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20 Best Things to Do in Hochatown, OK

  • Published 2022/11/03

Hochatown in Oklahoma is a stress-free city that rests under the shadow of Broken Bow Lake, which was created when many surrounding small towns like Hochatown were flooded by the damming of the Mountain Fork River.

The city is considered part of Little Dixie — so named because of the large number of Southerners who moved to it after the Civil War.

Like Broken Bow, Hochatown’s history of growth and prosperity starts with the Choctaw Lumber Company.

It wasn’t until 1894 that Hochatown officially achieved post office status, but this brought about steady growth throughout most of the 20th century as Hochatown turned into a bustling city.

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Hochatown, look no further!

Not only can you enjoy wine and beer tastings at numerous award-winning wineries and breweries, but you can also enjoy live music and an array of delicious dining options.

Here are 20 of the best things to do in Hochatown, Oklahoma:

Fly Fishing at the Lower Mountain Fork River with Beaver’s Bend Fly Fishing

A man fly fishing on a river alone.

Ogletree Photography /

Beavers Bend Fly Fishing Guide Service is an independently owned and operated guide service with over 12 years of experience fishing in Broken Bow.

There’s a lot to be gained when you fly fish in Oklahoma.

Because unlike other popular waterways across the state, the flies you’ll use year-round are tied with the Lower Mountain Fork River’s specific entomology in mind.

If you’re interested in catching some fish while visiting Broken Bow, head east of Hochatown to 196 Marina Ln.

Beaver’s Bend Fly Fishing is in Broken Bow, and it’s just 4 miles away from Hochatown.

Don’t get turned around on your way here — just keep your GPS handy!

Grab a Pizza at The Grateful Head

Taking over the former location of an abandoned schoolhouse, The Grateful Head was first established as a small, unassuming restaurant and bar.

They quickly became known far and wide for their delicious homemade pizzas, ice-cold beers and stellar bands.

Several years later, the owners decided to expand with a second location in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Pig Pen, Cosmic Charlie, and Tree Hugger at the Grateful Head would easily win your vote for the best pizzas in all of Hochatown.

Though it can get quite crowded, it’s definitely not a drawback to visiting the place because their staff are terrific!

So if you’re ever in Hochatown, be sure to stop by to try some of their delicious main dishes or tasty appetizers!

Try Hochatown Distilling Company’s Signature Whiskey

In 2015, Hochatown Distilling Company decided to take the moonshine tradition to new heights.

Living off the pristine waters at the heart of southeastern Oklahoma and nestled in the Kiamichi Mountains, its area of operation is an ideal setting for the production of top-shelf spirits.

You’ll absolutely love their Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Handcrafted from mashing with the finest corn, rye, barley and other ingredients to produce a smoother taste without any harsh aftertaste.

The best part is getting a behind-the-scenes tour of their actual distillery to fully appreciate how all the components come together over time.

And of course, there’s also tastings along the way!

Ride a Go-Kart at Bigfoot Speedway

Nothing beats the thrill of watching a car streak down a racetrack at breakneck speeds.

However, you often have to be careful in spectator areas as getting too close can be very dangerous.

One go-karting track in particular, the Bigfoot Speedway on Stevens Gap Road, is kid-friendly, easily accessible and so much fun.

The owners are really nice people who really do an excellent job in making sure everything there is clean.

In addition to having a great time on the track all day, you can enjoy listening to some of your favorite tunes at the snack bar.

There’s even a neat 360-degree spinner just for fun that makes it feel like you’re going super fast while keeping things safe and secure.

Sew a Masterpiece at Gypsy Sew

If you’re in Hochatown and looking for something new to do, head over to this sewing workshop.

“Sip and Sew!” is what Gypsy Sew is all about.

At this local boutique, you can get your hands dirty by selecting from their wide array of fabrics and making your very own masterpiece under two hours!

Whether you’re looking to make it for fashion or home décor purposes, the Gypsy Seamstresses in Hochatown will help you out.

The instructor here is great — she’s really friendly and patient with all of the attendees.

They’ll help you create lasting memories by putting a personal touch on your attire with their innovative designs that will surprise even the toughest critics!

Visit Hochatown Rescue Center & Petting Zoo

Headshot of a Llama making eye-contact to the camera.

T. Chaudhury Production /

The Hochatown Rescue Center & Petting Zoo is where animal lovers meet pet friendly reptiles, exotic singing birds, and adorable barn animals.

You’ll also meet ducklings and guinea pigs here and see baby goats roaming the grounds freely as if it was their home.

Some other animals you can come across at the rescue center include tadpoles, hedgehogs, donkeys, and parrots who often seek shelter here for various reasons including adoption.

One thing’s for certain: the animals here don’t need training to approach humans.

All of animals here are not shy and will happily receive a treat from anyone passing by.

You’ll love coming back each time to see all the animals here — so make sure to visit this place when you take a vacation in Broken Bow or Hochatown.

