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15 Best Things to Do in Hanover, PA

  • Published 2022/10/03

Hanover, Pennsylvania, is a rustic community that bursts with color, fun, and a unique travel experience.

This borough is part of York County, a few hours away from Maryland, Baltimore, and Gettysburg.

It’s famous throughout Pennsylvania for its renowned gastronomic scene.

You can sample its delicious treats from various restaurants, markets, and eateries lining its streets.

Hanover is also home to rich history and heritage that you can explore through centuries-old sites.

At the same time, the borough’s parks and outdoor attractions offer a wide range of recreational opportunities for everyone.

Whether you’re searching for a new food destination or want a vacation, Hanover has something for you.

To find out what this town is all about, read this list of the best things to do in Hanover, Pennsylvania!

Connect with Nature at Codorus State Park

A trail at Codorus State Park

Christian Hinkle /

Codorus State Park spans over 3,500 acres of pristine natural landscape.

Moreover, it has a massive lake that covers over 1,275 acres called Lake Marburg, making it one of Hanover’s top-notch outdoor destinations.

You can visit this place along Marina Drive.

Its 26-mile shoreline has various outdoor activities, making it an ideal place to visit upon your arrival in town.

Lake Marburg at Codorus State Park

Walt Bilous /

The best outdoor activities you’ll enjoy at this state park are fishing, picnicking, boating, swimming, and camping.

In addition, you can also explore the underwater world of Lake Marburg through scuba diving.

Besides these recreational activities, you can connect with nature through wildlife and nature viewing through Codorus State Park’s unspoiled natural areas.

Landscape of Codorus State Park

Christian Hinkle /

Roam the Halls of the Warehime Myers Mansion

The Warehime Myers Mansion is a gorgeous neo-classical century-old house along Baltimore Street.

It mainly features its well-preserved original neo-classical design and interior furnishings, which the Hanover Area Historical Society has nursed carefully.

The group regularly welcomes visitors who want to explore this historic mansion through guided tours.

While exploring inside the mansion, you’ll come across the well-preserved original furnishings, furniture, and housewares of its original owners.

At the same time, listen to the fascinating history of the house and its previous owners narrated by your Hanover Area Historical Society guide.

Overall, visiting the Warehime Myers Mansion offers a fascinating opportunity to see up-close centuries-old artifacts in excellent condition.

It’s also a chance to get acquainted deeper with Hanover’s rich history and heritage.

Let Kids Have Fun at the Penn Township Community Park

The Penn Township Community Park is a charming outdoor attraction known for its top-notch playground.

Situated along Grandview Road, this park is an excellent place to bring your kids and let them play to their heart’s content.

Many locals and visitors in Hanover stop by this park to let their toddlers enjoy the outdoors.

Meanwhile, grownups can hike through its two-mile trail or have a picnic and get some fresh air.

Besides its playground and calming ambiance, the Penn Township Community Park is also home to numerous sports facilities.

If you’re up for some sports action, you can join locals and fellow visitors to play soccer, baseball, softball, or sand volleyball.

Visit the Greater Hanover Area Fire Museum

The Greater Hanover Area Fire Museum along East Hanover Street displays the 1947 Ward LaFrance fire engine and many other fascinating firefighting-related items.

It mainly dedicates itself to honoring the firefighters of Hanover back in the day.

It’s where you see up close old engines, firefighting equipment, uniform, photographs, and other memorabilia.

Whether you’re a firefighting enthusiast or an average tourist, this museum is a fascinating place to explore.

Part of its collection is the memorabilia of the hit 1970s television show Emergency.

The museum features collector cards, games, lunch boxes, helmets, and signed photographs of the stars of that popular TV show.

Plenty more fascinating firefighting memorabilia awaits you at the Greater Hanover Area Fire Museum, so remember to include it on your itinerary.

Experience Nostalgic Fun at Hickory Falls

Head to Hickory Falls if you’re yearning for a nostalgic experience with arcade video games.

This massive arcade along Hickory Lane features more than 30 video and game consoles for you to enjoy.

At the same time, it has four exciting Virtual Reality (VR) games for single and multiplayer.

Besides video games, you can also play laser tag or test your driving skills at its go-kart racing course.

Or perhaps, try its 18-hole miniature golf course or mini-bowling alley for a more relaxing but fun-filled activity.

After enjoying all the games, treat your loved ones to some delicious snacks at the on-site cafe.

With all the games featured, Hickory Falls guarantees you and your loved ones a fun-filled experience.

See How to Make Potato Chips inside the Utz Factory Tour Gallery

Have you tried touring a potato chip factory?

You can experience this unique tour in Hanover through the Utz Factory Tour Gallery.

This massive 600,000-square-foot potato chip factory is located on High Street.

The tour lets you see the intricate process of making this beloved potato chips through a glass-enclosed observation area.

It overlooks the entire production area where the process happens from start to finish.

While visiting, you follow a step-by-step self-guided tour that doesn’t just show you the potato chip-making process; it also tells you about the fascinating history of the brand and its products.

Touring the Utz Factory Tour Gallery is an impressive experience, especially if you’re curious about the process of making potato chips.

Treat Your Taste Buds at Snack Town Street Fair

Hanover is a renowned food destination in Pennsylvania.

As a testament to it, an entire street in town closes down to celebrate Snack Town Street Fair every July.

You can follow the aroma of freshly baked treats to Center Square, where the street fair takes place.

Hanover welcomes over 10,000 visitors indulging in delicious food and drinks from over 250 vendors at this street fair every year.

Before it became Snack Town Street Fair, it was originally known as the Hanover Dutch Festival.

