Best Things to Do in Hoffman Estates, IL

Hoffman Estates, IL
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Hoffman Estates is a charming suburban community 30 miles northwest of Chicago.

This laid-back suburban village in Cook County, Illinois, is known for its family-oriented attractions, leisure activities, and fantastic natural attractions.

In addition, Hoffman Estates is home to numerous professional sports teams, providing lively entertainment to its community.

At the same time, this small village is close to numerous natural attractions such as woodlands, prairies, and nature preserves.

It's also an idyllic location for nature lovers.

Fascinatingly, Hoffman Estates is home to a top-notch shopping mall and an eclectic collection of restaurants and shops.

Hoffman Estates is an ideal weekend destination for the family.

To help you plan your trip, here are the best things to do in Hoffman Estates, IL:

Wander the Busse Woods

The waters of Busse Woods
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This massive nature preserve in Elk Grove is a fascinating place you must discover to start your Hoffman Estates adventure.

You can find it in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, 12 minutes from Hoffman Estates.

Busse Woods, also known as the Ned Brown Preserve, spans over 3,500 acres of diverse forest preserve near Chicago.

A great egret on a tree at Busse Woods
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Busse Woods features ancient upland forests, paved trails, fishing areas, elk pasture, and many natural attractions worth exploring.

Spending a day at Busse Woods provides you and your loved ones with an unforgettable experience with nature.

Many outdoor activities await you at Busse Woods, from hiking, camping, picnicking, and fishing to wildlife viewing.

Bicycle path at Busse Woods
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Make a Splash at the Water Works Indoor Water Park

This vast water park is an exciting place to bring your kids or loved ones for an entire day of swimming and water activities.

Find it in Schaumburg, Illinois, seven minutes from Hoffman Estates.

The Water Works Indoor Water Park is the perfect summer destination in Chicago's suburbs for its top-notch indoor water recreation amenities.

This massive water park has a standard pool for laps, a zero-depth pool for toddlers, a diving pool, a rapid water channel, slides, whirlpools, a diving pool, and a water playground.

In addition, the Water Works Indoor Water Park has a nursery for babies and offers swimming lessons for all ages.

Overall, this indoor water park, a stone's throw away from Hoffman Estates, is an idyllic location for fun and quality family bonding.

Explore the Spring Valley Nature Center & Heritage Farm

Also in Schaumburg, the Spring Valley Nature Center & Heritage Farm is a unique attraction worth visiting.

This time, you need to drive 11 minutes from Hoffman Estates to reach this place.

This mixed attraction features over 135 acres of forested area, marshes, streams, and fields, featuring the natural beauty of Cook County.

Enjoy hiking, camping, picnicking, and historical tours at the Spring Valley Nature Center & Heritage Farm.

Discover its 1800s farm facilities featuring the original tools and sections farmers used back in the day.

At the same time, marvel at the area's beautifully landscaped open spaces and amenities, offering you an authentic farm life experience.

Experience Birdwatching at Paul Douglas Preserve

The grounds of Paul Douglas Preserve
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Birdwatchers visiting Hoffman Estates have something to look forward to.

It's the home of a vast natural attraction, the Paul Douglas Preserve.

This 1,800-acre nature preserve is an exceptional location for birdwatching activities.

It features more than seven miles of paved trails surrounded by restored wetlands, open grasslands, and a rookery teeming with various bird species.

Paul Douglas Preserve's trails are ideal for scenic hikes, bike rides, and bird watching.

Whether you're a seasoned birdwatcher or perhaps an average tourist, don't forget your binoculars because you'll surely end up visiting Paul Douglas Preserve.

Find Tranquility at Arthur L. Janura Forest Preserve

Another noteworthy natural attraction in Hoffman Estates is the Arthur L. Janura Forest Preserve.

You can find it in Elgin, Illinois, ten minutes from Hoffman Estates.

This natural attraction is home to Illinois' local flora and fauna, making it a fascinating place to explore, especially for nature lovers.

The Arthur J. Janura Forest Preserve is a vast natural area spanning 4,366 acres of trails, oak woodlands, restored prairies, and ponds.

The Shoe Factory Road Woods, Poplar Creek, and Carl Hansen Woods feature unique landscapes.

If you want a peaceful hike amidst the natural beauty of Hoffman Estates, visit the Arthur J. Janura Forest Preserve.

You won't hear anything but the tranquil sound of nature from birds, tree branches, and gentle streams at the Arthur J. Janura Forest Preserve.

It's the best place to shake off stress while enjoying outdoor recreational activities like picnic, hiking, horseback riding, biking, and kite-flying.

Have a Good Time at the Village Green & Hideaway Brew Garden

Take a break from exploring Hoffman Estates' attractions and head to the Village Green & Hideaway Brew Garden.

It's near the famous Now Arena for some cold beer and good music.

Village Green & Hideaway Brew Garden is one of the most famous watering holes in Hoffman Estates.

It is a popular hang-out place for sports fans who want to spend more time with friends and fellow fans after watching a game at Now Arena.