Grab a Taco at Tacohoma

If you’re craving tacos, quesadillas, burritos, fresh salsa, guacamole, or tamales in Hochatown—make no mistake about it; Tacohoma is your destination!

Located on 1 Carson Creek Road, Tacohoma serves Tex-Mex cuisine from Monday through Saturday.

This taco restaurant is a very popular place where the locals flock to.

The food here really takes you back home if you happen to be from Mexico.

That said, this is a great place to enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine at its best.

And with so many flavors and varieties to choose from; who can ever say no to that?!

But with that being said, it’s best that you come out early as they will run out of some items towards the end of the day.

Try Beavers Bend Restaurant’s Best-Selling Greasy Cheeseburgers

After a long and enjoyable day of riding a Go-Kart and searching for treasures, you just can’t say no to a scrumptious meal any time you want to take a break from exploring the town.

The charming Beavers Bend Restaurant is pretty famous for its mouthwatering cuisine and delectable desserts.

Choose from between Southern-inspired breakfast sandwiches and a selection of juicy fried dishes, such as their fried crawfish or chicken fried steak.

If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, grilled chicken, salads, and green beans are also available.

Dishes here are complemented beautifully by the restaurant’s best-selling greasy cheeseburgers, which the owners would like to claim are one of their specialties.

Locals and guests alike are guaranteed to leave feeling satisfied.

It’s no wonder they say the Beavers Bend Restaurant serves up the best homemade food in all of Hochatown!

And did I mention that the spectacular view from the back patio is fantastic?

Test Your Skills at Hochatown Escape Games

All ages and ability levels could have fun playing Hochatown Escape Games.

Whether you succeed in escaping, the memory will be with you forever.

The escape games are made to allow you to participate in an escape room adventure from the convenience of your house or cabin.

You have an hour to locate hints, open locks, solve the problem, and escape the game with up to 10 daring pals.

Enjoy a unique tour of Beavers Bend State Park and the surrounding areas led by a map and random facts!

Until you can return and relive the excitement, this activity will captivate people of all ages and leave them with enduring memories of the park.

Scavenger hunts, axe throwing, and gift store shopping are additional activities.

Snack and Go on an Adventure at Hochatown Amusements

The Speedy Beaver Raceway is located at Hochatown Amusements.

They boast the town’s quickest go-karts and an exciting 18-hole miniature golf layout that the entire family will love.

They provide nachos, funnel cakes, the renowned hand-dipped McKinney corndogs, and more.

The greatest corndogs at the state fairs in Tulsa and Oklahoma City are McKinney’s!

Churches, schools, and birthday parties all have the potential to save a ton of money if they band together!

If you’re looking for the greatest family entertainment in Oklahoma, head to Hochatown Amusements in Hochatown, OK.

Enjoy Live Music and Great Food at Hochatown Saloon

You must buy a ticket immediately if you want to stay within the building for a live music event or performance.

They make a place for a dance floor by moving the chairs and tables away from the area.

Before the live music starts at 10 p.m., the music and ambiance gradually become louder and more animated.

The celebration goes on until two in the morning when it closes.

Around 8:00 p.m., they start serving some of the remaining supper tables.

The menu of Hochatown Saloon includes burgers, sandwiches, dinners, desserts, and much more.

Try one of their trademark cocktails, or grab a few beers if you’re thirsty.

Shop for One-of-a-kind Items at Janet’s Treasure Chest

Are you seeking cabin décor, antiques, or souvenirs?

Janet’s Treasure Chest is situated close to Hochatown’s Gateway.

Visit the jewelry, cowboy hats, kitchen accessories, wind chimes, and lava lamp sections.

Unique and interesting souvenirs from them include décor, accessories, and more.

A Special Kid’s Corner with camping fun is also available.

Janet’s Treasure Chest is open for a shopping spree every day from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Prepare to be Entertained along with Your Kids at the Eat Out

In the center of Hochatown’s entertainment zone, dine and drink indoors, on the covered terrace looking out across their lovely covered acre or from one of the vintage campers parked in the yard.

Eat Out wants its consumers to feel comfortable and at home.

You’ll have a place to relax and let the kids run about with more than an acre of covered yard.

They include activities like corn hole, disc golf, and s’mores by the fire, allowing them to at least entertain the children for a few minutes while adults dine in peace.

Try some of the mouthwatering hand-made burgers and a few frozen things.

Drop in, say hello, settle down to talk, relax at the bar, enjoy a beverage by the fire, or go for a walk in the yard.

Other Things to Do Nearby

Relax at Body Harmony Day Spa

Just 2.8 miles down the road from Hochatown is Body Harmony Day Spa, where you can treat yourself to an award-winning spa treatment.

At this “One-of-a-kind” relaxing spa, you’re sure to get swept off your tired feet with this special 90-minute sensory experience.

Unlike ordinary spas, Body Harmony Day Spa offers a range of special services that consistently provide only the best there is for their guests’ utmost satisfaction.

Body Harmony Day Spa invites you to lounge deep into a memory foam mattress.