During your visit, expect delicious food from various vendors featuring various cuisines.

You’ll enjoy your favorite comfort food, sweet treats, pastries, baked goodies, refreshing drinks, and many more.

The festival also involves musical performances by local musicians.

So, make sure to visit Hanover right in July to participate in this delicious local festival.

Witness Top-Notch Performances at the Historic Eichelberger Performing Arts Center

Exterior of the Eichelberger Performing Arts Center

Smallbones, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The 700-seater Eichelberger Performing Arts Center is a historic theater along Stock Street.

The building itself is considered one of the most beautiful structures in town.

It has hosted countless live performances throughout its century-old history, from musicals and concerts to charitable events and community affairs.

The theater has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places to preserve its historical value.

Today, the Eichelberger Performing Arts Center remains one of Hanover’s precious gems and a special place to visit and see live performances lined up throughout the year.

Chow Down at the Famous Hot Weiner

The Famous Hot Weiner is a local street food icon in York County and has been around since 1923.

Visit one of its spots along Dart Drive and Broadway Streets in Hanover, while the other is in the neighboring city of York.

It’s mainly famous for its old family recipe for chili sauce topped on its hotdog sandwich.

At the same time, you can enjoy other hotdog choices paired with shakes, sundaes, and other desserts.

In addition, those who can’t go to Hanover can order its famous Weiner by pack online.

Anyone in York County knows the Famous Hot Weiner.

Moreover, chances are, generations of people in the area there grew up snacking on this local favorite.

So, don’t miss snacking this hotdog serving Hanover for a century.

Catch Some Exclusive Shows at the Hanover Little Theatre

The Hanover Little Theatre is the perfect example of a community performing arts center.

Its small 117-seater auditorium is home to some of the town’s most entertaining live performances.

Remarkably, it’s been providing entertainment to locals and visitors since 1949, making it a fascinating place to visit.

You can find the Hanover Little Theatre along Blooming Grove Road and see all-volunteer performers, mostly amateur theater actors who work regular jobs.

Watching one of its shows offers you a unique and unforgettable theater experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Munch on Freshly Baked Goods from Revonah Pretzel

Aside from hotdogs, Hanover’s locals are also huge fans of freshly-baked pretzels.

As a testament to this, Renovah Pretzel has served these hand-twisted pastries since 1935.

With that in mind, it’s another local food icon you mustn’t miss trying out in town.

Remarkably, they still use their original sourdough recipe to make their beloved pretzels and still use their 70-year-old brick oven.

If pretzels have a special place in your heart, you’ll surely appreciate their passion for making every piece.

Besides its famous pretzels, Revonah Pretzel offer exciting tours of its factory.

Celebrate Local Arts at the Hanover Area Arts Guild

The Hanover Area Arts Guild is a growing organization that originated in 1968.

Today, it has over 150 members comprised of artists in Pennsylvania who featured most of their finest artworks at its gallery along Carlisle Street.

If you’re an art enthusiast, visiting this place lets you explore the local arts scene.

While visiting, you’ll see various exhibits, art shows, and permanent galleries featuring various artworks.

See up close terrific paintings, photos, fiber arts, ceramics, jewelry, sculptures, glass arts, and more.

Many of the gallery’s displayed artworks are up for sale, making it an ideal place to visit if you plan to expand your art collection.

So, don’t miss visiting the Hanover Area Arts Guild.

Shop for Fresh Produce at The Markets at Hanover

The Markets at Hanover serve as the public market in town.

You can find this charming marketplace along Broadway Street.

It mainly features its 52,000-square feet area that houses over 40 independent local vendors.

Unlike other markets that open seasonally, this one opens year-round, making it a convenient place to shop for food or whatever catches your attention.

The Markets at Hanover is known for its wide array of fresh, locally-grown produce, baked treats, gourmet food items, local wine, preserves, coffee, and many more.

At the same time, score some unique souvenirs to bring back home through its independent artisans that sell charming handicrafts such as jewelry, clothing, and homewares.

Visiting this place lets you get more acquainted with the daily town life of Hanover’s locals.

Spend Your Happy Hour at Aldus Brewing Company

Aldus Brewing Company is a local brewery that specializes in producing craft beer.

Visit its brewery and taproom along Centennial Avenue or the former Hanover Snack Food Factory.

Unlike other breweries, this one offers non-beer drinkers craft beers with approachable flavor that suits everyone’s palate.

With that in mind, it’s a nice spot to spend happy hour.

To complete your experience, Aldus Brewing Company also serves delicious food, mostly excellent pairs, to their signature craft beers.

Display Your Fishing Skills at Longarm Reservoir

Scenic view of Longarm Reservoir

Jon Bilous /

Head to Longarm Reservoir for a relaxing activity before returning home from your trip to Hanover.

You can find this outdoor attraction along Grand Valley Road, near the neighboring township of Raubenstine.

It spans 2,700 acres, mostly comprised of the reservoir.

Many anglers across York County converge at this reservoir to cast their line.

Colorful sunset reflecting on Longarm Reservoir

Jon Bilous /

One of the main reasons anglers love returning to this place is its calm waters and peaceful environment.

Most importantly, it’s abundant in largemouth bass, making it an exciting place to fish.

Besides fishing, Longarm Reservoir is also an idyllic location for a lovely picnic with your loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Hanover is a complete contrast to a quaint Pennsylvania town.

It’s a charming place full of colors, unique eats, history, and recreational activities.

Plan your itinerary with this list of the best things to do in Hanover, Pennsylvania, to have a memorable visit.

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