At the same time, Village Green & Hideaway Brew Garden is a popular location for live bands and musical performances.

You can see these shows at their 13-acre amphitheater.

Compared to other bars, the Village Green & Hideaway Brew Garden offers guests a unique landscape featuring ponds, gardens, and outdoor seating.

In addition to its top-notch German beer, this place also offers good food.

It's one of the main reasons many love to come back to the Village Green & Hideaway Brew Garden.

Take a Swing at the Congo River Golf & Exploration

You could always use an exciting round of mini-golf, so visit the Congo River Mini Golf in Hoffman Estates.

Congo River Mini Golf offers a wholesome experience you and your loved ones should try in Hoffman Estates.

The entire golf course features a fascinating themed landscape of ancient artifacts, waterfalls, and rapids, giving you a challenging yet fun mini-golf experience.

It's a meaningful activity in Hoffman Estates if you're looking for a relaxing activity during your visit.

In addition to conquering its challenging mini-golf course, Hoffman Estates rewards you with an exciting prize.

So, put this spot in your itinerary to add more excitement and fun to your visit to Hoffman Estates.

Knock Down Pins at the Main Event Hoffman Estates

Main Event is a nationwide dining and entertainment chain with over 40 locations, with one found in Hoffman Estates.

If you and your loved ones want to enjoy various activities and eat delicious food, then go to Main Event.

It features a top-notch bowling alley where you can flex your bowling skills in front of everyone.

Otherwise, you might want to try its laser tag arena for an exhilarating activity.

Likewise, Main Event has an amusement arcade featuring classic video game cabinets, pool tables, and an indoor rope course.

Overall, the Main Event has all amenities for memorable family bonding in Hoffman Estates.

Watch the Amazing Medieval Times Show

Cook County is also home to a highly-entertaining wholesome dinner attraction, the Medieval Times in Schaumburg.

It's nine minutes away from Hoffman Estates.

For those unfamiliar with the Medieval Times, it is a one-of-a-kind experience featuring knights, swashbuckling action, and rustic food, creating a memorable activity for the whole family.

This 11th-century-inspired feast and Medieval tournament is a unique tourist attraction.

Guests enjoy a fine-dining experience with a four-course banquet.

At the same time, guests can cheer for their preferred knights that compete in various tournaments.

These knights compete in sword fighting, jousting, and other hand-to-hand medieval combat, for entertainment only.

Spend Your Morning at Vogelei Park & Barn

This charming park in Hoffman Estates is a lovely place for a pleasant morning stroll with your loved ones or your dog.

Vogelei Park is somewhat hidden, with its main entrance on a narrow lane filled with trees.

However, inside the park is a nicely landscaped green open space with interpretive signs for everyone to follow.

Vogelei Park has laid-back vibes and a nature-oriented theme for everyone to enjoy.

It is the best place in Hoffman Estates for an early morning stroll, jogging, or walking your pet dog.

In addition, Vogelei Park features an arboretum with over 25 species of woody plants and tree species.

In the middle of Vogelei Park, you'll find a charming pond, walking paths, an excellent children's playground, and a splash pad for everyone to use.

Get Active at the Rolling Knolls Forest Preserve

Driving a few minutes outside Hoffman Estates takes you to a fascinating forest preserve where many locals love to get active.

The Rolling Knolls Forest Preserve is gorgeous greenery near Hoffman Estates, known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation.

This place is in Elgin, 13 minutes from Hoffman Estates.

Locals love to visit Rolling Knolls Forest Preserve for its natural beauty and outdoor recreational activities.

Rolling Knolls Forest Preserve is famous for hiking, cross-country skiing, disc golf, and off-road biking.

It's an excellent place for family bonding since it doesn't just feature recreational activities but also excellent park amenities.

In addition, Rolling Knolls Forest Preserve hosts various sports events and nature-related activities that everyone can enjoy.

Watch Sports at Now Arena

This massive sports arena in Hoffman Estates is the premier venue for top-notch sports events.

Formerly known as Sears Centre, Now Arena has turned into a state-of-the-art multi-use sports facility since 2006.

The U.S. Classic Gymnastics Championships takes place at Now Arena, for instance.

The Davis Cup tennis tournament plus the pro wrestling promotions AEW and TNA hold their games and shows.

In addition, the NBA G-League's Windy City Bulls, the affiliate of the multi-titled Chicago Bulls, plays there, too.

Now Arena has a seating capacity of over 10,500, making it an electrifying sports venue you should visit while in Hoffman Estates.

Tee Up at the Hilldale Golf Club

This 18-hole, par 71 golf course along Ardwick Drive in Hoffman Estates is renowned for its immaculate greens.

Since 1970, Hilldale Golf Club has served locals in Illinois as a top-notch golf course.

This golf course in Hoffman Estates is also known for its technicality and challenge.

Golfers must maneuver its narrow fairways and unforgiving out of bounds and ponds coming into play from 13 holes.

Hilldale Golf Club has an excellent practice facility for those not ready for the golf course's challenge.