While you are being submerged in a luxurious 6-12″ mattress with cooling gels, be sure to try their Dead Sea Mud Face Treatment and soak your skin from within.

As the mud is gently painted onto your face, bask in 4 minutes of hot steaming towels for full relaxation.

Once you are done, dash over to their state-of-the-art shower, where you may “drizzle bathe” your body with warm melted Shea Butter and soften any rough areas that require some extra TLC.

If this all sounds like an indulgence worth trying to you, why not let them sprinkle some salt as they sit by and offer ever so gently a luxurious massage?

Buy Souvenir at Persingers Jewelry Shop and Fine Arts

One of the most interesting things about Highway 259 and Stephens Gap Road, Hochatown, Broken Bow, Oklahoma, is Persinger’s Fine Arts.

Visual Lie Arts Guru Kelly Persinger owns the shop.

Here, she features all kinds of meticulously-crafted items of her jewelry designs.

She can also customize them to include anyone’s family heritage, or tales told in history.

Some other fine arts you’ll find here consist of paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

You will not regret buying any fine artistically-inclined handcrafted item on display here at Persinger’s Fine Art because they are more than ready to serve your needs in each way possible!

Go Kayaking with Yippie Kayo Kayaks

If the outdoors give you that special rush and if you love kayaking, then visit Broken Bow in Oklahoma, where you can take part in one of the favorite ways visitors and locals would explore nature’s bounty.

The Mtn. Fork River is perfect for taking out a canoe or a kayak during the summer time.

Located just 19 minutes away from southeastern Hochatown is Yippie Kayo Kayaks, which provides the perfect space for taking part in a fun adventure that your family and friends are bound to love.

Experience some of the most pristine rivers in this area known for its incredible scenery, abundant wildlife, and hundred-year-old cypress trees.

You can enjoy nature while breathing in the fresh air and taking in scenery like none other.

And when the river is in season, the river’s falls section offers a class 2+ rating.

This trip will not disappoint!

Visit the Tasting Room Hochatown

Broken Bow is not simply a tourist destination for in-the-know adventurers.

These days, the town is offering experiences that are as unique as they are fun.

Just 2.5 miles southwest of Hochatown is The Tasting Room, a mixed Beverage Bar featuring Mountain Fork Brewery’s beer and Hochatown Distilling Company’s spirits.

So if you’re remotely interested in bourbon or whiskey of any sort, then you’ll likely want to take a tour of their distillery where experts will teach you all about what their company offers and how they produce them.

You can even book tours online so they’ll be sure to have enough staff on hand when you arrive.

Once the tour is over, spend time checking out their gift shop and have a seat at their sit-down bar area to order exactly what you’ve been dying to try!

Go Ziplining at Rugaru Adventures

Rugaru Adventures off east of Hochatown is a haven for thrill-seekers!

There are six different lines in total, spanning over half a mile in length that are sure to give you stunning views.

With speeds reaching up to 35 mph and heights of 60 ft. above the ground, Rugaru Adventures will surely be a delight to any adventurer.

This zipline and adventure tour combo gives you two hours of zipping fun for $79 (night zips $89).

Weight limits are from 70lbs to 250lbs.

This legendary attraction is conveniently located east of Hochatown along Stevens Gap Road at 2658 Stevens Gap Road, Broken Bow.

Go Horseback Riding with Beavers Bend Depot & Trail Rides

If you visit Hochatown with your family and kids, horseriding is undeniably a fun and exciting option for the young and old alike.

One great place to experience a trail ride can be found at Beavers Bend Depot & Trail Rides.

You will be treated to beautiful views of deers along the way.

The depot is conveniently located and features easy access from East Hochatown in only 11 minutes (6.5 miles).

However, note that the depot closes early on Sundays, so it’d be best to call ahead to find out their exact hours before visiting.

Search for Treasures at Beavers Bend Mining Company

When visiting Beaver’s Bend Mining Company, even the stubbornest of children will have little choice but to put their electronics aside and interact with others.

The excitement of Oklahoma’s only underground coal mine will be hard to ignore while they’re learning all they can learn about mining.

Located in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, near Hochatown, Beaver’s Bend Mining Co.’s activities are fun for kids of all ages.

You’ll have a blast panning through this 66-feet, gem-laden stream in search of treasures!

If you are lucky, you might even find yourself a new specimen to keep at home (or sell, however you see fit).

Once your hunt is over, you’ll all be informed as to what type of stone it is based on its color, luster, clarity, and diagram.

And not so far, you’ll find the Dino Dig Adventure where one can find fossils and even ride a T-Rex!

Beavers Bend Mining Company is also near Beavers Bend State Park and is a great activity for anyone of all ages.

Final Thoughts

Life in Hochatown would be boring if not for all the wonderful things to do – some of which you can whet your appetite for right now!

From unique shops like Persingers Jewelry Shop to delightful wineries, there’s a whole festival to discover and explore.

Life in Hochatown is such an experience you will never forget!

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