In addition, this golf course in Hoffman Estates has an all-grass driving range, chipping greens, bunkers, and a short game area.

A round of golf at this precious golf course in Hoffman Estates is an excellent activity to add to your itinerary.

Shop and Dine at the Woodfield Mall

Exterior of Woodfield Mall
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This massive and upscale mall is in Schaumburg, ten minutes outside Hoffman Estates.

Woodfield Mall is the biggest mall in all of Illinois.

Over 30 million shoppers visit its 300 stores every year.

Despite its staggering figures, Woodfield Mall maintains its plush and elegant appeal, making it an excellent place for leisure activities.

Interior of Woodfield Mall
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Woodfield Mall recently underwent a multimillion-dollar renovation, providing shoppers with a more elegant and modern appeal.

Woodfield Mall is home to top brands such as H&M, Zara, Superdry, Michael Kors, and many more.

In addition, this mall is also home to an eclectic collection of diners and restaurants such as Red Robin, Uncle Julio's, Rainforest Cafe, Cheesecake Factory, etc.

For a fun dining and shopping experience at Hoffman Estates, don't forget to visit Woodfield Mall.

Cheesecake factory in Woodfield Mall
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Cheer for the Schaumberg Boomers at Wintrust Field

Before returning home, check out the Schaumburg Boomers playing at their home arena, the Wintrust Field.

This field is 13 minutes away from Hoffman Estates.

There's no better way to end your Hoffman Estates travel adventure than watching an exciting baseball game featuring the Boomers.

Wintrust Field boasts a top-notch baseball field that can accommodate over 7,300 spectators watching the Boomers play in the Frontier League.

In addition, Wintrust Field conveniently sits near a train station that takes you to Chicago and other major parts of Illinois.

Likewise, this stadium is near restaurants, shops, and cafes which you can visit after watching a game.

Dine and Drink with Style at The Saddle Room

The Saddle Room is one of the best restaurants in Hoffman Estates because of its stylish design and its posh menu.

One of the most popular things about The Saddle Room is its seasonal aesthetic that revolves around its fireplace—this makes the place feel intimate and cozy at the same time.

Another good thing about The Saddle Room is that it gives off a serene feeling that’s reminiscent of a garden with a patio.

While its design is definitely what separates it from others, the food and drinks are just as good.

They have a huge selection of beer and other alcoholic beverages here, making it a must-visit if you’re in the mood to drink.

For the food, try duck, wagyu, and seafood dishes.

To visit The Saddle Room, find them along Pratum Avenue.

Play Sports at Cannon Crossings

Cannon Crossings is one of the many public parks in Hoffman Estates with lots of things to do.

It’s particularly famous as a recreational space for sports, as there’s a nice full basketball court here along with spacious baseball fields that’s a favorite among locals.

Cannon Crossings is just a stone’s throw away from the western portion of the Janura Preserve, so you’re sure to encounter lots of walking trails here too.

If you’re not feeling sporty, the open fields of Cannon Crossings is a great way to relax as well.

Equipped with playground facilities and generally clean, it’s a great all-rounder for families with children.

Have a Scenic Picnic at South Ridge Park

South Ridge Park is one of the prettiest parks in Hoffman Estates which makes it a great spot for picnics.

The best feature of this park is its clean and tranquil lake, giving it a serene charm that’s great for quiet afternoons.

The greenery is well-maintained and is clean, and you can also explore its gardens that have tons of different flowers.

There are also volleyball and tennis courts if you want to have some fun, and the kid’s playground is robust—it features zip lines, a ninja course, and a splash pad.

South Ridge Park can be found along Freeman Road.

Play with Friends at Black Bear Disc Golf Course

If you’re a big fan of disc golf, the Black Bear Disc Golf Course is a must-try when traveling to Hoffman Estates.

The course is particularly good for players with slightly advanced skill sets—there’s a bit of difficulty here for beginners due to its layout.

So if you fall under that category, then you’ll have a blast playing here.

There are a lot of water shots and the dense woods that you’ll see makes it a unique experience.

Fun and scenic, Black Bear Disc Golf Course can be found along Essex Drive.

Take Your Pooch to Freedom Run Dog Park

Freedom Run Dog Park is a haven for dog owners who are looking to let their fur babies off the hook for a few hours.

Located along Russell Drive, Freedom Run Dog Park is tucked in a nice quiet area in Illinois.

This makes it a go-to place for many locals of neighboring towns and cities, especially because the dog park is huge.

Lots of shade and benches are found here, and the grass is always properly maintained.

While it requires a fee as of this writing, Freedom Run Dog Park is worth it if you have a large breed who needs exercise.

Final Thoughts

Hoffman Estates is a stone's throw away from Chicago, making it an excellent alternative destination for vacationers, backpackers, and families.

This small village in the Chicago suburbs is the perfect getaway for those who want to break from the hustle and bustle.

Lastly, don't forget to bookmark this travel post as your trusty itinerary on your Hoffman Estates adventure.

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